Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 155

Chapter 155 How Terrifying Is A Senior Who Can Fall On Flat Ground
Chapter 155- How terrifying is a senior who can fall on flat ground?

At this time, True Monarch Whites voice came from the Thousand Miles Sound Transmission Flute. Is little friend Shuhang there? I was too bored waiting just now, so I went to cultivate a while Now, i dont know where theyve brought me. Can you still find me? Im about to come out from the statue protective shell.

Song Shuhang didnt know whether to laugh or cry. Hello senior True Monarch White, Im beside you.

True Monarch White was extremely embarrassed.

Senior, you just need to come out. Thats right, when you blow yourself from out of your statue, do I need to take shelter? Song Shuhang asked.

Yes, retreat to about ten metres. I can control the explosions power. True Monarch White replied confidently.

Ten metres was it? Song Shuhang retreated about twenty steps.

This should be about ten metres right? At this time, he turned around and saw that Dou Dou had actually calmly and collectedly retreated to be about one hundred metres. His tail was swaying left and right.

Song Shuhang thought about that confident reply of True Monarch White, then looked at Dou Dous calm and collected expression. Without hesitation, he quickly went to the same line of battle as Dou Dou, quickly going to the hundred metres mark.

You can still be considered to have some brains, woof! Dou Dou laughed mischievously.

I just think that you would definitely have a reason for running so far. However, True Monarch White was so confident, and is an expert of this level. Logically speaking, he should be able to perfectly control the power of the explosion right? Why would you retreat a hundred metres? Song Shuhang said softly.

Haha, did I say he couldnt control the power of the explosion? Dou Dou swayed his tail. Im avoiding something else, to avoid getting buried by True Monarch White!

As they spoke, the statue True Monarch White had already exploded with a boom!

It really was quite powerful, and really was like firing off mountain artillery. The entire ground was shaking.

But True Monarch Whites control was very strong. Although the outer shell fragments of the statue flew out violently, they all landed within ten metres.

After the statues outer shell was blown apart, the true body of True Monarch White was shown.

It was a figure that was as if that of an Immortal who had descended into the mortal world. Pitch black hair cascaded down the back, eyes that shined like the stars. White clothes, with complex formation inscribed on it, fluttered and rose in the aftermath of the explosion. Power incessantly flowed like liquid, making him more like an extraordinary Immortal.

Song Shuhang couldnt help but to sigh. Compared to the illusion he had seen that time at the nameless temple, the True Monarch White possessed even more of the bearing of an Immortal.

Mm, it had to be mentioned. Even after the seclusion of one hundred and fifty years where he didnt wash his hair, his hair still remained black and soft. And those white robes also remained spotless after one hundred and fifty years.

The hair remaining soft could be considered to be that when cultivators reached a certain realm, they would no longer be dirtied by dust and dirt. For clothes could it be the Body Cleaning Spell of legends really existed? Bah, it should be Clothes Cleaning Spell instead? These kind of things related to body cleanliness magical techniques?

If there was these kind of magical techniques it would be great. Clothes wouldnt need washing ever again. With a magical technique incantation, the clothes would become as clean as if it was new with a whoosh. Wouldnt that be great?

This magical technique was especially important in winter. Song Shuhang still remembered how the year before during the December winter, the numbness when he had been hand washing his winter clothes, and how his hands had been frozen until they no longer had feeling.

That was off topic.

Song Shuhang stared at senior True Monarch White. Since he could control the danger radius of the explosion to within ten metres, why would Dou Dou retreat to one hundred metres?

At this time, True Monarch White gave a thumbs up, and gave a Song Shuhang a Daoist gesture from far off. Hello fellow Daoist Shuhang!

Song Shuhang had never seen this gesture before, and could only copy True Monarch White to return the greeting. Hello, senior True Monarch White.

Where do we go next? After seclusion for a hundred and fifty years, I keep feeling like the outside world has changed a lot. Whether its the transportation tool that brought my outer statue shell, or the clothes. In a short period of over a hundred years, there were more changes than the previous one thousand years! True Monarch White smiled calmly as he spoke.

That smile was simply the kind that could topple countries, and made people unable to take their eyes off it!

Well return to Jiangnan University City first. If True Monarch White doesnt dislike it, you can stay at an apartment Medicine Master bought for a while. During this time, Ill familiarise you with modern items. Song Shuhang said.

Alright, Ill follow fellow Daoist Shuhangs arrangements for everything. True Monarch White smiled again, and his smile was pretty and brilliant in all kinds of ways!

Then, True Monarch Whites gaze landed on the Pekingese Dou Dou. Little Dou Dou, long time no see.

Woof woof, long time no see, senior White. Dou Dou called out.

True Monarch White asked, Is True Monarch Mt.Huang still well?

Mt.Huang is still very good, hes currently preparing to charge at the Rank 7 Venerable realm. Dou Dou replied. Speaking of True Monarch Mt.Huang, it resentfully grimaced.

Thats great, cultivators that are talented and hardworking like True Monarch Mt.Huang can definitely successfully ascend to the Venerable realm. True Monarch White replied, then walked towards Song Shuhang.

As he walked, True Monarch Whites eyes misted over, and seemed to be pondering some issue.

Fudge, True Monarch Whites mind has wandered! The hair on Dou Dous tail stood erect.

? Song Shuhang was suspicious.

Just as Dou Dous words fell, True Monarch White seemed to trip on something. Then his entire body fell over!

Song Shuhang dared to guarantee that before True Monarch White tripped, there were no obstructions on the ground.

Which was to say, this was the divine technique, falling on flat ground!

If it was a normal person who tripped and fell on the ground, they would be fine after getting up and dusting off the mud and dirt on them. At most they would break some skin.

But if the one falling on flat ground was an existence on the level of True Monarch White


A deafening explosion. It was even greater than the explosion when True Monarch White blew himself out of the statue.

Dust and dirt rose from the position True Monarch White was at.

After a long while, Song Shuhang widened his eyes, and saw a giant pit had been smashed open where True Monarch White had fallen! It was simply as deep and large as if a meteor had fallen there!

Dou Dou secretly swallowed a mouthful of saliva. One hundred and fifty years of seclusion really isnt playing around. This pit is actually such a large area. Fortunately I retreated a hundred metres or Ill have fallen into this pit. Seeing the size of this bottomless pit, perhaps True Monarch White is no longer True Monarch White, but Venerable White?

Song Shuhang swallowed a mouthful of saliva. Tell me truthfully, Dou Dou. Does True Monarch White often accidentally trip on the ground?

Mm, dont worry! Dou Dou consoled as he replied. True Monarch White only easily trips when his mind wanders while pondering a question.

But Dou Dou would absolutely never tell Song Shuhang that True Monarch White could have his mind wander at any moment. He could even do so over a hundred times in one day!

He easily trips when his mind wanders? Song Shuhang immediately thought of an image. One day, when he was accompanying True Monarch White and walking on the streets, he would be introducing some modern knowledge at the same time. Because True Monarch would be pondering some question, his mind would wander

Then , BOOM!

Based on a visual estimate, True Monarch White was 1.82 metres tall. If other factors werent considered, then from when True Monarch White fell to when he quickly landed, how much terror would Song Shuhang feel?

At that time, perhaps only hole in the earth could explain it.

He definitely had to remember. He had to always take note of senior True Monarch Whites condition. He definitely had to prevent him from falling on flat ground accidentally.

A senior who spaced out wasnt scary.

A powerful senior wasnt scary.

A person who could fall on flat ground wasnt scary.

But when it was a powerful senior who spaced out and fell on flat ground, it was extremely scary.

Its damage was off the charts!

Eh? At this time, the True Monarch White in the pit climbed out. He patted his clothes as if nothing had happened. His clothes remained as pure white as snow. It seemed if these white robed really had the ability of clean and dust preventing.

I was just thinking of something from the seclusion. My mind ended up wandering haha. True Monarch White looked at Song Shuhang and Dou Dou and laughed embarrassedly.

Then, True Monarch pointed his thumb to his forehead. He shouted lightly, Flat Ground Spell!

With his light shout, the soil at the corners of the pit moved, and the pit levelled quickly. Seeing his practiced skill, Song Shuhang knew True Monarch White hadnt used this Flat Ground Spell only a few times in the past!

After burying the soil, True Monarch White said, Alright, done. Can we go?

Alright senior. Dou Dou and I will bring up the front. Senior, just follow us! Song Shuhang replied.

Dou Dou silently expanded its body to five metres length. Song Shuhang climbed onto its back.

Eh, wait! Let me ride Dou Dou too. True Monarch White suddenly said. My lifeblood flying sword was stolen away when I was in seclusion. I cant use sword flight. After a few days when I familiarise modern things with fellow Daoist Song Shuhang, Ill go and get my flying sword back!

Song Shuhang,

Even the lifeblood flying sword got stolen by someone? Senior, what was going on with this seclusion of yours?

Dou Dous dog face was also twitching. Finally it sighed, and expanded its body again by a small amount.

True Monarch White laughed, and lightly jumped onto Dou Dous back. Ill have to trouble you, Little Dou Dou! When I return and reopen my treasury, Ill give you something good to eat.

Dou Dou immediately said, I want a Thousand Years Vermillion Fruit.

No problem, I have to see how many fruits the Vermillion Fruit Tree bore in these one hundred and fifty years. True Monarch White said readily.

Dou Dou was satisfied, and brought Song Shuhang and True Monarch White to the skies, flying towards Jiangnan University City.

On the way, Song Shuhang curiously asked, Speaking of which senior, why were you in that statue? Where are your seclusion grounds?

Its a long story. My seclusions grounds were destroyed because of an accident. True Monarch White sighed.

The demon dog Dou Dou asked doubtfully, Your seclusion grounds should have at least over three hundred defenses right? What accident can destroy that grounds of yours?

It was a Heavenly Tribulation. True Monarch White shrugged his shoulders. Just as I had been in seclusion for fifty plus years, I suddenly advanced, and Heavenly Tribulation fell! The power of that Heavenly Tribulation was great, and with just a few minutes my over three hundred defenses were destroyed. Then, my seclusion grounds was smashed to pieces.

As he was in closed door seclusion and secluding, secluding, secluding, he suddenly advanced? This really was a happy and tragic method of advancing.