Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 161

Chapter 161 I Im Sorry I Got The Wrong Person
Chapter 161: I Im sorry! I got the wrong person!

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After entering the electronic shopping center, Song Shuhang bought a mobile phone and a SIM card for Senior White. Afterward, they bought a computer too.

The entire process was very quick and smooth. The prices of the mobile phone and the computer were so low that Song Shuhang was left dumbfounded.

He didnt even need to haggle over the price; the shop owner had decided to sell them the goods at a price that was close to the buying price! In addition, he gave them both a membership and VIP card!

Of course, they could buy things at such a low price only because Senior White had followed behind Song Shuhang with a smile plastered on his face.

Senior White didnt need to say or do anything. Him standing there was more than enough to make the shop owner drastically decrease the price; the latter even seemed to wish to gift them with the merchandise for free despite the loss itd cause.

This was a wretched era where only looks matter.

Song Shuhang pondered a bit and decided to take another stroll in the shopping center with Senior White. Afterwards, he bought two tablets, his long-awaited single-lens reflex camera, and a small projector!

With Senior White by his side, he bought everything at a discounted price.

It was simply awesome!

The same thing would happen in games if you were to increase your Charm by 10 points; all the NPCs would suddenly start selling you items at a discounted rate. What a wondrous skill.

"Sir, once youre done shopping, you should preserve the receipt of the payment. After spending 10,000 RMB, you will have the right to participate in a lottery just outside the electronic shopping center, and the prizes arent half bad!" The owner of the shop where they had bought the camera warmly reminded.

Once every few months, the electronic shopping center would hold an event similar to a lottery; it was to keep the business flourishing. Of course, most of these prizes were just consolation prizes.

"Thank you," Song Shuhang replied with a smile. Then, he looked at his hands.

A notebook, two tablets, a single-lens reflex camera, an external hard-drive, a small projector he had a lot of things with him.

Not good. He had bought too many things on the spur of the moment. And now, both his hands were occupied by the things he had purchased. If Senior White were to suddenly fall on the ground, he wouldnt have the chance to stop him!

While thinking, he shot a glance at Senior White.

Senior White was very happy right now. He was completely engrossed in the mobile phone that Song Shuhang had bought for him. For the time being, it was unlikely that he would get distracted and lose himself in thought.

Senior White seemed to have noticed his gaze. Therefore, he raised his head and asked, "Is everything alright? Do you want to take the bus to go back? This time, Ill remember to restrain my aura."

"Oh, it doesnt matter. For some reason, I really want to take a walk. Lets take a different road!" Song Shuhang said firmly. No matter what, he didnt want to get on the bus with Senior White again!

"Hm, fine," Senior White was a good-natured person, and also very easy to get along with. Moreover, he was someone that would show consideration for the younger generation. Northern Rivers Loose Cultivators description was on the spot.

Just after exiting the electronic shopping center, they arrived at the place where the lottery was being drawn. Song Shuhang showed them the receipt; after adding together all the things they had bought, the money spent amounted to more than 20,000 RMB. Therefore, they could draw the lottery twice.

"Please, draw your lottery from here," the boy in charge smiled at Song Shuhang. The lottery was quite old-fashioned; they were using scratch cards.

Senior White was looking at Song Shuhang with a curious expression.

"Behold. I have the legendary character on my hand. Since little, I have been considered an expert at drawing lotteries!" Song Shuhang blew some air on his palms and went toward the lottery box. Afterwards, he picked up a scratchcard and started to scratch at it. [1]

The boy came closer to take a look. Afterwards, he said with a smile, "Congratulations, you won a consolation prize!"

Then, he passed a hand-sized teddybear to Song Shuhang.

Consolation prize~

Song Shuhang took the small stuffed animal and said with a bitter smile, "Hehe. My luck wasnt too good today. Senior White, do you want to give a try?"

"Sure!" Senior White happily smiled. He also blew some air on his palms like Song Shuhang and went toward the box. He picked a scratchcard and started to scratch at it.

The boy came closer to take a look once again. At this time, he immediately shouted, "Congratulations! Youve won the special prize! Its a new generation notebook worth 10,000 RMB! Brother, your luck is just too good!"

"Thanks," Senior White took the notebook and smiled at the boy.

This smile was the most beautiful smile of the world. The boy was immediately stunned.

"Youre welcome, youre welcome," he was standing in place and laughing foolishly. He kept waving his hand in a dazeand didnt stop even when theyve long disappeared...

After a while...

F*ck, wasnt that a male? The boy finally came to his senses. He quickly placed a hand on his chest.

His heart was beating very fast.

Jesus, do I swing that way?


Inside the Nine Provinces Number One Group.

True Monarch Yellow Mountain suddenly wrote in the group, "Little Friend Song Shuhang, are you there?"

Shuhang was still outside. Therefore, he didnt reply.

After a long time.

Cave Lord Snow Wolf replied, "It seems he has gone out with Senior White. Speaking of which, True Monarch White came out of secluded meditation a while ago. That strange luck should start to take effect, right?"

True Monarch Yellow Mountain nodded and said, "At this time, it should have already started to take effect."

"Is that so? So lucky!" Cave Lord Snow Wolf said, both envious and fearful.

"Yeah, lucky," True Monarch Yellow Mountain also sighed with emotion. "So, did any of you told Shuhang to pay attention to Senior Whites mysterious luck?"

Cave Lord Snow Wolf answered surprised, "What? True Monarch, you didnt remind him?"

"Who was the one that tricked him into accepting this task? Why should I be the one to remind him?" True Monarch Yellow Mountain replied with a question of his own, somewhat baffled.

"But wasnt it the founder of the group who issued the task?" Cave Lord Snow Wolf said.

True Monarch Yellow Mountain: "..."

After a while.

"Ill give him a call," True Monarch Yellow Mountain said, "Who has his phone number? I forgot to save it last time."

Scholar Drunken Moon: "Me, I just gave him a phone recharge. Ill send it to you."


On another side. On the way back, Song Shuhang had decided to choose a deserted road.

He was leading the way, and Senior White was obediently following on his right side while playing with the mobile phone.

Song Shuhang had his hands full with all the things they had bought. Luckily for him, he was quite strong right now. Therefore, they werent heavy to carry.

Along the way, he kept an eye on Senior White, afraid that the latter would suddenly get distracted.

"Haha. Why do you keep looking at me? I have already restrained my aura," Senior White said with a smile. He felt a bit uncomfortable with Song Shuhang staring at him.

"Its nothing. I was just afraid that you would get distracted," Song Shuhang said honestly.

"This is unlikely to happen. Right now, Im completely absorbed in the various features of this mobile phone. Therefore, I wont get distracted. No need to worry," Senior White said full of confidence.

"Fine. Once were back, Ill help you register an account for the chat," Song Shuhang said while walking.

"Good," Senior White said with a smile.


"Ive found you, Stressed by a Mountain of Books!" Cultivator Sunflower had finally found his target. Just as the information said, he was a kind-hearted and harmless university student.

Besides the target, there was also a handsome man. The two of them were merrily chatting.

Cultivator Sunflower secretly inspected them. Stressed by a Mountain of Books had just opened his Heart Aperture, and the quantity of qi and blood in his body was still weak.

On the other hand, that handsome man was a normal person!

He took a look at the surroundings and, unexpectedly, there wasnt a single person around here!

This was a heaven-sent opportunity!

Cultivator Sunflower made up his mind and moved forward with great strides. Afterwards, he said in a grave tone, "Boy, stop immediately!"

Now, look how I capture this Song Shuhang!


After hearing the voice, Song Shuhang turned his head out of curiosity.

He saw a man running toward him; the man had a pretty face but a very muscular body.

Song Shuhang was puzzled. Did he know this guy?

"Is he talking to us?" Senior White also turned his head out of curiosity.

"I dont think so. I dont know him," Song Shuhang replied.

"Oh," Senior White lightly nodded.

And just as they were chatting, Senior White stumbled upon something and fell on the ground!

Did he get distracted when he turned his head?!

Song Shuhangs eyes widened.

F*ck! No matter how much he was prepared, he wasnt prepared for this! He hadnt expected that just turning his head could make Senior White trip and fall.

It happened too quickly!

Song Shuhang had just reacted when Senior White reached the ground.


A deafening explosion followed. It was like a bolt from the blue.

Im going to fall in the pit! Song Shuhang thought in his head.

The dust spread in all directions.

At this time, you could see a crater with a diameter of 30 meters in the place where True Monarch White had fallen!

Song Shuhang fell on his butt inside the pit.

He quickly patted his body; unexpectedly, he was unscathed?

Did Senior White protect him at the last minute?

After the dust had settled down.

Senior White crawled from the hole as if nothing had happened. Then, he patted his body that didnt even have a speck of dust on it and asked, "Ah? How did I exactly fall? Little Friend Shuhang, are you alright?"

"I was lucky, nothing happened. Even all the things we bought are fine," Song Shuhang replied.

Eh? Wait a moment!

What happened to the person that was calling them?

Song Shuhang opened his eyes and looked at a faraway place.

Cultivator Sunflower was running at full speed toward Song Shuhang. And since he couldn't stop in time, he also fell into the pit. However, he was lucky to fall on the edge of the crater. Therefore, he was in a sorry state but hadnt suffered any actual injury.

He swallowed a mouthful of saliva as he stared at True Monarch White and Song Shuhang who were in the middle of the hole.

At this moment, his mind was blank, and he couldnt think of anything.

After a while, he mustered his strength and stood up. He wanted to get out of this hole.

"Excuse me, were you talking to me just now?" Song Shuhang asked. Then, he smiled bitterly as he said, "Its really strange. Did the earth give in? Luckily, no one was hurt!"

Gave in your mother, you goddam bullshitter! I clearly saw that it was the handsome man by your side that created this gigantic hole by falling!

Cultivator Sunflower cursed in his heart. However, he still maintained his terrified expression as he said, "I Im sorry! I got the wrong person! When I saw your back just now, I mistook you for a friend. But when you turned your head, I discovered that I had got the wrong person. I really miss this good friend of mine!

Then, Ill get going. This place where the earth can give in at any moment seems very dangerous," Cultivator Sunflower turned around and used all of his strength to run away from the pit.

"He got the wrong person?" Song Shuhang held his chin. He felt that there was something wrong with this guy.

At this time, Senior White said, "Little Friend Shuhang, lets get out of the hole. I need to use my Ground Leveling Spell."

"No need, no need. We might as well take our leavelet people think that the earth gave in!" Song Shuhang swallowed a mouthful of saliva. Even if the place was deserted, that deafening explosion from before was bound to attract the attention of the nearby people. Who knew how many people were already gazing in this direction?

A hole appearing in the ground could be attributed to the earth suddenly giving in.

However, if Senior White were to use his Ground Leveling Spell, making the hole disappear, it would complicate things even further because it would resemble a supernatural phenomenon.

Of the Thirty-Six Stratagems, fleeing is the best!