Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 186

Chapter 186 When Your Hair Reaches Your Waist Will You Marry Me
Chapter 186: When your hair reaches your waist, will you marry me?

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Venerable White was deep in meditation and so engrossed in cultivating that he absolutely did not even have a clue with regards to what was happening next to him!

At this moment, Venerable White was sitting right in the middle of the vast desert, and next to him was something like a bunch of 3D holograms.

There was the image of a beautiful place that seemed the holy land of cultivatorsthere was the image of an oddly shaped monster beast, a formidable battle going on amongst cultivators, and many different and mysterious magical treasures.

These images quickly flashed before Venerable White, but they vanished just as quickly.

Outside the circle enclosing the 3D hologram was a vast, endless desert. Following the fluctuations in Venerable Whites thoughts, the desert kept getting bigger, and bigger

He could create or destroy a myriad of worlds with just a single thought!

Upon reaching the rank of a Seventh Stage Spiritual Venerable, whenever the cultivator was deep in meditation, just a thought alone could stir the spiritual energy within his body, creating a huge impact on the real world, creating an 'illusory reality' that was connected to the real world, but was at the same time detached from it.

Illusory reality was similar to an illusion, but a notch more complicated.

It was still fake though, since it did not exist in the real world as an actual entity.

However, its existence was very real in the sense that one could reach out their hands to touch all of the things within the illusory reality. They would not feel or seem different from real ordinary items.

In ancient times, there was a Seven Stage Spiritual Venerable who inadvertently created a huge illusion that became a bustling town while he was contemplating really hard over a problem. Countless people resided in it and communicated with one another. However, once the Seven Stage Spirit Venerable solved the problem, the huge illusion disappeared without a trace, and the legends about ghost towns were born in the ancient times from this kinds of events.

With regards to the most well-known illusory reality, it would be that other one that happened way back in ancient times.

In ancient times, there was a medium-sized sect named Crystal-clear Water Pavilion. The pavilion master Fairy Chu was a gentle and friendly Sixth Stage True Monarch. Under her guidance, the entire Crystal-clear Water Pavilion led a life that was at peace with the world.

However, one day, the Crystal-clear Water Pavilion got involved in a fight with a large sect of cultivators. The whole Crystal-clear Water Pavilion got wiped outapart from pavilion master Fairy Chu, nobody survived.

In the midst of despair, Fairy Chu got promoted to Seventh Stage Spirit Venerable.

Thereafter, her extreme despair powered the spiritual energy within her body, and actually created a complete Crystal-clear Water Pavilionthe disciples within the sect continued their lively and jovial chats with one another, just like how it was before their death; they practiced hard together, leading a life that was at peace with the world

Several hundred years later, there were a few cultivators who chanced upon the Crystal-clear Water Pavilion and received a warm reception from the disciples of the sect. These five cultivators could not even see through the illusory reality, and only after they went back to their own sects and talked about the Crystal-clear Water Pavilion did they find out the truth from the records of their sect.

Fairy Chu continued to live in the fantasy she created.

A thought can create myriad worlds. As long as a Seventh Stage Spiritual Venerable was willing to, they could create imaginary men, things, and creatures, and even make them live on forever.

However, the illusory reality was after all an illusion. Even if one could touch the people inside, feel their warmth and energy, they were ultimately nothing but a fantasy.

This was exactly Venerable Whites state at this moment.

While he was training, he subconsciously thought about several things that happened in the past, and these things transformed into an illusory reality with the help of his strong spiritual energy.

The deepest and most cherished memory etched within his mind transformed into that vast desert that wove into the real world.

The desert, the white horse, the young man in a green robethey were all part of his childhood memories

As long as Venerable White remained in secluded cultivation or at least continued his current train of thoughts, that desert and the hologram next to him would not disappear.

Doudou knew thatthat was why he simply lay there, waiting for Venerable White to quickly end his seclusion.

Song Shuhang was already numb as he lay on the sand to catch his breath.

The young man with the white horse had already looked for him seven times;
first it was fist techniques, then saber techniques, then sword technique, then cudgel techniques, finally leg techniques, and iron staff techniques.

In every single session, he used new tactics to torture him. That being said Song Shuhang also benefited from these sessions.

"Seven times in total, shouldnt it be sufficient by now?" Mumbled Song Shuhang.

At this time, the melodious ting-a-ling echoed once againa young man in a robe leading a white horse was approaching in the distance

Again? What is he gonna come up with this time?

"Little White, where did you run off to, I thought you lost your way." The young man in a green robe cheerfully ran toward Song Shuhang after saying the same lines as before.

Thereafter, the young man pulled his horse aside and asked Song Shuhang, "Little White, shall we practice hammer techniques?"

While he was speaking, he drew out two huge hammers from the back of the horse.

Sabers, spears, and cudgel aside why would a cultivator need a hammer?

Which sect does this weapon belong to? This fighting style is extremely lame!

After letting his thoughts run wild, Song Shuhang reached out his hands and said, "No way, I am very tired. Can we rest for a bit?"

Song Shuhang was only making a random suggestion as he assumed that the young man clad in green would still throw the hammer toward him before attacking again, leaving him with no choice but to retaliate.

Little did he expect the young man to make a puzzled expression, followed by saying, "Rest?"

Thereafter, he threw both hammers to the side and rushed to Song Shuhang with a happy expression, saying, "So, even Little White knows what rest is? Alright, lets take a rest for a bit, shall we?"

The f*ck so "rest" is the magical word?

The young man sat next to Song Shuhang and laughed without saying a word; he seemed to be enjoying this short period of break.

Just like that, they sat for about ten minutes or so. The young man suddenly turned his head to Song Shuhang and his eyes lit up!

Song Shuhang, who was being stared at, felt uneasy.

"Little White, you sure look handsome!" The young man smiled.

Song Shuhangs hair stood on end! Even though he knew that the Little White he was referring to was not himself, but when he said you look handsome with those eyes, Song Shuhang could still feel goosebumps appearing.

"Little White, when your hair reaches your waist, will you marry me?" Asked the young man out of the blue.

"No way!" Song Shuhang immediately rejected without any hesitation.

"You dont want to? Then, Little White, can you grow long hair? I feel that youd definitely look good with long hair!" Continued the young man, remaining undaunted.

"I dont want to, definitely dont want to!" Song Shuhang crossed his arms, and rejected once again with all his might.

"You can? Great, I really wanna see you with long hair as soon as possible." The young mans face was filled with joy.

It turned out that the young man wasnt having a conversation with Song Shuhang.

From the start, he was just talking to a person named Little White.

At this moment, Song Shuhang had a WTF expression as if he had just seen Doudou's erotic pictures.

But come to think of it, when he scrutinized the young man, for some reason he seemed to bear some resemblance to Venerable White?

"Achoo! Whos cursing me?" Doudou touched his nose and stretched his body. The nearby young man was happily using the hammer to hit him all over the body, making "clang clang" sounds as if hitting metal.

Doudou moaned, saying, "To the left, to the left oh~ just like that, use a little more strength~ it feels really good~"

On another side.

Penniless Thief Sects Little Candy went crazy, "Bring it on! I will fight you to death!"

The lost technique Shadowless Hand was pushed to the limit and she had gained the upper hand.

"Hehe, Little White, you are really awesome." Even though that young man was on the losing end, he did not panic and calmly attacked.

"Little White your sister, Little White your sister!" Little Candy got mad.

"Hehe, Little White, I am about to counterattack!" The young man suddenly exploded with enough strength to easily match her power.

Young Mistress Candys face was full of tears.

Meanwhile, at the top of the huge building across Medicine Masters multi-storied building, there were two figures.

One of them belonged to Branch Leader Jing Mo, whose head was full of silvery spiky hair, and the other belonged to Manager Chen.

Branch Leader Jing Mo looked at Medicine Masters multi-storied building and asked in a deep voice, "This is the place?"

"Yes, Branch Leader. That is the residence of Stressed by a Mountain of Books and his senior. There is a defensive formation put in place next to the house. It seems like that is their temporary operating base," Manager Chen replied carefully.

Yesterday, Branch Leader Jing Mo rode on his flying sword all night without rest directly to the area of Jiangnan with Manager Chen.

"Also, our informants have already confirmed the death of Cultivator Sunflower. His last known location was in a small alley. There were signs of a battle in that alley and thereafter, Cultivator Sunflower disappeared without a trace there."

Manager Chen explained the latest news in detail.

Lastly, he took out a bunch of keys and gave it to Branch Leader Jing Mo, "Finally, Branch Leader, these are the keys for that multi-storied building."

This was the key to the gate of Medicine Masters multi-storied buildingthe lock on that gate was destroyed by Venerable White and Song Shuhang had already asked someone to fix it.

The Limitless Demon Sects informants, who were spying on that building in the dark, secretly used some trick on the repairmans body and managed to obtain a set of keys.

Branch Leader Jing Mo kept the keys and nodded, saying, "You did well. Lets not make a move for the time being, and wait till we have recovered some of our energy before probing them."

Manager Chen heaved a sigh of reliefBranch Leader didnt threw a fit and he avoided getting beaten up.

"Well leave first," Branch Leader Jing Mo brought Manager Chen with him and they rode on the flying sword, disappearing from the Jiangnan area.

However, Manager Chen failed to notice that before Branch Leader Jing Mo left, he secretly tossed out a wooden figurine, and left it behind with the keys.

After they flew far from the area, the wooden figurine started to transform into a likeness of Branch Leader Jing Mo.

This was not his real body. It was just a clone that was linked with his five senses, similar to an unmanned spy drone of the modern era, except that it had way more functions.

This wooden figurine started moving and leapt down from that building across the street, heading towards Medicine Masters multi-storied building.

When it arrived at the gate, it stopped and observed the surroundings before taking out the keys and swiftly opening the door, heading straight into the house.

In the next moment, when it turned around, Branch Leader Jing Mo who was controlling it was completely dumbfounded...