Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 195

Chapter 195 My Luck Is Pretty Good Today
Chapter 195: My luck is pretty good today?

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What should I do?

Song Shuhang was vexedit seemed like all he could do right now was to seek help from the seniors in the Nine Provinces Number One Group to get advice on his next course of action.

He fished out his phone and opened the chat group, starting to construct the message in his head. He was thinking about how to best describe what had just transpired and then ask them for counsel.

Just as he was about to type his message in the chat group, someone in his friends list messaged him.

The person with the ID Young Monk Three Realmsit was Great Master Profound Principles disciple.

The last time he transferred the compressed file of the three techniquesSpirit Brand Technique, Brand Induction Technique and Temporary Sword Controlling Technique to Song Shuhang.

Even though it was most likely an error on senior brother Three Realms part, but thanks to the Temporary Controlling Technique he sent, Song Shuhang could successfully kill the assassin that tried to kill Su Clans Sixteen few days ago.

"Shuhang, are you there?" Young Monk Three Realms asked.

"Yeah, whats up?" Song Shuhang quickly asked.

"I heard that you asked in the Nine Provinces Number One Group a question with regards to sealing a ghost general. Is that right?" Young Monk Three Realms asked. He had not been added into the Nine Provinces Number One Group, but because of Great Master Profound Principle was his master, he was able to get wind of everything that went on within the group.

"Senior Brother Three Realms, do you have a way to seal a ghost general?" Song Shuhang laughed bitterly and said, "But its too late, I have already killed it."

"Oh? What a pity" Young Monk Three Realms sighed and casually asked, "Shuhang, I would like to ask where did you bump into this ghost general? In a place with a ghost general, there ought to be several other resentful ghosts and ghost soldiers, etc., aye? I dont think theres only one ghost general there, right?"

Young Monk Three Realms had recently been practicing a Buddhist magical technique which requires a lot of ghost souls to be collected and sealed within a pagoda, and lead them to the correct path by borrowing power from sacred scriptures, changing them into pure spirits. Lastly, these pure spirits were to be used to condense the pagoda.

Once the pagoda was complete, it would be used together with the Buddhist Ferrying Pagoda magical technique. One move was all one needed to crush the enemy. This power comparable to the Daoists Universe Hiding Sleeve technique.

Recently, looking for some random resentful ghosts might be possible, but searching for a large group of them would not be easy. China had been peaceful for so many years after all, and there were no huge wars or battles.

As for the older battlegrounds, most of the resentful ghosts had already been caught and cleansed by senior experts a long time ago.

Hence, when he heard that Song Shuhang caught a ghost general, he excitedly asked him right away.

"Even though I am not very certain but the area I am at should have a huge amount of ghost souls. Whether or not there are still any ghost generals, that Im not sure. But as for ghost soldiers, there should be quite a lot of them, and even more resentful souls," Song Shuhang hurriedly replied.

"Really? Where are you at?" Young Monk Three Realms asked with much excitement.

Song Shuhang replied, "J-Citys Luo Xin street area."

"Haha, that isnt far from my current location. Wait for me, if I take the flying sword, I would take one hour at most to arrive!" Upon finishing his sentence, Three Realms returned to lurking.

Song Shuhang held onto his phone it seemed that whenever he met a problem, a quick solution would suddenly appear?

It kinda felt like his luck was pretty good?

After that, Song Shuhang called Tubo to tell him that he wanted to take a walk around the village and would probably return late. He did that to prevent Tubo from worrying about him and going out to look for him, and eventually ending up being dragged into the whole affair.

Right now, all he was hoping for was that Young Monk Three Realms would arrive before the army of resentful ghosts came to attack.

I hope I will have good luck today! Song Shuhang silently prayed in his heart.

Truth to be told Song Shuhangs luck today was indeed not bad.

After about forty-five minutes, there was a sword light that whizzed down from the sky and landed in front of him. A man with bronze skin descended from the layer of light.

He was very handsomedefinitely someone who belonged to the fit and healthy category of handsome guys. Even that bald and shiny head of his was not able to affect the degree of his good looks.

"Shuhang!" That man smiled at Shuhangneedless to say, he was exactly Great Master Profound Principles disciple, senior brother Three Realms.

"Hello, Senior Brother Three Realms!" Song Shuhang felt a weight lifted off his chest and heaved a sigh of relief.

With him around, even if an army of violent ghosts or some other ferocious being came to attack, there was no need to fear! Senior brother Three Realms was a top disciple of Buddhism. His specialty was dealing with ghost beings.

However, wasnt senior brother Three Realms a layman? Why did he shave his head bald?

"There is a strong ghost qi in this place," senior brother Three Realms looked around his surroundings and squinted, nodding in satisfaction.

When Song Shuhang said that there was a huge amount of ghost souls, he initially thought that there were only a hundred odd at most. But based on the negative qi engulfing the village, solely counting the low-level resentful ghosts, there should be at least a thousand of them! Within such a huge crowd, there definitely had to be ghost soldiers and ghost generals present, too!

"Good, good, good!" Senior brother Three Realms said good three times, and said, "Shuhang, I dont know how to thank youyouve really done me a huge favor!"

Song Shuhang laughed as well and said, "Haha, Senior Brother, youve helped me big time too."

"You dont have to say more, the number of resentful ghosts in this place is much more than I expected. When Im done capturing all of them, I will definitely give you something good!" Senior brother Three Realms forthrightly patted Song Shuhang on the arm.

With the number of resentful ghosts here, if they were all captured by him, he more or less would be able to head back and practice the Buddhist Ferrying Pagoda magical technique immediately. He would be able to save loads of time.

This was a huge favorif he didnt give Song Shuhang a sufficient reward, he would definitely be laughed at by other members of his sect in the future. One must never be too stingy towards a junior from the same Nine Provinces Number One Groupespecially a junior that was brought together by fate, as well as a cultivator from the Nine Provinces Number One Group.

His train of thoughts ended here and senior brother Three Realms made a call.

"Master, I want to hand down the Immovable Body of the Buddha to little friend Shuhang to return a favor, is that ok?" Asked senior brother Three Realms over the phone.

On the other side, there was first silence, then came three steady sounds, made by three knocks on a wooden drum.

"Alright, thank you, Master," senior brother Three Realms smiled.

He patted Song Shuhang and said, "Little Friend Shuhang, are you still living together with Senior White?"

Song Shuhang nodded. Senior White was only temporarily awayhe was currently on a hunt for his flying sword. He would still go back home.

"In that case, after youve returned home in a couple of days, inform Senior White to confirm the coordinates with me. After which, I will deliver the Immovable Body of the Buddha technique to you via flying sword. You dont have to reject it, you deserve it," said senior brother Three Realms.

"Immovable Body of the Buddha? What technique is that?" The moment Song Shuhang thought about Buddhist techniques, he subconsciously touched his head. It took him much difficulty to acquire the Virtuous Mans Ten Thousand Mile Walk in order to change the appearance of his True Self. He sure did not want to change it back.

"Didnt you already learn the Basic Buddhist Fist Technique? The Immovable Body of the Buddha is its supplementary technique. It isnt a fist technique however, but a body refining technique of the First Stage. It strengthens your physical body. Using it together with the Basic Fist Technique will allow you to jump through the dragon gate much more easily!" Senior brother Three Realms laughed as he replied.

"Thank you, Senior Brother!" Once he heard that it was a supplementary technique to the Basic Buddhist Fist Technique, Song Shuhang knew that he definitely wanted the Immovable Body of the Buddha.

It didnt even matter if his True Self became bald reaching a higher realm was much more important than appearances. At worst, he could always wait to reach the Second Stage and cultivate techniques from the Erudite School to change the appearance of this True Self.

Anyway, everything went smoothly today. He did not only solve the issue of resentful ghosts taking revenge, but also got hold of a supplementary body refining technique of the First Stage from senior brother Three Realms.

His luck was quite good!

Half an hour later

In the air above Luo Xin street area, a plume of black fog came rolling down, and it drifted lowly towards the village.

Ordinary people were unable to see this fog. Only cultivators with inborn spirit eyes or those who had already opened the Eye Aperture would see it. The rolling cloud of fog was made up of many resentful ghosts, all roaring ferociously.

After making shrilling ghost wails dark and chill aura started to spread. Ordinary people standing under the ghost cloud would feel extremely cold for no apparent reason.

Aside from the hundreds of different kinds of low-level resentful ghosts, there were almost twenty ghost soldiers. They were all wearing an ancient armor, with all kinds of ancient weapons on their hands and scary masks on their faces. They look very cruel and evil.

Above these ghost soldiers, there was a ghost general, wearing an exquisite chain armor as well as wielding a glaive! He was wearing the same scary ghost mask on his face Additionally, he was different from the ghost general that Song Shuhang had killed. This ghost generals ghost qi was fully charged, no longer in a weak state! Its power was equivalent to that of a top Second Stage Cultivator.

"Tsk tsk, Ive hit the jackpot. Just based on the current number of the resentful ghosts, it is more than enough for my practice! Also, from the looks of it, there might be more ghost souls behind the scenes. The more resentful ghosts there are, the faster Ill master the magic technique," senior brother Three Realms rubbed his hands with a face full of excitement.

Song Shuhang patted himself on the chest with a face full of joyLuckily, senior brother Three Realms contacted him in time! Luckily, senior brother Three Realms was not far from J-City! Luckily, senior brother Three Realms rushed here immediately!

If senior brother Three Realms was late by half an hour, Song Shuhang could never face more than a thousand resentful ghosts on his own with his current status and skills.

Im so lucky, Song Shuhang thought.

"Kill kill kill, kill every single one of the living souls here!" The ghost general hovering in the sky said angrily as he waved his glave. They had already heard the news of their comrade being killed and had come to take revenge.

"Let all the living souls in this village pay for the death of Fourth Brother!" The ghost general in the air with the glave said coldly.

The ghost soldiers cheered in a low voice and dispersed in all directions. Each of them led a troop of resentful ghosts and they steadily engulfed each and every corner of the village.

Thereafter, the ghost soldiers, along with the resentful ghosts they were leading, rushed towards every living soul in the villageregardless of whether they were human beings or animals. As long as they were living souls with qi and blood, they would be targeted by them.

"Hahaha, welcome!" Senior brother Three Realms laughed and pulled something out from his backa long pole wrapped in cloth.

When he unfurled it, it actually turned out to be a black flag. It was not known what material the flag was made ofit obviously had the softness of fabric, but also had the a metallic gloss and sheen to it.

Once this flag spread open, an enormous black hole appeared. After that the entire sky full of resentful ghosts and twenty ghost soldiers were all screaming as they got sucked into the black hole.