Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 154

Chapter 154 Dou Dou True Monarch White
Chapter 154- Dou Dou + True Monarch White!

That girls voice was filled with anger

Behind was an expressionless muscular man in a western suit, single mindedly pushing the wheelchair, entering Young Master Yigus small courtyard.

A seventeen or eighteen year old young girl was sitting on the wheelchair. Her long hair that covered her face hung down loosely casually. A pair of clear pitch black eyes shined.

Her skin was white but it was the type of whiteness from after a long period of sickness.

There were no problems with her legs. The reason she needed to sit on a wheelchair was because she had a strange sickness. Everyday at a regular time, her entire body would feel weak. When it was severe, she wouldnt be able to move even her fingers, like someone in a vegetative state.

Her family had brought her to see many doctors. But after scouring all the famous doctors in the world, they werent even able to identify the cause of her illness, to say nothing of curing it.

Young master Yigu had gone to the nameless temple before to pray for his sisters good fortune. Then his whole goal had changed when he had been emotionally affected by the nameless Immortal sage statue of a divine being.

When he saw his enraged little sister, Yigu felt his head clear up a lot.

Return this statue of a divine being to their Daoist temple, and apologise! Although the young girl was weak, her imposing manner was like that of a king of ten thousand beasts.

Yigu turned around, and like a shy little bee, lowered his head silently. After a long while, he finally squeezed out a few words. Can I not return it? At most Ill compensate them ten statues of a divine being!

Elder brother, youre trying to anger me to death, arent you! The young girl used strength to smack the wheelchair armrests, and angrily rebuked him. Either you return the statue of a divine being, or you turn yourself a statue of a divine being and send yourself over. Choose one!

Although it was an angry rebuke, her voice continued to have the softness and sweetness of cotton candy. It made peoples heart soften upon hearing it.

The Song Shuhang at this point was ignored by this brother and sister.

Dou Dou turned its head over, looking at that young girl. Then it continued to wag its tongue, exhaling huhuhu.

Song Shuhang sized up this weird pair of brother and sister.

He kept feeling that if you looked at this brother and sister pair from another angle, the little sister had a majestic imposing manner, like an elder sister. And the elder brother kept retracting his head, like a little brother who had something wrong.

It was an interesting pair of brother and sister.

After after a few days, then Ill send the statue of a divine being back? Yigu grit his teeth. At most hell spend some money, and get someone to carve an identical statue of a divine being to return!

Now, immediately, right away return that statue of a divine being! As the little sister spoke, her entire body weakened, and she lay powerlessly against the wheelchair.

Dou Dou shook its tail and spoke suddenly. Shuhang, bring along that True Monarch Whites statue of a divine being, lets go. Woof~

Mm, alright. Song Shuhang said.

Thats right Shuhang, before going, do you want to form some good karma?Dou Dou said suddenly. Its tail swept across the ground back and forth.

Good karma? What? Song Shuhang said doubtfully.

Dou Dou had a serious expression. Youre carrying Body Tempering Liquid on you right? The kind where you made yourself and has weaker medicinal strength.

Im carrying it.

In a while before leaving, take out a small drop the size of a fingernail. Then, let that little miss open her mouth, and put it into her mouth. Dou Dou said.


Then, youll form some good karma with her. Trust me. This is an extremely big good karma! The Pekingese Dou Dou guaranteed solemnly.

It wont kill her right? The body needs to have enough Qi and blood when taking the body Tempering Liquid right? This little miss looks to be quite weak. Can she bear the medicinal energy? Song Shuhang asked doubtfully.

Thats why its good karma. Trust me! The Pekingese dog said.

Song Shuhang started at it. He laughed. Alright. Ill listen. Well just take it as me accumulating moral quality.

Song Shuhang clapped his hands. He cut off the facing off brother and sister. Apologies. I dont have much time. I need to bring my friend away.

Youre dreaming. I wont let you take away the statue of a divine being! Young Master Yigu rushed forward to hug the statue of a divine being. Someone come, chase away this crazy person!

Buf when he had shouted halfway through, he suddenly limply fell down. Next to him, Dou Dou withdrew its paws with a disdainful expression. It had lightly flicked, and knocked out Young Master Yigu.

Who are you? The little sister frowned as she stared at Song Shuhang. Behind her, the man in a black western suit reached into his bosom. That posture seemed to be like he was taking out a gun or something similar.

Then the western suit man fell down as well.

Dou Dou withdrew its claws disdainfully once again. Ordinary people couldnt see it, so it could brazenly knockout others.

For a moment, there was only Song Shuhang, the little miss and the Pekingese Dou Dou in the whole small courtyard.

Dont be so nervous. Its only letting your brother have a good nap. There wont be any problems when he wakes up. Song Shuhang smiled slightly. It was a pity that this kind smile of his couldnt be seen by anyone because of the mask.

Ill bring back the statue of a divine being back first. He doesnt belong to you all. Thats right before going, I want to give you a present. Song Shuhang went to the side of the statue of a divine being, and lightly lifted.

The heavy statue of a divine being was easily lifted onto his shoulder

The little miss widened her eyes. This masked man obviously didnt seem so strong, but could actually lift such a heavy statue easily. Her eyes couldnt help but show an envious light. Dont even talk about this kind of godly strength. Even just living like a normal girl was an unattainable thing for her.

Just as she was thinking deeply, Song Shuhang suddenly turned around. Open your mouth!

The little miss subconsciously opened her mouth.

Song Shuhang took the chance to lightly flick, and a drop of Body Tempering Liquid into her mouth. She didnt even need to swallow, and the Body Tempering Liquid directly slid into her throat.

Forming some good karma with you. Its also completing your elder brothers wish. Song Shuhang had finished speaking. He confidently jumped up high. Dou Dou lets go!

Song Shuhang originally wanted Dou Dou to coordinate with him. When he jumped up high, it would catch him, then ride the clouds and fly on the mist and leave.

But, Dou Dou clearly wasnt the type of teammate that could coordinate and reach a silent understanding. It looked curiously at Song Shuhang jumping high up. It had a perplexed expression, as it simply didnt know what Song Shuhang was doing.

And thus, Song Shuhang fell to the ground awkwardly.

Go! He once again grit his teeth. Carrying the statue of a divine being, he jumped over the surrounding walls. He left even turning his head

The Pekingese Dou Dou winked. When Song Shuhang ran away far off, it secretly patted the young girl with its paw.

Then, it chased after Song Shuhangs far off figure.

Behind, that young girl froze. She immediately reached into her mouth with her hand. She wanted to immediately spit out that thing the masked man had fed her.

Who the heck knew what that masked man flicked into her mouth? And she also kept feeling that that thing she swallowed was carrying a concentrated abnormal smell.

But at this moment, she felt a burning sensation from her throat. Her throat was about to be burned, was it poison?

Then, that feeling only lasted for two seconds. Immediately, that burning sensation turned into a warm current that flowed into her lower abdomen. With her lower abdomen as a transfer point, it gushed to every corner of her body. She couldnt help but moan comfortably.

The warm current lasted for very long.

Finally, she burped twice continuously. With these two burps, she felt her internal organs felt like it had been washed clean, cool and refreshed throughout. With every breath she took, it felt as clear and fresh as the forest in the morning.

But all this wasnt important. What was most important was that when her hands grabbed the wheelchair, she effortlessly stood up.

That strange weakening sickness was completely gone. She could now feel a strength in her entire body she couldnt completely use!

Good karma. She clenched her small fists.


And at this time, Young Master Yigus grand residence was in a mess.

The security team members was searching that grand residence for that masked crazy. However, they had no gains. That crazy seemed to have vanished into thin air without any traces.

Dou Dou brought Song Shuhang, the statue True Monarch White had transformed into, and flew to a mountainous area in Nanhua Lake City with no one there.

He didnt directly bring him back to Jiangnan University City as when True Monarch White ended his seclusion, he had to blow up that layer of statue on his body. True Monarch White had said himself that there would be a lot of activity when he blew himself out. Blowing himself out in Jiangnan University City would cause a lot of disturbance.

Song Shuhang put True Monarch White down. He asked, Dou Dou, have all the traces in the grand residence been cleared?

Science now was very advanced. With enough money, even if it was just a small section of a fingerprint, it could very well be discovered.

Relax, all the traces have been cleared away by magical techniques. However, if the other side wants to find you, they can still find you. You didnt hide when you entered Linyao Village. If the other side pumps in enough money, finding out about you is just a matter of time. Dou Dou laughed mischievously.

No problem I believe you can settle it Dou Dou. After all I formed some good karma with that little miss. Song Shuhang laughed.

Dou Dous dog face twitched.

Song Shuhang put True Monarch Whites statue of a divine being down nicely. He took out his handphone and waved to Dou Dou. Come come come, lets take a photo together.

After spending so much effort to bring True Monarch White out, he would take a photo to send to the group and let the seniors see it. He would also let True Monarch Mt.Huang see his effort. This way when the task was over, True Monarch Mt.Huang may give him more rewards.

Dou Dou coordinated and showed his body. Together with Song Shuhang, they took a photo with the statue of a divine being.

Song Shuhang sent the photo to the Nine Provinces Number One Group group space. Caption: After twists and turns, True Monarch White has been finally received.

It was added to the the group photo of him, Dou Dou and True Monarch Whites statue form.

Just as the photo was sent, the chat seniors all instantly praised it. These seniors had all been staring at the group?

Then a whole stream of comments.

Mansion Master Sevenlives Talisman: Little friend Shuhang has had it hard. Also I only see you and Dou Dou, wheres True Monarch White?

Medicine Master: Wheres True Monarch White?

Transformations Technique King: Same question, where the True Monarch?

Roamcloud Monk Tongxuan: ?

At this time, Transformations Technique King replied quickly. Wait, could that statue be True Monarch White?

Mansion Master Sevenlives Talisman: It really is True Monarch White! How did the True Monarch become a statue?

Cave Master Snowwolf: True Monarch White is always changing his methods of giving us pleasant surprises Youve worked hard little friend Shuhang, its Dou Dou + True Monarch White!

Mansion Master Sevenlives Talisman: Thats right, its actually Dou Dou + True Monarch White!

Medicine Master: Dou Dou + True Monarch White!

True Monarch Mt.Huang: Little friend Shuhang, work hard!

This picture made many lurking chat seniors appear.

Song Shuhang silently closed his handphone, looking at the Pekingese Dou Dou next to him.

Seeing Song Shuhangs expression, Dou Dou understood. Are those amusing fools in the group saying something bad about me again?

No. Song Shuhang said calmly. Theyre just putting you and senior True Monarch White together.

Dou Dou:

Minutes and seconds of time passed by. Finally, True Monarch Whites cultivation time had ended!