Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 160

Chapter 160 A Pretty And Delicate Face But A Big And Muscular Body
Chapter 160: A pretty and delicate face, but a big and muscular body

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Branch Leader Jing Mo returned to his immortal cave and used a formation to get in contact with the branch of the Limitless Demon Sect under his control. Due to the defensive formation of the sect being always active, it was impossible to reach the outside world with mobile phones while still inside the barrier.

The branchs manager, Manager Chen, answered the call and said cautiously, "Branch Leader, do you need something?"

The members of this branch were very unlucky to have Jing Mo as their leader. He had already beaten every one of them. They were all scaredscared that they would inadvertently provoke him and get beaten half to death as a consequence.

"I need you to look something up. Half a month ago, Young Master Hai sacrificed the Moon Saber Sect and had his Blood God Crystal stolen by a very weak cultivator. What are the whereabouts of that cultivator?" Branch Leader Jing Mo said in a grave tone.

"Understood. Ill go search immediately," Manager Chen quickly replied.

"Once youre done, tell me everything," even if he had an awful disposition and could explode at any moment, when he was in a normal state, Jing Mo was not so different from your average man.

Inside the branch, Manager Chen immediately told his subordinates to go and look for all the information they could find on Young Master Hais incident.

The Limitless Demon Sect had a huge intelligence network, and all those branches that were scattered around the world were part of this network. Therefore, every branch could use this network to find the information they needed.

Soon, they found what they were searching for from the network.

After having his Blood God Crystal stolen, Young Master Hai had told the Jiangnan branch of the Limitless Demon Sect to do a thorough research on this cultivator called Stressed by a Mountain of Books.

And five days ago, the person in charge of the Jiangnan branch sent over some information regarding Stressed by a Mountain of Books.

But these pieces of information were somewhat strange and gave rise to many questions.

For example, before this year, this Stressed by a Mountain of Books was nothing but an ordinary student.

However, Medicine Master, who was famous in the world of cultivators for his pill refining, became friends with him under unknown circumstances. And later, the same happened with Su Clans Seven.

This wasnt everything; it seemed that Stressed by a Mountain of Books had many other powerful cultivators behind his back.

However, just when the leader of the Jiangnan branch was thinking of continuing the investigation, something unexpected happened.

Three days ago, someone destroyed the Jiangnan branch of the Limitless Demon.

It was Seven, a single man with his saber. He had destroyed the branch alone.

After doing the deed, Seven left as if nothing had happened. Later, the logistics department of the Spirit River Su Clan rushed to the branch and took away all the treasures and resources they could get their hands on. [1] Even some pieces of information that werent destroyed in time were taken away.

Luckily, the information stored in the branch wasnt highly classified. Therefore, it wouldnt have consequences for the Limitless Demon Sect itself.

"Su Clans Seven, this crazy motherf*cker," after seeing this information, Manager Chen got a scare. He was a lone man with nothing but his saber. And yet, he had completely destroyed a branch on his own!

Every branch of the Limitless Demon Sect had around 800 disciples. And if we add the defensive formation, it had the power to stop someone who had recently advanced to the Sixth Stage True Monarch! But unexpectedly, it had been destroyed by Seven who was only a Fifth Stage Spiritual Emperor.

"Now that I think of it our branch isnt too far away from the Jiangnan branch!" Manager Chen was startled. He decided to contact Branch Leader Jing Mo immediately.

Branch Leader Jing Mos voice spread from the formation, "Did you find something about that Stressed by a Mountain of Books?"

"Yes, Branch Leader. Ill send you all the information I found about him. In addition, the Jiangnan branch of the Limitless Demon Sect was destroyed by Su Clans Seven. And our branch happens to be very close to it, should we take some precautions?" Manager Chen was very careful with his words. He didnt want to say something that would enrage Branch Leader Jing Mo.

"Tsk. Its all Young Master Hais fault. He provoked that madman named Seven! By the way, there is no need to worry too much about him. The sect will send someone to handle him! Everything will be fine as long as I find that Stressed by a Mountain of Books. Ill decide what to do after analyzing these pieces of information," Branch Leader Jing Mo said in a grave tone.

When he heard that the sect would send someone to deal with Seven, Manager Chen heaved a sigh of relief.


Branch Leader Jing Mo cut off the communication and evilly smiled. The sect would send someone to take care of Seven? And who would they send?

Even if he didnt admit it, Demon Monarch Mad Tyrant had also been injured by Seven when he ran away with Young Master Hai and the other two.

Were Seven to destroy his branch, it would be actually a good deed. After the destruction of the branch, he would have the chance to return to the main branch of the Limitless Demon Sect!

Therefore, he was looking forward to the destruction of his branch!

Next, he took the information sent by Manager Chen and started to examine it carefully.

"Hehe. These pieces of information should give rise to many questions? Laughable. I can tell everything with only a glance. This Stressed by a Mountain of Books was just someone lucky enough to become friends with Medicine Master, and from that moment, he turned into a cultivator. And Su Clans Seven is on good terms with Medicine Master. Therefore, its normal that he was acquainted with this cultivator," Branch Leader Jing Mo was convinced of having some super insight. After just a glimpse, he had discerned the truth.

Afterwards, he made contact with Manager Chen once again.

"Manager Chen, send someone competent to look for this Stressed by a Mountain of Books. Look for the right opportunity and capture him alive. Afterwards, bring him to the branch. You dont have to worry about Medicine Master or Seven; they arent with him right now. And in the end, hes someone that has just completed his Foundation Establishment; it will be easy to capture him. After youre done, wait for me. Ill personally interrogate him about the whereabouts of the Blood God Crystal," Branch Leader Jing Mo laughed loudly. He was delighted.

Manager Chen nodded and said, "Understood. Ill send someone over there."

After hanging up, Manager Chen heaved another sigh of relief. Afterwards, he asked the nearby subordinate, "Is someone from our branch active around the Jiangnan College Town area?"

"Manager Chen, Little Sunflower asked to be moved to the Jiangnan area just yesterday. He wanted to investigate something," when he mentioned this Little Sunflower, the subordinate felt the hair on his arms stand up.

Little Sunflower was a cultivator of the First Stage. And soon, he would be able to jump through the dragon gate. He was a very sly fellow and a master at hiding his aura. In this branch, he was one of the best disciples when it came to gathering information.

But, despite his name, Little Sunflower was a two meters tall brute; he was literally a mountain of muscles. And the thing that caused people to despair was that he actually had a pretty and delicate face.

Who said you couldnt be a pretty boy while being big and muscular? Little Sunflower was someone that went against common sense.

"Little Sunflower ugh. I think you should use his dao name. Cultivator Sunflower sounds way better," Manager Chen said with a serious expression.

"Yes. Ill use Cultivator Sunflower then," the subordinate felt that this dao name too had some problems.

"Good. Then, tell Little Sunflower to ugh! Tell Cultivator Sunflower to keep an eye on Stressed by a Mountain of Books, and kidnap him if there is an opportunity. The target has just finished his Foundation Establishment. Litt Cultivator Sunflower will be enough to deal with him!" Manager Chen said seriously.

"Sure. Ill immediately get in touch with him," the subordinate took out his mobile phone and called Cultivator Sunflower.

After a very pleasant caller tune, the phone was picked up.

"Cultivator Sunflower, there is a mission for you," the subordinate went directly to the point.

"So annoying, call me Little Sunflower!" A rough voice transmitted from the other side.

The subordinate looked at the sky, his face disgusted. Afterwards, he clenched his teeth and said, "Cough, cough. Manager Chen said that you have to look for a person named Stressed by a Mountain of Books. He is a cultivator that has just completed his Foundation Establishment. If you have the chance, capture him and bring him back to the sect. Ill send you all the information on him in a while!"

"Stressed by a Mountain of Books? Oh, I already know about him; you dont need to send anything. Just leave everything to me!" Cultivator Sunflower hung up the phone.

"Wahaha! As expected, I was right. This Stressed by a Mountain of Books was bound to attract the attention of the Limitless Demon Sect. If I can capture him and bring him back to the sect, Ill skip several ranks!" Cultivator Sunflower laughed. The bulging muscles on his chest were shaking along with his laughter.

After laughing, he made a call.

"Hello, Young Mistress Candy? Haha. Its me, Little Sunflower! I need you to help me with something. You have to steal a thing," Cultivator Sunflower said.

Young Mistress Candy was a nickname. She was a member of the Penniless Thief Sect and an expert at breaking formations and seals. Till now, she had succeeded innumerable times.

An expert wouldnt walk into a dead end. He would have to prepare for all eventualities.

Cultivator Sunflower would go on the frontline and directly seize that Stressed by a Mountain of Books.

For this reason, he asked Young Mistress Candy to go to the targets residence and steal the Blood God Crystal! Young Mistress Candy owed him a favor; this was the right time to ask for her help!


At this time, Song Shuhang was on the bus with Senior White.

"Strange, it seems that the bus is particularly crowded today," Song Shuhang felt that the number of passengers was several times higher than usual. The entire bus was packed.

And why did it seem that the crowd was coming toward him and Senior White?

Wait! Were they coming in their direction?

Song Shuhang raised his head and looked at the crowd. As expected, many of them were staring at Senior White; some were even blushing and were short of breath.

Were they influenced by Senior Whites strange charm?

But didnt Senior White restrain his charm after coming out of secluded meditation?

After he had come out of the statue, Song Shuhang wouldnt feel his heartbeat speed up even if he were to look at him directly. But why was this charm causing troubles now?

Song Shuhang quickly looked at Senior White.

At this moment, he discovered that Senior White was looking towards the horizon, lost in thoughts.

After looking at him for a while, Song Shuhang felt his heartbeat speed up.

I wont make Senior White ride a bus ever again, Song Shuhang secretly vowed.

Luckily, it was their stop already.

"Senior, weve arrived!" Song Shuhang patted Senior Whites shoulder, making him regain his senses.

After returning to his senses, Senior White smiled, "Oh, were already there?"

The two of them forced their way out of the bus with great difficulty.

"Lets go. First, well buy a phone and a SIM card," Song Shuhang heaved a sigh.

When returning to Jiangnan College Town, Ill have to choose a deserted road! Song Shuhang thought.

There were indeed many deserted roads. However, they would have to get out of the encirclement first