Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 158

Chapter 158 Frost Air Immortal Chest
Chapter 158 Frost Air Immortal Chest?

The Western monk was sitting cross legged on the jails bed, condensing Qi to do seated cultivation.

In ordinary peoples eyes, this Western monk was but a slightly taller foreigner.

But Zhao Bul was whatever the case a cultivator who had opened his Second Acupoint, the Eye Acupoint. To his eyes, this Western monks Qi and blood had already thickened to a viscous density. When the other side sat, every breath caused the Qi and blood in his body to seeth. He had clearly reached the peak of Rank 1. With an opportunity he could leap over dragon gate, transform the Qi and blood in his body to True Qi, and enter the Rank 2 cultivation realm!

But this wasnt the most important part. This Western monks whole body was surrounded by a thick golden light of virtue.

In Zhao Buls eyes, the Western monk was as dazzling as a small sun.

His body carrying such a thick golden light of virtue proved that this Western monk was a virtuous senior monk! But why would this kind of senior monk be locked in jail?

The Western monk felt someone enter the jail, and he slowly opened his eyes to look at Zhao Bul.

Another new person? What crime was committed this time? The Western monk called out and asked.

Then, Zhao Bul saw the jailer speak with a fawning expression, Great Master, this is a thief. To snatch a delivery he actually destroyed someone elses delivery vehicle, and heavily injured the deliveryman. Hes truly guilty of a heinous crime!

Seeing the fawning expression on the jailer, Zhao Bul felt something was off in his heart.

Excellent excellent. Leave this criminal to this humble monk to convert. The Western monk put his palm together in a Buddhist greeting, chanting Amitabha. As he spoke, the golden light of virtue on his body seemed to move about as if it were alive. It was as if a Buddha was on Earth, making people unable to look straight at it.

Then Ill leave it to Great Master. The jailer respectfully closed the gate to the jail.

The Western monk had been taken in that time as a culprit for a murder on the train, and locked in jail. The jailers at first hadnt payed attention to this criminal, as they had seen many murderers before. After that, the higher ups had secretly asked them to treat this Western monk well, and provide him with good food and drink.

But they didnt say to release this Western monk, and only said to let this Great Master do as he wished.

Just do as he wished? To actually just do as he wished in a prison?!

Then this Great Master had actually stayed in jail. He would explain Buddhist texts to prisoners, convert criminals and regularly and take the initiative to go to some gloomy areas in the jail to convert vengeful ghosts.

In this month, the jailers really had felt the gloomy feeling in the jail decreasing by a lot. Also, this Western monk had more and more had the qualities of an eminent monk. Every movement of his carried an indescribably lingering charm.

Although they didnt know what this Great Master Western monk was thinking, the jailers all felt that perhaps he was about to make some breakthrough in Buddhism right?

When the jailers had left far away, the Western monk put his palms together in a Buddhist greeting. Hello fellow Daoist.

Zhao Bul could feel the Qi and Blood energy on his body. The Western monk could naturally also tell the differences in Zhao Bul.

Hello Great Master. Zhao Bul had a gloomy expression. He felt his life recently had simply been a tragedy.

Fellow Daoist dont be panicked. This humble monk and you have been brought together by destiny. The Western monk smiled slightly. As long as I convert you, this humble monk will gather enough energy of virtue. I can try assaulting the Dragon Gate, like a carp becoming a dragon! You will be the last criminal this humble monk converts in this jail!

He hadnt left the jail in this month, so that he could convert vengeful ghosts, departed ghosts, as well some sinful criminals. In this month, he had already accumulated a lot of energy of virtue.

With the support of enough energy of virtue, and the Qi and Blood that had accumulated until it was seething, him advancing to the Rank 2 realm was something that would follow naturally when the conditions were right.

Zhao Bul laughed bitterly. Great Master, I have my own sect.

No problem. This humble monk doesnt have the intention of making you to betray your sect. The Western monk smiled naturally as he comforted him.

When Zhao Bul heard this, his immediately relaxed.

This humble monk just wants you to become a monk. Dont worry, becoming a monk has nothing to do with your sect. The Western monk put his hands together. Come come come, there is no need to choose another day. When this humble monk explains this Buddhism introduction scripture to you, how about helping you to shave? Thats right, do you want a jieba? After all you and this humble monk are brought together by fate. So, buy one get one free. How about geeting six jieba? This humble monk begged his teacher for very long in the past, and he couldnt bear to give it. When this humble monk successfully reached Foundation Establishment, he then pettily gave this humble monk four jieba. The other two jieba at the back were added on by this humble monk myself. Is it cool?

When Zhao Bul thought of himself bald, and with jieba, he even had the notion of dying.

He wanted to run, but when he saw his broken legs, his eyes immediately became hollow and lifeless.

Grief cannot surpass the death of the heart

September 1, Monday.

Song Shuhang rose early in the morning, cultivating the [Vajra Foundational Fist Technique] as usual. He transformed the physical energy accumulated over a night into Qi and blood energy, and started to accumulate it in the Second Acupoint, the Eye Acupoint.

Then he washed his face and rinsed his mouth, and changed clothes.

Today he was prepared to bring senior White to buy a phone, computer, and various articles for daily use, as well as familiarising him with the surrounding area incidentally.

Ill apply for one more day of leave. Song Shuhang said hiddenly. He had already grasped all the foundations for all the lesson knowledge anyways, and he didnt lack that academic credit for full attendance.

At this time, the doorbell rang from downstairs.

Who? Song Shuhang lifted his head out to take a look. Then he saw a snow white wolfman standing up, a paw pressing on the doorbell.

He immediately thought of that Cave Master Snowwolf from the Nine Provinces Number One Group yesterday.

Was it the legal identity documents for senior White?

Song Shuhang went downstairs, and received that giant snow white wolf.

Hello, are you Song Shuhang? The snow white wolf let out a clear voice of a child.

Hello, I am. Song Shuhang opened the entrance.

Under Masters orders, Im to give you something. My Master is Cave Master Snowwolf. The giant snow white wolf indicated at a packet hung at its neck. It removed it, handing it over to Song Shuhang.

Thank you. Senior Snowwolf mentioned it to me yesterday. Song Shuhang extended his hand to receive the package. Inside was senior True Monarch Whites ID, residence registration booklet, passport, driving license and such other things.

Wait, driving license?

Song Shuhang took out that credentials. It really was a driving license.

True Monarch White had never even touched a car before. Was there really no problem when even the driving license was settled for him?

Then Ill leave first. If youre free, my Master said that Mister Shuhang should remember to come to Snowwolf Cave as a guest. After finished speaking, the giant snow white wolf lightly leapt. He transformed into a spotlessly white cloud, and ran away as if he was fleeing.

He kept feeling as if this giant snow white wolf was avoiding something?

It was avoiding True Monarch White?

It shouldnt be so. Demon beasts wouldnt avoid True Monarch White. This could be seen from Dou Dou.

Could it be that it was avoiding the Pekingese Dou Dou?

Song Shuhang thought nonsense, and went up to a higher floor to look for True Monarch White. Oh. He was now Venerable White! He had to change the title!

But, Song Shuhang kept involuntarily calling senior White as True Monarch White, and had already taken him as a senior with the surname White and the name True Monarch.

After returning to upstairs, Song Shuhang saw that senior White was currently taking apart the fridge. Next to him was information on the construction of fridges on the computer screen.

Ohoh, so it turns out fridges were constructed like this. How interesting. These spare parts come together, and actually artificially creating cold air, achieving the effect of formations. Humanitys creativity is really great. Senior White murmured, a face of satisfaction.

Very quickly, the fridge was taken apart by him into various small parts

Song Shuhang didnt know whether to laugh or cry. Senior White, what about the things in the fridge?

Oh, I put those things on the table. Dont worry, Ill put everything back in the fridge after I put the fridge back together again! Senior White said with a face of confidence.

Song Shuhang looked at the table. On top was a box of crunchy popsicles he had bought not long ago. Song Shuhangs face turned awkward.

Fine fine. Wasnt it just a box of popsicles? At most, at that time let it change into cold water and drink it?

Then half an hour later.

And its put back together! Senior White laughed, and pulled the power cable, wanting to plug it into the socket.

At this time, Song Shuhangs eyes were sharp, and actually noticed a few spare parts next to the fridge!

Song Shuhang couldnt tell its use, but so what if it was an unassuming spare part. WIthout them the fridge should be unable to work right?

Song Shuhang immediately called out. Wait senior White, you still have several spare parts you havent installed!

No matter. These spare parts are unimportant. Also I also cant find the original place where they were installed. But dont worry, the fridge is definitely fine. Believe me! Senior White used force to plug the plug into the socket.

The next moment. Bang bang~~ Zzzz zzzz~~

A stink from something scorched by an electric current came, and black smoke came out of the fridge.

Song Shuhang,

Senior White hastily pulled out the plug, and looked with incomprehension at the fridge. Weird. Why did it burn? There shouldnt be any problems theoretically! Shuhang, why is this?

Haha. Song Shuhang dryly laughed.

It looked like he had to go out today to buy a fridge. A summer without a fridge wasnt doable. A summer without popsicles or cold drinks wasnt a complete summer!

Although its an exquisite thing, its very weak. Looks like I need to research it more. Its really great when I think of how much things I have to research. Senior White murmured. He waved, and a light wind swirled up out of nowhere, and the burning smell coming out from the fridge was dissipated.

Song Shuhang didnt hear senior Whites murmuring, and even thought he was disappointed. Thus, he consoled, Its nothing. Senior, we can just go buy another one.

No need. I broke it, Ill fix it. Its just a fridge! Senior White said confidently.

This time only three minutes were needed. Senior White complacently said, Done!

Song Shuhang opened the fridge, and immediately, cool and refreshing cold air blew directly into his face!

It really could be used!

Song Shuhang looked at the interior of the fridge again, only to see on the inside of the fridge, the left and right sides had each had a formation engraved by senior White.

One was called a Spirit Gathering Formation, which could slowly absorb the spiritual energy that was freely in between Heaven and Earth, and store it in the formation.

The other was called a Frostcold Formation, which could convert the spiritual energy absorbed by the Spirit Gathering Formation into cold air, achieving the effect of a cold storage.

How is it? Senior White asked complacently.

Song Shuhang rubbed his face, and showed a relaxed smile. Senior White, its great!

From today onwards, this fridge was no longer a simple fridge.

It was already considered a magical treasure that produced cold!

Please call it Icy Treasure? Or perhaps Icy Air Godly Cabinet? Cold Air Immortal Chest?

Mm, the name Cold Air Immortal Chest wasnt bad.

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