Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 157

Chapter 157 Actually The Whole Group Are My Alt Accounts
Chapter 157 Text Redacted

In the Nine Provinces Number One Group, after Cave Master Snowwolf had finished speaking, no one in the group actually continued speaking. Originally based on the personalities of the seniors in the chat, when someone raised a topic, there would always be some lurking senior who would appear. The cause really seemed to be the loss of the ever online warrior senior Northriver and the senior Madsabre Threewaves who courted death in various ways?

After losing the main posters, the group had become much more cold and cheerless.

This atmosphere made Song Shuhang feel like he couldnt adapt to it. He saw the members online who were displayed on the right, and there was actually only the chat admin True Monarch Mt.Huang online. All the others were shown as offline. A majority of them had set their status as invisible.

The bored Song Shuhang casually sent a sentence. Senior Mt.Huang, what are you busy with recently?

He remembered True Monarch Mt.Huang had said that a matter was dragging on, and he needed two months before he could fetch Dou Dou. So the Song Shuhang who couldnt find a topic asked casually.

Hoho, Im waiting for an interesting fellow to break out of a seal. True Monarch Mt.Huang laughed.

As he spoke, he sent a screenshot.

This was a screenshot of a chat software close friends daily journal. The account used in the screenshot wasnt True Monarch Mt.Huangs but an account named Little Tangerine Face.

The ID of the one releasing the diary was Daoist Priest Cloudmist.

Caption: Wahaha, Mt.Huang you stupid c***, youve suppressed me for a whole two hundred years!

Content: But, Ive finally analysed the principles behind your seal technique. Ive already begun to calculate the technique to break the seal! Ill soon be able to break your crappy seal, and once again be free in the human world! At that time, see how I make my revenge on you! Wahaha, this time I definitely wont show mercy!

Below this diary, the people who liked it was extensive.

Post 1: Daoist Priests about to break out of the seal. Two hundreds years is really amazing. Im looking forward to when Daoist Priest breaks out of the seal, and regales us with more tales of your powerful and bold achievements in those years.

Post 2: Daoist Priests chuunibyou acted up again?

Post 3: The stories Daoist Priest tells are the most wonderful. I even have the thought of adapting it all into a web novel.

Post 4: Daoist Priest, you cant stop your medicine!

Post 5: You cant just eat medicine anyhow. But if the one eating the medicine is Daoist Priest, itll definitely be fine. Hell be even more adorable after eating medicine.

Post 6: Daoist Priest, a seal is such a secretive matter. Is announcing it openly really fine?

Post 7: Furthermore, there should be applause

The people leaving a comment after that were over a hundred.

Song Shuhang looked at the content. This fellow called Daoist Priest Cloudmist had been sealed by True Monarch Mt.Huang for close to two hundred years. He was finally about to break out of the seal, so he went online to proudly post a diary? But unfortunately he was discovered by True Monarch Mt.Huangs alternate account?

But, after being sealed for two hundred years, he can still go online while sealed? Song Shuhang asked.

Perhaps True Monarch Mt.Huang advocated special treatment for prisoners, and gave his personally sealed prisoners an Internet connection?

Haha, Ill explain it for you. True Monarch Mt.Huang laughed saying.

This Daoist Priest Cloudmist is an elder of the previous generation of the Empty Void Thief Sect, and is quite amusing. Two hundred years ago he was already of the Rank 4 Xiantian realm. Suppressed until now, his rank should have increased by not a small amount.

Two hundred years ago he entered one of my cave residences, and stole all the treasures inside. If he had just stolen it then that would be fine. The Empty Void Thief Sect was originally of this line. At most the next time I caught him, I would beat him half to death.

But unexpectedly, after stealing my things he went about complacently publicising that the standards of my sealing arts and formations were extremely crappy, and breaking into my cave residence was like playing around. He also said that with my standards, even if I used all my sealing arts, he would still be able to break out within minutes.

Then I did as he wished. I spent a lot of effort to capture him, then used a giant meteor rock as a seal and used the Five Finger Mountain Sealing Art1 to seal and suppress him. This suppression has lasted for two hundred years, and he hasnt come out even now.

Song Shuhang:

So it turns out that if you bragged how awesome you were without writing out a draft first, the consequences would be very dire.

True Monarch Mt.Huang continued. A month before, I counted the time and felt it was about right to release him. So I secretly went to the seal to look at him. I actually discovered he was analysing my Five Fingers Mountain Sealing Art, which was interesting. I really wanted to know how long hell need, before he analysed the seal I set up. So, I didn;t interfere, and thought of just quietly being an audience.

Regretfully, I couldnt confirm how long hell take to open the seal, and I couldnt be watching him all the time. Firstly, I didnt have so much free time. Secondly, if I kept staring at him, he would definitely sense it. So, I spent some money hiring a normal person to pretend to be a lost person who wandered into the sealing area.

The locked up for two hundred years Daoist Priest was also very stifled, and he was very excited after seeing someone. He used magical techniques to confuse this normal person, making him go to this sealing area everyday. He understood the changes in the outside world through this normal person.

I saw that he was so interested in the outside world, so on the second day, I let the normal human bring Daoist Priest Cloudmist a tablet computer with an installed phone card to go online. Of course, Ive played some tricks on the tablet computer. It has no ability to download software, and no webpage functions. It only some small offline games to relieve boredom. The only thing that can actually go online is a Chat Software Type A that I researched and developed. I originally planned to move our Nine Provinces Number One Group over when I perfected it. I didnt expect to be able to put it to use here.

That Chat Software Type A is more or less like the one were using now. The server is with me. So, Daoist Priest Cloudmist is the sole user of my software.

Then, I created over three hundred alt accounts, one after another adding Daoist Priest Cloudmist as my good friend. I created a new chat group and added Daoist Priest Cloudmist. Everyday, I let my sockpuppets accompany Daoist Priest Cloudmist to chat. And that normal person was in charge of going into the sealing area everyday, and give Cloudmist some immaterial news of no consequence everyday. He would also bring a charger, and help charge the tablet computer.

Reading to this point, Song Shuhang couldnt help but laugh.

Then within a month, Daoist Priest Cloudmist learnt to chat. Because that tablet computer only had the Chat Software Type A I let someone develop, when he was fed up playing with those small offline games, he started to boast about his awesomeness everyday in the chat, chatting about his glorious past.

I let the sockpuppets work together with Daoist Priest Cloudmist. Some accounts taunted him that he was a **, some accounts praised him, and some accounts said he spoke well, so that he wouldnt be bored. At the same time, they let Daoist Priest Cloudmist think the good friends he was chatting with were all normal people.

Then today, Daoist Priest Cloudmist posted this diary today in the Chat Software Type A. I just finished praising using one hundred alt accounts, and posted a hundred messages.

At the same time, he involuntarily thought of an old joke. Young man, did you think this group was really so lively? Actually, the whole group is my alt accounts. This whole group is just you and me. If you dont believe it, want me to switch an account to say something to you?

Daoist Priest Cloudmist was a real portrayal of this joke.

Three hundred plus good friend, and all were True Monarch Mt.Huangs alt accounts. The True Monarch was playing very enjoyably!

At this time, Cave Master Snowwolf spoke out. Senior Mt.Huang. What if that Daoist Priest Cloudmist isnt actually that stupid. Perhaps he has long since guessed the truth of this matter, and for this one month hes been playing with you?

After all for someone who had trained to the Rank 5 Spirit Emperor realm, unless they were really dim witted, how many were really such amusing fools?

Perhaps this Daoist Cloudmist was flooding the Chat Software Type A, and then internally mocking True Monarch Mt.Huang?

It doesnt matter. Arent I also playing with him for fun? Ive had an enjoyable time playing for the whole process anyways. True Monarch Mt.Huang laughed. Besides, I was originally planning to release him anyhow. Isnt it very amusing for him to play with me for so long before he escaped?

Cave Master Snowwolf sent a [Prostrating in admiration emoticon]. Senior Mt.Huangs realm is too high, Im humbly convinced!

Song Shuhang also sent the [Prostrating in admiration emoticon]. However, according to Dou Dou, True Monarch Mt.Huang was preparing to charge towards the Rank 7 Venerable realm. Was there really no problem with boredly playing with Daoist Priest Cloudmist?

At this time, in the Nine Provinces Number One Group, Great Pressure of Mt.Books suddenly said something. Hoho, little Snowwolf youre still alive?

Isnt this ID me? But I didnt say anything?

Song Shuhang immediately turned around, looking at the computer.

Then, he saw True Monarch White smile at him. Song Shuhang didnt go offline after downloading things on the computer, and the Great Pressure of Mt.Books there was still online. That was sent by True Monarch White just now.

Thats cant be it, Song Shuhangs mouth opening. How long had it been since True Monarch White had come into contact with a computer? He could use a computer already, and could even type?

Senior White, with this amazing speed of learning efficiency, wouldnt this make the primitives of a certain island in the Pacific Ocean who were being strung up and beaten by Mansion Master Sevenlives Talisman unable to endure it?

Great Pressure of Mt.Books: When Im free Ill go and look for you. Your wife should be about to give birth to some little wolf cubs right?

Senior is welcome to visit anytime. Theres already a whole litter of little wolf cubs. Cave Master Snowwolf replied. Whether these words were sincere or a pretence, only he himself knew.

True Monarch White, dragged the list of chat names of the Nine Provinces Number One Group, and asked, Why dont I see Sword Monarch Sixears?

True Monarch Mt.Huang sent a [Bitter laugh] emoticon. Thirty years before, Sword Monarch Sixears was plagued by his demonheart while attempting to reach the Rank 7 Venerable realm. He turned into ashes amidst Tribulation Fire.

Even Sword Monarch Sixears couldnt pass that tribulation. True Monarch White sighed lightly. He held his chin, and his eyes misted over, unwittingly letting his mind wander, and entered contemplation.

The Song Shuhang who had been maintaining his vigilance immediately gathered all his attention!

This was to ensure he could support by the arm anytime. If True Monarch White were to put to use his tripping on flat ground now, the entire apartment would collapse!

In the gloomy Jiangnan jail.

The Moonsabre Sect disciple Zhao Bul with both legs broken had been sent to this jail.

He had a gloomy expression, and looked at his jail friend. It was a bald Western monk. His bald head also had six neat jieba dots.

Chapter 157- Actually, the whole group are my alt accounts!

1: Five Fingers Mountain is written in the same way as the sealing technique Buddha used on Sun Wukong in mythology.