Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 177

Chapter 177 Renovating The Entire House
Chapter 177: Renovating the entire house?

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"" Cave Lord Snow Wolf.

"" Dharma King Creation.

"" Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman.

"" Medicine Master.

"Is this really Immortal Master Copper Trigram? Thrice Reckless Mad Saber isnt using his ID, right?" Asked Scholar Drunken Moon suspiciously. In his memory, even though Immortal Master Copper Trigram calculated black trigrams, he was not the kind to seek death like that.

True Monarch Yellow Mountain: "Hehe."

[System Notification: Immortal Master Copper Trigram was muted by the founder of the group, True Monarch Yellow Mountain, for 1 day.]

Ever since Immortal Master Copper Trigram had sent in the group the video of True Monarch Yellow Mountains reaction after meeting True Monarch White, he was walking further and further on the road of death, without glancing back.

If I hadn't personally refined the body tempering liquid, and only read these chat logs, there is now way I would have believed that this was a group of legitimate and outstanding cultivators, Song Shuhang thought.

However, come to think of it, True Monarch Yellow Mountain did request Fairy Lychee to send more pretty pictures, and even repeatedly urged him to look more at pretty girls, and think more about beautiful girls.

Could it be that True Monarch was afraid that I would be affected by Senior White? Song Shuhang thought to himself.

If Senior Whites exceptional charm were to be released, nobody would be able to resist it. Just like that time when he confined himself within a statue and subconsciously released his charm; it led to countless young men and womenand even aunts and unclesgetting bewitched, and thus going
crazy over him. Ultimately, he even gave start to a huge fight in front of Lin Yao Villages Nameless Temple.

But as of now, Senior White was able to control his charm. As long as he wasnt in daze, he would just be a normal above-average handsome-looking man. Surely there wasnt any problem with that, right?

Or maybe True Monarch Yellow Mountain and the rest arent unaware that Senior White can already control his charm?

"Right, Little Friend Shuhang, are you online?" This time, Cave Lord Snow Wolf suddenly wrote.

Song Shuhang hurriedly replied, "Yes, Senior. I just went online."

"Haha, Little Friend Shuhang, when are you going to help Senior White with the application for an ATM card? A couple of days ago, Senior White contacted me, saying he wanted to change some gold and silver items into usable currency. After you have settled the ATM card for him, I will wire to him a few tens of million RMB to meet his most urgent needs " wrote Cave Lord Snow Wolf.

Tens of millions, meeting most urgent needs. Song Shuhang suddenly thought of his own 10 million telephone bill

But he still speedily replied, "Alright, I will make some time and bring Senior White to the bank to apply for an ATM card."

Speaking of which, why would Senior White suddenly think of using cash? Was there something he needed to get?

Just as Song Shuhang was lost in thoughts, Doudou lightly leapt, and landed on the ground.

"Were home," Doudou called out.

Song Shuhang reluctantly got down from Doudous back and fished for his keys to open the door.

"Eh? Why isnt the door opening?" Song Shuhang felt confused as he was turning his keys but the main gate would not open no matter how many times he tried.

He took a closer look at his keys. It wasnt wrong, it was indeed the key for the main gate.

"Could it be that the lock is faulty?" Song Shuhang lowered his head, staring at the key to the main gatethere seemed to be some marks of someone replacing the lock.

Could this be a misconception?

"But its ok, Senior White should be at home," Song Shuhang reached out his hand to press the doorbell.

"Ding ding dang~~ Ding ding dang~~"

A melodious door bell rang.

"" Song Shuhang zoned out for a long time and then asked Doudou, "Doudou, if I remember correctly, wasnt the doorbell supposed to sound like ding ding ding~ ding ding ding~?"

Doudou rolled his eyes, "Ever since I got here, Ive never used the doorbell."

"True, youve never heard the doorbell. Could it be that I had remembered it wrongly?" Song Shuhang muttered to himself.

Soon, Senior White opened the main gate, greeting them with a smiling face, saying, "Youre back, Little Friend Shuhang."

"Yes, Senior. I think the lock on the main gate is broken, I couldnt open it using my key. Ill call for someone to get it fixed in a while," said Song Shuhang casually.

"Faulty? Hahaha~ alright," Senior White continued to maintain the almost perfect smile on his face.

"Also, Senior Yellow Mountain called earlier, saying that the cars he ordered have been sent to a underground parking lot near Jiangnan College Town and someone would get in touch with me soon, after which we can make a trip there to check and receive the cars." Song Shuhang said while going upstairs.

"Cars, you mean that vehicle used as means of transportation? Alright, I am looking forward to it," said Senior White happily.

As they were talking, Song Shuhang passed by the third floor, where Senior White resided in, and saw a guest in the living room. It was a lovely girl with a chubby face, but as of now, her body was stifflooking very uneasy.

"Senior Whites guest?" Asked Song Shuhang.

"Nah," Venerable White shook his head. "Its a member of the Penniless Thief Sect. She came here to steal your Blood God Crystal and I caught her. Also, in a few days time, I would be bringing her along to look for my Meteor Sword."

"Oh, the Deity Keeper Sword!" [1] Song Shuhang recalled that Senior White mentioned it beforethat the sword got stolen by one of Penniless Thief Sects disciples.

Looking at this young cute girl, Song Shuhang pinched his cheeks and said, "Wont she try to run away?"

Furthermore, if they left her roaming around the house like that, wouldnt she end up sneaking into his room, stealing the Blood God Crystal for real?

"Why dont we tie her up?" Suggested Song Shuhang.

Young Mistress Candy laughed hollowly at Song Shuhangbastard, she truly intended to make a sneaky escape at first, but now that he said that, it wouldnt be possible anymore.

Seeing such a cute and pretty young girl like me, couldnt you have shown some pity or soften your heart?

I curse you, be alone your whole life! Bastard!

"Hmm, what you said makes sense," Venerable White nodded in approval.

Thereafter, Young Mistress Candy was trussed up. Additionally, Venerable White added an imprisonment formation, ensuring that she would be unable to escape. [2]

Young Mistress Candy stared at Song Shuhang, her eyes filled with hatred. She hated him to his bones even though theyve just met.

"Dont look at me like that, one must always take precautions against a thief," Song Shuhang laughed and grabbed the remote, "Im going to switch on the TV for you to watch some shows or movies, so you wont be too bored."

Watching TV? Upon hearing that, Venerable White got a little uncomfortable.

Song Shuhang pressed the buttons on the remote, and turned on the switch.

Venerable White immediately executed the technique secretly. The TV screen lit up, but it was fuzzyit appeared to be unable to scan for program information.

"Eh? Could there be a problem with the data cable?" Song Shuhang scratched his head puzzledly and tried pressing a few buttons.

At this time, Venerable White secretly used his phone to go online to search for the TV broadcasting network, pressed CCTV - 6s program, and then discreetly activated the technique again.

The TV screen lit up once again, and CCTV - 6s program appeared on itit was currently broadcasting a movie.

"Oh, we have signal now," smiled Song Shuhang.

Venerable White secretly heaved a sigh of relief.

"Go watch the movie then," said Song Shuhang to Young Mistress Candy.

Thereafter, he got up and went towards the fridge asking, "Senior White, is there anything you wanna eat? A couple of days ago I bought a lot of delicious food at Luo Xin street area. We just have to heat it up in the microwave, then we can eat it immediately."

Even though the fridge had been magically modified by Senior White, its cooling function was still pretty decent.

Hearing the sound word microwave, Venerable White touched his forehead with both hands and sighed.

If he had known earlier, he would have gone to a different floor to disassemble things

[1] TL/N: Song Shuhang keeps mishearing the name of the sword.
[2] ED/N: If youre curious, just google
ED/N: Also, there was that part about IMCT and video on the first page (just after the beginning), its a reference to chapter 109.