Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 172

Chapter 172 Burning Saber
Chapter 172: Burning saber

Translator: GodBrandy Editor: Kurisu
Moreover, Song Shuhangs Basic Buddhist Fist Technique wasnt weak. So, it was only natural that Altar Masters subordinates were now lying on the ground.

"Phew~" Song Shuhang let out a sigh. He pretended to let down his guard to draw out the last ambusher.

The hidden Cultivator Sunflower sneered. He suddenly stood up and instantly appeared behind Song Shuhang; his big body was agile like a felines. Then, he held a pointed rod with both his hands as he thrust it toward Song Shuhangs.


The barrier of the armor talisman lit up once again, blocking Cultivator Sunflowers attack.

He came out! Song Shuhang didnt hesitate and took a step back.

Cultivator Sunflower was disappointed at failing his attempt; he jumped backward. Then, he used his spiritual pressure and said in a grave tone to Song Shuhang, "Your resistance is futile, Stressed by a Mountain of Books! You have no chance of winning against me."

"Were you sent here by Young Master Hai?" Song Shuhang said indifferently. At the same time, he shot a look at the armor talisman protecting his body. It had almost run out of its power. Another attack from Cultivator Sunflower and it would break. He was worthily a disciple of a great sect like the Limitless Demon Sect. That attack with the rod just now was comparable to that of a normal cultivator of the Second Stage.

"Hehe. You can think whatever you want, but dont even think of trying to buy time. I already sent someone to stall the senior that was with you last time. Just obediently accept your fate!" Cultivator Sunflower slightly bent his body and activated a low-rank magical treasure. "Green Breeze Speed Boost!"

The surface of his body had been enveloped by a pale ring of green air. This increased his speed several times.

Then, his silhouette immediately disappeared and reappeared next to Song Shuhang, trying to stab his abdomen with the pointed rod, "Dont worry, I wont kill you. I need you alive"

His speed was just too fast. Song Shuhang didnt even have time to avoid it.


The barrier of the armor talisman lit up once again and blocked Cultivator Sunflower's attack.

Song Shuhang took advantage of this opportunity and put some distance between them with a somersault. At the same time, the remaining energy of the armor talisman was depleted.

He was just too fast. Without the sword talisman, he would have no chance of winning.

"Doudou!" Song Shuhang shouted. It was time for Doudou to show his might.

"Wahaha! I already knew that you took me out for a walk this morning just because you needed my help. Dont worry; Ive made the necessary preparations! I went ahead and took your saber. Catch it, no need to thank me!" Doudou used a voice transmission technique so that only Song Shuhang would hear him. At the same time, he raised his paw and threw a long black saber toward Song Shuhang; it steadily fell into his hands.

It was the treasured saber Broken Tyrant.

Song Shuhang held the treasured saber and stood there dumbfounded...

What was the point of giving him the saber!

The only technique he knew was the Basic Buddhist Fist Technique; he knew nothing about saber techniques! Was this Doudous retaliation after Song Shuhang didnt praise him when the former defeated that german shepherd early in the morning?

However, there was no time to think about that.

Cultivator Sunflowers body flashed once again. He spun the pointed rod in his hand and used it as an electric drill to thrust toward Song Shuhang. If this rod were to stab someone, they would surely be pierced from side to side.

Right now, the armor talisman protecting his body had already lost its power. And since he didnt have a second treasure to preserve his life, he absolutely couldnt let the rod touch him!

Song Shuhang quickly raised his saber, welcoming Cultivator Sunflowers ruthless attack.


The rod in Cultivator Sunflowers hands was divided in two. Moreover, the strength of the saber didnt reduce in the slightest; it kept going forward, aiming at Cultivator Sunflowers arm.

The treasured saber Broken Tyrant was the peerless treasure of the Moon Saber Sect and could cut the body of a cultivator of the Fourth Stage. The rod used by Cultivator Sunflower was only made of fine steelit obviously wouldnt be able to block the saber.

Cultivator Sunflower quickly retreated, evading the attack aimed at his arm.

And then, just as he looked at the treasured saber in Song Shuhangs hand, a hint of greed flashed through his eyes. If he could obtain this saber, his strength would increase by a large margin.

Wait, there is something wrong!

Where the hell did this saber come from?

When he previously attacked, this saber appeared in Stressed by a Mountain of Books hand out of thin air.

Cultivator Sunflower couldn't see Doudou.

He racked his brain and thought of a possibilitywas that senior cultivator named White hiding nearby? Did the member of the subdistrict office in charge of making his temporary residence permit fail to delay him?

If that cultivator named White was really here, he wouldnt even have the chance of escaping.

I have no choice, Cultivator Sunflower thought. It didnt matter if the senior cultivator named White was here or not; only by capturing Stressed by a Mountain of Books would he have a chance to come out of this alive!

It took a long time to describe, but all of this actually happened in an instant.

Cultivator Sunflower resolutely threw away the part of the pointed rod that was still in his hands. Then, both his hands made a grabbing motionone was aimed at Song Shuhang, the other was trying to snatch away his saber.

Song Shuhang didnt back down. He tightly grabbed Broken Tyrant and swung the saber madly in Cultivator Sunflowers direction. He hadnt learned any saber technique. Therefore, he could only aim at his face and thigh in a random slash.

Cultivator Sunflower didnt dare to block this sharp saber with his bare hands. Therefore, for the time being, he decided to aim at Song Shuhang alone!

At this time, Doudous voice echoed once again in his ears, "Shuhang, stop randomly swinging the saber! Use a saber technique!"

I dont know any saber technique! Song Shuhang roared inwardly. If he knew a saber technique, he would have used it already!

After a while, Cultivator Sunflower had yet to seize Song Shuhang; this caused him to become somewhat anxious: It wont do. I cant keep wasting time!

He made up his mind and decided to use his low-rank magical treasure once again. "Green Breeze Speed Boost!"

There was a huge disparity in speed between someone that had opened two apertures and someone that had opened five. And if we add the speed boost on top of it, Cultivator Sunflowers speed was so fast that Song Shuhang couldnt even react to it!

However, this technique put a very big strain on the users body. Cultivator Sunflower, who had a body that far exceeded a cultivator of the same rank, could use it twice a day at most.

Therefore, this was his last chance!

Cultivator Sunflower took a step, and his body disappeared.

When he reappeared, he was behind Song Shuhang!

You're mine! Cultivator Sunflower rejoiced in his heart. He aimed at the saber in Song Shuhangs hand with one hand, and at the latters throat with another!

[Innate Skill of the Eye Aperture, Expert Sight!] When Cultivator Sunflower used the speed boost, Song Shuhang promptly used the innate skill of the Eye Aperture.

He could clearly see Cultivator Sunflower moving and arriving behind him. However, even if his eyes could see it, it didnt mean that his body could keep up with it.

What should I do? Song Shuhang racked his brain, trying to think of something.

And just as he was seeing Cultivator Sunflowers palm getting closer and closer he recalled something.

Raging flames and a single slash capable of burning down the heavens.

He turned over his wrist and spun the saber.

The remaining qi and blood in his Eye and Heart Apertures exploded.

The ancient bronze ring on his finger shone slightly, and the formation within it activated.

"Swoosh~" the entire saber caught fire...