Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 159

Chapter 159 There Is No Reason To Refuse
Chapter 159: There is no reason to refuse

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The name wasnt that important in the end. The good news was that he wouldnt have to buy a new fridge anymore. Song Shuhang rubbed his face to stop his bright smile from turning into a dont know whether to laugh or cry expression.

At this time, Senior Whites attention had shifted to the air conditioner. He was standing below it and had the expression of someone that was ready to make trouble.

Song Shuhang immediately tried to divert his attention, "Senior White, how about changing your clothes? Later, well go out to buy a mobile phone and a computer. With that, youll be able to communicate with the members of the Nine Provinces Number One Group at any time."

"Clothes? Oh, youre right. The clothes Im wearing right now are too eye-catching," Senior White nodded. Afterwards, he typed something on the computer and started to search for men clothes. After just one night, Senior White looked like a computer expert. He had learned everything on his own.

After a short while, True Monarch White pointed to the casual men clothes on the computer screen and asked, "What do you think of these clothes?"

"Not bad," Song Shuhang nodded.

"Then, Ill wear that set," True Monarch White stretched out his hand and gently patted his white robe. Immediately, the formations on the robe started to shine and create ripples.

After a second, True Monarch White was already wearing the same clothes as that man on the computer screen.

Song Shuhang opened his eyes wide. This was the legendary clothes changing technique! Moreover, it wasnt like those cringey techniques that would make your clothes disappear and leave you naked for a moment! Every woman in the world would die to have this technique!

You dont know how to put in order your room full of clothes?

You dont know which set of clothes to buy?

You dont know which clothes to bring out with you?

We present you the clothes changing technique. It will solve all your problems regarding clothes. This is the technique you deserve!

"So, should we go?" True Monarch White held up his long hair and covered it with a cap.

Song Shuhang returned to his senses and replied, "There is an electronic shopping center three bus stops from here. Well be able to buy everything we need there."

At the same time, he turned his head and said to the pekingese, "Doudou, do you also want to go out for a stroll?"

"I want to play games. If you want to bring me out for a dog walk, wait for when I have the time and the mood," Doudou said without even turning his head. Now that True Monarch White was going out it was finally his turn to use the computer. His wife was still waiting for him to go online!

I never said I wanted to take you out for a dog walk! Song Shuhang heaved a sigh, "Senior White, lets go then."

If he was the only one accompanying Senior White, he would have to be extra careful. No matter what, he couldnt allow Senior White to get distracted and fall on the ground!


The Limitless Demon Sect was a well-known evil sect in the world of cultivators.

The disposition of its disciples was very extreme and unpredictable.

However, the location of the Limitless Demon Sect was unknown. Except for the members of the sect, no one knew of its exact whereabouts.

At this time, on the 69th peak of the demon sect, the Mahoraga Peak.

Young Master Hai was quietly standing on the edge of the mountain. A sea of clouds was stretching under his feet, and behind his back was the immortal cave he was using to cultivate within the Limitless Demon Sect.

The form of a scholar slowly approached Young Master Hai and said, "Look at you. It seems you have too much free time on your hands."

"Now that the life-bound evil saber is ready, condensing the Golden Core and advancing to the Fifth Stage Spiritual Emperor is just a matter of time. Therefore, I want to enjoy the little free time I have," Young Master Hai turned his head and smiled to Zheng Neng. "From what I see, youre also someone with too much free time. We are both outstanding talents in our generation. And our objective is not as simple as condensing a life-bound Golden Core."

Every Golden Core had a certain number of dragon patterns. In total, there were nine ranks.

Given Young Master Hai and Zheng Nengs dispositions, they would certainly not settle on a Golden Core with one or two dragon patterns. Their objective was obviously a Golden Core with seven patterns. And even in the worst case, it would have to have at least five patterns.

For that, Young Master Hai had used the Blood Gods Evil Saber Formation of the already extinct Blood Saber Sect, obtaining the Blood God Crystal.

For that, Zheng Neng had stolen the Seven Colors Wonder Fruit of the Immortal Farming Sect and obtained its secret refining method.

For that, Demon Monarch Anzhi had done everything in his power to make the disciples of the Moon Saber Sect go crazy, obtaining the Qi of the Three Demons.

The three of them were planning to use the Blood God Crystal, the Seven Colors Wonder Fruit, and the Qi of the Three Demons to increase the number of patterns on their Golden Cores!

"In these days, I thoroughly studied the secret refining method of the Seven Colors Wonder Fruit. Ill be able to completely refine it in about a month," Zheng Neng arrived at Young Master Hais position and he also started to gaze at the distant sea of clouds.

"Im also done processing the Blood God Crystal. In around a month, that too will be ready for your use," Young Master Hai said with a smile.

At this time, a dense mist started to condense. Demon Monarch Anzhis strange form appeared out of nowhere and said, "The initial process of purification of my Qi of the Three Demons has also been completed. It will be ready for your use in about half a month."

"Then, let us make this effort together. Only those with power have the right to talk," a crazed glow flashed through Young Master Hais eyes. "And only if you have the right to talk will you be able to participate in the sects big plan, obtaining great benefits!"

When he mentioned this big plan, both Zheng Neng and Demon Monarch Anzhi turned quiet.

After a while, Zheng Neng made a light sound and agreed with him. Afterwards, he slowly closed his eyes; no one knew what he was thinking.

Demon Monarch Anzhi also had a serious expression.


Zheng Neng suddenly said, "It seems that that fellow is coming here again."

"Is it Branch Leader Jing Mo? He comes here every few days. Isnt he bored yet?" Demon Monarch Anzhi laughed strangely. "This demon monarch has no free time to waste. Im going."

After finishing his sentence, he turned into black mist and quickly ran away.

Zheng Neng didnt say anything. He took a step forward, and a wooden sword flew out of his sleeve. Afterwards, it changed into a layer of light that fell under his feet. With its help, he also disappeared under the sea of clouds.

Young Master Hai was just about to say something when he saw those two ditching him.

The Limitless Demon Sect had a lot of branches scattered around the world, and Jing Mo was in charge of one of them. In addition, he was a disciple of the 69th peak, the Mahoraga Peak.

Other than being someone that thought too highly of himself, he was also very short-tempered. He was literally a loose cannon.

You didnt agree with him? He would immediately take out his sword and start fighting you.

Were you merrily drinking and eating with him? A second later he might start hitting you because you inadvertently said something that made him displeased.

If your strength was similar to his, you could wage a fierce battle of 300 or so rounds. But if you were weaker than him, you could only get a good beating.

Almost everyone on the Mahoraga Peak had quarreled and fought with him. In the end, even the Peak Lord of the Mahoraga Peak couldnt stand him anymore. Therefore, he decided to appoint him as a branch leader and sent him away.

And since he was favored by the Peak Lord, Young Master Hai became Branch Leader Jing Mos main target.

"This unreasonable fellow is quite troublesome," Young Master Hais face twitched. After heaving a sigh, he tried his best to maintain his cool facade.

When dealing with this fellow, the more you were annoyed, the happier he would get.

"Haha. It seems that Junior Brother Hai has really too much free time lately. Unexpectedly, youre here looking at the clouds? Oh yeah, I just heard some news. Some people were saying that you caused a ruckus inside the Moon Saber Sect and obtained four Blood God Crystals after sacrificing the whole sect. However, at the last minute, you were done in by a small fry that even managed to steal your crystal! This news was just too interesting! Hahahaha!" Branch Leader Jing Mo hadn't arrived there yet; his voice came first.

At this time, the form of a tall man appeared in front of Young Master Hai.

He had white hair that looked like the spines of a hedgehog. And, surprisingly enough, both his pupils had a pure golden color; this was due to his cultivation technique. From time to time, a golden electrical current would flash through his eyes. [1]

Young Master Hai turned his body and said with a faint smile, "Everyone on the peak already know of this. Is it possible that Senior Brother Jing Mo discovered it just now?"

This smile was meant to ridicule him. Given his awful disposition, no one on the peak was willing to spend time with Jing Mo.

Who would like to get a beating out of the blue?

Branch Leader Jing Mo stopped smiling and coldly snorted, "I heard that the person that stole your Blood God Crystal was someone at the First Stage who had just started cultivating. He hadnt even completed his Foundation Establishment yet."

"Thats true. It was a very ordinary-looking young cultivator who was friends with Su Clans Seven. At this time, he should have already opened his Heart Aperture, completing his Foundation Establishment." Young Master Hai said with a smile. He revealed some of the information regarding Stressed by a Mountain of Books.

"Tsk, tsk. You got scared just because he was acquainted with Su Clans Seven? Is that why you didnt take back the Blood God Crystal?" Branch Leader Jing Mo laughed in a strange manner.

"Senior Brother must be joking. One should make a move only if completely prepared. I wont act if Im not completely sure of the outcome," Young Master Hai still had a gentle smiling face.

"As I see it, you were just scared shitless by Su Clans Seven!" Branch Leader Jing Mo replied with a smile, revealing teeth that resembled that of a shark. Afterwards, he said, "Since youre too scared of taking back your Blood God Crystal, let your senior brother take it back for you! You wont get offended if I were to take it back, right? Well, not that it would matter even if you were to get offended."

"Hehe," Young Master Hai faintly smiled. "Of course, I wont get offended. Senior Brother Jing Mo, you can do as you please."

Originally, he had come here to slap Young Master Hai on the face. However, the latter didnt even retort.

Branch Leader Jing Mo spat on the ground. Since he couldnt take care of Young Master Hai with words alone, he would do it with facts!

He stamped his foot and left.


As soon as he left, Demon Monarch Anzhi, who was still a mass of demonic mist, reappeared. "Are you planning to use Jing Mo to deal with that Stressed by a Mountain of Books?"

Zheng Neng also emerged from the sea of clouds. "What should we do if he really manages to take back the Blood God Crystal?"

"It doesnt really matter. After all, its just a piece of Blood God Crystal," Young Master Hai was looking at the horizon as he slowly clenched his fist. "Of course, thats assuming his appetite is enough to eat that Blood God Crystal after obtaining it. Otherwise, hehe...

Moreover, even if hes somewhat weak, that Stressed by a Mountain of Books is far from being an ordinary cultivator. Otherwise, how was he able to find the loophole in our revised Blood Gods Evil Saber Formation and snatch away our treasure with such ease?" The corner of the Young Master Hais mouth rose in a smile. "He didnt find that loophole by luck. Therefore, hes either a wolf disguising as a sheep or theres someone with high skills who is helping him.

As for which of the two it is, we can only know after giving it a try. And now, Branch Leader Jing Mo has decided to act as cannon fodder on his own. Therefore, I see no reason to refuse his good intentions. What do you think?" Young Master Hai said with a smile.

"There is no reason to refuse," Zheng Neng said lightly.

"Ill keep an eye on Jing Mos actions," Demon Monarch Anzhi said.