Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 179

Chapter 179 Even Today I Managed To Survive
Chapter 179: Even today I managed to survive!

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Afternoon, around 12 PM. Song Shuhang received a call from True Monarch Yellow Mountains agent. He would deliver all the cars to that underground parking area nearby Jiangnan College Town instead of True Monarch Yellow Mountain.

After asking whether he was home or not, the agent quickly rushed to his place; he was very courteous. With enough money, you could not only make the devil turn the grindstone, you could even make the grindstone turn the devil!

Afterward, the agent drove Song Shuhang and Senior White to the underground parking area.

This time, Doudou wasnt interested in going out with Shuhang. Therefore, he decided to stay home and look after the house. In addition, Penniless Thief Sects Young Mistress Candy was still there. If he was bored, he could use all different kinds of tortures on her to have fun.

Song Shuhang boarded the car while carefully watching Senior White. He was afraid he would suddenly start disassembling the car on a whim.

Senior White always felt uncomfortable when Shuhang was staring at him with that gaze. "No need to look at me like that. I wont start disassembling the car. Believe me!"

Song Shuhang scratched his head in embarrassment.


Nothing unusual happened during the journey.

After arriving at the underground parking area, the agent gave the keys to Song Shuhang.

True Monarch Yellow Mountain had booked the entire parking area. There was enough space to park at least fifty cars here, and Yellow Mountain was planning to fill it up completely.

"Mr. Song Shuhang, please confirm the condition of this first batch of 13 cars. Each of them was filled up and properly checked before being brought here. This is the detailed list of the models and contracts provided by Mr. Huang Wenzhong. Please confirm everything, and if there are no problems, sign here. Afterward, Ill send a message to Mr. Huang Wenzhong," the agent said with a smiling face

Huang Wenzhong was True Monarch Yellow Mountains modern alias.

There were thirteen cars, and every one of them was a different model.

Some of them were worth millions and others just hundreds of thousands of RMB. Anyway, the agent had no idea why had this young man ordered so many different cars. After all, he couldnt understand the mentality of these rich people.

Not that it mattered. If you had money, you could spend it as you wished. Moreover, why would he care if these rich people wanted to buy a ton of cars or a mere man-powered tricycle? As long as he was getting his cut, he would bring them the best tricycle he could find!

"If there is a problem with the cars, feel free to contact me. Ill try to solve it as soon as possible," the agent patted his chest as he said.

Song Shuhang took the contract and compared the information with the cars in the parking lot.

After checking that everything was okay, he nodded and signed the contract.

After signing the contract, he realized something Holy , these cars are now mine! True Monarch Yellow Mountain had put them under his name.

Later, I wont be investigated for assets of unknown origin, right? Song Shuhang thought sarcastically. Of course, with True Monarch Yellow Mountain behind the scenes, it was impossible for something like this to happen.

After Song Shuhang signed the contract, the agent gave him the keys to the cars and reminded, "These are the keys to this batch of cars. According to Mr. Huang, after all cars are delivered, Mr. Song Shuhang himself will be in charge of the security. Is that alright?"

"Yes, well take care of the security ourselves," Senior White replied. He was getting restless and wanted to get into action as soon as possible.

"Good. When the other batch arrives, Ill contact Mr. Song Shuhang again," the agent was very polite and deserved a perfect rating of 5/7. [1]

After settling things, he bid farewell to Song Shuhang and Venerable White, taking his leave. He also needed to discuss the details with Mr. Huang Wenzhong.


"Senior White, Ill drive first and show you around. By the way, how are your driving skills?" Song Shuhang asked.

"Dont worry about that. Ive downloaded a basic manual about traffic rules and driving tricks from the Internet earlier. Moreover, I even have a driving license. There wont be any problem," Senior White said with a smile.

"..." Song Shuhang.

Senior, that driving license came from Cave Lord Snow Wolf, and who knows how he even got it!

After getting into the car, he started to explain things to Senior White, "If you insert the key here and turn it, the car will start. However, this car is rather old-fashioned. Nowadays, you dont even need to insert the key to start it, but lets leave this discussion for another time."

Song Shuhang chose this car because it was similar to the one he had used with the instructor. After all, he had also just got his driving license. Then, he told Senior White how to use the steering wheel, the brakes, the accelerator, the clutch, and so on.

Senior White earnestly listened the whole time.

After getting out the parking area, Song Shuhang used his keys to lock the main gate.

Afterward, he brought Senior White along for a drive, and headed toward the Shuishi Road.

This road had been just built, and since it was in a remote area, there were few cars and pedestrians here. It was very suitable for someone that had just started to drive.

"Senior White, what do you think?" Song Shuhang stopped the car and pulled up the handbrake as he asked.

"It is a very simple vehicle. I should be able to learn it easily." Senior White nodded and said, "However, your speed was just too slow. You didnt get past 30 or 40 km/h."

"I just recently got my license," Song Shuhang made a hollow laugh. This was his first time driving without the instructor.

Senior White was getting impatient, "Lets trade seats!"

Then, Song Shuhang and Senior White changed their seats.

Senior White copied Shuhangs actions and started driving. This basic stuff couldnt baffle him.

After all, with his strength and skills, even if he made a mistake, he could react in a split second and bring the situation back under control.

He started to move and gradually accelerated.

He skillfully turned the car and changed lanes.

After seeing it only once, Venerable White had already learned how to drive.

"Its pretty easy. What should we do now?" Venerable White asked.

"Senior, its up to you," Song Shuhang replied.

"Very well. Sit tight then," Senior White pressed the accelerator, and the car quickly sped up.

Song Shuhang quickly said, "Senior White, pay attention to the speed limit."

"Dont worry. Im paying attention to it. Ive already memorized all the traffic rules. Moreover, even if they withdraw the driving license, its not a big deal. We can just have Cave Lord Snow Wolf deliver another one," Senior White said full of confidence.

After hearing the first half, Song Shuhang was relieved. But after hearing the second half he got scared half to death.

Luckily, Senior White didnt do anything strange while on the road and didnt break any rules either.

After driving for a while.

Venerable White suddenly found a place to stop the car and stopped there. Afterward, he squatted down on a side and started to draw something.

"Senior, what are you doing?" Song Shuhang asked curiously.

"Im engraving three formations on itinvisibility formation, soundproof formation, and a formation to avoid detection, the aura concealing formation. Once Im done, our car will become invisible and wont be detected by other people," Venerable White replied.

"And what need is there for it?" Song Shuhang thoughtlessly said. Then, he thought of something, "Senior, is it because you want to drive at full speed?"

"Hehe. This speed is just too slow. I cant get used to it," Venerable White clapped his hands. "Done."

Then, he got in the car and started it again.

At this point, he pressed down the accelerator.

"Vroooom" the cars engine roared as it sped forward. It quickly surpassed 100 km/h.

The speed kept increasing until the speedometer almost exploded.

Song Shuhangs face whitened.

"It wont do. Its still too slow." On the other hand, Venerable White was still disappointed.

Then, he saw the pendant hanging on Song Shuhang wristit was the magical treasure left behind by Cultivator Sunflower. Song Shuhang already had the spirit-binding ice bead hanging around his neck. Therefore, he decided to put this pendant on his wrist.

"Hehe." Venerable White stretched his hand and gently tapped on the pendant hanging on Song Shuhangs wrist.

Green Breeze Speed Boost!

The pendant had been activated. Venerable White had used the effects of its skill on the car.

In the next instant, Song Shuhang felt the car break through its limits.

The surrounding scenery quickly started to blur.

Venerable White was elegantly steering the car and skillfully driving, surpassing one car after another.


"Whats that thing ahead?" While driving, Venerable White suddenly noticed that there was a checkpoint ahead and many cars were lining up there.

"Thats the entrance of the highway we need to stop and pay the fee," Song Shuhang said.

"Hehe, we cant. Were invisible now!" With that, Venerable White gently patted the car with his right hand, "Leaping technique!"

Then, the car suddenly soared into the sky, and after leaping over the cars waiting to pay the fee, it directly descended onto the highway.

"Woooo! Here I can go even faster!" Venerable White madly laughed.

Song Shuhang leaned against his seat and heard a strange sound as if the car was on the verge of breaking down...

The race continued.


After five minutes.

"Hahaha. Faster, faster! Ah huh?" Senior Whites laughter suddenly stopped.

"Did something happen?" Song Shuhang turned his head and asked.

Then, he saw Senior White holding the steering wheel. It would be a very normal thing if not for the fact that Senior Whites upper body was turned toward Song Shuhang and the steering wheel was still in hands. This meant that the steering wheel wasnt attached to the car anymore...

Venerable White looked at Song Shuhang with an innocent expression and said, "I was too excited just now. I used too much force and broke the steering wheel..."

"The brakes, quickly press the brake!" Song Shuhang yelled.

"Hahaha. About that, it seems we were going too fast before. The brakes failed a long time ago. Haha." Venerable White made a hollow laugh. This situation was quite embarrassing.

"Were going to crash!" Song Shuhang pointed toward the guardrail ahead.

"Dont worry. Look at me, leaping technique!" Venerable White gently shouted.

"Senior, this is not what I meant! There is a cliff ahead!" Song Shuhang yelled once again.

But it was too late; the car soared into the sky and fell from the cliff. It was truly a beautiful sight.


Five minutes later.

Song Shuhang got out of what had remained of the car; he was still in a daze. He rubbed his face. After falling from that height, he hadnt been injured? Did Senior White protect him?

But where was Senior White?

He looked around and discovered that Senior White was digging something in the bamboo forest under the cliff.

"Haha. Not bad, not bad. I found two bamboo shoots. The one who sees it keeps it. Little Friend Song Shuhang, you can take one. This thing can clear your nose and enhance your sense of smell. Once you eat it, it will be very useful for someone like you who is trying to open their Nose Aperture," Venerable White threw a purple bamboo shoot toward Song Shuhang.

Song Shuhang caught the precious object and stood there dumbfounded is this the effect of Senior Whites strange luck?


At this time, inside the Nine Provinces Number One Group.

True Monarch Yellow Mountain: "Little Friend Song Shuhang, Ive heard that you wanted to learn how to pilot a plane. Since Northern River isnt around, Ill personally make arrangements for you!"