Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 170

Chapter 170 Walking Doudou
Chapter 170: Walking Doudou

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An hour later, Song Shuhang stopped practicing.

He felt that the results of todays practice were much better than before. Could it be because of the opening of the Eye Aperture that caused his body to become much stronger?

But when he opened the Heart Aperture, the improvement was not as obvious as this.

At this point, what Song Shuhang didnt know was that the ancient bronze ring on his finger had spirit gathering formation engraved on it. It could always keep his body refreshed at any given time, and at the same time allowed his practice to achieve better results.

"Alright, lets go to attend classes then," Song Shuhang picked up the treasured saber Broken Tyrant and prepared to go downstairs for a shower.

When he arrived at the third floor, he saw that Doudou the pekingese had returned and was currently squatting in front of the computer in high spirits.

Senior White and Doudou sat together, with the same facial expression, searching earnestly for some information on the web.

Song Shuhang greeted them, "Good morning, Senior White. Doudou, youre back!"

"Morning to you, Little Friend Shuhang," Senior White lifted his head and smiled with a nodSenior White today was a handsome mess as always, but for some reason, when he was looking at Song Shuhang, he seemed to be avoiding looking directly into his eyes.

"I came back long ago, this is for you," Doudou did not lift his head up, but curled his tail and tossed something at Song Shuhang.

Looking at the black thing flying in his direction, for some reason Song Shuhangs brain switched off for a momenthe subconsciously wielded his saber and slashed.

"Clash~" the black item easily got cut in half, sufficient evidence to prove the sharpness of the treasured saber Broken Tyrant.

A second later.

Song Shuhang stared at the black item on the ground that just got cut in half and felt like crying as he said, "My single-lens reflex camera"

The newly-bought single-lens reflex camera, bought from the owner at the buying price under Venerable Whites charm. He hadnt even used it oncenow it got slashed into two because of himself.

Doudou lifted his head and glanced at Song Shuhang, "Woof, you chopped it yourself, dont blame me, ok?"

Song Shuhang squatted and heartbrokenly held onto the halves of his single-lens reflex camerait was cut in half right in the middle, there was no way of salvaging or repairing it.

"Right, woof, I should remind you that inside the camera theres the video of the dude with a delicate face and a tough build. Youd better check if the memory card within the camera is intact. If it isnt, I wont take it again for you," Doudou continued.

Song Shuhang could only silently take the memory card out from the single-lens reflex camera. Fortunately, it was not destroyed.

Heaving a sigh, he could only blame his brain for switching off today.

Song Shuhang asked, "As expected, there was a problem with him?"

"Woof, its the Limitless Demon Sect. They want to steal the Blood God Crystal from you. However, it's just a small fry doing things on his own. For the specifics, watch the video and youll know," replied Doudou.

It really was the Limitless Demon Sect!

"How is his ability?" asked Song Shuhang

"First Stage Five Apertures Realm, not long before he jumps through the dragon gate," Doudou casually replied.

After giving it some thought, Song Shuhang asked, "Can I beat him?"

"Yeah if it is a head-on confrontation, with your talismans, coupled with the magic of the ancient bronze ring on your finger, you do stand a chance against him. However, if he sneak-attacks you, you should have no chance to defend yourself," answered Doudou.

If thats the case, arent I in an extremely dangerous situation right now?

Especially since the opponent could come and catch him anytime and anywhere!

Song Shuhang made a hollow laugh, "Doudou, do you want to take a walk today?"

"What? You wanna walk me today?" Doudou raised his head and looked at Song Shuhang. "Ok then, since today Im in the mood for it, I shall let you take me for a walk!"

While talking, he was hitting on the keys on the keyboard, finishing off a mini-boss, and bade goodbye to his online wife.

"Wait for me, Im gonna change my outfit, so you can walk me better," Doudou switched his laptop off and hurriedly ran inside the house.

Song Shuhang looked at Venerable White and asked, "Senior White, I gotta go to attend my classes in a while, do you have any plans?"

Venerable White laughed, "I still have something on in the morning. I got a phone call earlier from the subdistrict office, asking me if we have any floating residents here. [1] They are currently doing some registrations, and if there are any floating residents, they need to apply for a temporary residence permit, so I might as well take the chance to make one. Later, I gotta get my picture taken and complete the registration."

"Ooh, its time to settle temporary residence permit again," Song Shuhang nodded and said, "then Doudou and I shall go ahead! Senior White, if you have any problems, feel free to contact me."

Senior White nodded silently, with his gaze secretly shifting to the big box behind him.

Inside it were his war trophies from the previous nights struggleone large display TV, one water dispenser, two stereo speakers, one electric rice cooker, one induction cooker

Luckily, he hadnt gotten caught by little friend Song Shuhang.

After little friend Song Shuhang left, he would have to use the disposable flying sword 004 edition to send them to space.


At 7:30 AM, Song Shuhang and Doudou left home.

Doudou put on a dog collar on his own, transforming into his small pekingese form. He had a this dog majesty shall reward you expression as he was passing the leash to Song Shuhang.

He was really walking the dog?

Song Shuhang had initially thought that Doudou would get out of the house with him at most; he did not expect that he would actually wear the collar in a physical form that ordinary human beings could see with the naked eye.

This was not a good thingeven though Jiangnan College Town was rather open-minded and the academic advisors living on campus could keep dogs and cats as pets, students definitely could not keep them.

Forget it, lets just take a walk and see how it goes.

If it is really not possible then Ill say that its some tutors pet and that I am in charge of bringing it out for a walk.

Song Shuhang thought for a bit, then took Doudou out.

In the first half of the journey, Doudou was rather passive, and Song Shuhang was indeed walking it, not the other way round.

However, when they were about to arrive at Jiangnan College Town, Doudous eyes suddenly lit up, and he ran as fast as he could!

Doudou was a powerful monster dog. Once he started running, how would Song Shuhang have any strength to resist? He could only get dragged around by Doudous wild dashsuffering but unable to speak up.

"Doudou, where are you running towards?" Song Shuhang laughed bitterly.

"Woof woof, I want to look for something fun. I am going to bring you to play first!" Laughed Doudou using a voice only Song Shuhang could hearthis was the power of sound transmission technique.

Just like that, a cute little pekingese was running wildly, dragging a young student behind it.

Soon enough, Doudou found the thing he called fun.

Outside Jiangnan College Town, there was a very long river that flowed through the whole Jiangnan College Town. Under the care of several generations, the river was presently crystal clear, both its banks full of fragrant, green grass.

At this time, there was an English old man with a stern face and neatly combed hair walking leisurely on the grass, holding onto a leash with a huge german shepherd on its other end.

This was the English professor of Song Shuhangs class, Professor Smith. Previously, he had a cute pet dog, however because Soft Feather executed a magic technique, it caused that dog to bite the professor.

Thereafter, upon being discharged from the hospital, the first thing that strict professor did was to send the pet dog to the hot pot restaurant where it became a dog meat hot pot.

And so, that huge german shepherd became Professor Smiths new pet.

Doudou dragged Song Shuhang, running straight in the direction of Professor Smith.

Song Shuhang realized that he could not avoid it, so all he could do was to smile and say, "Good morning, Professor Smith."

The professor turned his head towards Song Shuhang, smiled and nodded, saying, "Good morning."

He could not recognize Song Shuhang. There were so many Asian studentsin his eyes, all of them looked pretty similar. Hence, the people he could remember were not many.

Just as Song Shuhang wanted to drag Doudou away, Doudou dragged him behind that large german shepherd instead.

"Woof, woof!" Doudou wagged his tail, charging and barking ferociously at the big german shepherd.

The big dog suspiciously lowered its head, looking at Doudou with doubtful eyes.

"Woof woof!" Doudou continued to bark loudly, turning his body and facing the large german shepherd, shaking his head and butt bite me, bite me, you mongrel!

Song Shuhang heard Doudous voice.

But, there was probably a communication barrier with that german shepherd? After all, it continued to wear a confused expression on its face.

Song Shuhang smiled bitterly at Professor Smith in embarrassment, and tugged on the dog leash with all his strength, "Doudou, stop making a fuss, we gotta go!"

Professor Smith laughed, and similarly tugged on his german shepherds leash as he prepared to leave.

But at this moment, Doudou suddenly leapt, reached out with his paws and slapped the big german shepherds muzzle.


The big german shepherd could not dodge in time and, just like that, it got a slap into its canine face.

"Growwwllll!" The little guy right before its eyes actually dared to touch it?! The big giant shepherd wasnt some sort of a kind dog. It growled ferociously and pounced towards Doudou.

The corners of Professor Smiths mouth twitched as he looked at Song Shuhang the little dog of this student actually had such huge guts?

Song Shuhang wished he could do a facepalm and hide in a crevice on the ground was bringing Doudou out the right decision at all?

At this time, the two men lost control over their dogsDoudou and the big german shepherd were already in a huge fight.

There was nothing Song Shuhang could do about Doudou.

At the same time, there was also nothing the professor could do about his angry german shepherd.

If worst comes to worst, Ill compensate this student a little money. A pure breed pekingese is probably worth only a couple thousand RMB at most, Professor Smith thought to himself.

Continuous barks were issued one after another; dog fur soared all over in the air.


A minute later.

The big german shepherd shed quite an amount of fur, lying on the ground with dull eyes, lifelessly gazing at the small pekingese that was stepping on it.

The little pekingeses expression was one full of joy. It turned around and looked at Song Shuhang. "Woof woof woof~~"

Song Shuhang wished he could facepalm you are a monster dog, you could even chase a Fourth Stage Demon Monarch Anzhi who was able to ride a flying sword, causing him to flee to the ends of the earth. What is there to be proud about winning against an ordinary german shepherd, huh?

Professor Smith forcefully rubbed his own eyes. Is it that I am old, so my eyes are failing me?

The one that collapsed to the ground panting was my Big Black?

And the one that won was that small pekingese?

Just how does it make sense!?

Seeing that Song Shuhang had no intention to compliment him, Doudou was not happy. He wagged his tail, turned his body, and ran swiftly towards Jiangnan College Town.

"Doudou, wait for me~" Song Shuhang called out. He quickly said to Professor Smith, "Professor, I am sorry, I gotta go chase after Doudou."

"Go ahead, go ahead," said Professor Smith, smiling.

After waiting for Song Shuhang and little Doudou to run quite a distance, the professor squatted next to his big black german shepherd, carefully examining the situation.

The fur on the ground was all Big Blacks; that pekingese surprisingly did not shed a single hair!

The corners of Big Blacks mouth were bloody, and he suffered physical injuries on his body as well, but none of them were a result of being bittenthey were all inflicted by the pekingeses claws.

"Chinese pekingese was that impressive, huh?" Professor Smith pinched his chin. Should I try raising a pekingese instead and see how it goes?

[1] TL/N: Floating residents or population refers to people who reside in a given population for a certain of time but are not considered part of the official census count aka they are not officially registered as a resident in that area.