Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 152

Chapter 152 Cultivation Maniac True Monarch White
Chapter 152- Cultivation Maniac True Monarch White!

The sixty muscular men Young Master Yigu got to work, their movements dextorous.

The ten who brought tools went to below the statue, preparing to dig away the nameless Immortal sage statue.

Then, first there were four muscular men who were holding a giant cloth covering. They threw it upwards, and covered the Immortal sage statue!

This was to prevent the muscular men from seeing that statue of a divine being while lifting it, then getting influenced by that endless charm.

Then six muscular men prepared rope tools. They were waiting for the Immortal sage statue to be dug away, before lifting it out.

Finally, a muscular man drove a forklift to the entrance of the Daoist temple.

The remaining muscular man blocked up the entrance. They split up, driving away the worshippers rudely, and not letting worshippers near the nameless temple!

All of the preparations were in place.

Take note, your eyes are not to look at the statue of this divine figure. Faster, dig away this statue of a divine being within ten minutes! Young Master Yigu directed loudly from the back.

When the four muscular men in charge of throwing the cloth covering threw it out, their eyes misted over. Even if they had already been reminded by Young Master Yigu before, they had been deeply attracted by the perfection of that nameless Immortal sage statue in the instant they had lifted their heads to throw the cloth covering.

In that instant, the desire to seize the Immortal sage statue and take it for themselves surfaced in their hearts.

Young Master Yigu went forward, and viciously gave a kick to the four muscular men whose eyes had misted over. All of you get out, and block the worshippers outside!

The four muscular mens eyes were glazed over. They muddledly went out, going to locking the worshippers.

The worshippers outside had long since started to make noise

What are you goddamned people doing!

Robbers. They want to steal the Immortal sage statue!

Youre breaking the law, scram! Block them, we cant let them steal the Immortal sage statue!

Get rid of these fellows!

The worshippers roared, and some people picked up bricks and bottles and threw them at the muscular men.

The stocky and strong muscular men werent any kind of good people, and with a hideous laugh, ferociously struck at these worshippers with their fists.

Call the police, call the police! Worshippers were struck down to the floor, and took out their phones shouting.

For a moment, the police hotline was overloaded by the worshippers.

The scene was extremely chaotic.

Young Master Yigu looked outside, and coldly harrumphed. Ignore the worshippers outside. Faster.

Quickly, the Immortal sage statue that True Monarch White had transformed into, and even its base, had been dug out.

At the side, the six who had long since had their preparations in place used ropes to bind the Immortal sage statue. A few people lifted up the Immortal sage statue and moved to to that forklift.

The forklifts throttle roared, and it carried the nameless Immortal sage statue towards a delivery truck behind.

The worshippers couldnt pass the defensive perimeter of the muscular men. They could only look on helplessly as the Immortal sage statue of a divine being was snatched away. For a moment, angry abuse and curses flooded the nameless temple!

On the other side.

Song Shuhang managed to drag Dou Dou away from the computer with great difficulty, bringing him to the nameless temple.

At this time, the True Monarch Whites voice came from the Thousand Miles Sound Transmission Flute. Fellow Daoist Shuhang, the efficiency of the people you sent is really high. They got me out of the nameless temple so fast However, we on the path of cultivation need to collect good blessings and virtue. Our methods cant be too intense sometimes. The worshippers outside are innocent. Fellow Daoist Shuhang you should let your subordinates show a bit of mercy. Dont injure these worshippers heavily!

What? Song Shuhang was confused upon hearing this. He was still on the way to the nameless temple. Where did these helpers come from? True Monarch White, someone dug you away from the nameless temple?

Yes. Ive already been brought to a transportation vehicle that is similar to a horse cart. Eh? Could it be that these people arent the helpers you found? True Monarch White asked.

The helper I found is still on the way to the nameless temple. The nameless temple isnt even in my sights yet. Song Shuhang didnt know whether to laugh or cry. Speaking of which, who was the one who was digging away True Monarch White?

Oh, I say, a fellow Daoist whom True Monarch Mt.Huang took a liking to shouldnt be someone too savage. If its not your people then Im at ease. True Monarch White laughed.

Ill go and pick you up right away. Song Shuhang said. If True Monarch White was picked up by someone else, he wouldnt have the face to meet the seniors in the group anymore.

No problem no problem. This is good, this saves us from dispersing the worshippers ourselves. When these people bring me to a safe place, Ill come out from the statue. True Monarch Monarch White laughed in a simple minded manner.

Alright Then Ill follow you from behind. When you come out from the statue, Ill go and support you. Song Shuhang replied.

He could lock onto True Monarch Whites location through the Thousand Miles Sound Transmission Flute, and follow him from far behind.

Then well do like this. Maintain contact. True Monarch White laughed.

You just talked to True Monarch White? Dou Dou asked. Did something happen?

Someone dug away True Monarch White. Song Shuhang rubbed his forehead.

What? Dou Dou had an expression of incomprehension. He had never heard of a cultivator in closed door seclusion being dig away by someone else!

Actually I should have expected this long ago. The statue of a divine being that True Monarch White transformed into has an attraction ordinary people cant resist. Under the influence of that attraction, there would definitely be some fellows who would take a risk out of that desperation, and act to seize that statue of a divine being. Song Shuhang sighed.

But this was also fine. This would save him the trouble of dispersing the crowd of the nameless temple. Now, they just had to directly bring True Monarch White back from those fellows who dug away the statue of a divine being.

While talking, Song Shuhang happened to pass through a mask shop Boss, how much are the masks!

Five yuan for one. Its made of strong materials and isnt easy to damage. The boss smiled.

Give me that Ultraman mask. Song Shuhang took out money and handed it over.

When picking up True Monarch White in a while, this mask may be of use.

Young Master Yigus subordinates were very efficient, and managed to load that nameless Immortal sage statue onto the delivery truck within ten minutes.

GO! Quickly leave! Young Master Yigu called out loudly.

The sixty subordinates quickly retreated, climbed onto the delivery truck. In the blink of an eye they were gone.

The ones left were the enraged worshippers in the nameless temple square who stamped their foots in anger!

The police? Why arent they here yet? A worshipper with a bloody nose and swollen face called out loudly.

How could they be deployed so fast. Under normal circumstances, if there are any patrol cars nearby, the fastest they can reach the nameless temple is ten or so minutes. Someone said depressed.

Did you take photos? We need to post the shameless manner of those fellows on the net and let them suffer the disdain of the citizens!

The sky is too dark, the shot is too blurry!

Just as the worshippers were making all sorts of commentsanother two trucks stopped at the nameless temple entrance.

Then, a young man jumped off from one of the trucks.

Another forty plus stocky and strong muscular men got off the trucks. Young Master Yu, is it here?

Its here. Charge, and dig out that nameless Immortal sage statue of a divine being for me! Take note, dont look at that statue of a divine being! Young Master Yu had a manner of this being imperative.

The forty stocky and strong muscular men overbearingly charged towards the nameless temple.

When they charged halfway they felt something strange. This was because those worshippers at the side were looking them with the gaze they would use on a silly but amusing person. The majority calmly and collectedly took out their phones and started recording.

Although the forty muscular men felt strange, their mission was more important. Young Master Yu had spent quite a lot. Whoever had money was the boss! The worshippers not blocking them saved them energy!

They rushed into the nameless temple, and there was also three muscular men carrying a large cloth like before, preparing to cover the statue of a divine being first.

But when they entered the temple, they were immediately dumbfounded.

Eh? Where was the statue of a divine being?

The agreed Immortal sage statue of a divine being, only had a hole left now?

Fudge! Young Master Yu raged. Someone snatched before us. Which bastard dared snatch before this young master?

Just as Young Master Yu was angrily stamping his foot, there was the sound of a emergency braking outside the nameless temple again.

Now it was two large trucks.

Fifty muscular men in black western suits jumped off, and were also stocky and strong. Their imposing manner was threatening.

Then a young lady got off, and a sweet voice called out, Its this Daoist temple, all of you charge! Go and dig out the Immortal sage statue of a divine being for me! Take note, dont look at the statue of a divine being! Also be careful, if you damage it, see if I dont shatter your heads!

It was basically the same lines. Even the tone was similar to the previous Young Master Yu.

Yes! The fifty muscular men in black western suits shouted uniformly, and charged towards the nameless temple.

Just as these black clothed men had run half of the way there was the sound of an emergency braking from behind again.

A limousine with a trident symbol and three large trucks stopped.

On it were forty uncles with strong muscles and a beautiful married woman.

Dammit, someone else was first! Charge, no matter what dont let that Immortal sage statue land in anyone elses hands. We must seize the Immortal sage statue! The beautiful married woman said flustered and exasperatedly.

A chaotic three way battle already couldnt be avoided!

Song Shuhang used the Thousand Miles Sound Transmission Flute to follow, and finally reached a large and magnificent estate outside the outskirts of Nanhua Lake City.

The four trucks brought the statue True Monarch White transformed into and had long since entered the estate.

A tall fence and steel gate blocked Song Shuhangs path.

Its here. Song Shuhang held it between his finger and thumb, and used strength to blow, and contacted True Monarch White.

Now, even if True Monarch White blew himself out of the statue like a Russian doll, it wouldnt cause any effects. At most it would scare the fellows who had dug away the statue of a divine being.

Zzz zzz Hello. True Monarch Whites soft and gentle voice came out of the Thousand Miles Sound Transmission Flute.

Senior its about time. You can come out from the statue. Ill pick you up to leave. Song Shuhang said.

Zzzzzz zzzzzz Hello, this is Whites seclusion grounds. Time remaining before end of seclusion is 1 hour 2 minutes. Please wait patiently! The soft and gentle voice continued.

Song Shuhang,

Fudge, seclusion?

True Monarch White had actually decided to go through seclusion at this time. Although the period of seclusion this time was only one or two hours.

But, senior True Monarch White, was there a need to be so hardworking! You couldnt even bear to waste this amount of time, and had to use it for seclusion?

At the same time, Song Shuhangs mind thought of what Loose Cultivator Northriver had said in the group before. True Monarch White is truly a seclusion maniac, a true model for my generation.

So, it turned out that seclusion maniac referred to this. Whenever there was time to cultivate, dont waste amy minute or second!

Song Shuhang felt this should be some obsessive-compulsive disorder for seclusion, and had to be treated!

Whatever. He sighed.

It wasnt a big deal. He would just bring True Monarch Whites statue back himself.

His right hand held a Defense Talisman just in case.

Then, Song Shuhang put on that Ultraman mask, and slowly came before that thick steel gate.

Charge! He took a deep breath.

He mobilised the Blood and Qi energy in his Heart Acupoint, and transferred it to his arm.

His mouth chanted the [Vajra Foundational Fist Technique] incantation.

Foundational Fist Technique One!

Fists like cannons, sweeping away thousand of troops!

Then, Dou Dou was at the side, boredly wagging its tongue a blot on the landscape!