Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 153

Chapter 153 Discussing The Importance Of A Good Teammate
Chapter 153- Discussing the importance of a good teammate

Knock knock

An oppressive and deafening sound, like the giant bells in temples being struck, the echoes surging.

The people in the large and magnificent estate jumped in fright. More than ten people in charge of security quickly rushed towards the gate, so as to not be caught off guard.

The gatekeepers looked through the CCTV, and could only see a fellow wearing an Ultraman mask standing outside the gate. Someone wearing a childish mask in broad daylight and using so much force to knock on the gate was it someone crazy?

Old Wang, whos outside? The security team leader asked.

Its simply just someone crazy. Whos going to go chase him away? The gatekeeper Old Wang asked.

Ill go. Two of you come with me. Be careful, if its someone crazy well chase him away. Chase him further away, just in case he comes back to bother us again. The security team leader led them to a small side door at the side.

If the fellow outside was really crazy, it was best to be a bit careful. If he was stabbed it would be being stabbed for nothing. Bring two others to chase away the other side would be better.

If it was a troublemaker, he would let the other side see his power.

At this time, Song Shuhang shook his fists.

The gate was in severe pain!

Wrong, it was the fist that was slightly sore!

The steel gate was thick, heavy and hard. It wasnt the kind covered in steel sheets. Of course, Song Shuhang wasnt so self confident that he thought he could punch through the steel gate in one punch.

He was a person who knew himself well.

That punch was only trying to blow apart that gates lock.

He just hadnt thought that the gate lock was just as hard as the steel gate. Him operating Blood and Qi energy with the addition spiritual energy was enough to twist steel bars bare handedly. Using a full strength punch under these conditions, the gate was actually absolutely still.

Song Shuhang sighed. Turning, he looked at the Pekingese demon dog Dou Dou.

Huhuhu. The Pekingese Dou Dou was wagging its tongue. It even winked at Song Shuhang, acting smart and adorable.

Song Shuhang sighed. Dou Dou lets go in.

If the gate didnt open. Then Ill just fly in!

With Dou Dou, this five to six metres tall gate was a height that could be easily jumped!

Woof! OK! Dou Dou cooperatively nodded. His figure swelled, transforming into that of a five metre large Pekingese demon dog.

Then, it raised his paws to swat viciously towards that steel gate.


The five metres tall steel gate fell just like that.

Countless dust was raised when the heavy gate fell, blocking the peoples line of sight.

Song Shuhang turned around to look at Dou Dou. You were doing this on purpose right?

The Pekingese demon dog wagged its tongue, as cute as usual.

Song Shuhang rubbed his forehead. Was it the right choice bringing along this doggy teammate?

At this time, the security team leader had just happened to be at the small side gate. Then, the giant metal gate actually fell down with a large boom!

The security team leader felt his heart almost stop. Fortunately he was taking the side door. If he had taken the gate, when the metal gate crushed down, it would happen to crush him under as well. With the weight of the gate, it would want his little life.

How did the gate fall? Did the crazy outside use explosives?

I didnt hear any explosion this the newest model of miniature demolition bomb? Or was that booming sound from that explosive? The security muscular men widened their eyes, looking at the place the gate fell.

Only to see a man clasp his hands behind his back as he stood. The Ultraman mask on his face was especially unsightly.

The security team leader couldnt see the demon dog Dou Dou. Naturally he assumed Song Shuhang was the culprit who broke down the gate.

It wasnt an explosion The security team leader looked at the felled gate. He didnt see any traces of explosions. Then how was this gate broken open?

However, the security team leader quickly calmed down. He waved his hand to sign those subordinates to surround Song Shuhang. He said in a low voice. Who are you!

Song Shuhang laughed. With a husky voice, Relax. I have no ill intentions.

The corners of the security team leaders mouth twitched. Tearing down someone elses gate then saying I have no ill intentions. Are you taking us for fools?

Haha. Im here to bring away a friend. Song Shuhang continued. At the same time, he secretly activated the [True Self Meditation Scripture] and begun gathering spiritual energy.

Your friend? Dare I ask who your friend is? The security team leader asked doubtfully.

My friend was just brought into the estate by you all. Song Shuhang said. Im here to bring him back. So, it cant be better than if you could return him to me.

The security team leader was confused. He said quietly to someone at the side. Did Young Master Yigu finally become depraved, and went to forcefully snatch a girl?

He shouldnt have. Young Master Yigu did snatch something today. But its just that nameless temples statue of a divine being. Although why was Young Master Yigu mad, but its just a statue of a divine being. If he snatched it he snatched it. At most hell have to pay back money. The subordinate behind said in a low voice.

At this time, Song Shuhang said, Yes, that statue is my friend. So, could that Young Master Yigu of yours please return my friend.

Hearing to this point, the security team leader used a pitying look on Song Shuhang. So he really was an idiot!

At the side Dou Dou suddenly lifted a leg and kicked Song Shuhang. Why are you talking so much nonsense. Just directly charge. They snatched away the statue of a divine being with great difficulty. How would they return it with just you saying a few sentences?

Song Shuhangs hidden activation of the [True Self Meditation Scripture] was almost interrupted by Dou Dou. He looked gloomily at Dou Dou. Im dragging on the time, and suppressing spiritual energy for a big move!

My teammate was a dog, so how am I supposed to carry out a pentakill?1

Song Shuhang wanted to put to use spiritual pressure.

After the Heart Acupoint and Foundation Establishment was complete, his spiritual energy was also raised substantially. Now if he put to use the spiritual pressure, it definitely wouldnt stop at just simply scaring a female teacher!

Then, he suppressed a long times worth of spiritual energy with great difficulty. It was almost kicked away by Dou Dous leg.

Then when are you going to release it? Dou Dou called out.

Then Ill release it! Song Shuhang took in a deep breath. [True Self Meditation Scripture] was activated, and the True Self in his sea of consciousness abruptly opened his eyes

In the next moment, the spiritual energy he had tiringly suppressed, was released in the direction of the security team leader and his subordinates.

The security team leader saw Song Shuhang talking to air, as if he was talking to a person It really was someone crazy!

Also, it was a crazy with the ability to knock down a steel gate.

It really was a terrifying opponent! Should they make a call to the nearby mental hospital?

At this moment, they felt a formless force act on their body, and made their whole bodies experience goose bumps.

Faintly, they seemed to see a ferocious beast leaping at them, its bloody mouth wide open. It wanted to swallow even their leather and bones

The team members with weaker willpower only felt their heads swelling, and covered their heads as they squatted. The ones with stronger willpower would feel their legs becoming numb, and even their leg areas involuntarily trembling.

Not even one fell over? Song Shuhang said. He had thought with the success of Foundation Establishment, and his Heart Acupoint opened, if he unleashed some pressure, he could make ordinary people all fall down and become unable to get up.

With this bit of spiritual energy of yours, making ordinary peoples leg numb is the limit. To make all ordinary people fall over with spiritual pressure, ascend to Rank 5 Gold Core first. The Pekingese Dou Dou said.

But when he reached the Rank 5 Gold Core realm, why would he need someone like spiritual pressure?

With a gaze, and releasing some of his power, he could directly make ordinary people unable to handle it, and faint on the ground.

At this time, the security team leader was the first to recover.

This fellow has something strange with his body, advance shoulder to shoulder! The security team leader shouted loudly. The roar dispersing the fear in their hearts, he and his subordinates all roared as they charged at Song Shuhang

Thirty or so seconds later.

Song Shuhang shook his fists, and the security team leader and members fell to the floor in pain, unable to rise again.

The spiritual pressure I wasted so much time suppressing for, wasnt as useful my fists. Song Shuhang kneaded his fists, saying gloomily.

So thats why I said earlier, why are you wasting time? Woof, dont play anymore. Bring True Monarch White away, Im still waiting to accompany my wife. Woof woof! The Pekingese Dou Dou said.

Deep within the estate, a separate small courtyard and small building.

This was Yigus residence.

Young Master Yigu directed twenty muscular men to carefully move the nameless Immortal sage statue to the small courtyard. Even with the cloth covering, when he neared the Immortal sage statue, he was unable to control his accelerating heartbeat as usual.

This feeling wasnt even there during that pure first love!

Young Master Yigu casually asked, What happened outside just now?

It seems someone came over to make trouble. Team leader Liu already went over to handle it. I believe it should be over soon. A muscular man replied.

Alright. Let them get rid of the troublemakers further away so they wont bother me. Young Master Yigu waved his hands, letting the muscular men leave the courtyard.

Then, he rubbed his hands, and with an excited expression he grabbed a corner of the cloth covering. He gingerly opened the cloth covering.

The perfect statue of a divine being was before his eyes again.

Perfect. Im willing to watch it for the rest of my life. Young Master Yigu murmured. With this statue of a divine being, he didnt even want women anymore.

He just wanted to accompany the statue of a divine being for the rest of his life. He was willing to become a Daoist priest who abstained from meat from today onwards, and worship the Immortal sage statue day and night. That wasnt right the ones who abstained from meat seemed to be monks.

Just as Young Master Yigu was thinking nonsense, an unexpected voice sounded next to him. Found it.

He lifted his head and saw a figure was squatting on the wall of his small courtyard. The figures face was even wearing an Ultraman mask.

Hello. Song Shuhang waved to Young Master Yigu. That statue next to you is my friend. I need to bring him away.

Bring him away? Impossible. Dont dream, the statue of a divine being is mine, its mine FOREVER! Young Master Yigu raged.

How troublesome. Song Shuhang sighed.

If at this time the Immortal sage wasnt in seclusion, but just directly blew himself out of the statue, how would it be so troublesome?

Song Shuhang jumped off from the wall. Regretfully, this statue of a divine being doesnt belong to anyone. You just suffered from the outflow of the statue of a divine beings energy. Sleep a while. When you wake up, everything will have recovered.

Song Shuhang was prepared to give one to Young Master Yigu, and let him have a good sleep.

At this time, a weak and angry voice of a girl came from outside the building. Elder brother, I heard that to pray for good fortune, you directly snatched a statue of a divine being from someones Daoist temple? What is in that head of yours?

1: This seems to be a Chinese web slang based on the game LOL, where a pentakill is a distinguished achievement of single-handedly killing all enemy champions in short succession. So in this context, the slang most likely refers to defeating all the opponents quickly.