Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 196

Chapter 196 Such Good Luck Smells Fishy
Chapter 196: Such good luck smells fishy!

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The ghost general in the air was still maintaining his posture, pointing his glaive at the village in a fierce and domineering manner. How was it that in the blink of an eye, his underlings and brothers have all been sucked into the black hole?

The ghost general was dumbfounded and spaced out for a moment. But after that, he escaped on his black cloud in a frenzyhe had met an expert! This person could actually capture all the ghost soldiers in one go, so he should escape and save his life first!

"Hahaha!" Senior Brother Three Realms laughed and kept the black flag he was holding in his hand.

Meanwhile, the people of Luo Xin street area felt a slight chill for a moment before recovering from it immediately after. The villagers were clueless, not knowing what just transpired.

"Shuhang, lets go!" After Senior Brother Three Realms put away his black flag, he grabbed Song Shuhang and they chased after the ghost general on a flying sword.

Senior Brother Three Realms obviously let the ghost general go on purpose if he didnt let him go, how else would he find his lair and capture all of the resentful ghosts, ghost soldiers, and ghost generals once and for all?

The ghost general flying in front had a low IQit couldnt be helped, even though he had recovered most of the memories from his past life, and had a certain amount of intellect, his IQ was normally on the lower end.

This was a handicap ghosts suffered from, increasing his rank and becoming a ghost commander was his only hope to escape from it.

Hence, the ghost general did not realize the possibility of him being spared by the enemy on purpose.

He only had one thing on his mindescape! Return to his lair, at least there were two of his older bros there. Not to forget, there were more ghost soldiers and resentful ghosts in the lair toofor all he knew, they could help save his life.

He escaped as fast as he could. Senior Brother Three Realms concealed their presence and followed closely behind on the flying sword.

Very soon, the ghost general flew to the graveyard on the mountain behind Luo Xin street area.

Oh, so it was indeed in this place? Song Shuhangs eyes lit up. This was the place with ghost-like figures sightings that Tubos grandfather mentioned. This could very well be the lair of the ghost generals!

"Its going very smoothly," Senior Brother Three Realms said softly and smiled.

Yes, everything was indeed going very smoothly. Speaking of which, why did this sound kinda familiar?

As they were speaking, the ghost general in front burrowed into the ground of the graveyard.

Just like ordinary people going into the water, his body passed through the ground and entered deep underground. Ghost beings were not restricted by the physical world and its scientific laws, and hence, he could easily pass through walls and ground.

"Senior Brother Three Realms, how do we go in?" Song Shuhang asked, somewhat lost.

"Haha, why do we have to go in?" Senior Brother Three Realms had light-green rays shine from his eyes and a mysterious mark appeared on his eyes.

Eye Aperture innate skillClairvoyance! An Eye Aperture innate skill that was much better than Song Shuhangs Expert Sight. It really made people envious.

With Clairvoyance, be it the graveyard or the ground, nothing could escape Senior Brother Three Realms eyes.

"I saw it, the person who created this place is quite devious and cunning," Senior Brother Three Realms laughed and brought Song Shuhang with him, and then continued to ride the flying sword, moving forward. At last, they landed before a mountain wall.

After the ghost general burrowed into the ground, he followed a long, long passageway and entered the mountain. The interior of the mountain had long ago been emptied by people, and there was a vast space inside.

The mountain wall had a secret door but Senior Brother Three Realms didnt have the time to figure out how to open it. Hence, he reached out with his hand and struck the secret door. With a simple strike of his palm, the true yuan within his body exploded.


The door got blown open!

Behind the secret door was a huge empty space, which was filled up with ghosts.

At the same time, the ghost general that escaped was flabbergastedit was in the middle of explaining the situation to two even stronger ghost generals just now.

Just as it was recounting the events from just now, the secret door suddenly opened!

The ghost general that had been escaping from them turned his head around and when he saw Senior Brother Three Realm, he got a huge scare for a moment.

"Its him, Big Brother, it is that human cultivator!" The ghost general shouted frantically.

"Dont be afraid, well attack together!" The leading ghost general stood up and snarledthis ghost general was nearing the realm of a ghost commander, and was a very crafty fella.

While instructing ghost soldiers to attack Senior Brother Three Realms and Song Shuhang, he himself kept retreating, preparing to escape.

"Hahahaha, where are you escaping to?" Senior Brother Three Realm unfurled his black flag once again and activated itthe black hole made its reappearance.

An enormous suction power emerged from within the black hole, and the ghosts in the area all got sucked into it. The leading ghost general screamed in anguish before being sucked into the black hole as well.

By the time Senior Brother Three Realms kept his black flag, every single one of the resentful ghosts had already vanished from the immortal cave.

"Great harvest, great harvest!" Senior Brother Three Realms was very contented and satisfied. He was in a really good mood.

Song Shuhang looked around his surroundings. This had to be the headquarters of the Three Claw Marks Beast Head Medallion organization of Altar Master. But today, this organization had finally ceased to exist and became a thing of the past.

"Good and evil will always be rewarded and punished. It is only a matter of time," said Song Shuhang softlyin a while, he would inform Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman that the Three Claw Marks Beast Head Medallion was officially and entirely eradicated.

At least one of Palace Masters wishes when he was younger had been fulfilled.

"Eh, Shuhang, you know this place?" Senior Brother Three Realms asked.

"Yeah, there was an organization here that once had a personal feud with me. But now, everything has ended," Song Shuhang smiled. He was in high spirits.

"You came all the way here to deal with this organization?" Senior Brother Three Realms asked.

"Yeah, but all the members have already been killed by the ghost generals and resentful ghosts. I initially still had some questions for them." Song Shuhang sighed and continued, "This organization used to exterminate villagerssacrificing human beings to resentful ghosts. But now, they have all died in the hands of resentful ghosts. Every injustice has its perpetrator, every debt has its debtor."

Senior Brother Three Realms nodded and then said, "If low-ranking cultivators once resided here, Shuhang, you should search this place. For all you know, you might chance upon some extra loot."

As long as it was a cultivator organization, regardless of its size, there was bound to be some hidden treasure hoard here.

Song Shuhang quickly understood his words. When hed killed Altar Master, he managed to loot a black leather suitcase with some good stuff. This was the base of Altar Master, it should definitely contain more treasures, right?

"Let me lend you a helping hand," Senior Brother Three Realms activated his innate skill, Clairvoyance. His eyes started to scan the entire space within the stone wall.

With the help of Senior Brother Three Realms, Song Shuhang could quickly retrieve the items one by one from the stone wall.

Firstly, there was a large black leather suitcase with moneythere was about 3,000,000 RMB in cash inside it.

Altar Master and his organization did not want to keep too much money in the bank. They normally handled their transactions in cash. Originally, Altar Master amassed billions in cash, diamonds, gold, etc but after his death, most of those had been split amongst his underlings. What was left behind was the three millions in cash, temporarily stored at their headquarters as emergency funds.

Apart from that, there was a box of black pearls, with strong and thick ghost qi within them.

"What are these things?" Song Shuhang was puzzled. They were definitely not common black pearls.

Senior Brother Three Realms glanced at them, then smiled and said, "These must be the soul beads left behind after the death of ghosts. Apart from ghost cultivators, nobody else would collect these things, they are pretty much useless."

Song Shuhang nodded his head. They were probably useless.

Just as he thought as such, the ghost spirit in his Heart Aperture sent a vague message to himfood!


Song Shuhang immediately thought of the the scene where the ghost spirit devoured the ghost general. Could it be that these soul beads could be given to the ghost spirit as food? Then this box of soul beads wasnt useless after all.

Lastly there was a pile of medicinal herbs.

When he saw those medicinal herbs, he felt that they looked very familiar.

"Ah, are these the medicinal herbs to refine blood and qi pills?" Song Shuhang exclaimed in shock. He was very surprisedthe medicinal herbs in the list given to him by Senior White were all right before his eyes!

"Seems like Senior Medicine Master taught you quite a number of things~ these are indeed the medicinal herbs for refining qi and blood pills."

"Senior Brother, I need these medicinal herbs. Can I take the majority of them?" Song Shuhang asked brazenly as he was preparing to split the battle spoils with Senior Brother Three Realms.

"Hahahaha, its fine. You can have all of them!" Senior Brother Three Realms patted Song Shuhang on his shoulder. "I have absolutely no need for cash and the soul beads; as for qi and blood pills, I already have as many as I need. Since youre in need of these items, you dont have to stand on ceremony. Besides the number of resentful ghosts, ghost soldiers, and ghost generals that I caught today had already surpassed my expectations, I am extremely satisfied with this fruitful trip."

Song Shuhang brazenly nodded and said, "Then, Senior Brother, Im not gonna stand on ceremony with you!"

He really needed this stuffit wasnt time to be polite and pretend he didnt need them.

If he continued to insist that Senior Brother Three Realms took some of the herbs, and if the latter ended up accepting and kept some of it, then Song Shuhang would really regret the squandered opportunity.

With the help of Senior Brother Three Realms, he managed to pack the medicinal herbs, taking along the box of soul beads and cash too.

Senior Brother Three Realms smiled and said, "Lets leave. Even though we have eradicated the ghosts here, this place is still somewhat dark and eerie, and it isnt comfortable for us to stay in long."

After finishing his sentence, he used his flying sword and brought Song Shuhang along with him, leaving the empty area within the mountain and returning to Luo Xin street area.

Song Shuhang stared at the box and the package in his hand.

Today, his luck was too good. Not only did he successfully get rid of the harmful underlings of Altar Master, he also managed to gather all the medicinal herbs required for concocting the qi and blood pill as Senior White instructed him to!

Such a luck was practically defying the natural order!

However todays luck was undoubtedly good, but why did he keep feeling uneasy, like something smelled fishy?

Was he overlooking something?

At this moment, in the sky, Branch Leader Jing Mo clenched his teeth as he headed towards J-Citys Luo Xin street area.

Beside him was an arrogant man standing on a bottle gourdhe was a helper found by Branch Leader Jing Mo, a Fourth Stage loose cultivator!

It took him a long time to wait for Stressed by a Mountain of Books to separate from the senior cultivator next to him. Such an opportunity should not be missed, and hence, Branch Leader Jing Mo swore that he would get hold of Stressed by a Mountain of Books and retrieve the Blood God Crystal!

The loose cultivator next to him was Branch Leader Jing Mos one and only friend. He came out of seclusion just now, and since he had nothing better to do, he decided to accompany Branch Leader Jing Mo for a stroll.

When he heard that Branch Leader Jing Mo was going to deal with another cultivator, he excitedly tagged along.