Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 156

Chapter 156 I Feel Like Ive Been Left Behind By The Times Every Time I Come Out Of Seclusion
Chapter 156- I feel like Ive been left behind by the times every time I come out of seclusion!

It could only be said, as expected as seclusion maniac True Monarch White! The demon dog Dou Dou sighed in its heart.

While in closed door seclusion he advanced, and the seclusion grounds was smashed to pieces by the Heavenly Tribulation. Although this was seldom seen, but it had happened before in the cultivation world.

But there wasnt anyone like True Monarch White, who underwent the Heavenly Tribulation while in seclusion and successfully advanced, but continued calmly continuing closed door seclusion and not immediately coming out!

Cultivators went through closed door seclusion mostly for the sake of advancement. Since they had advanced, their goal had been achieved, so they would obviously come out of seclusion to notify their still alive fellow Daoists to celebrate.

Only True Monarch White went into seclusion wholly for the sake of seclusion to enjoy the process of seclusion itself!

Which to say, True Monarch White, youre now a Venerable? Dou Dou asked.

Yes. True Monarch White calmly nodded his head.

The him as of now was Venerable White, and no longer True Monarch White!

Song Shuhang asked curiously, Then Senior White, how did you become a statue afterwards, and even got enshrined in the nameless temple.

Also, the timeframe didnt match up.

True Monarch White had gone into seclusion one hundred and fifty years ago. In the process of the seclusion he had met a Heavenly Tribulation, and the restrictions in the seclusion grounds had all been destroyed. That would be a hundred years of time at most right?

But according to the records of Linyao Village regarding the nameless temple, that Immortal sage statue had been enshrined several centuries ago.

Its a long story. True Monarch White laughed, and said tirelessly, That Heavenly Tribulation destroyed my seclusion grounds. I relied on secret arts in the end to overcome the Heavenly Tribulation. The remnants of the secret art transformed into the outer statue shell you all saw, protecting me within.

Then because I had just advanced, I happened to be familiarising myself to my new spiritual energy condition. I didnt immediately enter closed door seclusion, but a partial cultivation state.

Perhaps that Heavenly Tribulation had been too great, and it coincidentally attracted a nearby cultivator. It was a cultivator from the Empty Void Thief Sect. He mistook my seclusion grounds as a good place. He found my seclusion grounds with great difficulty, and got through layers upon layers of mechanisms, digging all the way to my seclusion grounds.

True Monarch White held his chin, reminiscing about the situation then. He was very excited after getting to my seclusion grounds. Unfortunately, there werent any treasures except for my lifeblood flying sword, Meteor Sword.

That cultivators cultivation level wasnt high, and perhaps his vision wasnt that good. He actually thought my lifeblood flying sword was an ownerless item. He delightedly took away my flying sword I felt he was quite interesting, so I let him take away my flying sword.

So my lifeblood flying sword should be still with him now? After a while Ill retrieve it. Not having a flying sword is inconvenient. After letting him play with it for a century, he should be satisfied right?

Dou Dou had a regretful expression. Senior Whites flying sword really had been stolen by someone?

Immortalstay Sword1, what a good name. Song Shuhangs attention was on the flying sword. After experiencing the effects of sword flight a few times, his yearning towards flying swords had already reached an extreme level.

The Pekingese Dou Dou asked again. Then, senior White you were dug up by the villagers digging wells?

No, it was still that Empty Void Thief Sects cultivator. He was very weird. The first day he took away my flying sword. The second day he came to my seclusion grounds again,and moved the statue I transformed into out. At that time I thought he had discovered my true body. But it seems he just wanted to take out my statue. He stood guard in a daze day and night. He did so for a few days. True Monarch White said pondering.

Song Shuhang and Dou Dou looked at each other. Without saying, it was definitely caused by that the effect of that special charm senior White gave off right?

Speaking of special charm, Song Shuhang turned his head to look at the deep in thought True Monarch White.

He suddenly felt that the True Monarch White now, was becoming more and more graceful! He was like a black hole, and could draw in peoples gazes, making people unable to take away their eyes.

Even the heart rate would involuntarily start to speed up.

Song Shuhang who had experienced it before quickly turned his head away forcefully. Then, he saw Dou Dou firmly staring at True Monarch White, an expression of being unable to bear taking way its eyes.

Song Shuhang hurriedly patted Dou Dous head. Dou Dou was currently flying in the air. If he didnt look clearly in front, what would they do if they crashed into an airplane?

Dou Dou embarrassedly wagged its tongue, pretending to be panting.

True Monarch White continued, Then after about three or four days, that Empty Void Thief Sects cultivator suddenly had a terrified expression, and dug a deep hole and buried me into the ground. What a strange fellow!

Then, I felt that being buried in the ground didnt really matter. So I continued to be in closed door meditation. The things after that, Im not really clear on them. When the villagers dug me up and enshrined me in the Daoist temple I didnt feel it. You all know what happened next. I only knew I got enshrined as a statue of a divine being when my seclusion ended. True Monarch White laughed.

When he had awoken from seclusion and found out he had been enshrined in a Daoist temple as a statue of a divine being, he had felt quite embarrassed.

Song Shuhang hiddenly sighed. As expected, legends werent reliable. Thinking about it, it was probably because the villagers had passed it down orally, as it got passed down, the time of the digging out of a divine statue was exaggerated.

On the other side.

Nanhua Lake Citys television was playing a piece of news. Outside the nameless temple of Linyao Village, over a hundred people had collectively brawled, and the scene was very tragic.

The police had already quickly got to the scene, and on the spot arrested about seventy of the brawling crowd

Also, the statue of a divine being in the nameless temple had been stolen by someone in the chaos.

According to the descriptions of the worshippers present, before the collective brawling of the three waves of over a hundred people, there had been a wave of people who had charged to the nameless temple and took away the statue of a divine being.

The police expressed that this collective brawling incident was abominable. They would definitely heavily punish the people who had punished in this brawl, and would definitely find the statue of a divine being of the nameless temple!

Dou Dous flying speed didnt need to be said, and they quickly landed at Medicine Masters apartment.

True Monarch White stood on the rooftop, overlooking the distance.

Looking over, tall buildings rose steeply from level ground. The whole Jiangnan University City area seemed like a forest forged from iron and steel.

Just remembering it a hundred and fifty years ago, this was still a giant forest. There was also a beautiful lake at the side. True Monarch White compared the scene before him to the memories in his mind. He faintly sighed.

He always had a feeling like hed been left behind by the times everytime he came out of closed door seclusion!

The True Monarch White in a sighing state was also a handsome mess!

True Monarch White quickly adjusted his mental state. Fellow Daoist, where should we start familiarising from about the modern world?

Song Shuhang laughed, pleased with himself. Ive long since made the preparations. Would senior White please follow me.

Then, Song Shuhang took True Monarch White to the third floor, the room he would be temporarily staying in.

True Monarch White curiously sized up everything in the room. Colour television sets, air conditioners, fridges and microwaves all hadnt existed a hundred and fifty years ago.

These were all things the previous owner left behind. Senior Medicine Master had spent in such a wealthy manner. The owner naturally wouldnt quibble over a few small items.

Song Shuhang switched on the computer, then logged into the Nine Provinces Number One Group, and opened the chat space.

Then he dragged out a few files, and downloaded it.

Modern electrical appliances and their diagrams; Air-conditioning, Television, Computers, Cell phones, Rice cooker etc.
Things that cultivators need to take note of: Science and technology are advancing very quickly, ten ways on how to quickly assimilate into society.
Road safety rules, please keep in mind to never knock into a car. Attachment: Various pictures of car shapes.

To show some consideration for True Monarch White, Song Shuhang had used a software to change the words in the file to the traditional characters.

Senior, look at these files first. This consists of the diagrams and uses of electric appliances used in normal homes. When you slightly understand these things, Ill help you register for a chat software account, and let True Monarch Mt.Huang add you into the Nine Provinces Number One Group. Thats right, I need to do things like ID for you, then get you a handphone and computer. Song Shuhang said.

Let me take a look! True Monarch White excitedly sat in front of the computer, and copied how Song Shuhang dragged the mouse, and moved the gear. He had the posture.

Eh. These things are interesting. This is a computer before me right? How convenient, there are so many uses. And also fridges. In the past I would have to use a giant ice storage or a freezing formation if I wanted to keep something cool. And this handphone, it has the same usage as the Thousand Miles Sound Transmission. True Monarch Whites eyes began to shine.

He himself had an interest towards magical treasures mechanisms. There were so many modern things before him, making him feel very happy.

Take a look first senior. Ill contact the Nine Provinces Number One Group. Song Shuhang said.

He used his phone to log into the Nine Provinces Number One Group. He found in the chat space that fellow daoist whom have secluded for fifty years and above that need to make a legal ID, for more info please contact (*******) -Cave Master Snowwolf!.

Cave Master Snowwolf seemed to be a senior who had lurked for a long time.

When he had sent a picture of him receiving True Monarch White from seclusion, this Cave Master Snowwolf had appeared.

Nine Provinces Number One Group.

Great Pressure of Mt.Books: @Cave Master Snowwolf, is senior there?

Cave Master Snowwolf quickly appeared. Haha, do you need True Monarch Whites legal identity documents and personal information? Relax, True Monarch Mt.Huang already entrusted me to make these long ago. Itll be sent to you all tomorrow.

True Monarch Mt.Huang considered it so thoroughly. Song Shuhang sighed.

Little friend Shuhang, senior White has already come out from the statue right? What feelings are there? Cave Master Snowwolf immediately asked.

What feelings? Song Shuhang thoughts about it, saying, Not really any feelings. I just feel that compared to the statue, senior Whites true self is slightly more handsome.

As for True Monarch Whites ability to fall onto flat ground, Song Shuhang felt it would better to show some consideration for his seniors face. If it could be covered up then cover it up. After all, he wasnt capable of saying bad things about people behind their backs.

Hoho, work hard, little friend Shuhang. Cave Master Snowwolf seemed to be very pleased with Song Shuhangs answer.

Song Shuhang was confused.

Then, he carefully looked at True Monarch White. Speaking of which, why did True Monarch White make the seniors in the group so unsettled?

He had thought before that it may be because of that special charm of True Monarch White making trouble. That would indeed make the male seniors in the group feel awkward. But, didnt the group have female cultivators?

Song Shuhang couldnt understand it after giving it many thoughts.

1: I believe Song Shuhang misheard the Meteor Sword (, Liuxing Sword) as Immortalstay Sword (, Liuxian Sword). Can any other raw readers confirm this? Im not entirely sure about this part since it was never explicitly explained.