Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 178

Chapter 178 Grandpa Tubos Invitation
Chapter 178: Grandpa Tubos invitation

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Maybe Im imagining things, but didnt the quantity of spiritual qi in the building increase? Song Shuhang thought while moving toward the fridge.

And just as he took a few snacks and was planning to heat them up with the microwave oven, Doudou quietly squatted down on a side and looked at him with a playful look in his eyes.

Song Shuhang had seen this look several times. Therefore, he was particularly sensitive to it.

Is there something wrong with what Im doing now?

He looked at the snacks in his hand and at his attire... it didnt seem that there was anything wrong.

"Doudou, if you have something to say, just say it, ok?" Song Shuhang helplessly said.

"Its nothing. Im just very interested in seeing how youre planning to heat up those snacks with the microwave oven." Doudou said with a grin, and making a grin with the appearance of a pekingese must have been quite the task for him.

"Theres something wrong with the microwave oven?" Song Shuhang immediately understood. He stretched his hand toward itthe microwave felt as if made of air. His hand passed right through; it was like an incorporeal object.

"Hehe," Doudou evilly smiled.

"Is this Senior Whites doing?" Song Shuhang asked with a bitter smile. Except for Senior White, there was no one else that could have done it.

Then, he immediately thought of something and asked, "Did the TV also have problems?"

"Hehe. It was really interesting to see you point the remote control toward an empty wall, and you had a very satisfied look too," Doudou said. Senior Whites illusory arts werent too high-level, and with Doudous strength, it was possible to see through them.

"So, except these two, what other things are like that?" Song Shuhang heaved a sigh and asked.

"Except for that fridge that was changed into a magical treasure almost all appliances you can see on the third floor are illusions," Doudou said with a smile. "In addition, many things on the second floor were disassembled too. However, since he had gained some experience from the third floor, most of them are still in good condition after being reassembled." Doudou laughed.

"..." Song Shuhang had finally understood why Senior White needed some cash. He probably wanted to buy a new set of things to replace the current ones that were ruined.

"Forget it," Song Shuhang decided to put the snacks back into the fridge and acted as if nothing had happened to avoid embarrassing Senior White.

Then, he looked at Venerable White and smiled, "Senior White, I decided to go out and buy some fresh food. In a while, once were done checking the cars, we can go to take a stroll in the Luo Xin street area. There are many tasty things in this era; Senior, you should try them."

Venerable White nodded with a smilehe had heard the whole conversation between Doudou and Song Shuhang in the kitchen...

Ah~ so embarrassing.


In the place rented by Li Yangde.

Tubo was reviewing notes before the exams with a depressed look on his face.

"Hateful. Whenever someone describes their university life, they always say that theyre hanging around cute girls and having fun! And yet, arent we here suffering like dogs? And struggling with the final tests at the end of every semester?" Tubo said as he heaved a sigh.

"This is because you chose Jiangnans university," Li Yangde pushed up his glasses and said.

If you wanted to graduate from Jiangnan College, you couldnt fail your final tests more than three times during the four years of university. After failing it once, you had the opportunity to attempt a make-up test twice. If you couldnt pass both times, it would count as a failure.

And if you were to fail more than three times, you better forget about getting the graduation certificate.

But Jiangnan College wasnt even that bad in the end. The university of the neighboring Xuan City was the really heartless one. They didnt even give you the opportunity to attempt make-up tests. After failing three times, they would give you a free one-way ticket for your hometown.

"Had I known it earlier, I wouldnt have chosen Jiangnans university!" Tubo had a depressed expression. "But even so why is Gao Moumou reviewing with a cute girlfriend? And Song Shuhang has our classmate Lu Fei. On the other hand, Im stuck with this shut-in that can only think of developing programs!"

Blue veins popped on Li Yangdes forehead, "Excuse me for being a program developer shut-in! Do you still want to review the lessons? If you dont, you better return to the dormitory!"

"I was just trying to lighten up the atmosphere with a joke! You shouldnt get angry," Tubo laughed as he continued to review the contents of the lessons.

At this time, his phone rang.

After taking a look, he discovered that it was a call from his grandfather.

Tubo picked up the phone, "Hello, Grandpa. Is something the matter?"

"Tubo, do you think that ghosts exist?" Tubos grandfather asked in a serious tone.

"What? Grandpa, werent you the one always saying that I should believe in science and not in superstitions? How come youre talking about supernatural stuff now?" Tubo asked, somewhat puzzled.

"I feel as if there is something strange going on lately. Strange things are happening in the village, and I swear Ive seen some ghosts too," Tubos grandfather said somewhat depressed.

"..." Tubo was speechless. "Grandpa, you have to believe in science! Science is power, dont believe in these superstitions!"

Werent these words a bit familiar?

This was Grandpa Tubos signature line, and a month ago, he said these words to Soft Feather too.

"You goddamn brat. Are you looking for a beating?" Tubos grandfather said angrily.

"Hehehe," Tubo made a hollow laugh.

"I thought about it a bit and maybe the classmate you brought over here the last time might be able to do something. Youll soon go on vacation, right? How about bringing them here after the vacation to have some fun?" Tubos grandfather said after going in circles for a bit.

After the strange events in the village, he suddenly remembered that young couple that had come to the Luo Xin Village a month ago.

And, strangely enough, when he recalled the girl, he couldnt remember what she looked like. He only remembered that she was very beautiful and mysterious.

Therefore, he made up his mind and called Tubo.

"Haha, no problem. After the vacation, Ill bring Shuhang to have some fun at your place. If I pass the final test, Ill come there in three days," Tubo said.

"Good, good. The sooner the better," Grandpa Tubo said happily. Then, he also added, "Study hard for your exam and dont fail, understood?!"

The last part almost seemed like a threat.

Tubo could feel his grandfathers intimidating aura even over the phone. He immediately shivered.

After hanging the phone, he frowned a bit. Did something really happen at grandpas place?

"Yangde, do you believe in ghosts?" He raised his head and looked at Li Yangde.

"No." Li Yangde replied without hesitation.

But after pausing a moment, he added, "However, there might be things in the world that science cant explain yet. After all, there are still many unsolved mysteries."

"Moreover you better not think about it too much. Otherwise, the doors of the make-up test will open for you."

"Dont jinx it. Cant you say something positive?" Tubo said somewhat depressed as he picked up the book.


There was still some time left before lunch.

Song Shuhang was watching the recording about Cultivator Sunflower that Doudou had shot.

Cultivator Sunflower came from a branch of the Limitless Demon Sect. Did he hire Altar Masters subordinates to deal with me? Song Shuhang stopped the video. Moreover, did he entrust that disciple of the thief sect captured by Senior White with stealing the Blood God Crystal?

From the way he was acting, he didnt seem like a Young Master Hais subordinate.

Song Shuhang recalled the encounter with Young Master Hai. If he was really a subordinate of that guy, he would have been more meticulous and cruel. Unlike Cultivator Sunflower, he wouldnt have gone into action on a whim and without a proper plan.

But if he wasnt Young Master Hais subordinate, from whom was he taking orders? Did it mean that he saw the possibility of obtaining an advantage and went into action?

It was better to ask the prisoner downstairs.

Song Shuhang returned downstairs and arrived in front of the tightly tied up disciple of the Penniless Thief Sect lying on the sofa.

When she saw Song Shuhang, Young Mistress Candy puffed her cheeks and coldly snorted, turning the head the other way.

"What is the relationship between you and Cultivator Sunflower?" Song Shuhang went directly to the point.

"Which Cultivator Sunflower? I dont know anyone with that name," Young Mistress Candy was a loyal person. However, she had a bad premonitionthese guys already knew about Cultivator Sunflower?

"Hes the disciple of the Limitless Demon Sect that sent you here to steal the Blood God Crystal," Song Shuhang said indifferently.

Young Mistress Candys pupils shrank a bit as she said, "It was just a mission. There is no special relationship between the two of us."

"Hehe," Song Shuhang stretched out his hand and revealed a talisman.

"If he was just a client and there wasnt any special relationship between the two of you, you dont really need to cover for him. Tell me about him. What is his status inside his branch, and from whom was he taking orders?" Song Shuhang narrowed his eyes and asked.

This talisman was Cultivator Sunflowers little darling, and it allowed him to use his Green Breeze Speed Boost. Since it was now in Song Shuhangs hands, it meant that Cultivator Sunflower had met a tragic end.

"I really dont know anything," Young Mistress Candy bitterly smiled as she shook her head. She only owed him a favor and knew that he was part of a branch of the Limitless Demon Sect. She didnt know anything else.

Song Shuhang frowned; he wasnt satisfied with this answer.

"People like you that refuse to tell the truth are really troublesome." He didnt have any skills to extort a confession. Should he learn some for the next time?

"Oi, oi. I just told you everything I knew!" Young Mistress Candy got anxious.

Song Shuhang looked at Young Mistress Candy with a funny expression, "Do you really think that I would believe you?"

At this time, Doudou entered the fray, "Im here, Im here. Im very good at extorting confessions!"

He was very bored and was desperately trying to look for something fun.

"Alright, but dont kill her. Senior White seems to have some use for her. Once hes done and if she still refuses to open her mouth, you can eat her," Song Shuhang said in a very serious tone. He was purposely trying to make Doudou look fearful and scare this disciple of the Penniless Thief Sect.

Doudou also coordinated and made a very scary grinning expression however, he was still in the form of a small pekingese. Therefore, he only looked cute.

Song Shuhang heaved a sigh. He needed to find from which branch Cultivator Sunflower was from.

Senior Seven was currently turning upside down the branches of the Limitless Demon Sect.

If he could find the branch Cultivator Sunflower belonged to and give that information to Senior Seven, he would certainly be very happy~