Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 145

Chapter 145 Another Emergency Delivery
Chapter 145-Another emergency delivery!

Because Song Shuhang had had his account banned by True Monarch Mt.Huang, it couldnt happily chat, so the Pekingese Dou Dou jumped off from the computer table.

It then climbed onto Song Shuhangs bed, and boredly began to roll around. Since when they had first met, it had never calmed down.

Song Shuhang looked at it and stared carefully for a long time. Was this giant demon dog Dou Dou really a Pekingese breed, and not from some funny ancestry? This level of liveliness was a bit too excessive!

After the Pekingese Dou Dou had rolled around for very long, it suddenly stood up, and spoke sternly to Song Shuhang. Sigh. Little friend Shuhang, from today onwards Ill protect you!

Song Shuhang laughed dryly, saying, Thanks.

No problem. You can call me Dou Dou. Dont call me Little Dou Dou. Thats Big Fool Mt.Huangs special address. Mm if you think youre a Big Fool as well, Ill also acknowledge you calling me Little Dou Dou. After the Pekingese Dou Dou finished speaking, it began to roll about on the bed again.

From the top to the bottom of the bed, rolling in circles, rolling vertically and rolling horizontallyIt had good bed rolling skills. There were various fancy ways of rolling, and it was never repeated from start to finish!

Alright, Dou Dou. Song Shuhang said.

In front of the computer, he casually flipped through the news records of the Nine Provinces Number One Group. He wanted to see the records of yesterday.

Yesterday his phone had been out of service for a while, and he hadnt noticed what the seniors in the group had chatted about.

Then Song Shuhang went up and went through tens of pages, and it was all about the seniors in the group chatting about how is the scenery at the East Sea, Threewaves have you eaten? What did you eat?, as well as which holiday village is better to play at questions etc.

So much. There was so much!

Weird. Why did the seniors chat so much yesterday? Song Shuhang asked doubtfully.

In the past, the seniors in the group would chat about things relating to cultivation and exploring ancient cultivator ruins. But the chat records yesterday were about this and that, where anything was chatted about. And the chats were slightly baffling.

After going up for a few more pages, all the chat records were all torrential flooding. Song Shuhang no longer went up anymore.

Loose Cultivator Northrivers talking nonsense to do battle was a great success. Song Shuhang didnt persist until the chat records where the group members talked about True Monarch White.

Song Shuhang then opened the group space. He opened his game farm and ranch to manage it. He took a look at the list. Everyday, the number of seniors who spent time coming to him to steal vegetables were not few.

Were these seniors all so bored?

The Pekingese Dou Dou was extremely bored. Getting up he asked, Shuhang, woof, are there any games installed on your computer?

Oh, there is one, but its very old. Song Shuhang replied.

This was the battle game, where one attacked the opponents base to win, and where his three roommates had used a bot Yang De created as an alt account. This game was almost a decade old.

Let me play. Woooof wooof! On the bed, the Pekingese Dou Dou jumped and got up.

Alright. Song Shuhang closed the chat software on the computer. He logged onto that game.

The Pekingese Dou Dou jumped onto the computer, and made its body slightly bigger. Its left paw pressed on the keyboard and its right hand was on the mouse. Wooof woooof! Lets have some fun! Lets have some fun!

This image really was too perfect. Song Shuhang couldnt bear to look straight at it. In legends, having the teammate that was a primary school student already screwed the team over enough already. But it was unexpected that there would something that screw over the team even more. Could you imagine how you would feel when your teammate was a dog?

This was perhaps the feeling of a true dogshit day?

Looking at the dog that was having fun, Song Shuhang thought of a question and asked it. Dou Dou, after you shrink, can ordinary people see you?

He was worried that when his roommates came back, they would see a dog on the computer playing games. Would they believe it if he made an introduction of this dog as being one specially trained?

Dont worry, us demon beasts wont be seen by ordinary people if we dont want to. Dou Dou didnt turn back its head, its paw tapping papapa on the keyboard. The mouse also flew back and forth, and it was playing with proper form.

Song Shuhang nodded his head relieved

Time passed very fast.

Seven days later, 18 June.

The Medicine Master that the Pekingese Dou Dou never forgot, still hadnt come back yet!

Medicine Masters treatment of the four fellow Daoists amnesia didnt go smoothly, and still hadnt found the cause of their loss of memories up till now.

The head area of the four fellow Daoists didnt suffer any harm, nor did their memory abilities suffer any damage. There also wasnt any obvious methods of memory seals found. But they just couldnt remember any more memories of the time they were on the Mysterious Island.

Based on the conjectures of Medicine Mastee and other seniors in the group, the memories of these fellow Daoists were most likely sealed by a powerful cultivator.

If it was really so, then they had to be careful. Two of these fellow Daoists were Rank 5 Spirit Emperors, experts of the Gold Core stage. How powerful was a powerhouse who could seal their memories?

Now, Medicine Master had invited several experts of the cultivation world that specialised in memories, spiritual energy and seals to research this amnesia.

Medicine Master had said in the chat that this amnesia of the four fellow Daoists was expected to take at least half a year.

Jiang Ziyan frowned and asked. Medicine Master, is their loss of memories really so hard to recover?

Ah, it is hard to treat. Also, in truth I dont have much confidence in recovering their memories. Medicine Master sighed.

Jiang Ziyan asked, Are we going to stay here until we treat their amnesia?

Thats no need for that. I expect in about ten or so days, we can at least confirm the cause of the amnesia. Then well research how to recover it. Then well have to consider at length, and we wont need to keep staying here. Medicine Master frowned, repeatedly checking some data on a journal.

Then after we confirm the illness, will we return to Jiangnan University City? Jiang Ziyan asked. She still wanted to be together with Medicine Master in that small apartment. Little friend Shuhang was also good at understanding others. He wouldnt often come and bother her and Medicine Masters two people world.

We cant go back. Medicine Master put down the data records in his hands. In twenty days, True Monarch White will be coming out. At that time, Song Shuhang will be going to receive True Monarch White! If I go back in about ten days, wouldnt that be walking right into the trap!

So, even if he was to drag it on. He had to drag it on until when Song Shuhang had finished his mission of receiving True Monarch White. Then hell consider going back to Jiangnan University City.

Jiang Ziyan,

In the apartment Medicine Master had bought.

Taking advantage of the afternoon break, Song Shuhang took time out to go through cultivation.

He had already opened his Heart Acupoint and completed the Hundred Days Foundation Establishment. Now he had to work hard in assaulting the Rank 1 Second Acupoint, the Eye Acupoint.

If he opened the Eye Acupoint, his visual prowess would increase by a level. Also, is he was lucky, when he opened the Eye Acupoint, he might obtain a minor ability like the Heavenly Eyes.1

After the cultivation of twenty rounds of [Vajra Foundational Fist Technique] and [True Self Meditation Scripture] was finished, Song Shuhang used a Qi and Blood Pill.

After the Heart Acupoint opened, the time taken to cultivate a round of [Vajra Foundational Fist Technique] had largely decreased. He now needed an hour to train twenty rounds of the foundation fist technique. It was just nice to use up all the stamina in his body.

His body had become stronger, and the requirements for the amount of Blood and Qi Pills had become greater.

Now after his stamina finished, a single Blood and Qi Pill could only recover the state of his body once.

He maintained a cultivation time of four to five hours daily. In a short five days, he had already used up twenty Qi and Blood Pills.

He shook the bottle of Qi and Blood Pills in his hand. There was merely one pill left of those he had obtained from Altar Master.

If he didnt have the support of Qi and Blood Pills and calculating the time in one day to slowly recover his body, he could only cultivate thirty or so rounds. Wholly relying on his body, he would most likely need more than a year to open the Eye Acupoint.

Qi and Blood Pills. Song Shuhang sighed lightly. After tasting the effects on cultivation that Qi and Blood Pills brought, he wouldnt be able to take the days where there was no longer Qi and Blood Pills.

The good thing was that in fifteen or so days, True Monarch White was coming out of secluded meditation!

Although he didnt know why the seniors kept avoiding True Monarch White, but now, Song Shuhang really wanted to quickly meet True Monarch White.

In his eyes, True Monarch White represented Qi and Blood Pills and succession of techniques.

Also, he had already opened the Heart Acupoint, and could contract the spirit ghost. He could request True Monarch White to give him guidance. The success rate of the contracting could increase greatly.

After all, he only had two chances.

After the Blood and Qi Pill came into effect, Song Shuhang began to cultivate again. He couldnt bear to waste even any of the medicinal energies.

The giant demon dog Dou Dou had gone off to who knows where. Song Shuhang couldnt control it.

At times he wouldnt see it for the whole day, and it would occasionally come over to where Song Shuhang was to take a look. Then it would snatch Song Shuhangs account, go to the Nine Provinces Number One Group to annoy True Monarch Mt.Huang, and be banned.

Then itll go out and play again.

Its days passed by so simple mindedly just like that.

Since Su Clans Ah Shiliu had been brought back to the clan by Ah Qi, she hadnt come online yet. Perhaps she was undergoing some secret treatment.

Song Shuhang was slightly worried about Ah Shiliu. She had said before to Song Shuhang that she had around twenty days left to live at most. Now five days had passed in the blink of an eye.

Did the Su Clan really have a way to heal her injuries?

Song Shuhang sighed hiddenly.

His mind involuntarily thought of that scene where Ah Shiliu had been talking with Su Clans Ah Qi at the end. At that time she had showed a smile. I just came out to clear my mind.

This smile was surely extremely sweet, and it was as if a hundred flowers were blooming. However there was some unspeakable depression in that smile. She seemed to not hold much hope towards her own survival.

Great Master Tongxuans invisible flying sword was finally sent back, and this time Sima Jiang hadnt been robbed. It was worthy of celebration?

On the day of receiving the flying sword, Little Monk Threedays used the chat software to leave a message for Song Shuhang, and to thank him in place of Great Master Tongxuan.

Little Jiang really had it tough.

Just as Song Shuhang thought of Little Jiang, his handphone rang.

He swiped the screen, and it was the deliveryman Little Jiang calling.

Hey? Is there something, Little Jiang? Song Shuhang answered the call and asked.

Student Shuhang? Where are you now? Theres another emergency delivery for you that you need to sign for. Sima Jiangs candid voice sounded from the phone. This delivery is pretty big. When its upright its as tall as a person.

Just like the two previous deliveries, the dimensions of this delivery was just as frighteningly big!

Another delivery? Song Shuhang was slightly doubtful.

Recently it seemed that no one had said they wanted to send something to him? He also hadnt ordered anything online.

And it was even one as tall as a human?

Ill immediately return to Jiangnan University City. Go directly to the dormitory to wait for me Little Jiang. Song Shuhang replied.

1: Heavenly Eyes was an ability of the Caucasion Monk. It was mentioned offhand in Chapter 83.

TN note: The words (Yao) that was translated by the previous TL as Devil Dog has been translated as Demon Dog now by me. If anyone is interested in the reasoning behind the change, here are two articles by RWX of Wuxiaworld and Saint on the topic. The one by RWX in particular, written one and a half years ago, was the reason for the change.