Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 171

Chapter 171 Look At Me Beating Up Six People Alone
Chapter 171: Look at me beating up six people alone!

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Song Shuhang was listening intently to his morning class.

Doudou transformed into the monster beast form that was invisible to human beings and spent most of the time inside his desks drawer, playing games on a mobile.

While listening, Song Shuhang glanced down and happened to see Doudou leaving negative reviews on an online shopping site, such as: Black-hearted seller, poor evaluation! Didnt you say it was chicken flavored? I had already finished half a packet and it didnt taste like chicken at all! Liar! Did your conscience get eaten by pigs?

Song Shuhang could not stop his cold sweat from breaking out even if he wanted to.

Later, when the shop owner sees the bad evaluation, would he have a WTF reaction, or a WTF reaction?

Maybe he would be like this: WTF is this this was a WTF reaction.

Or maybe he would be like this: WTF, customer. That was dog food, and you ate a bag of it?! Are you a f*cking or something?! this was also a WTF reaction.

Come to think of it, no wonder Doudou hadnt asked me to buy anything these days. So it was because he learned how to shop online?

Then, who was the person who signed the delivery? Dont tell me Doudou went to sign it himself?


Generally speaking, Song Shuhang felt that Doudou wasnt as troublesome as described by the seniors in the chat group. He just liked to fool around; other than that, as long as you gave him something fancy to busy himself with, Doudou would be able to play with it for a long time.

Oh right he was pretty cute most of the time, but that was apart from going online to scold True Monarch Yellow Mountain every day.

Nevertheless, ever since Doudou came to his house, the lofty image of the group leaderTrue Monarch Yellow Mountainin Song Shuhangs heart was like a waterfall, suffering exponential descent.

After all, he spent his days hearing Doudou scream stupid Yellow Mountain all the time, thus Song Shuhang inevitably ended up considering stupid Yellow Mountain as his true name.

Time passed. It was past 10 AM, and both of his morning classes finished peacefully.

He had no afternoon classes.

Tubo casually asked, "Do you guys wanna go back to the dorm to review a bit? After all, the exams already tomorrow."

The final exams were approaching; in order not to fail and have to retake his exams, he had to work harder. There was no such thing as wasted effort, and even if ones performance wouldnt be stellar, it would at least improve a bit with some preparations.

Usually, thered be at least one or two days for students to review on their own before finals, but this year, the schedule has been moved forward and the exam came right after the semesters last classes.

"I made plans with Yayi to review the notes together, we wont be joining you guys," Gao Moumou pushed his glasses and heartlessly abandoned his single roommates.

Tubo looked miserably towards Li Yangde at once.

"Dont look at me like that, you look really disgusting. At most you can come over to my place today, and if you have anything youre unsure about, you can ask me," said Li Yangde coldlyTubo wasnt even a pretty girl, why was he pretending to be cute?

"What about Shuhang? Do you wanna study together?" Tubo laughed.

"Ill see if I have the time. If I am free tonight, Ill head over to Li Yangdes place," answered Song Shuhang after giving it some thought.

He wanted to make sure that Senior White and Doudou were doing fine before he left. Otherwise, when he went home one day, he might discover that the appliances and other stuff in the house had to be replaced.

At the side, miss Lu Fei was clenching her fists. Shed initially wanted to invite Shuhang to review together in the girls dormthe AC in the dorm was broken and they still do not know when the repairman would come to fix it.

Now that Tubo kinda messed things up, she did not have the gall to ask him.

Although Song Shuhang made a contract with the ghost spirit, he still carried the spirit-binding ice bead with him. Its cooling effect had not changed; not to mention when it still had the ghost spirit inside, just the spirit-binding ice bead itself was a valuable item. Come to think of it, Miss Soft Feather was pretty rich to be able to throw it away.

"Wanna go back together?" Song Shuhang asked Miss Lu Fei. He wanted to take all his books from the dorm back to Medicine Masters multistoried building. Exams were approaching after alleven if it was just a little, reviewing was still a must.

"Sure!" replied Lu Fei happily.


On another side.

Cultivator Sunflowers face was tensed up. "Stressed by a Mountain of Books has just finished todays classes, is everyone ready?"

Beside him, there were six cold-faced men decked in black, emitting a strong murderous aura. They were the underlings of Altar Master from the neighboring Luo Xin Street area. Cultivator Sunflower used all sorts of means to recruit them for todays action.

"Very well, then prepare to take action!" Cultivator Sunflower said in a deep voice. "Contact that person from the subdistrict officetell her to stall that cultivator named White for as long as possible when she goes there to take care of his application."

In the modern society, there were many ways to stall a person.

"We shall attack that Stressed by a Mountain of Books. Remember, we have to be fast. Or else, if we got caught by that Cultivator White, we would be done for!

We only have one chance... go!"


Song Shuhang walked Lu Fei to the dorm and retrieved all his notes and materials for revision from his own dorm, then headed towards Medicine Masters multi-storied building.

Doudou was lying on his shoulders, playing a game on his cell phone.

As he was passing through a narrow path, Song Shuhangs footsteps suddenly paused.

Although this path was narrow, there was usually quite a number of pedestrians walking through it.

But, right now, there was not a single soul in sight...

"You are quite vigilant," praised Doudou.

"How many opponents are there?" Song Shuhang asked. He knew that someone was planning to make their move against him.

"Theres a total of seven people. Five of them are on pretty much the same level as you, with similar capabilities; mainly First Stage with one or two apertures open. One of them is a First Stage Three Apertures cultivator. The last one should be that muscular pretty face dude who was tailing you the other daycurrently at First Stage Five Apertures, he is about to jump through the dragon gate. But that dude is hiding behind the rest he thinks I cant see him. Hehe... " Doudou reported the number of people the opponent hadas well as their exact positionswith familiarity that could be normally expected of someone who introduced their family heirlooms.

Even though those people hid their aura, in Doudous eyes, they were as obvious as bright stars on the night sky.

Song Shuhang checked the equipment on his body.

A stinking pill.

A sword talisman.

Three armor talismans.

Eight evil-destroying talismans.

Last but not least, an ancient bronze ring whose effects he did not know yet.

"Doudou, will you help me?" Asked Song Shuhang.

"Of course. When youre covered in severe injuries and about to die, I will drag you out of here. Dont worry!" Replied Doudou forthrightly.

"Alright, suits me fine," replied Song Shuhang with a laugh. He tossed his satchel aside and took the initiative to enter the area where Cultivator Sunflower was waiting in ambush.

Doudou jumped lightly off his shoulder and hid on one side.

"Come out," Song Shuhang warmed up by stretching his body. "The six of you, I can see every single one of you clearly. You dont need to hide anymore."

He purposely decreased the number by one to make Cultivator Sunflower believe that his cover did not get blown.

Upon Song Shuhangs words, six figures leapt into view from all directions. They grasped identical knives without handles in their hands, striking towards Song Shuhang from tricky angles.

Knives without handles, could they be underlings of Altar Master? Song Shuhang thought to himself.

At this time, if he had enough mental energy to activate the Eye Apertures innate skill expert vision, it would have been really awesome. Unfortunately, his qi and blood and mental energy would be completely exhausted. At least he should wait for himself to open a minimum of another two apertures, then this Eye Aperture innate skill would come to good use.

Hence, Song Shuhang chose to use an armor talisman.

The armor talisman could block all attacks from cultivators of Third Stage and below; even Altar Master would not be able to break its defense. Even if all of those six busted a gut to attack him, they would not be able to harm him at all.

Ding ding ding ding, six handleless knives stabbed at Song Shuhangs body, emitting a series of sparks.

The six attackers were astonished. Even though the sharp knives kept stabbing and pricking, they could not break through Song Shuhangs defense.

Their speed isnt that fast, Song Shuhang thought. After opening the Eye Aperture, as long as he concentrated, he could see every action of these cultivators with only two, three apertures open clearly.

This was the influence of having a goodmuch superior to theirs, in factFoundation Establishment technique.

Altar Master himself was a loose ghost cultivator. He gathered all the Foundation Establishment techniques and passed them onto his underlings for them to practice, but they were the most ordinary out of all the ordinary techniques within the cultivation world.

However, the Basic Buddhist Fist Technique and True Self Meditation Scripture in Song Shuhangs possession were both pretty decent Foundation Establishment techniqueseven in the eyes of the seniors in the Nine Provinces Number One Group.

The difference in both sides abilities could be easily discerned.

"Basic fist, two!" As Song Shuhang started chanting the formula, the qi and blood within the Heart and Eye Apertures started surging, together with the spiritual qi of the world.

Fists blasted out, just like meteors!

In an instant, nearly forty fists shot out, and each of the Altar Masters subordinates suffered at least several hits on his body.

They did not have any defensive treasures on their bodiesafter receiving Song Shuhangs attack head-on, the six of them flew and hit against the nearby wall, vomiting blood from their mouths.

Apart from that First Stage Three Apertures fella who managed to dodge the attack in the crucial moment, the other five remained motionless on the groundit was unknown whether they were still alive or not.

Song Shuhang clenched his fist and realized that he liked this feelingbe it with fists or weapons, it didnt matter how others tried to break through his defenses, for failure was all that awaited them; on the other hand, he just had to use one punch and theyd be on the verge of death.

Perhaps he could use this kind of a combat style in the future?

As soon as this idea flashed past his mind, Song Shuhang used his right foot and firmly stomped on the ground. Intending to take this chance when his opponent was already injured, he used all his strength to rush at that First Stage Three Apertures Cultivator and quickly finish him off.

"Basic fist, one!" Powerful like a cannon, this was Song Shuhangs strongest punch.

That First Stage Three Apertures Cultivator seemed to have considerable battle experience. It was only because he was shocked by Song Shuhangs outrageously strong defense that he had failed to dodge the previous attack.

Twisting his body in an odd way was all it took for him to avoid Song Shuhangs long barrage of punches. At the same time, eight knives without handles suddenly appeared in between his ten fingers, and they shot towards Song Shuhang.

"Ding ding ding ding~" A sequence of striking sounds was heardknives stabbed towards Song Shuhangs body once more, exploding in a series of sparks as they were repelled by the power of the armor talisman.

At this time, Song Shuhang laughed. That originally cannon-like fist actually became as nimble as a snake and exploded squarely against that First Stage Three Apertures cultivators chest!

The opponent started vomiting blood; the Heart Protective Mirror on his chest got smashed into pieces by Song Shuhang. [1] However, the fists heavy power still ended up piercing his body, causing him to be sent flying.

Although I dont have enough battle experience, I had watched quite a number of wuxia movies since I was a child, Song Shuhang thought to himself delightedly.

In fact this was not as awesome as the stuff depicted in the wuxia movies which Song Shuhang watched.

It was completely due to the fact that his enemies failed to gather sufficient intelligence and additionally underestimated him.

In their information report, Song Shuhang was just a lucky chap who met an expert and received medicine pills and cultivation techniques, as well as someone who just opened his Heart Aperture not long ago; all in all, a newbie without much battle experience. Werent they supposed to beat him hands down?

They had never expected that Song Shuhang had already opened two apertures consecutively, and that he was equipped with such a tyrannically strong talisman.