Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 146

Chapter 146 Accompany Me For A Walk
Chapter 146-Accompany me for a walk!

On the way, Song Shuhang took out his phone again. He opened the Nine Provinces Number One Group. There wasnt any seniors who mentioned they were sending him something?

It wouldnt be Soft Feathers sending something again right?

He remembered three days before, they had met in the group. She had suddenly asked if he wanted Spirit Jade Vein Tea. As Spirit Butterfly Island had just picked a new batch of Spirit Jade Vein Tea tea leaves, and she had personally picked a small amount herself. Then she had happily gone online and said when the Spirit Jade Vein Tea tea leaves was finished manufacturing, she wanted to gift Song Shuhang some.

Song Shuhang had happily agreed at that time. If it was just a little tea leaves, there was no problem accepting this small gift.

But when hearing about this box as tall as a person Song Shuhang had some faint worry in his heart. Soft Feathers was a bit of a nouveau riche. All the seniors in the group agreed on this. If the a little tea leaves she spoke of was a box as tall as a human, then the favour he owed was really too big.

Speaking of miss Soft Feathers, she was still making a desperate attempt at the Five Elements Spirit Contract Altar.

She was very talented in cultivation. At a young age she was already at the Rank 3 Houtian realm. But it seemed that all her talent was in cultivation. Her pill refining, formations and talisman creation werent that praiseworthy.

She had already researched the Five Elements Spirit Contract Altar for half a month. She had tried four times within this period, and had failed each time. She still hadnt succeeded to this day.

Whenever they met recently in the group, she would often be sulky over this matter.

It was because Soft Feathers had failed four times consecutively that Song Shuhang hadnt dared to attempt to contract the spirit ghost.

He only had two tries. When he failed he would have to find the materials for the Five Elements Spirit Contract Altar himself. Who knew how long he would take to collect so many materials?

While thinking nonsense, Song Shuhang had already reached the male dormitory.

Sima Jiang had already been here for very long. The truth was that he had been when he had called Song Shuhang, he had already been waiting at the male dormitory entrance. Four muscular men in black western suits were guarding an around 1.8 metre tall giant box.

Little Jiang, youve all had to wait so long for me. Its been hard on you. Song Shuhang said sorrily.

No problem, we just reached. Sima Jiang said candidly. Come, sign here.

Song Shuhang nodded. He signed his name, then opened the dormitory door.

Need us to help you carry it in? Sima Jiang called out. After all, this box was big, and it wouldnt be easy for one person to drag it in.

But just as he was halfway through his words, Song Shuhang bent over. His two arms hugging one end of that box. He easily lifted it up horizontally, just as easily as lifting a school desk.

Song Shuhang smiled as he replied. Ah? No need, its not very heavy, I can do it alone.

Sima Jiang gaped, and bid farewell to Song Shuhang.

Then he brought his four subordinates along to the lift.

That box. Was it so light? Sima Jiang murmured to himself.

Although its not that heavy But with that length, we can do it alone if we hold it firmly. But we probably cant do it if its holding it from one end horizontally. A black suited man said as he thought about it.

Also, that student looked to have thin arms and thin legs, and with a weak body. To think he would have such strength!

He had carelessly forgotten to conceal his own strength.

Song Shuhang sighed hiddenly, and carried the box into the room.

After tearing open the cardboard box packaging, inside was a box made out of wood. It looked slightly like a coffin!

A coffin? Who would send a coffin to him?!

Was it someone he offended lately?

In that instant, Song Shuhang braced himself mentally.

He immediately thought of that Elder Young Master Hai of the Moonsabre Sect!

At that time as the other side left they had said, If so, Ill entrust this Bloodgod Jewel to fellow Daoist Mt.Books. if I have the time, Ill pay a visit and trade back the Bloodgod Jewel.

Could it be that fellow had sent a coffin over?

That fellow wanted to visit so soon?

Dou Dou! Are you here? Song Shuhang called out.

Woof. What is it? The Pekingese Dou Dou called from the computer in the bedroom. All that could be seen was him having that game of Song Shuhangs open, and having fun playing. It had recently gotten addicted to this game. The number of teammates it had screwed over was uncountable.

Come over for a while. I want to open a box. But I keep feeling something is off. Perhaps there is some kind of trick in the box! A few days ago I offended a person. Perhaps that person sent a delivery to ensnare me as revenge. Song Shuhang said cautiously.

Dou Dou turned over, and gave a sniff. Then, it spoke lazily. Open it. With me here, you at least wont die.

With this, Song Shuhang relaxed slightly.

He gingerly grabbed the lid of the coffin, and lightly opened it.

It wasnt nailed, and it was very easy to open the lid.

Nothing like flying arrows shot out. Song Shuhang exhaled hiddenly, and moved his head closer to take a look

Only to see a beautiful girl sleeping soundly. Her figure was petite, with shoulder length short hair. Her features were delicate like a doll.

Ah Shiliu?!

Song Shuhang called out.

The box was 1.8 metres long. Removing the outer cardboard covering, the wooden box, and a thick padding of bubble wrap, it was just nice in accommodating the 1.5 metre tall Ah Shiliu, letting her lie comfortably inside.

After hearing Song Shuhang calling out, Ah Shiliu bewilderedly opened her eyes.

Next to the computer, Dou Dou disdainfully harrumphed. It had long since smelt Ah Shilius smell.

Ah Shiliu blinked, and got up from the box. Oh, hi Shuhang.

After rising, it could be seen that apart from her, the box also had a small jar, and an exquisite small box.

Werent you returning with senior Ah Qi to the Su Clan to treat your injuries. Why did you escape again? Song Shuhang asked anxiously.

According to what she had said, she only had a lifespan of fifteen days left if her injuries werent treated! Why wasnt she obediently staying in the Su Clan to receive treatment, but instead escaping again.?

Whats to be done if her injuries flared up again halfway through?

Hehe, Im really amazing. I thought of using delivery to send myself out. I easily escaped from the Su Clan again! But dont worry. This time I brought protective talismans, so theres no need to fear another attack on me. I also brought some medicinal pills to suppress my injuries. While saying, Ah Shiliu looked at Song Shuhangs anxiousness, and was doubtful at first.

Then she extended her small hand to pat Song Shuhang, and consoled him. Dont worry, with the protective talismans, Ah Qi can quickly find my position. Hell pick me up at night at the latest! Im just out for half a day.

Song Shuhang didnt go whether to laugh or cry. He couldnt help but look at the Pekingese Dou Dou which was playing games, then look at Su Clans Ah Shiliu again.

True Monarch Mt.Huang and senior Ah Qi, you two have it tough!

Did you escape again this time for something? Song Shuhang sighed. He could only wait for senior Ah Qi to come fetch her.

Mm, theres something. Ah Shiliu nodded. She first handed the small jar to Song Shuhang. One hundred Fasting Pills. I keep my promises, and Im giving it to you!

Just over this? Even if you want to fulfill your promises, and return my Fasting Pills a hundred fold, theres no need to specially escape to give it to me? Song Shuhang once again didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

Ah Shiliu didnt reply, and her eyes fell slightly. She was silent for a long while.

Then she handed over the small box. And theres still this. Spirit Jade Vein Tea as a present for you! Whatever the case youre a cultivator now, and if you have any fellow Daoists and cultivators as guests, you at least need some Spirit Jade Vein Tea to receive them. Also Spirit Jade Vein Tea can be given to ordinary people in small amounts to improve their bodies. You can give it to your family, but it has to be in small amounts.

Song Shuhang looked at the box in Ah Shilius hands. She was suddenly gifting Spirit Jade Vein Tea, and it wouldnt be because Soft Feathers had mentioned it in the group right?

Ah Shilius black and sparkling eyes stared straight at Song Shuhang, maintaining the posture of offering the box.

Thanks. Then Ill impolitely accept this. Song Shuhang could only accept the Spirit Jade Vein Tea in her hands. It wasnt good to reject her good will.

Then theres still some time before Ah Qi comes. Will you go out for a walk with me? ah Shiliu gave a radiant smile.

Alright. Where do you want to go play? Song Shuhang asked. He had no lessons on tuesday afternoon.

Also, his driving lessons had come to a temporary close. He had already successfully passed Subject Two together with Tubo. Now he was just waiting for the coach to notify them. They would go a few rounds on the road, then take their road test.

So he had happened to be free recently.

Many many places. I want to go to a clothing store first, then Luoxin Street areas food street. Watching a movie also isnt bad, and I also want to go to a large gaming centre. Well walk to wherever we walk to. Whatevers fun, whatevers delicious, whatevers nice to see, I want to try them all. Ah Shiliu beamed.

After pausing for a moment, she then spoke again. Then, theres a big problem. I dont have a single cent, so I still cant return the money I owe you for the taxi yet!

Alright. Owing fifty is owing, and owing five thousand is also owing. Ill pay then? Song Shuhang smiled.

Alright. Ah Shiliu gave a stretch. Then lets go!

Dou Dou, want to come with? Song Shuhang called out to the Pekingese at the computer.

As they were planning to go to the Luoxin Street area, they could buy some food for Dou Dou at the same time.

The Pekingese Dou Dou turned its head over. He used a silly but amusing look at Song Shuhang. After a long time, it spoke. Im having fun. I dont want to go out and play with you. When you come back remember to buy some beef flavoured dog food. Ive always wanted to have a taste. Big Fool Mt.Huang has never bought me dog food. What a Big Fool, where is there a dog that doesnt eat dog food?

Alright. Song Shuhang replied with difficulty.

Ah Shiliu was in a good mood, and held Song Shuhangs hand. She went to the womens clothing shop first.

Hows this? She had had changed into a cute dress with a scattered flower pattern. She gave a twirl in front of Song Shuhang.

This scattered flower patterned dress suited Ah Shilius style a lot. She had an eye for picking out clothes.

Fantastic! Song Shuhang gave a thumbs up.

Then lets buy it. Lets continue! Ah Shiliu smiled. She turned around and continued to go back and forth in the sea of clothes in the womens clothing shop.

The assistant as the side couldnt help but praise, This little brother, your sister is really cute. Her eye for picking clothes is also very good. Those clothes just now suited her a lot.

Haha, thank you, thank you. Song Shuhang smiled as he payed.

The Ah Shiliu in the sea of clothes lifted her head and looked at her reflection in the mirror and wondered, Am I really so small?

1: This was originally called the Five-Way Spirit Contract Altar, and appeared in chapter 93.