Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 147

Chapter 147 True Monarch How Many Meanings Does all Kinds Have
Chapter 147-True Monarch, how many meanings does all kinds have?

Ah Shiliu had a lot of fun. She played through everything that she could think of and everything she could play. She then had a face of contentment.

At nightfall, Song Shuhang accompanied her to the rooftop of the Guoxin building.

Ah Shiliu leaned on the railings, overlooking the nighttime scenery of the Jiangnan University area. There were large bundles next to her. They were the spoils of war of todays stroll.

Tired? Ah Shiliu turned around and asked.

Its still alright. Song Shuhang said.

Whatever the case he was still a cultivator who had opened his Heart Acupoint, with plenty of physical strength. He wasnt like those weak male leads in shows, who were close to dying after walking with a girl for half a day.

Haha, thats a pity. Ah Shiliu gave a stretch. Then well end it for today! Ah Qi should be more or less about to fetch me!

Song Shuhang said, Hell directly come here to fetch you?

Its sword flight after all. Others cant see it anyways. Ah Shiliu raised her head, and smiled. The money I owe you, Ill pay you back the next time we meet.

Alright. Song Shuhang nodded.

Then its settled. Ill pay you back the next time we meet! Ah Shiliu stretched. I need to go. Ah Qi is here.

As they were speaking, a streak of light flashed past.

Ah Qi seemed to move in an instant, appearing before Song Shuhang.

Ah Shiliu laughed happily, waving. Oh, Ah Qi, you came so slowly!

Ah Qi ruthlessly flicked her forehead without a trace of politeness. Ah Shiliu crouched down on the ground, hugging her forehead in pain.

Ah Qi said embarrassedly, Little friend Shuhang, youve been given trouble again.

Thats not so. My afternoon is free anyways. Song Shuhang said.

Ah Qi laughed, then grabbed Ah Shiliu. The magical sabre rose and transformed into a streak of light. Ill bring Ah Shiliu back first. Well meet again next time.

Song Shuhang gave a wave. Goodbye senior.

Wait, my things Ah Shiliu made some threatening gestures.

Su Clans Ah Qi extended his hand high into the sky and made a seizing motion. That large bundle was sucked into his hand, landing on the streak of light.

Bye Shuhang! Ah Shiliu laughed happily.

Mm, bye. Song Shuhang waved.

Ah Qi jumped lightly and stepped on the streak of light. The streak of light soared into the sky, flying higher and higher.

Goodbye. Ah Shiliu said softly.

In the next moment, it was as if all her energy was sucked out in an instant. She was limpy in Ah Qis hands.

Ah Qi spoke softly. Shiliu theres still hope.

Mm mm. I know. Ah Shiliu said weakly. I will give my all! Although the chances arent high, but there is after all still a chance to live on!

Ah Qi grit his teeth, and the streak of light became even faster.

Song Shuhangs smile withdrew. He looked at the far off streak of light with some unease. He kept feeling that this trip of Ah Shiliu was like her completing her last wishes.

Could it be that Ah Shilius injuries couldnt be treated?

When he thought of this possibility, he felt a suppressed panic in his heart.

Who decided life or death?

Bah. Good luck. We can probably still meet again. You still owe me money after all. Song Shuhang murmured.

After a long while, he went back to the male dormitory, holding a bag of beef flavoured dog food.

After returning to the dormitory, Song Shuhang saw that the box used to deliver Ah Shiliu was shifted to a corner of the room. He didnt know how to deal with this wooden box.

If it was a normal wooden box throwing it away wouldnt matter. But this box came from Ah Shiliu. Perhaps it could be made from some precious wood? When he had time he would haul it to the apartment Medicine Master purchased.

Today the three roommates, as well as Zhuge Yangde, were all here.

Tubo asked a question doubtfully when he saw Song Shuhang carrying a bag of dog food. Shuhang, youre rearing a dog?

Nope, Im helping to buy this for a friends dog. Song Shuhang laughed as he replied, while at the same time looking at the dormitory.

The demon dog Dou Dou was boredly rolling about on the bed. As his roommates were back, it couldnt openly play games anymore. Otherwise, wouldnt his friends be scared half to death if they saw no one at the computer, but it going papapa as a game was played?

Seeing Song Shuhang return, Dou Dou boredly rolled its body over, and stared at the dog food in his hands.

Song Shuhang casually threw the dog food onto the bed. He secretly swiped his finger lightly, cutting open the bag. As long as demon dog Dou Dou was a little careful, his roommates basically wouldnt find anything abnormal.

At the same time, Song Shuhang gave a large bag of snacks to his roommates. Taking a walk with Ah Shiliu for an entire day, he naturally wouldnt forget to bring something back to eat for his roommates.

Its still Ah Hang whos thoughtful enough. Gao Momo approached the large bag of snacks, laughing.

Song Shuhang asked, What are you all chatting about?

Were chatting how to let Zhuge Yangde continue to meet girls. He met the first fiancee candidate today. They hadnt even met for ten minutes before the conversation broke down, and couldnt take the other. Gao Momo laughed coldly. Honestly I understand this miss. This lady isnt that simple. She could last ten minutes facing Zhuge Zhongyangs personality, which makes others want to ignore him, before the conversation broke down!

Zhuge Zhongyang shook his head. Youre just jealous of me.

Jealous your granddaddy! Gao Momo said ferociously.

Song Shuhang laughed as he shook his head. He put the jar of fasting pills and Spirit Jade Vein Tea Ah Shiliu had given to the side.

The Spirit Jade Vein Tea could be given to his roommates to drink. However he had to first ask the seniors how many tea leaves to put for ordinary people, just in case he gave it too excessively.

Gao Momo suddenly asked. Thats right Shuhang, did you know Lu Fei has an elder sister?

I never asked her. Song Shuhang shook his head. That miss would at most go and sit with him during class and follow him back to the dormitory after school. Usually the two didnt have much interaction, and they hadnt held hands many times.

Faintly, Song Shuhang wondered this miss wouldnt be freeloading cold air right?

Hehe, one of Zhuge Zhongyangs fiancee candidates is miss Lu Feis elder sister. A blood-related elder sister! We decided to arrange for him to meet that elder sister Lu after the holidays start. Itll be best to find some place with seaside scenery for the date. If so, even if Zhuge Zhongyang and that elder sister Lu have their conversation break down, she can simply consider it as going out for a vacation. That way it wont be considered as wasting her youth. Gao Momo smiled.

Mm, thats a good idea. Do you need me to pass it on to classmate Lu Fei? Song Shuhang asked.

No rush, no rush. Were still choosing a location. The further the better. Going overseas is also not bad. Well talk about it again when weve decided the place. Gao Momo laughed.

Work hard. If you need help, Ill help. Song Shuhang smiled.

The roommates continued to choose places on the map, discussing the plan for the date.

Song Shuhang sat on the bed. The demon dog Dou Dou used Song Shuhangs body as a shield, and began to chew the dog food in small mouthfuls.

Song Shuhang took out his phone, and fliiped through the news records of the Nine Provinces Number One Group.

In the records, miss Soft Feathers had come online in the afternoon.

After half a month of repetition, she had finally completed the Five Elements Spirit Contract Altar, and formed a contract with the spirit ghost. With tears streaming down her face, she had immediately entered the Nine Provinces Number One Group to pour out the bitter process of the the spirit ghost contracting to everyone.

All the seniors in the group generously gave her praise a consolation prize.

Soft Feathers had at that time had also @ Song Shuhang. However at that time Song Shuhang had been strolling on the streets with Ah Shiliu, and hadnt responded in time.

So, Song Shuhang replied in the chat: @Spirit Butterfly Islands Soft Feathers, [Thumbs Up Emoticon]. Congratulations, well done Soft Feathers.

Soft Feathers just happened to be online, and she immediately replied happily. Hehehehe, thanks senior Song. Why did senior only come online now today?

I was on a walk with a friend to clear their mind. I just got back. Song Shuhang replied.

Spirit Butterfly Islands Soft Feathers: I also want to go out to clear my mind.

Eh? Didnt you already contract the spirit ghost? Song Shuhang asked.

He remembered that Soft Feathers had mentioned before that she and Venerable Spirit Butterfly had a promise. When the contract with the spirit ghost was complete, she could then go out to clear her mind.

Soft Feathers sent a tears streaming down her face emoticon, Old gingers are really hotter than young gingers. Old people are really hard to deal with!

What? Song Shuhang asked.

Senior Song let me tell you this. I originally thought that as soon as the contract with the spirit ghost, I could become one with it, and then share our power between us. Then, I can let it temper my energy. But I didnt realise that after contracting with the spirit ghost, it would still take half a month to synchronise with it before that I can become one with it and share power! Dad never said this before. Which means, I need at least another half a month of seclusion. Soft Feathers poured out her grieviances.

So now, miss Soft Feathers had to tearfully strive for a better future. So that she could finish the synchronisation faster. For the sake of going out, she was working quite hard.

Haha. Work hard. Song Shuhang silently nodded. His knowledge had risen.

Middle grade and above spirit ghosts could help their masters temper their energy. Whether it was Qi and Blood, True Qi, or Spiritual Energy, spirit ghosts could help their masters make their energies more pure and of increased quality.

Together with the property of sharing power, having a spirit ghost was like having a clone unceasingly helping you cultivate who would never tire, and would always be loyal and never betray you.

The spirit ghost brand add on, was an add on all cultivators of Rank 5 and below dreamed of!

Ill definitely work hard! I heard that Mysterious Island is still floating in the East Sea. Senior Song, when I synchronise with the spirit ghost, lets go look for it to play there! Soft Featgers said happily.

Alright, if theres a chance. Song Shuhang smiled. Without knowing when, his originally depressed feelings had lightened up a lot.

Then its a promise. Ill go and synchronise with the spirit ghost! Soft Feathers energetically went offline.

The group temporarily quietened down.

After about ten minutes, True Monarch Mt.Huang appeared. @Great Pressure of Mt.Books, little friend Shuhang, do you have your license yet?

Great Pressure of Mt.Books: Not yet. I just passed the Subject Two, and still have the road test. I can get my license within ten days at the fastest.

Work hard. The time when True Monarch White comes out of secluded meditation is soon. After you pass and get your license, have you thought about what car you want? In the True Monarchs tone, a lofty heroic spirit was revealed! It made Song Shuhang involuntarily think of the ten million call value.

Ive never considered it. Im still a student, and live at school. I dont need a car. Song Shuhang quickly replied.

You need it! True Monarch Mt.Huang said convinced. Also, I need to prepare some extra. Ill send one of various models each. You need at least twenty or so. Thatll be more or less enough for True Monarch White to take apart.

Take apart? Is True Monarch White taking it apart for research? Song Shuhang had heard True Monarch White liked to research the mechanisms of implements. So all the various types of cars for True Monarch White to take apart for research right?

Mm. True Monarch replied. Then after a long while, he sent two words. All kinds!

What was all kinds?

Speak clearly True Monarch, what does that mean?

Song Shuhang felt his bladder swell up slightly.