Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 191

Chapter 191 Senior Whites Blessing
Chapter 191: Senior Whites blessing

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The next morning, Song Shuhang woke up feeling groggylast night, he had several strange dreams in a row.

There was an elevator accidenthe plunged right down to the ground from above the 10th floor while he was in an elevator.

Then, he became a cleaner and was cleaning the windows of a high-rise from the outside when the rope attached to his harness broke.

After that, he was enjoying the view from the edge of the cliff when someone from the back suddenly pushed him lightly.

Yet another time, as he was walking, he suddenly fell into a bottomless wellhe kept falling and falling, never reaching the bottom.

In short, all kinds of accidents related to falling. The Song Shuhang in the dreams felt weak in the legs

Upon waking up, he could still feel his heart palpitating.

Needless to say, these weird dreams must have appeared because of yesterdays shenanigans with Senior White.

Come to think of it, was I possessed by Senior Thrice Reckless yesterday? Song Shuhang thought of yesterdays events and was immediately filled with regretwhy couldnt he control his mouth?

Hopefully Senior Whites anger had subsided today, and he would not drag him for some more bungee jumping anymore!

Otherwise, he was worried that if he went for a few more rounds, his acrophobia might become even more serious, and in the future, he might not even dare to ride on a flying sword. If that was the case, it would be the end

As usual, after his morning practice has ended, Song Shuhang got readytoday was the last day of the finals, after which would be two months of vacation!

Song Shuhang went down and prepared to sneakily check Senior Whites mood today.

However, the weird thing was, it was early in the morning but there was no sign of Senior White anywhere. Even Penniless Thief Sects Little Candy wasnt there. Only Doudou was left at home.

"Doudou, wheres Senior White?" Song Shuhang asked.

"Senior White went to look for his flying sword! Last night after you fell asleep, Senior White brought the Penniless Thief Sects disciple out with him and headed out," answered Doudou while seemingly looking at the news on the computer.

Song Shuhang nodded his headSenior White did indeed mention this to him before.

"Doudou, what are you looking at?" Song Shuhang was curious and stood next to him, looking at the computer screen eh, isnt this Jiangnan areas morning news?

Doudou is actually looking at the news?

Song Shuhang got curious and looked at its contents.

According to the report, recently a lot of pets in Jiangnan neighborhoods went missingthe police suspected there was a syndicate going around stealing dogs; their modus operandi was very meticulous, and every time they made a move, they managed to avoid all surveillance cameras and leave almost no traces behind. The police informed the residents that they should pay more attention to the safety of their pet dogs and deny the criminals the opportunity to take them away

Dog theft syndicate?

The number of people owning dogs in the Jiangnan area wasnt small, so every year there would be at least one dog theft syndicate that would come and pay them a visit. Pet dogs that were worth several tens of thousands RMB sometimes got stolen by these people only to be sold for only a hundred RMB or so to dog meat shops. But no matter how many robbers were arrested every year in the Jiangnan area, the police just couldn't put a stop to it.

Song Shuhang looked at Doudou, who was just staring at the news without blinking. He observed three seconds of silence for them in his heartof all places to prowl, why did they have to come to the Jiangnan area?

Furthermore, instead of capturing cats or stealing chickens, they just had to target dogs. If they did not seek death, they would not die. Such a simple logic, why cant people just understand it?

Including himself from yesterday!

"Oh right, before Venerable White headed out, he left a couple of things behind for you, saying youd need these items for self-defense when you go over to J-City in a couple of days to deal with the underlings of Altar Master." With one paw on the mouse, Doudou did a lazy-dog-peeing pose at the same time and kicked a package of things to Song Shuhang.

"Whats that?" Song Shuhang took the items.

"You open it first, then Ill explain," said Doudou without turning his head.

Song Shuhang opened the package.

Firstly, there was a wooden swordthere were some complicated formations carved on it, which looked like the work of Venerable White. At the same time, there was also a small box which had a button on it. The box and the sword seemed to be complementary items.

When he saw the button, Song Shuhang had a strong impulse to push it. This was human natureupon seeing a strange button, most people would have the itch to press it.

But, alert people would resist such a temptation, and people who were good at seeking death would surely press it without any second thoughts.

Additionally, near the wooden sword was a tattoo sticker. It looked like the ones which Song Shuhang used to play with when he was a child, those that cost fifty cents a piece.

The other item was a handwritten list.

"The wooden sword is called disposable flying sword 004. Just like its name suggests, it is a disposable one-use flying sword. But, it is a treasure created by Venerable White, so defeating a Fourth Stage cultivator is not an issue.

It comes with a flying sword launcher 013. You just have to channel your qi and blood into the flying sword launcher to synchronize with it, and it will follow your will and target the enemy you have in mind. Thereafter, you just have to lightly press the button once. After you hear a swoosh, the disposable flying sword will shoot out and kill your enemy. Its very convenient and easy to use; its the first defensive item that Venerable White prepared for you," explained Doudou.

Flying sword launcher? Song Shuhang initially felt that Great Master Profound Principles Trial and Error Sword Controlling Technique was quite good, but who would have known Venerable White was on a whole new levelhe could even come up with things like a flying sword launcher.

After lightly pressing it, the flying sword would shoot out. Come to think of it, it does sound pretty good.

"Also, that paper talisman is Venerable Whites very own Ten Thousand Mile Flying Escape Technique. If you are in a situation where your chance of defeating the enemy is zero, use use your mental power to activate that paper talisman. It will bring you to Venerable Whites side at the fastest speed possible," explained Doudou.

"Paper talisman... this one?" Asked Song Shuhang as he took out something that looked like a 50-cent tattoo sticker.

"Thats the one. According to Venerable White, for the sake of convenience and portability, he tweaked it a bit. All youve gotta do is to stick it onto your arm, just like a tattoo. Its very convenient and you dont have to worry about losing it," replied Doudou.

"Oh, you can use spells like that?" Song Shuhang grabbed the sticker and stuck it to his wrist. The picture of the spell was imprinted on it.

This is indeed a good method. I dont have to do the whole digging-for-the-talisman-and-activating-it thing when fleeing to save my life.

"Speaking of which, Doudou, dont you think this picture looks familiar?" Song Shuhang pointed at it and asked.

"Yeah, of course it looks familiar. Yesterday, when Venerable White was making the spell on the talisman, he said he wanted to cover it with some picture as an insurance lest the enemy finds out that it is the spell for the Ten Thousand Mile Flying Escape Technique. Hence, I searched on the net for a sketch version of the Calabash Brothers.[1] Lift your palm vertically and look at it from a slanted angleyou can see a three-dimensional Calabash Brother, right? Isnt it cool?"

A three-dimensional Calabash Brother?

"" Song Shuhang had the sudden urge to beat Doudou up.

Also, he regretted acting so rashlyif he had known, he would have stuck the tattoo sticker on someplace more discreet, where no one would be able to see it!

"Oh, right, when youre in an extremely dangerous situation, and cant even squeeze out any mental energy anymore, this Ten Thousand Mile Flying Escape Technique also has a sound activation function. Let me teach you the chant listen well. The chant is: Moon prism power, make up!. Got it?" asked Doudou. [2]

"Wait whats with this chant? Dont tell me you randomly searched and found it on the internet?" Song Shuhang said, while clenching his teeth.

"Yeah, thats right. I searched and picked it at random," replied Doudou.

Doudou, come here! I promise I wont beat the sh*t out of you!

"Lastly, this the list of materials required for the qi and blood pills. Venerable White already knew that your qi and blood quantity is insufficient, hence he made this list for you to keep a lookout for these medicinal herbssee if you can find any. If you can gather all these ingredients, he can teach you the steps to make and refine the qi and blood pill. Even though Venerable White is no pill refining master, he has no problem refining simpler medicinal pills," said Doudou.

Song Shuhang looked through the list and saw numerous varieties of medicinal ingredients. Some were the names of the more common Chinese medicinal herbs, but some were names of the medicinal herbs used solely by cultivators.

Luckily, Venerable White meticulously drew a picture of each herb and briefly introduced their prominent features so that Song Shuhang would not be at a loss when trying to identify them.

"The ingredients for the qi and blood pill are not that easy to be gathered in full, right?" Song Shuhang sighed.

"Yeah, I think so too. But, maybe in Venerable White's eyes you just have to go out to take a stroll and you would have found most of them," added Doudou.

Based on Venerable Whites luck, if he wanted the ingredients for qi and blood pills, the moment he heads out, a box full of necessary ingredients would drop from the sky right before him.

Or, perhaps when he killed an enemy who appeared out of nowhere, the latter might leave behind a bunch of herbs necessary for concocting the qi and blood pill as spoils for Venerable White.

Or, maybe when he explored deep into the forest, he might be able to find a whole bunch of ingredients for qi and blood pill?

Song Shuhang felt the same way about Venerable Whites luck and merely nodded. However, in his case, he dared not think about it. He sure did not share the same heaven-defying luck as Senior Whitehe dared not think about gathering the ingredients in a short period of time.

Nevertheless, he still patiently finished reading the list left behind by Senior White and remembered every bit of content written on it.

Last but not least, he saw a message left behind by Venerable White at the end of that list.

"Little Friend Shuhang, I hope that your trip to J-City would be a successful one. I also wish you success in finding the medicinal herbs for the qi and blood pill on the list!"

The thing written here... is Senior Whites blessing, right?

It is Senior Whites blessing! Song Shuhang could feel his heart beat even faster. Was this the feeling of being overwhelmed by a seniors kindness? Or was this him subconsciously worrying about something?

The last exam finally ended.

The students of Jiangnans university heaved a heavy sigh of relief. The relaxed faces of the students who felt that they did well could be seennow that this was over, they could enjoy a happy vacation.

On the other hand, the students who did badly looked miserable perhaps not long after the vacation ended, they would receive their results and wait for the school to arrange for make-up exams.

The period when the Jiangnan universitys make-up exams were held was usually inflexible and unpredictableit all depended on the deans mood. Sometimes, he would get the students who failed to return for the make-up exams right in the middle of the vacation; at other times, he would get them to attend intensive revision classes when the new term started before sending them for the make-up exams immediately. Alternatively, he might even group them up for make-up exams two, three days after finals ended. The school was very efficient when it came to gradingcausing a love-hate relationship between Jiangnans university and its students.

Because this was the last exam, after it ended, Song Shuhang did not leave. He waited for his roommates to leave the hall. Since the semester ended, everyone should have a meal together or something before they each start their vacation.

"How did you do?" Gao Moumou asked his roommates with a relaxed face. Looking at his facial expression, one could tell that he completed his exams without much difficulty this time round.

"No problem," a ray of light flashed through Li Yangde's glasses. To a nerd like him, passing was never his goal. His goal was to become one of the top 10 students in school.

"It was pretty easy, there shouldnt be any problems," Song Shuhang replied with a smile.

"Hahaha, this time it was fine for me too, I feel that I can definitely pass!" Tubo raised his thumb. Thanks to Song Shuhangs tea leaves that gave him the extra energy, he could study with a fresh state of mind and a body full of vitality. He managed to complete his revision and prepare for the exams in the nick of time, hence he successfully survived the exams without a hitch.

That night, his dorm mates invited five other closer male friends to have a drinking party.

In the end Song Shuhang called for three taxis. He then stuffed each one of these drunkards into their respective taxis and sent them to their respective dorms.

"Shuhang, tomorrow when you wake up, wake me up as well. Lets go to my grandfathers place together!" Tubos eyes lost focus but he did not forget about it.

"Alright, no problem. I will come pick you up tomorrow." Song Shuhang smiled.

When he got back to Medicine Masters multi-storied building, Song Shuhang saw that Doudou was looking for the map of the Jiangnan area.

"Doudou, I have to make a trip to the neighboring J-City. Do you wanna go together?" Song Shuhang asked. Doudou was a formidable figureif he brought him along, Song Shuhang did not need to worry about what might happen.

"Woof woof~ Im not going with you, Ill be occupied with some stuff for the next few days," said Doudou and shook his body until a strand of dog fur fell to the ground. Before it touched the ground, he used his claws to catch it and passed it to Song Shuhang.

"When youre in danger, hold your hand up while grabbing at my fur, and shout Doudou, save me! as loud as you can. Then, my dog fur will help you. Woof~ Dont worry and just go. You'll have my spiritual support," said Doudou with a serious look on his face.

Song Shuhang took the strand of dog fur from him and scrutinized it before asking, "Is it really effective?"

"Woof, you dont want it? If you dont want it, give it back. I cant bear to give it to you!" Doudou retorted immediately.

Song Shuhang kept it immediately. You gotta be kidding, how can you take back something that youve already given me? Even if this dog fur was useless, he would still keep it carefully. This was the fur of a monster dogwho knew if it could be used as a material to make a weapon of some sort?

The next day.

Song Shuhang carried a shoulder bag with everything packed and ready. He first set off to the underground parking lot and picked a hatchback car produced by a Chinese company before picking Tubo up to go to J-City.

The important finals have ended and the vacation began. With students going home from Jiangnan City, the subway and trains had to be extremely packed.

After reaching his dorm, Song Shuhang saw that three of his roommates were struggling to wake up, and all of them had bloodshot eyes. They had too much to drink last night and had yet to sober up.