Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 151

Chapter 151 True Monarch White Was Dug Away
Chapter 151- True Monarch White was dug away!

After Song Shuhang left the nameless temple, the speed of his heart rate started to calm down.

Now, outside the nameless temple, worshippers still came in an endless stream as usual. In the past, a majority of the worshippers were still aunties and old grannies. Now however, the number of young men and women had increased a lot.

When Song Shuhang left the nameless temple, there were four young men and women who entered the temple together.

One of the young women amongst them, lowered her voice and asked her companion. Lin Yue, do you think the nameless Immortal sage statue in this temple really so amazing?

The girl next to her still had some baby fat. She replied softly, Im also very curious. Do you know about that Young Master Yu in my class? His family has a lot of spare money, and he keeps switching girlfriends. But a few days ago, after he came to this nameless temple to take a look at this Immortal sage statue out of curiosity, he changed completely. He doesnt even want a girlfriend anymore, and just wants to come to this nameless temple everyday.

The man at the side nodded and supplemented, Im also here because Im curious about this matter regarding Young Master Yu. Im really curious about how exactly is this Immortal sage statue that can entrance people?

The three young man and women were still students. They had come to burn joss sticks because they were curious. It wasnt a small number of people who had come to burn joss sticks because they were curious about the Immortal sage statue. No wonder the joss sticks of the nameless temple had become more prosperous recently.

Besides the three students, there was a young man who was twenty seven or twenty eight years old.

Unlike the three students, he had heard that the nameless temples nameless Immortal sage statue was very effective, so he had rushed over here from a very far distance.

The young man entered the temple, burned joss and lit the candles. He softly prayed. Immortal sage, please bless and protect, and let my little sister fully recover from her sickness. Please dont let her suffer anymore from the torment of her strange illness that is making her body weak. Would Immortal sage grant this wish of mine. If my little sister is cured, Ill definitely come and build a giant Daoist temple for Immortal sage as repayment!

After finishing his prayers, the young man lifted his head to take a look at the statue of the Immortal sage.

With just this look, he felt his heart rate quicken and his breathing become rough. The Immortal sage statue before was utterly perfect, and made one unable to take their eyes away!

Even if he had to give everything in exchange for it, he wouldnt have any regret!

These kind of thoughts stayed in his mind.

The young mans eyes misted over. Until the end, he didnt know he had left this nameless Daoist temple.

He went back to his car as if he was sleepwalking.

Then, only after the driver called out to him a few times, did he wake up.

Young Master Yigu, can we return? The driver frowned as he asked. He felt that the Young Master Yigu just now was possessed.

Yes yes, lets return first. Thats right, well talk more when we get back. Young Master Yigu replied, nodding his head.

The nameless Immortal sage statue this matter needed to be considered at length!

Song Shuhang returned to the Internet cafe, and knocked onto the door to the private room.

The Pekingese quickly opened the door, then quickly climbed back to the computer.

Dou Dou, dont play anymore. Take a look at me! Song Shuhang called out.

Dou Dou didnt even turn its head. What?

Look at me, and give me a full body check out! Song Shuhang said.

Youre not even a girl, why do I need to check you out? Dou Dou cast a sidelong glance at Song Shuhang.

Thats not it. I just went to that nameless temple. I saw the nameless Immortal sage statue, then some strange things happened. Song Shuhang talked about that weird increase in heart beat when he saw the nameless Immortal sage statue, as well as that process, in detail. So, could you quickly take a look, and see whether theres any strange magical art on that nameless Immortal sage statue? Then see if I am under some kind of charm type magical arts?

Dou Dou paused. Then his pair of dog eyes emitted a golden coloured light, and looked at Song Shuhang from end to end. It replied, No problems, your body is as healthy as a bull. There are also no traces of magical arts on your body.

Having finished talking, Dou Dou withdrew his dog eyes, and continued enjoying himself.

Song Shuhang was slightly relieved.

Could it be possible that that Immortal sage statue was really just superb craftsmanship, and had reaching the extremes of the carving arts? So when someone saw it they would be deeply stuck inside?

But he kept feeling as if something was off.

After that, Song Shuhang stayed in the private room.

Without anything to do he opened the Nine Provinces Number One Group. He wanted to see if there was any news or gossip in the group. However, the group actually had no one speaking in it today.

Loose Cultivator Northriver, Madsabre Threewaves and True Monarch Ancient Lakeview had entered the Mysterious Island. The other seniors were all waiting for a good show. To watch Song Shuhang receive True Monarch White from seclusion.

The time waiting always seemed especially long. Song Shuhang rested, cultivated, ate a Fasting Pill, then cultivated again

It wasnt easy enduring until eight plus at night.

True Monarch White was coming out of seclusion!

The time is around there already. Song Shuhang took out that small flute, and was thinking about contacting True Monarch White.

At this time, the green coloured small flute trembled. Then, a soft and gentle voice came from the green coloured small flute. Hello! Is this fellow Daoist Song Shuhang?

It was news from True Monarch White. Through the Thousand Miles Sound Transmission magical treasures ability to leave messages, he knew Song Shuhang was the fellow Daoist in charge of receiving him.

Song Shuhang replied. Hello senior True Monarch White. Have you ended your seclusion?

Yes, Ive already ended my seclusion You can come and pick me up. True Monarch White replied.

Song Shuhang replied. Where in Linyao Village is your seclusion location? Ill come and look for you.

If its location, I seem to be in a small room. Haha, there seems to be some abnormalities next to me. How about this use the connection of the Thousand Miles Sound Transmission Flute to find me. Just hold the Thousand Miles Sound Transmission Flute, activate a spiritual energy art. Youll be able to sense a special soundwave between me and the magical treasure. Follow this sound wave, and youll be able to find me. True Monarch White said.

Song Shuhang activated the [True Self Meditation Scripture], and really could sense that Thousand Miles Sound Transmission magical treasure was carrying some kind of special sound wave connection.

I sense it, senior True Monarch White. Ill immediate go looking for you. Song Shuhang replied.

Then, he asked the Pekingese, Dou Dou, do you want to go receive True Monarch White together?

Never mind. Just bring over True Monarch White. Thats right when you go out help me top up a bit of the fees for the Internet. Just now the network administrator made a reminder that ten hours passed already, and we owe one hour of fees. Dou Dou replied without turning its head.

Then stay here and dont run about anyhow. Wait for me to receive True Monarch White. Then well go back. Song Shuhang went to the Internet cafe counter, and topped up another hundred.

Then, he followed along the special soundwaves of the Thousand Miles Sound Transmission flute, going along that direction to search.

As he walked, he got closer to True Monarch White. Song Shuhang felt that the topography around him was more and more familiar.

Finally he reached that nameless temple.

Here? Song Shuhang looked at the nameless temple doubtfully.

Now, there were still many worshippers outside the temple. The temple was still well illuminated inside by lights.

Song Shuhang held the Thousand Miles Sound Transmission Flute between his finger and thumb as he asked, Senior True Monarch White, is the place youre undergoing seclusion the nameless temple?

Nameless temple? When you say it like that, I do seem to be in a Daoist temple. True Monarch Whites voice replied. Fellow Daoist Shuhang. I can feel your location. Enter the temple, and youll see an enshrined statue. Thats me!

Thats me Thats me

Song Shuhang went stiff. That nameless Immortal sage statue in the Daoist temple was True Monarch White?

That was quite out of his expectations.

Before this, he would never have made a connection between True Monarch White and the nameless Immortal sage statue!

One was a senior who had been in seclusion for very long. One was a statue of a divine being enshrined and worshipped in a Daoist temple.

One was a luxurious seclusion grounds in his imagination. And the other one was an ancient nameless Daoist temple.

What was more important, was that True Monarch White had obviously gone into seclusion over one hundred and fifty years ago. This statue of a divine being had however been enshrined several hundred years ago. As expected, a story handed down through the generations would always have many mistakes and exaggerations. This time was off by a few hundred years.

So, no matter how matter how much bigger his brain was, up there was all empty air, so he wouldnt be able to connect the two together.

The was no magnificient seclusion grounds, no over a hundred grand defensive formations. What there was was an old Daoist temple!

Song Shuhang couldnt help but ask. Senior True Monarch White, arent you in seclusion? Why have you suddenly become a statue of a divine being, and enshrined in a Daoist temple?

Haha, this matter is a long story. Wait for me to come out, and Ill slowly explain it to you. True Monarch White sighed. Fellow Daoist Shuhang, do you have a method to lure away these worshippers, so that I can come out from this statue? Most importantly, when I come out, Ill blow up the outer layer of this stone shell. The power will be quite big. If someone sees it it may attract unnecessary troubles.

If True Monarch White were to in front of the worshippers, blow apart the statue with a boom and come out from inside after that it would definitely attract endless troubles!

Song Shuhang saw that the worshippers outside the temple were still alot.

With so many worshippers, he didnt have any methods to lure away so many worshippers aside from starting a fire!

Senior True Monarch White, how about we wait a while? When its later, the worshippers should more or less disperse. Song Shuhang said after thinking about it.

No problem. Its fine as long as youre not in a rush. True Monarch White was indifferent. He had already undergone closed door seclusion for a whole hundred and fifty years. How would he mind waiting a few more hours?

Life doesnt always go the way one wants.

Time slowly passed, until it had already reached around ten at night. The number of worshippers outside the temple didnt decrease, but instead increased!

If it continued like this, even if they waited until the early hours of the next day, there would still be many worshippers staying.

Perhaps the worshippers would stay until tomorrow morning!

If it was like this, how was True Monarch White supposed to come out from the statue?

True Monarch, Im going to go get a helper, and think of a way to disperse the crowd. Then, take the chance to escape True Monarch. Song Shuhang thought of Dou Dou.

It should have some method to disperse the crowd right?

No problem. True Monarch White replied.

Song Shuhang quickly ran over to the Internet caf.

Soon after Song Shuhang left, four far off pickup drove over to the nameless temple.

Sixty broad shouldered and solidly built muscular men jumped of the pick up trucks, and gathered.

Then, that twenty seven or twenty eight year old Young Master Yigu from the morning got off from a car.

Young Master Yigu looked at the nameless temple from far away. Sighing deeply, he said, Go, dig away that nameless Immortal sage statue and bring it away!

Yes! The sixty muscular men responded, and swarmed towards the nameless temple They barbarically pushed away the worshippers who were blocking them. Ten muscular men with hand held tools went to the bottom of the nameless Immortal sage statue, preparing to dig away the whole Immortal sage statue.