Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 17

Chapter 17 Investigation For Ghost Lamp Temple
Chapter 17: Investigation for Ghost Lamp Temple

Hehe, sending my elder sister back, and having fun with her along the way. Our teachers are on leave, so we could play for one more day. Shuhang intentionally attached importance to the two words elder sister as he spoke.

The relationship between him and Soft Feather must be presented clearly.

Otherwise, with this bunch of gossipers, the entire faculty will have knowledge of Song Shuhang having a girlfriend who has a figure that is even more tyrannical than models.

That way, his, Song Shuhangs innocence will be lost. He wanted to take advantage of the fact that he was in university to find a girlfriend and end the virginity of his body, and that would become difficult.

Moreover, he also wanted to retaliate against the identity of a senior that Soft Feather gave him. Hes only 18-years young, yet he was being called a senior over and over by a lady. Are you asking for a beating!

Erm erm, its your sister huh, Shuhang? The guys from the same dormitorys eyes shone, in their hearts they all thought of the same thing; Shuhang, arent we friends?

If we could evolve once more from this term called friends and become Shuhangs brother-in-law that would be even better!

Were leaving now, see you! Shuhang laughed out loud, and didnt give these fellas the chance to meet and greet, he waved goodbye, then charismatically left.

Soft Feather smiled as she waved towards those guys too, and quickly followed Song Shuhang out of the males dormitory.

This brat Shuhang actually has such a beautiful sister. Ive decided, from tomorrow onwards Shuhang is my bro, Ill take good care of him. Someone joked.

You want to be Shuhangs brother-in-law even more, right? Another person bantered.

Be careful for you might not just fail at becoming his elder brother-in-law, you might instead become Shuhangs little brother-in-law. I remember you have a pretty elder sister at home too yo.

Tch, if Shuhangs willing to introduce his sister to me, Ill immediately sell my sister to him. Ill even sell one and give another for free!

The guys joked about as they returned to the dormitory.

After all, she may be stunning, but which modern person hasnt experienced a baptism of beauties on the internet? Who would still have the pure heart for love at first sight?

Check-in is at 3.30PM, while the train leaves at 4PM.

Soft Feather took the window seat, while Song Shuhang sat beside her.

To be honest, when he got onto the train with Soft Feather, Song Shuhang suddenly thought of the few Modern genre novels he read recently.

In those, whenever the male lead goes out with the female lead, it doesnt matter whether its driving a sports car, taking the metro/subway, sitting the bus, or even riding a bicycle, there would always be a mean actor backstage that takes fancy to the beauty of the female lead, and would come up to provoke them.

Possessing supreme skills, the male lead will naturally be in the limelight, and will deal with the mean actor in various harsh ways. Then the mean actor will take off, with hatred in his heart. Without the guts to openly deal with the male lead, he secretly prepares various evil schemes.

Then there will be all kinds of enmity and retaliation.

Shuhang resigned himself to the fact that he wasnt like those male leads, however the beauty of Soft Feather beside him shouldnt be beneath those female leads in the modern novels. Therefore, Song Shuhang thought, will there be some kickass dude that appears wanting to know a beauty, who will then provoke him in various ways?

When that happens Should he kill that person to prevent future troubles? Or should he just beat him till hes half dead?

Its a pity that novels are just novels. In reality, perhaps there are those rampant and brainless mean actors, but there are too few. They are as rare as giant pandas, and arent easy to meet.

On the slow two-hour train ride, there simply wasnt a single person who came to provoke Shuhang, and nobody who tried to approach Soft Feather.

This made Shuhang feel a little disappointed

Half an hour through the journey, Soft Feather was sleepy, and fell asleep in the seat. Not long later, her body leaned to the side, and her head rested on Shuhangs shoulder.

Song Shuhang could only relax his shoulders to let the lady sleep more comfortably.

The two hours of the train journey passed quickly.

Ding ding ding~~ Hello travelers, the train has arrived at Black Elephant Station, please do not forget your belongings, and exit from the train from the doors on the right. When alighting, please mind the gap.

Weve arrived. Song Shuhang lightly patted Soft Feather.

In a daze, Soft Feather opened her eyes, while rubbing her eyes, there was clear saliva flowing from the corner of her mouth, Is it morning?

Moe, he actually felt moe from a girl who looked older than him.

The train has reached the station, lets quickly get off. Song Shuhang pulled her hand and dragged along the heavy suitcase out of the trains carriage.

Only after the train whistled away did Soft Feather truly wake up.

Senior, what time is it?

Its 6.07PM in the evening, were already at J Citys Black Elephant Station, when we get out we can directly take a taxi to Luo Xin Street, then well first find a place to stay there. Song Shuhang answered.

Alright, Ill follow Seniors arrangements. Soft Feather nodded This is what she likes the most! Having someone plan where to eat, drink and stay for her, and all she needs to do is to follow the arrangements. She doesnt even need to work her brain, this feeling was true happiness.

There was a taxi stand at Black Elephant Station, and there were many taxis awaiting customers.

Hey man, where to? A taxi stopped beside Song Shuhang and Soft Feather.

Luo Xin Street. Song Shuhang opened the door to the front passenger seat as he answered.

J Citys Luo Xin Street! Soft Feather added on, this lady was traumatised by Jiang Nan regions Luo Xin Street.

The taxi driver was first stunned, then casually smiled, Haha, youre an amusing lady.

Soft Feather knew she made a joke out of herself, and blushed.

J Citys Luo Xin Street was very close to the Black Elephant Train Station, and was a mere 10 minute car journey.

After the two got off the taxi, using the phones GPS they found a hotel to temporarily stay at. As the two of them werent husband and wife, there wasnt even a need to think of something romantic like sharing a room.

Even if Song Shuhang wanted to, and Soft Feather doesnt reject, the hotels boss might not agree! In this day and age, things are too strict. If something bad happens, the hotel has to bear a part of the responsibility.

After dinner, taking advantage of the fact that it was still relatively bright, the two prepared to stroll around Luo Xin Street to look for Ghost Lamp Temple.

Soft Feather had to first deposit her suitcase into the room. Shuhang didnt have such a need, so he waited by the front desk after receiving the card.

There werent many guests today, so the receptionist lady wasnt busy.

Song Shuhang seized this opportunity to ask, Excuse me, I would like to ask if theres a place called Ghost Lamp Temple in Luo Xin Street?

The receptionist lady pondered for a while, then shook her head, My apologies mister, there are quite a number of temples in Luo Xin Street, but Ive never heard of Ghost Lamp Temple.

For a temple with such a unique name, if it existed there was no way she would have never heard of it before.

Then are there similarly named temples? Perhaps it might not be called Ghost Lamp Temple, it might be called Ghost Ascending Temple, Scholar Lamp Temple, Returning Seat Temple, anything is possible. Shuhang continued asking.

[TL: All of these sound similar to Ghost Lamp Temple in Chinese.]

Right now the internet is so well developed, yet a trace of a clue to the temple cannot even be found, perhaps the name was something else entirely that sounds similar.

The receptionist lady conscientiously thought for a long time, then once again shook her head, Sorry, Im afraid I cant help you. Perhaps its a temple from a long time ago, if mister truly wants to find it, you may attempt asking the elderly in Luo Xin Street.

Thank you. Said Song Shuhang while nodding.

As they spoke, Soft Feather already came out of her room.

Where are we going to next? She asked.

Lets randomly stroll around, our primary aim is to look for groups of elderly chatting idly, and see if we can get some information from them.

While the two chatted, they left the hotel.

Right as the two left the hotel, in the hotels lounge, a lady with a grave expression took out her phone, Altar Master, Im at Luo Xin Glory Hotel and saw someone looking for information regarding Ghost Lamp Temple. One man and one woman, they look approximately 20 years old or so.

Has what should have come finally arrived. How strong are they? On the line, a cold and indifferent voice sounded.

The woman appears to be very strong, while the man looks like an ordinary person. However, the woman treats him with incredible respect, and privately addresses him as her senior. Answered the lady.

How strong? That voice remained unflustered and cold.

Your subordinate cant make it out at all, and could only feel that shes very strong.

I understand. Continue monitoring their movements, do not let them discover you. I will attempt to probe their limits. In addition, tell the members at the other monitoring points to keep their guards up, we cant say for sure that these two are the only ones looking for Ghost Lamp Temple.

Affirmative. The lady closed her phone and quickly walked out of the hotel, walking in the direction Song Shuhang and Soft Feather had left.