Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 199

Chapter 199 Chapter 199 A Shameful Trump Card
Chapter 199: Chapter 199 - A shameful trump card

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Chapter 199 - A shameful trump card

The sword was coming at him too fast, thus Song Shuhang only had one choice"innate skill of the Eye Aperture, Expert Sight!"

He instantly activated the innate skill of the Eye Aperture.

In a flash, the whole world slowed down; as for the lightning-fast black swords trajectory, he could see it clearly!

It was just that the consumption of Song Shuhangs qi and blood within his Heart and Eye Apertures as well as his mental energy was very rapidit was way too much; based on his current realm, at the peak of his condition, he could only activate Expert Sight for a few breaths.

Within that short interval, Song Shuhang used all his might to move his arms; when his wrist flipped, it activated the Flaming Saber Technique on the ancient bronze ring.

Under the Expert Sight, Song Shuhang could see that the speed which his wrist was moving at was as slow as a turtles luckily, based on the estimation of the trajectory, his saber should be able to make it in time!

"Clank" flames burned brightly on his treasured saber Broken Tyrant, hitting against the black sword.

Thanks to Senior White, Song Shuhang managed to learn and master basic use of saber from the young man in a green robe in the vast desert.

The full power of the Flaming Saber was unleashed in all its entirety by him.

Saber and sword clashed.

Thereafter, flames burned everywhere. The Flaming Saber Technique got broken by the black sword.

Song Shuhang felt his purlicue[1] going numb and a tightness in his chest; his entire being flew upon impact.

Even if he used the Flaming Saber, it was only but a Second Stage attack.

And, this flying sword Branch Leader Jing Mo used to attack with his boiling rage was after all a Fourth Stage cultivators weapon.

A full-on attack with Broken Tyrant could only be used to delay the black flying swords attack. Under the control of Branch Leader Jing Mo, the black sword still swung ruthlessly towards Song Shuhang as before.

Truth to be told, if what Song Shuhang was holding in his hand wasnt the treasured saber Broken Tyrant, then not only his weapon would have been destroyed, he would have lost his life as well.

After being attacked head on, Song Shuhangs innate skill, Expert Sight, disappeared. At the same time, he used up all the qi and blood within his Apertures, as well as his mental energy.

Just as he was looking at the flying sword swinging towards his body once again, a small golden shield suddenly appeared in front of him.

The ghost spirit within the Heart Aperture sensed his master was in danger and used all its qi and blood to forcefully activate its innate skillforming a small shield to defend Song Shuhang.


The sword and shield came in contact with each other.

In the next moment, the shield broke

...and the attack made by the black flying sword finally was blocked!

However, the remnants of the sword qi from the flying sword swept Song Shuhangs body away, once again causing him to fly and crash heavily against the mountain wall.

Song Shuhang slid down the stone wall, and weakly sat on the floor as he gasped for air. He was unable to move.

His entire qi and blood was fully consumed; even the qi and blood the ghost blood stored had already been used earlier for the small golden shield to ward off the attack. Moreover, due to the injuries he had received from the remnants of the sword qi, he couldn't even raise a finger.

In the sky, Branch Leader Jing Mo did not wave his sword another time. The golden lightning flashing in his eyes started to be tamped down. The pain and rage of losing his friend were actually being suppressed by him.

He landed from the sky and talked down to Shuhang from an elevated position as he said, "Bastard, I initially wanted to swing my sword and slash you, ending everything. But I can give you a chancegive me the Blood God Crystal and I will spare your life!"

Killing this bastard just like that was practically too merciful. He killed his only good friend, so he was definitely gonna capture this bastard and take him back to the Limitless Demon Sect to torture him in several thousands of different ways and make him wish he was dead!

The Limitless Demon Sect specialized in such torture.

"Hehe." Song Shuhang laughed softly, he wasnt frightened.

Thats because he had one last trump card left.

He never thought that he would have to resort to this. Honestly, if there were any traces of his qi and blood or energy within his body, he wouldnt be willing to resort to this move.

Because... it was too shameful. Just thinking about the steps to activate it, he got the feeling that the world hated him, doing this to him.

However, in the face of death he felt that even if it was an embarrassing trump card, it still had to be used.

"Moon Prism Power Make Up!" Song Shuhang gritted his teeth and shouted.

As he chanted that, he had already cussed Doudou more than ten times in his heart!

"?" Branch Leader Jing Mo was on his guardactually, transforming oneself was quite common in the world of cultivators.

Many cultivators possessed ancient bloodlines or monster beasts bloodlines, and when they were facing death, they could activate their own bloodline and raise their combat effectiveness exponentially via body transformation.

Except that Moon prism power transformation, what kind of ancient bloodline was it? Jing Mo had never heard of it before.

As he was distracted and in a daze, all he saw was a hologram of a 3D Calabash Brother appearing out of Shuhang's wrist. This hologram enveloped Song Shuhang and after that, Powit became a string of light particles, wrapping around Song Shuhang and sending him fleeing into the sky, escaping at a very fast speed

Describing the entire situation in words might make it sound quite long, but in reality, the time taken for Song Shuhang to recite the chant and make his escape at lightning speed took only a split second!

You f*cker, transformation my a*ss! Its nothing but an escape technique!

As Song Shuhang was rolled up by the light particles in the midst of escaping, he thought to himself, This is Ten Thousand Mile Flying Escape Technique? Its speed is insanely fast.

At this moment, he was flying towards southeastif successful, he would ultimately fly to Senior Whites side.

After being at a loss for a moment, Branch Leader Jing Mo started entering his crazy mode once again, shouting, "B*stard, thinking about escaping from me? Dream on!"

He stepped onto his flying sword, flying off at maximum speed.

He, who was riding on the flying sword, transformed into a bolt of lightning, chasing closely after Song Shuhang.

Branch Leader Jing Mos specialty was lightning-type techniques. Amongst the cultivators in his realm, his flying speed was the best amongst the best. At this moment, coupled with the added speed from pushing his secret technique, the speed of his flying sword steadily increased to that of a Fifth Stage cultivator within a short time.

I can catch up, I definitely can catch up with that bastard!

There is a distance limit set for each escaping technique. If I reach him, I will kill him immediately. At worst, Ill spare some extra labor to extract his soul and retrieve the memories pertaining to the Blood God Crystal from it!

Even though retrieving the memories of a ghost spirit required the consumption of a huge amount of spirit stones, if he could get the Blood God Crystal in exchange, it definitely would not be a loss.

D*mn it. If I had known, I wouldnt have spouted so much nonsense and just slashed this bastard to death immediately.

Branch Leader Jing Mo was full of regrets.

As he was thinking, he continued erupting in anger, swearing that he was gonna chop off Song Shuhangs head to make up for his regrets.

At the same time.

Near Jiangnan College Town.

Doudou lay down in a 7-passenger minivan, next to the window, looking at the scenery on the outside and faintly sighed.

He never thought that the strand of dog fur he gave Shuhang would actually be activated Shuhang must have met a formidable enemy.

But he wasnt worried about Song Shuhangs safetyif Song Shuhang was in the face of death, the Ten Thousand Mile Flying Escape Technique mark on his arm would automatically activate and bring him to safety next to Senior Whites side.

Yes, apart from calling out Moon Prism Power, Make Up!, it also had an automatic return function that would trigger when the host was severely injured. After all, this was left behind by Senior White for Song Shuhang to protect his lifehe would have considered all kinds of scenarios.

Hmm it seemed like he might have forgotten to tell Song Shuhang about it?

But it didnt matter, telling him or not was still the same. The point was that he wouldnt die. That was Doudous exact sentiments.

If Song Shuhang found out that Doudou kept such an important function of the Ten Thousand Mile Flying Escape Technique from him, he would certainly go rabies and let Doudou experience how it felt being bitten by someone affected by rabies!

Hmm, lets forget about him. I should care more about myself now, Doudou turned to look at its surroundings. There were several cages lined up all around. In every cage, there was a small dog trembling.

There were pet dogs, stray dogs, mongrels, and expensive branded dogs. There was a huge variety. All of these dogs were weakly lying down in their cages, they did not even have the strength to whimper. They were obviously drugged.

...Doudou was in the hands of dog theft syndicate! And after, it got placed in the car, and they prepared to send him and the other dogs to their central headquarters before they get split up and sent to respective dog meat hotpot restaurants to be sold.

The driver was a fat manwhile he was driving, he was also laughing, saying, "Tsk tsk tsk, Jiangnan area is still the best. There are many dog owners here. Their alertness is way too low. All you gotta do is go out for a stroll and you can capture so many dogs. One is going at about 200 RMB, so one car full of dogs would fetch at least a few thousands."

"But its about time for us to change our area of operation. The police here have started to take action," said a strong man in the shotgun seat.

"What are you afraid of, this is not our first or second time in the area of Jiangnan. When will the police here ever catch us?" The fat man said, bubbling with joy.

"Even if you walk along the shores often, you still have to be careful or you might get your feet wet," said the strong man.

The police of Jiangnan area were not to be underestimated. Even though the dog thieves had never been caught, that was because they were very experiencedtheir tactics were always changing. As for the other dog theft syndicates, quite a number of them had been caught by the police of Jiangnan area.

As they were speaking, the fat man drove to an abandoned factory.

This place was initially a large iron refining factory. For some reason, it was closed down and eventually became the base and a transfer station for this dog theft syndicate.

"Ok, were here." The fat man parked his car nicely and opened the door of the minivan.

The small pet dogs within the cages in the car tucked in their tails and trembled, staring uneasily at the strangers and the unfamiliar environment.

The strong man jumped out of the car and said loudly, "Seven, Frog, come give us a hand and bring these dogs inside. Today we shall deal with the dogs, well leave the area of Jiangnan tomorrow."

Soon, two muscular men ran out from within the abandoned factory and prepared to help out, moving the large dogs from within the car.

Right at this moment, suddenly, there was a deep voice coming from within the minivan, saying, "Oh, have you arrived at your base? Seriously... my butt hurts from sitting through the car ride!"

"Whos that?" The strong man got a huge scare, his hair standing on end. After all, they were committing illegal actsif they got found out, they would have to be locked up in prison. This was certainly not a joke.


At this time, the sound of metal cage being smashed from within the 7-passenger minivan was heard.

Thereafter, a small pekingese casually walked out from the minivan.

It went to the entrance of the minivan and stood on its hind legs with half of its body leaning against the frame of the door. It then used a playful stare to look down on the human beings that were present and said, "There are four people outside and seven inside. Are these all that youve got?"

The small pekingeses mouth opened and closed, speaking human language.

The strong man rubbed his eyeshe felt as though he was going crazy right now. Am I actually seeing a pekingese speaking like a human?

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