Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 181

Chapter 181 A New Enmity Added Onto The Old Hatred
Chapter 181: A new enmity added onto the old hatred

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Limitless Demon Sect, Mahoraga Peak.

Young Master Hais immortal cave.

Young Master Hai once again stood on the brink of the cliff; his aura became more elusive.

A moment later, a fragment of Demon Monarch Anzhis soul stealthily appeared next to Young Master Hai.

Not long after, Zheng Neng came over, tottering as he sat on his bamboo sword.

The aura on the bodies of the three people underwent huge changes; they were on the brink of breaking through.

Demon Monarch Anzhi sneered, "Branch Leader Jing Mo suffered a loss under the hands of Stressed by a Mountain of Books. One of his underlings got killed off by that Stressed by a Mountain of Books. Heh heh~"

"This does not come as a surprise, though; if Stressed by a Mountain of Books were so easy to be dealt with, I would have made a move long ago." Young Master Hai laughed softly and asked, "Is there an expert next to Stressed by a Mountain of Books?"

"Yes, even though my clone could only observe from afar, I could confirm that there is a formidable expert who lives together with Stressed by a Mountain of Books. Judging from this, snatching the Blood God Crystal within a short period of time would not be easy," answered Demon Monarch Anzhi.

Young Master Hai sighed.

At this time, Zheng Neng smiled and said, "I personally feel that there is something else that Young Master Hai should worry aboutwill that Stressed by a Mountain of Books give the Blood God Crystal to the senior next to him?"

"Heh heh, if thats the case, it would be interesting. You might have to suffer a loss, Young Master Hai," Demon Monarch Anzhi smirked.

"This is exactly what I am worrying about." Young Master Hai smiled and said, "Its a good thing that the Blood God Crystal he has was not part of our calculations after we improved the formation. The three Blood God Crystals that we have are sufficient for us at the moment.

Following after, Young Master Hai added, "However, with the extra Blood God Crystal, there is a small probability that it can help us increase the quantity of our dragon patterns. Hence, we should still figure out a way to bring the Blood God Crystal back!"

When the golden dragon patterns got brought up, Zheng Neng and Demon Monarch Anzhi became more resolute.

"If its really impossible, should we perform another blood sacrifice?" Suggested Demon Monarch Anzhi.

"We dont have the time where or how can we look for another Moon Saber Sect within a short period of time?" Young Master Hai continued, "Hence, sorry to trouble your clone, Anzhi. Please try to observe that Stressed by a Mountain of Books as much as you can. As long as we have an opportunity, we still should try to recover that Blood God Crystal."

"Got it. We dont have much time," replied Demon Monarch Anzhi.

"Do your best," said Zheng Neng softly.

Three of them exchanged a glance and parted ways.

Before they left, Demon Monarch Anzhi said to Zheng Neng, "Oh right, Brother Zheng Neng, let me give you some information. Alls well with the Immortal Farming Sect. Under the protection of Su Clans Seven, the nearby thieves and robbers dare not think about attacking it. Heh heh~ by the looks of it, we just have to wait for this crisis to be over, and they would probably slowly recover, I guess?"

"Immortal Farming Sect... what has that got to do with me now?" Zheng Neng replied with his own question with a tranquil look on his face, as though the Immortal Farming Sect had nothing to do with him anymore.

After saying that, he sat on the flying sword and disappeared into the sea of clouds.

"Tsk tsk," Demon Monarch Anzhi made himself lose face. Likewise, he transformed into a puff of demonic smoke and disappeared into thin air.


Time flew, it was 6 PM in the evening.

"Senior White, Ill be heading out first!" Song Shuhang waved at Venerable White and bade him goodbye.

After returning home in the afternoon without a hitch, Tubo gave him a call, asking if he wanted to go to Yangdes place together to review their homework. Song Shuhang didnt have anything on at night so he agreed.

At the same time, he brought with him a packet of Spirit Green Tea. He had already asked Senior White if ordinary mortals could drink it as well, and whether its function of nourishing the spirit and improving ones physical health would be safe for them.

However, the quantity had to be smallfor example, for ordinary youths, two tea leaves per drink was sufficient.

Song Shuhang prepared to bring some for his dorm roommates to try, allowing them to refresh and nourish their bodies on the eve of the finals. He was also planning to bring some for his family members to try over the holidays. However, he had to pay attention not to let too many people know about the Spirit Green Tea matter as to avoid creating a disturbance.

As he took out the Spirit Green Tea, Song Shuhang found himself thinking of Su Clans Sixteen he wondered how she was doing, and if she had fully recovered from her injuries.

Itd been a while since she appeared in the Nine Provinces Number One Group. Senior Seven had also been busy, occupying himself with the extermination of the members of the Limitless Demon Sect, and didnt talk or mention anything about Sixteens situation.

I hope shes safe and sound, and that she will smoothly get over this calamity, Song Shuhang thought to himself.

At this time, Doudou asked, "Do you want to walk me there with you?"

"Its alright, I guess. His place is rather nearby, not far from here at all," Song Shuhang smiled.

The distance was pretty near. Even if anything happened, Senior White and Doudou could swing by anytime to lend him a helping hand.

"Be careful on your way there, pay more attention to your safety~" senior White smiled while sending Song Shuhang offonce Shuhang left, he could finally continue with the room renovation project.

Disassembling one or two was the same anyway. As for disassembling and renovating the entire house, there would also be no problem!

This afternoon, he even got the ATM card settled. All he had to do was wait for Cave Lord Snow Wolfs funds to get wired into his account, then he could start buying new furniture.


Li Yangdes place.

Upon entering, Song Shuhangs eyes scanned the place and he realized it was just the two of them insideYangde and Tubo. So, he asked, "Gao Moumou aint here?"

"Hes still accompanying his girlfriend, he aint coming over tonight. Hoes before bros... at least Song Shuhang is better than that. He came over right after the phone call," lamented Tubo.

"Haha." Song Shuhang put down some snacks which he conveniently brought with him and asked, "Yangde, do you have any teacups?"

"There are some in the kitchen, you even bought something for us to drink?" Li Yangde walked out, looking haggard and exhausted. He seemed to have stayed up all night.

"A friend gave me some really good tea, so I wanted you guys to try it," Song Shuhang smiled. He looked for the teacups and found three decent paper cups, and brewed three cups of hot tea. He placed two Spirit Green Tea tea leaves in each cup.

"What kind of tea is that? Let me take a look," Tubo went over and realized that there were two pieces of tea leaves within each cup, looking somewhat strange and lonely as they were floating in the hot water.

Tubo didnt know whether to laugh or cry and said, "Shuhang dont you think youre too stingy, putting only two tea leaves into each cup? Even if this was the famous oolong tea from Mount Wuyi, you dont need to be so stingy and put only a little bit in each cup, right?

"Hehe, dont talk anymore, just drink it and then youll know." Song Shuhang laughed lightly and said, "If you mind it so much then dont drink itI cant bear to let you waste it."

Tubo knew Song Shuhangs personality. If he was not being stingy, then perhaps this tea really had some sort of special effect?

He dubiously blew at the tea to cool it and then carefully sipped at it.

It was undoubtedly a hot tea, but after it entered his mouth, it felt like there was some sort of a cool and refreshing flavor that slid down his throat and to his abdomen; it felt like his entire being was being cleansed and toxins purged from inside out. It felt really good and that was not allthe aroma of the tea overflowed and lingered in his mouth for a long, long time.

Tubo closed his eyes and enjoyed the feeling. After a moment, he exclaimed, "Awesome!"

"That dramatic?" Yangde looked at his orgasmic expression, and after receiving the cup, like Tubo, he sipped at his tea.

The effect wasnt that exaggerated in his case; he only felt his entire spirit being refreshed after drinking the tea. It was like the exhaustion accumulated from staying up the whole night yesterday got taken away from him entirely.

"What kind of tea is this?" Li Yangde felt this tea was simply out of this world. He had never heard of such an effective tea!

"A friend gave it to me. Its name sounds kinda stupid, so you dont have to know it. But anyway, this is an extremely valuable item and ordinary people dont have access to it," Song Shuhang smiled as he raised his cup and sipped his tea.

It did not have the same magical effect as the body tempering liquid or the qi and blood pill.

The amount of spiritual qi in the Spirit Green Tea was minimal, but the aroma of tea was strong enough to fill the air, and it had a rich taste that lingered in ones mouth for a very long time. Moreover, its price wasn't too high. Therefore, it was one of the most appreciated teas by cultivators... although he had yet to know its exact price.

"Its Gao Moumous loss for not coming," Tubo laughed heartily. He felt very energetic, making studying a lot more relaxed for him. He wasnt going to fail this terms finals!

"I will leave some tea leaves for you guys. But you have to be extra carefulyou can only put two leaves in one cup at most. Any more than that, and youll hurt your body. You can only drink one cup per day. I dont want to harm you guys!" Song Shuhang smiled and sat down and started revising the entire terms homework with them.

"There are so many limitations?" Tubo held the cup, feeling a little reluctant to finish it since one could only drink one cup a day.

Li Yangde held the teacup pensively.

Song Shuhang flipped through the books. Actually, he already knew the contents inside out. He also remembered all the key points taught by the teacher in class. Honestly there was nothing much for him to revise.

Being a cultivator is such a good thing! Song Shuhang exclaimed in his heart. At least his memory became much more remarkable and his thoughts were clearer than before, making studying a lot more efficient.

"Oh right, Shuhang, do you have time after finals are over?" Tubo raised his head and asked.

"Yeah, I do." Song Shuhang smiled as he asked, "Is it to help Zhuge Zhongyang chase Lu Feis older sister?"

"No, Zhuge Zhongyangs stuff should happen in the middle of the vacation break. I am talking about the period right after finals end. Can you not be in a rush to go back home? My grandfather wants to invite you over to his place," Tubo laughed.

"Your grandfather? In the neighboring Luo Xin street area?" Song Shuhang questioned him insteadwhat a coincidence, he was also going to make a trip there. But why would Tubos grandfather suddenly have the idea of asking him over to be his guest?

Song Shuhang could recall that Tubos grandfather was a very chatty and trendy old man. And, that he was someone who believed in science and rejected superstitions.

"Yup, thats right. Previously, my grandfather called and said that recently there were some devious, strange things happening there, and that his heart was always ill at ease. After that, for some reason, he suddenly thought of you and asked me to invite you over as his guest. However, he did not tell me what happened. Well, when people get older, they become more peculiarhes always thinking of new tricks to torture his grandson, me but it is currently the harvesting season for the waxberries planted at grandfathers place. When we go there, Ill bring you along to pick some," Tubo laughed.

"No problem, when youre ready to go back, just let me know," answered Song Shuhang.

Devious, strange things happened in Tubos grandfathers village. The first thing that Song Shuhang thought of was the underlings of Altar Master. Altar Masters organizations sphere of influence was near the neighbouring Luo Xin street area, after all.

If any devious, strange things happened, there was an 80-90% chance that it was their doing.

If it was really them, it would be a new enmity added onto the old hatred!