Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 190

Chapter 190 Cultivator Style Bungee Jump And A Selfie With Venerable White
Chapter 190: Cultivator-style bungee jump and a selfie with Venerable White

Translator: GodBrandy Editor: Kurisu
First, one had to concentrate the power of qi and blood on their index finger and draw the character on the palm of the other hand. Afterward, one would have to pour their mental energy into the drawn character and activate the power of qi and blood within it. And after shouting aloud Lightning Palm, lightning would appear in the middle of the palm!

Moreover, the character was quite easy to draw. It only consisted of seven not too difficult strokes.

It sounded quite simple, right?

However, if one wanted to use the Lightning Palm correctly first, one needed a sufficient quantity of qi and blood in their body. Then, it was necessary to draw the thunder character on ones hand and activate it with their mental energy.

Otherwise, one could forget about being able to use it!

Only after satisfying all the conditions listed aboveor rather, only after opening the Eye Aperturewould a cultivator have enough qi and blood to use the Lightning Palm. And only around two times at that.

But if it was someone like Shuhang, who had built his foundation with a good cultivation technique, he should be able to use it four to five times. And if we include the additional spiritual energy from the ghost spirit, he could use it up to ten times without too much trouble.

With Senior Whites guidance, Song Shuhang learned how to draw the character. Then, after drawing the character on the palm of his left hand, he operated the True Self Meditation Scripture and used his mental energy to activate the power of qi and blood within it.

"Lightning Palm!" Song Shuhang lightly shouted.

The character in the center of his palm started to become hot. Next, a ball of golden lightning appeared in the middle of his palm, issuing a crackling noise.

The size of this lightning ball wasnt big. It was more or less as big as a small bowl.

Song Shuhang cautiously asked, "Senior White, I wont electrocute myself, right?"

"Dont worry. As long as you dont touch it with your other hand, nothing will happen to you!" Senior White said with a smile.

"How strong is it?" Song Shuhang asked again.

Venerable White pointed at a nearby rock and said, "Try it out yourself."

Song Shuhang approached the rock and hit it with his left hand.


When his palm hit the rock, it left a hole the size of a basketball on it. Moreover, Song Shuhang didnt feel any resistance when he hit the rock with his palm! So this is what Senior White considers a weak technique? This level of power is already quite scary!

Even if the opponent was a ferocious wild beast, this technique was enough to kill them!

"Lightning-based techniques are very good to deal with ghosts. Even ghost of the Second Stage will turn into ashes after getting hit by the Lightning Palm," Venerable White explained.

Lightning-based techniques are very good to deal with ghosts? Song Shuhang was moved. After finishing his exams tomorrow, he was planning to go to the Luo Xin street area in the neighboring city. A conflict with the remaining subordinates of Altar Master was inevitable. Altar Master himself was specialized in ghost techniques. Therefore, when dealing with his underlings, he would surely meet some ghosts.

With the help of the Lightning Palm and the remaining evil-warding talisman, he could safely embark on this trip.

"Senior, thank you," Song Shuhang felt Senior Whites goodwill.

Venerable White slightly nodded, "Try it again. You have to master it properly!"

Song Shuhang nodded and drew the character on his palm once again. And after using his mental energy to active it, he loudly shouted, "Lightning Palm!"

A ball of lightning appeared once more in the center of his palm, making a crackling noise.

This time, he didnt immediately attack. Instead, he carefully looked at itthere was really a ball of lightning in the center of his palm! What an incredible scene!

Along with the crackling noise produced by the lightning, his heart couldnt help but speed up a bit. This was just too exciting!

At this time, he involuntarily recalled a scene from long ago these were the memories he had tried to forget with all his might. But today, they resurfaced due to the Lightning Palm.

"Look at my Chidori!"

"Im not afraid of you. I have my Raikiri!"

"Hmph, you guys are nothing. My Fist of the Thunder God is way stronger than you! Fist of the God of Thunder, go! Uwoooh!"

Aaah! Stop, stop, stop!

Idiot! Idiot! Idiot!

Why did I remember that stuff?

This stuff is just too embarrassing! I want to die now! I have to forget it immediately! Quickly, get out of my mind! I feel ashamed just by recalling these memories why cant I just forget them? I really wish my brain was like a hard disk. With that, I would be able to throw these embarrassing memories in the trash bin and delete them even from there!

Song Shuhang fiercely shook his head, trying to scatter these thoughts that were distracting him.

Then, he looked once again at the ball of lightning in the middle of his palm.

It was really beautiful.

"Crack crack crack." This is just like a dream. I would have never expected that one day I would be able to produce lightning from my hand. Its just like a dream coming true not! I have to stop thinking in that direction!

Song Shuhang raised his hand and attacked the rock once again! It looked as if this attack was aimed at those embarrassing memories!


Another hole the size of a basketball appeared on the surface of the rock...

"Huff!" Song Shuhang deeply exhaled.

The nearby Venerable White curiously asked, "Where you troubled by some Inner Demon just now?"

"No, I just remembered something that I was sure I had forgotten," Song Shuhang rubbed his face, "These memories from the past are too awful to recall them!"

"Oh, everyone has those kinds of memories. Even if you cant bear to recall them right now, with the passage of time, youll start thinking that they werent that bad," Venerable White tried to comfort Song Shuhang by relying on his own experience.

Song Shuhang nodded.

Then, something went wrong with his brain as he said, "Memories such as... Little White, when your hair reaches your waist, will you marry me?"

"Haha?" Venerable White turned his head. A gentle breeze started to blow over, making Senior Whites long black hair flutter in the wind.

Song Shuhang felt that there was something wrong with this situation. Wait, what did I just say?

At this time, Venerable White, who was standing in the breeze, brightly smiled. He looked like an elf standing in the wind. In an instant, myriads of other things in the world were overshadowed.

In Song Shuhangs field of vision, everything turned black and white. Only Venerable Whites long hair fluttering in the wind and his bright smile retained their colors. He was the center of the world, and the latter served only as a contrast for his infinite charm.

This feeling... lasted for the time it took to breathe twice.

Afterward, Senior White blinked, and his smile vanished.

"Lets go back," Senior White said. He raised his hand, and the flying sword came out of his sleeve. Next, it changed into a layer of light that fell under his feet.

"Oh." Song Shuhang followed behind, still absent-minded, and stepped onto the layer of light.

On the way back, Senior White didnt utter a single word and they returned to Medicine Masters multi-storied building.

As they were flying Song Shuhang felt that he had done something very reckless.

However, they were supposed to return home. Why did he feel that Senior White was starting to fly higher and higher? Moreover, from the height they had reached, the buildings on the ground had the size of a fingernail.

"Shuhang, a few days ago, I saw a strange program on CCTV-9. It seems that modern people really like this thing called bungee jumping. It seemed rather interesting!" Venerable White said.

Song Shuhang immediately got serious and said, "Senior White, no! Thats a very boring thing! Its only those people tired of living who want to experience something close to death like bungee jumping! There is nothing is interesting in it!"

Since Senior Whites view of the world was distorted, it was his responsibility to straighten it!

"I want to give it a go!" Venerable said earnestly, "Lets try it! Is that fine?"

"No, its not fine!" Song Shuhang yelled.

"Yeah!" Venerable White nodded.

Then, he suddenly stopped the flying sword under his feet.

Next, he grabbed Song Shuhang, and the two of them fell downward with a "whiz" sound.

"Aaaaaaaaaaah~" Song Shuhang called out pitifully. Yep, our little friend Song was scared of heights. He had acrophobia. Thats why he wanted to put a guardrail on his flying sword!

"Hahaha~" Venerable White laughed, delighted.

At the same time, he also used a technique to increase their weight and make them fall even faster.

Song Shuhang felt that their speed had increased. When he was falling, the sound of the friction between his body and the air could be heard. Moreover, there was also that scary zero gravity feeling!

"Aaaaaaaaaaaah~" Song Shuhangs pitiful yell got even louder.

"Should I increase the speed?" Venerable White said happily.

"Hmm! Hmm!" Song Shuhang fiercely shook his head. Since they were falling down at high speed, he couldnt speak properly due to the pressure.

"I see! Then, Ill go a bit faster," Venerable White revolved his spiritual power and grabbed Song Shuhang, causing them to fall even faster.

At the same time, as if he thought that the current posture was not exciting enough, he pulled Shuhang and turned him upside down, his feet pointing upward and his head downward...

"Aaah aaaah~" Song Shuhang felt that his throat was about to give in.

"Right, lets take a picture!" Venerable White suddenly said while they were falling downward. He took out a mobile phone from somewhere and used his spiritual energy to protect it from the pressure.

"Shuhang, say cheese!" Venerable White held the phone and pointed it toward the two of them as he activated the front camera.

Song Shuhang looked at his picture on the screen of the phone. Due to various reasons, his face was distorted and looked awful. He had teardrops in the corner of the eye and looked like as if someone had just finished beating him up.

Nooo~ Song Shuhang shook his head with all his might.

"Click, click, click!" Venerable White took a lot of pictures.

Then, he said, "Shuhang, this wont do. Youre not cooperating!"

"Aaaaah~" Song Shuhang was still yelling pitifully.

"Lets try once again. This time, try to go along with me. If you dont collaborate, well have to jump down again. We have to take a proper photo," Venerable White said with a severe expression.

What? Jump down again? Just kill me already!

"Now, synchronize with me and smile. One, two, three! Cheese!" Venerable White adjusted the angle of the camera.

On the screen of the phone, Song Shuhang and Senior White were turned upside down with a vast starry sky as the background. This scenery was just too perfect and quite suited for these two that were bungee-jumping!

Song Shuhang tried his best to twist his face and make a smiling expression. But under the atmospheric pressure, his smile looked like that of a clown.

"Click, click, click." After taking several pictures, Venerable White said, "Hm, good. The result wasnt excellent, but it will have to do for the time being."

Song Shuhang loosened up his face and opened his mouth once again, screaming, "Aaaaaaah~"

"Don't scream. Were about to arrive," Venerable White said. At this time, they could already see Medicine Masters multi-storied building. They were still more than a hundred meters away from the ground.

"Aaaaaaah~" This time, Song Shuhang really felt like crying. Senior White, its precisely because were about to arrive that Im screaming!

Were gonna crash! Were gonna crash!

"Lets make a final sprint!" It seemed that Venerable White wanted to have fun to his hearts content today. His spiritual energy surged. Then, he grabbed Song Shuhang and sped toward the ground like a jet!

Song Shuhang was about to faint.

50 meters!

30 meters!

10 meters!

8 meters!

3 meters! Venerable White still had no intention of stopping!

Senior White, youre not planning to crash on the ground directly, right? Youre a great expert, and youre unlikely to suffer any damage after falling from this height. But Im different~ Im just a small cultivator of the First Stage that has opened only two apertures~ If I crash into the ground like this, Ill turn into a bloody pulp~!

"Aaaaaah~" Song Shuhang pitiful yell was even louder.

Inside the house, Doudou and Penniless Thief Sects Young Mistress Candy were already standing by the window, their eyes fixed on Song ShuhangShuhang and Senior White were around 500 meters away from the house when these two started to watch the show.

2 meters!

1 meter!

0.5 meters!

0.4 meters!

0.3 meters! Its over. It seems that I will pass away on July 4th, 2019!

"Chiiii!" At this time, the sound of what sounded like brakes suddenly echoed.

Afterward, Song Shuhang felt himself softly drop on the ground, without the slightest impact.

"Hahaha." Venerable started to laugh, "Was it exciting?"

"Hehehe," Song Shuhang also laughed, his face still distorted.

"It seems you also enjoyed it! Hehe. Now, Ill make an album and send all those pictures to the group," Venerable White smiled as he started to mess with the phone in his hand.

Song Shuhang weakly stretched out his and roared in his mind, Dont!

However, he had screamed so much on the way here that his throat was sore. Therefore, he couldnt let out a single sound.

"Done!" Venerable White pressed on the phones keyboard and sent the pictures.

Inside the group space of the Nine Provinces Number One Group.

A lot of photos appeared in the group album.

All these pictures were portraying Song Shuhang and Venerable White as they were bungee-jumping. In the pictures, Song Shuhang had many different expressions. In some, his face was panic-stricken and distorted; on others, he was desperately trying to force out a smile. On the other hand, the nearby Venerable White was handsome as always, his elegance out of the world, and one could only find him lovable.

The title of the album: "Little friend Song Shuhang and I just went bungee-jumping. It was really fun. Little friend Song Shuhang made many interesting expressions. After a few days, I plan to bring him to have fun again."

Very soon the post was filled with likes.

Fairy Lychee: Senior White is as attractive as always~ Im so envious.

Medicine Master: Senior White has really unique ways to have fun. PS: Im Riverly Purple Mist.

Cave Lord Snow Wolf: Senior White has really unique ways to have fun!

Dharma King Creation: Senior White has really unique ways to have fun! Gotta keep the meme going!

True Monarch Yellow Mountain: Little Friend Shuhang, hang on!

True Monarch Yellow Mountain felt that little friend Shuhang was a really dedicated person. He went through such suffering every day! At this point, giving him a big gift was imperative!

Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman: Senior White has really unique ways to have fun, and little friend Song Shuhang looks very cute.

Yep. This little friend Song Shuhang that was risking his life to accompany Senior White was indeed cute. If Senior White were to close up again, the honor of receiving him once he was out would belong to little friend Song Shuhang alone. If he was still alive by then, that is.

Spirit Butterfly Islands Soft Feather: Ah? Bungee jumping? Senior Song likes bungee jumping? Then, Soft Feather will also participate the next time you go! Its decided! @Stressed by a Mountain of Books!

Song Shuhang took out his mobile phone with his shivering hand. He wanted to look which pictures Senior White had sent inside the group.

Then, he saw Soft Feathers message.

Song Shuhang fainted on the spot.

July 4th, 2019. Song Shuhang died!