Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 198

Chapter 198 Disposable Flying Sword Launch
Chapter 198: Disposable flying sword, launch!

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From the looks of it, Senior Whites blessing did indeed have some aftereffects.


In the sky, Doudous clone leapt into the air and struck the red bottle gourd with its claws.

The huge red bottle gourd flew upon impact and went back in the direction it came from.

"Woof!" Doudous clone was extremely powerful. It looked coldly into the sky.

There were two figures hidden in the dark.

After the bottle gourd flew away upon impact, it went back underneath the feet of one of the men, whose face was filled with arrogance; he steadily held onto it.

The other figure belonged to a man whose head was full of silvery, spiky hair. There was lightning flashing in his eyes.

They were indeed Branch Leader Jing Mo and his good friend, Daoist Half Gourd. Both of them stared coldly at Song Shuhang and Doudous clone.

"Ah, he actually had a monster beast guardian?" Daoist Half Gourd was a little shocked. Furthermore, this monster beast should be at least at Fourth Stage, judging from its aura.

He was just a First Stage fella, how could he actually have such a powerful monster beast by his side? This little guy, dont tell me hes an illegitimate child of some leader from a big sect?

"Hmph, if all he has is a mere monster beast, it isnt enough to save his life. Additionally, this monster beast isnt the real body, it is one of its clones. Theres no way it could last long against us," said Branch Leader Jing Mo. He was standing firmly in the air with a cloud of fog beneath his feetprobably a kind of magical treasure used for flying.

But, when he was on his way to J-City, he was using a flying sword.

The flying sword which was originally beneath his feet launched a surprise attack at this moment!


Sparks flew off Song Shuhangs body; a black sword made a sinister appearance out of nowhere and struck the protective shield of the armor talisman.

Upon being attacked, the protective shield actually burst open!

This armor talismans protective shield was a strong and powerful protective talisman that could withstand an all-out attack from a cultivator at the Third Stage. Now, it actually got broken by an attack from a sword. Song Shuhang quickly realized whythe opponent was a Fourth Stage cultivator!

...Does he have to be so cruel? I am after all only but an inexperienced, small First Stage cultivator. Couldnt he have arranged an opponent thats in a similar realm as I am so that I can actually learn something from the exchange?

"Tsk, the magical treasures equipped on his body sure arent wanting. But, its of no use. No matter how many magical treasures you have, you wont be able to escape from me!" Branch Leader Jing Mo said coldly with his fist clenched.

The black flying sword waved once again and attacked towards Song Shuhangs back at an extremely high speed.

After all, a flying sword was capable of taking the enemy's head from a thousand miles away!

Song Shuhangs armor talisman brokebefore he even had time to activate the second one, the sword before his eyes was about to slash him!

"Swoosh!" Doudous clone flashed and leapt over twenty meters from the sky. Then, it hit accurately in the middle of the black sword with its claws.

Just like the wine red-colored bottle gourd from earlier, the black sword flew back upon impact and returned underneath the feet of Branch Leader Jing Mo.

"This monster beast isnt an ordinary being," Half Gourd said in a deep voiceit crossed over twenty meters in the blink of an eye and its speed was faster than that of the flying sword.

"Its fine. Its level is only Fourth Stage at most. I will deal with it, and you will take down that bastard!" Branch Leader Jing Mo laughed coldly, lightning flashing in his eyes. Once again, he changed the course of the black flying sword, aiming at Doudous clone so that it didnt have time to turn around and help Shuhang.

Daoist Half Gourd nodded his head slightly and used the bottle gourd in his hand to attack once again.

But this time, he did not use the bottle gourd to smash Song Shuhang; he opened the cork of the bottle gourd and said, "Absorb!"

After his command, a suction power came alive within the bottle gourd, pulling at Song Shuhangs body. Daoist Half Gourd had a lot of skills, but most of them came from this red bottle gourd, which possessed all kinds of mystical functions.

"Woof!" Doudous clone in the sky roared, and with a leap, it turned back to save Song Shuhang.

"Wishful thinking!" Branch Leader Jing Mo laughed and wielded its sword, blocking Doudous clone as a string of sword light spilled out of his blade. Even though his personality was lacking, his power and capabilities were high.

This string of sword light enveloped Doudous clones body within it and wrapped around it tightly, depriving him of the chance to display his scary speed.

Doudous clone was unable to turn back to help Song Shuhang, hence it angrily turned around and wrestled with Branch Leader Jing Mo.

At this time, Song Shuhangs body was getting pulled and sucked into the bottle gourd.

This gourd person, is he also a Fourth Stage Cultivator?

If thats the case its time to use THAT magical treasure!

Song Shuhang grabbed something from his waist and pulled out the disposable flying sword 004, holding it tightly in his hand.

He only had one chancehe was gonna see how effective this protective object Senior White had given him would be. If it was of no use, then the only thing he could do was to activate the Ten Thousand Mile Flying Escape Technique tattooed on his body.

After his body was sucked halfway into the sky, Song Shuhang grabbed his flying sword launcher 013 and channeled all his power of the qi and blood from within his Heart and Eye Apertures into the flying sword launcher.

The flying sword launcher synchronized with Song Shuhang thereafter, a scope appeared in his eyes.

This scopehe was very familiar with it.

Gamers who play games such as CS or Cross Fire would be very familiar with it. It was that kind of scope in first-person shooter games. Song Shuhang just had to aim the scope at the cultivator controlling the bottle gourdtarget locked!

Senior White ever since you came out of seclusion till now, after owning a computer, what have you been exposing yourself to?

But at this time, Daoist Half Gourd suddenly felt his heart palpitateand this feeling, it was actually coming from the First Stage kid before his eyes, who was just about to be sucked into the gourd!

"Absorb, absorb, absorb!" Daoist Half Gourd immediately increased his energy output and urged his bottle gourd on in frenzy!

As a loose cultivator, he had a very keen sixth sense. Even though he did not know why this little rascal could make him feel such palpitations, increasing the speed of sucking him into the gourd wasnt a wrong thing to do!

"Launch!" Song Shuhang pressed the button on the flying sword launcher as hard as he could.

At the same time, he gathered all his mental energy and channeled it towards the tattoo on his wristif there was any fishy development, he would prepare to run!

"Swoosh!" The disposable flying sword went off.

If the speed of the black swordowned by Branch Leader Jing Moearlier exceeded that of a race car, then the speed of the disposable flying sword that shot out from Song Shuhangs hand would be the same as that of a supersonic airplane!

The sword light flashed!

Daoist Half Gourd opened his eyes and saw a blinding and narrow ray of light.

He wanted to dodge, but no matter how he tried to adjust his body, he was still targeted by the sword light. It was locked onto him.

In his anxiety, he gave up the act of sucking Song Shuhang into the gourd and tried to hold the gourd in front of him, taking cover behind it.

However, before the gourd in his hand moved, the narrow light ray had already entered his bodyits speed was too fast!

The sword pierced through his heart!

At the same time, the sword intent erupted and ended Daoist Half Gourds life.

Daoist Half Gourd only had disbelief in his eyes. His head lowered and he took his last breath.

After piercing Daoist Half Gourd, the disposable flying sword did not stopwith Daoist Half Gourd being stuck onto it, it flew right up into the sky.

Flying and flying ~ ~ at last it disappeared without a trace.

If nothing happened, Daoist Half Gourds corpse would be sent deep into space. After all, Senior White developed this disposable flying sword 004 for the purpose of burning corpses and obliterating all evidence.

Such a waste, his bottle gourd was a pretty decent magical treasure. This gourd seemed like it wasnt refined by Daoist Half Gourd, most likely he picked this treasure up in some ancient ruins.

It was also unknown what kind of fate would await this bottle gourd after it had gone into space. Would it get smashed into smithereens by meteors? Or would it fall onto a star and melt? Or would it wait for its new predestined owner to pick it up in space and use it again?

With the disappearance of the suction force from the bottle gourd, Song Shuhang fell to the ground from high above.

After he fell onto the ground, it was so painful that he grimaced.

"Half Gourd!" Branch Leader Jing Mo cried out, not able to believe his eyes. Within the blink of an eye, his only good friend Half Gourd died!

Killed in the hands of this First Stage bastard!

"Woof." Doudous clone got out from within his sword light and smirked.

Song Shuhang sure wasnt one thats easy to deal with!

"Cruel, cruel! You guys actually dared to kill Half Gourd, you killed my only good friend!" Branch Leader Jing Mo bellowed with rage and sadness.

Song Shuhang pointed a middle finger at him without any hesitation and said, "Your only good friend? You must be quite a failure as a person."

"Arghhhhhhh!" Branch Leader Jing Mo charged fiercely towards Song Shuhang and said, "Little boy, I dont want the Blood God Crystal anymore, I just want to kill you!"

Blood God Crystal, could it be someone from the Limitless Demon Sect?

"Doudou, block him!" Song Shuhang called out.

"Woof!" Doudous clone roared and displayed its extreme speed once again, blocking Branch Leader Jing Mo as it continued to fight him.

Song Shuhang held the treasured saber Broken Tyrant in one hand and grabbed onto an armor talisman with the other.

Doudou was indeed very reliable at critical moments!

The seniors in the chat group thought of Doudou as a nuisance, but Song Shuhang felt that even though Doudou could be a nuisance at times, most of the time, he greatly aided Song Shuhang in times of need!

"Keep going, Doudou!"Song Shuhang secretly held onto the last sword talisman, preparing to attack Branch Leader Jing Mo in the sky at the critical moment!

"Woof!" Doudous clone called outhis will to fight was stronger than ever!

Its fight with Branch Leader Jing Mo escalated and they both exchanged over a hundred moves at lightning speed. Thereafter, they both separated and stood facing each other for a moment.

At this time, Doudous clone turned its head around and forced a smile as it looked at Song Shuhang.

That forced smile was very unsightly.

"What?" Song Shuhang was puzzled.

"I dont think I have any strength left," Doudous clone smiled apologetically.

"Poof!" Its body became a cloud of fog before condensing into a strand of dog fur, drifting in the air before fluttering to the ground.

"" Song Shuhang.

I was wrong, at critical moments, Doudou is still as unreliable as always, ughhhhh!!!

"Muahaha, this time, lets see whos gonna save you!" Branch Leader Jing Mo laughed sinisterly in the sky, lightning in both eyes. It seemed like he had already entered a state of extreme rage.

The black sword in his hand swung a few times and cut Doudous dog fur, which had already exhausted all its power, into pieces.

At the same time, the black sword activated and came flying towards Song Shuhang with a strong murderous aura!

Within the blink of an eye, the flying sword had already appeared right before Song Shuhang.

He could only depend on himself! He had to block this attack first before using the Ten Thousand Mile Flying Escape Technique immediately after to escape!