Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 185

Chapter 185 Different Kinds Of Style
Chapter 185: Different kinds of style!

Translator: GodBrandy Editor: Kurisu
Sure, one couldnt use a single hand to clap, but it was enough to form a fist and punch people!

"Little White, carefully watch the saber!" The youth in green clothes revealed a dazzling smile. It didnt matter if Song Shuhang had a saber in his hands; the young man tightly grasped his own and rose into the sky. Then, he aimed at Song Shuhangs forehead with a mountain-splitting slash.

If he didnt evade, this saber would chop Song Shuhang into two halves.

"Bastard!" Song Shuhang rolled to a side, evading the blow.

Is there an old grudge between the two of us or something? Its the first we meet, and youre already using such violent methods?

A gentleman uses his mouth instead of his fists. Cant we just have a good chat?

When speaking of fist techniques, Song Shuhang could rely on his <> and keep up appearances. But in regards to saber techniques, he only knew the Flaming Saber Technique that Scarlet Heaven had taught to Li Tiansu in the dream. Moreover, he didnt even know how to execute it properly and could use it only by relying on the ancient ring on his finger.

He couldnt even perform a basic saber technique, and even if he were to pick up the saber, he could only randomly swing it.

Randomly swinging the saber might work against a newbie, but how would things go when dealing with an expert?

"Little White, take the saber!" The youth in green clothes said as he kicked the saber on the ground toward Song Shuhang.

Song Shuhang could only take the saber.

He clenched his teeth and thought, You brought it upon yourself! Have a taste of the Flaming Saber Technique!

When he saw Song Shuhang pick the saber, the youth smiled and moved, slashing toward him. When he slashed, he created three afterimages. The saber seemed both fast and slow!

When facing this kind of attack, the enemy would surely be flustered.

Song Shuhang kept his calm, and no matter how strange the attack the opponent looked, he concentrated and recalled Scarlet Heavens heaven-burning slash and spun his wrist, slashing out! And the same time, he activated the Flaming Saber Technique formation on the ancient bronze ring on his finger.

Swoosh~ blazing flames started to burn on the saber. He ignored the slash that was coming toward him and countered with a slash of his own, aiming at the youthslash vs. slash! There are blazing flames on my saber. Lets see who takes more damage!

"Hehe, come!" The youth in green clothes smiled and changed his technique. The three afterimages disappeared, and he quickly trusted he tip of the saber forward. The tip of the saber hit the handle of Song Shuhangs saber.


Song Shuhang only felt a tingling feeling between his thumb and index finger. He lost his grip on the saber, letting it fall to the ground. The raging flames also immediately died out.

"Little White, this wont work! You cant hold the saber that way!" The youth didnt take advantage of the opportunity to attack. Instead, he started to demonstrate various things to Song Shuhang.

How to properly hold the saber and prevent others from making it fall by hitting the handle. How to control the power of the slashes to maximize the lethality of the blade. Which angles were the best to attack from to cause more damage and so on.

If he were in a game, a notification would surely pop-up over Song Shuhangs head with a "ding" sound.

This system notification would be something like: Congratulations, player Stressed by a Mountain of Books learned the basics of saber techniques under the guidance of a saber master.

Ding! The player Stressed by a Mountain of Books was personally instructed by a saber master, basic knowledge of saber techniques +1, +1...

It would be something like this, right?

"Little White, come. Try again!" The youth in green clothes said with a smile as he once again tossed the saber on the ground toward Song Shuhang.

Song Shuhang looked at the youth in green clothes with shining eyes.

He thought of many things and had made a few hypothesis. Maybe maybe he hadnt been transported to another world!

But it didnt matter right now.

With the guidance of this youth, he had learned the basics of saber techniques. He grasped the treasured saber and met the youth head-on, brimming with confidence!

The two people clashed, and the sound of blades clashing could be heard time and time again.

Song Shuhangs understanding of saber techniques was getting better and better. He had quickly absorbed the things the youth had taught him, making them his own knowledge.

He was even able to apply his understanding of fists techniques to his saber skills now. For example, he used the Basic Fist Number Three in combination with his saber, quickly sending out tens of slashes. However, this stance was full of holes and therefore quite reckless.

Around an hour later

Song Shuhang was once again lying on the ground, unable to get up.

Even if he had learned how to use the saber now, he was still a newbie. Therefore, it was quite normal for him to be defeated by the youth in green clothes and be lying on the ground.

Moreover, this time he had it even worse than the last time. His clothes had been reduced to rags by the saber qi, and his body was littered with scars. If he were to go and squat down on a footbridge with his current appearance, he would certainly make 200 or 300 RMB in a mere half an hour even without saying a wordthis is just how pitiful he looked right now.

"Aye aye, Little White, todays training concludes here. Ill look for you tomorrow and we can play together again!" The youth in green clothes smiled and said once again the same sentence.

Thereafter, he mounted his horse and disappeared on the horizon with a ting-a-ling sound which kept echoing from the horses bell.

This time, Song Shuhang didnt even have the strength to scream. He could only lie on the ground and gasp for breath, trying to recover his strength.

After the youth in green clothes was gone, he bitterly said, "Bastard, dont let me see you another time, or else Ill give you a lesson."

His voice had not fallen yet when he heard a melodious ting-a-ling sound echo from a distant place and saw a youth decked in a green robe getting near while pulling his white horse along.

So quick? Im still lying on the ground half dead. At least wait for me to recover my strength!

Im sorry, okay?! I dont want to see you again! Aaaah!

Doudou, where are you? Save me~

Doudou? Indeed, where was Doudou?

At this time, Doudou was helplessly lying on his stomach in the middle of the desert.

This desert was the same as the one Song Shuhang was in. It was a barren land with sand as far as the eye could see, and without a single being in sight.

Then, there was a youth decked in a green robe coming in his direction from a distant place.

"Little White, where did you run off to, I thought you lost your way," the youth in green clothes cheerfully ran toward Doudou, revealing a dazzling smile.

"Its not over yet?" Doudou muttered.

The young man pulled his horse aside and said to Doudou, "Little White, shall we train saber techniques?"

With that, he took out two identical long sabers that hung on the horses back and threw one of them at Doudou.

Doudou looked at him with contempt and let the saber fall on the ground.

The young man didnt seem to care whether Doudou was going to pick it or not. He grasped his saber with both hands and rushed at him.

Then, a mountain-splitting slash was sent in Doudous direction.

"Ding!" The precious saber collided with Doudous body, producing a lot of sparks. The saber technique of this young man was outstanding, but his actual strength wasnt that high and he was unable to break through Doudous defense.

Doudou heaved a sigh and covered both his eyes and ears.

The young man wasnt discouraged. He grabbed the saber and kept hitting Doudou; a "ding ding" sound was continuously echoing.

After attacking Doudou for an hour, the young man said with a bright smile, "Aye aye, Little White, todays training concludes here. Ill look for you tomorrow and we can play together again!"

Thereafter, he mounted his horse and disappeared from Doudous sight with the ting-a-ling sound of a horse bell echoing.

Doudou once again heaved a sigh and took out the computer that was under his body.

According to the time displayed there, it was already 8 PM.

On the computer screen was still the scene of Doudou taking down the BOSS inside the game, and on a side, there was the window he had opened to make a video call with his online wife.

"At this point, my in-game character must be already dead, and the new Overlord Set I had just obtained must be gone too," Doudou had tears in his eyes. He had spent a whole night to get that set and he had decided to put it on today to show off in front of his wife...

On another side, still in the middle of a boundless desert.

"Aaah!!" Penniless Thief Sects Young Mistress Candy was on fire. She was holding the saber in her hands and wildly battling with the young man decked in a green robe.

Their strength was well matched as they were battling.

Young Mistress Candy was using sword techniques with the saber, madly attacking. But the saber technique of the young man was outstanding and he didnt fall into a disadvantageous position.

One hour later. Young Mistress Candy was exhausted as she lay in the sand.

The young man smiled and said, "Aye aye, Little White, todays training concludes here. Ill look for you tomorrow and we can play together again!"

Thereafter, he mounted his horse and disappeared on the horizon with a ting-a-ling sound emitting from the horse bell.

"Little White your sister! Aaaah!" Young Mistress Candy roared at the silhouette of the young man that was getting smaller and smaller, "Are you done tormenting me?!"

How many waves did she have to experience?

The young man would speak the same way each time and then fight with different styles every time: fists, swords, sabers, cudgels, spears, etc...

Young Mistress Candy was already in a pitiful state. At first she was perplexed, then she was enraged, afterward she refused to collaborate, later she apathetically accepted the challenge, and now she was enraged once again...

"Take me out of this place! I dont want to play with that young man again. Ill obediently admit my mistakes, okay? I can even serve as your chef for many years to repent for my crimes! Just take me out of here!" Young Mistress Candy started to cry bitterly .

I dont want to see that young man riding a white horse ever again!

"Ting-a-ling~" At this time, the pleasing sound of a horse bell echoed from a distant place.

Young Mistress Candy turned her head and saw that the young man pulling along a white horse appeared out nowhere. After seeing Young Mistress Candy, he rushed over with a delighted expression.

Its him again its him again its him again...

This time he came back this quickly.

Youre bullying me on purpose, right? Is this some form of sexual harassment?!

"Hehehehehe," Young Mistress Candy laughed like a madman. "Come! Come! Ill @#_(!*^ you!"

This time, she didnt wait for the young man to come over and directly charged at him.

She waved her hands creating a series of afterimages! Penniless Thief Sects lost art, the Shadowless Hand exploded with all its might toward the young man decked in a green robe...

Im going to kill you! Hehehe!

As before, only sand could be seen. A vast and dead, silent desert.

Venerable White had his eyes closed and was quietly sitting with his legs crossed...

He was in the middle of his daily practice.

Previously, his nickname inside the group was Cultivation Madman True Monarch White. Cultivating was his hobby. No matter the place or the time, whenever he was free, he would cultivate~