Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 20

Chapter 20 Spirit Ghost
Chapter 20: Spirit Ghost

Little girl, how do you know of this? Tubos grandpa asked curiously. Indeed, since the time that Trickster Huang constructed the tomb, seven days after he hung up the tombstone, he died. And then, one after another within the span of a year, all of the ten-plus members of his family were wiped out. Everyone in the district was saying that there was something supernatural about it. They say that Trickster Huang, that bastard, built a huge tomb and doomed his entire family.

Because that Ghost Lamp Temple contains ghosts that are about to reach maturity, a discerning person bought the temple and laid down a seal so as to prevent the ghosts and spirits from harming humans. But someone actually destroyed the temple to build a tomb on the land. Thats virtually leaping on the earth gods head to cause trouble (i.e. deliberately angering a far greater power) By following the energy of the tombstone, the spirits were able to track down the owner of the tomb and his family members, and consume their life energy. For the entire family to die can be considered fortunate; as long as nine generations after him are spared, hes lucky. Soft Feather replied. These pieces of information were not considered secrets to ordinary people so she was able to say them.

Tubos grandpa fell into a long silence. He affixed his gaze on Soft Feather before calling out two words, Blind superstition!

Youngster, believe in science, knowledge is power. Dont learn from those ghostly superstitions! Tubos grandpa was undeniably a modern-minded old man.

Pffft Shuhang could not help but laugh out loud.

But after he laughed, a chill ran through his heart.

Was it really something as simple as just superstition? Could there really be such a coincidence?

Soft Feathers face instantly turned red from embarrassment; sometimes she was really thin-skinned.

It was a good thing that Tubos grandpa didnt nitpick too much about this topic. He was a very conversational old man and possessed all kinds of knowledge from all around the world.

Shuhang and Soft Feather rested at Tubos grandpas home until nine oclock that night, both hosts and the guests thoroughly enjoying themselves.

After borrowing a bike from Tubo, Shuhang and Soft Feather returned to the hotel.

Rest early. Shuhang felt that after everything that had transpired in this day, both his body and mind were exhausted. After bidding Soft Feather goodbye, he entered his room to rest.

Soft Feather sweetly smiled and waved.

Senior, wake up. Wake up. In the midst of his dreams, Shuhang felt as though his chest was being rather suffocated, before a small, icy hand patted his face.

Uwh? Let me sleep a bit more Im sleepy. Song Shuhang waved his hand vigorously, swatting away the thing on his face.

Senior, wake up now. Its almost time. Those two dainty hands rubbed his face strenuously.

The hands were icy cold, and very comfortable as they pressed against his face.

Shuhang who had been sleeping soundly had no choice but to blearily open his eyes. Then, he realised that there was an unsurpassed beauty sitting on his chest in a very sexual manner.

Big breasts, long slender legs, black long hair that reached her waist, the soft sensation of a tight ass pressed against his chest it was Soft Feather.

The proverb goes What you think about during the day, you will dream about at night.

During the day, he had spent all his time with this beauty, Soft Feather, so it wasnt strange at all that he would dream about her at night in such shady scenarios. Hence, Song Shuhang smiled stupidly before falling asleep again.

Senior, wake up! Soft Feather pinched Shuhangs cheeks with both hands, rubbing them with force.

Damn it, this isnt a dream. In the middle of the night, Soft Feather had crawled into his bed.

More importantly only he possessed his room key. How had Soft Feather entered the room? This was the twenty-third floor!

He glanced at the time. It was 11 oclock and approaching midnight.

Girl, feeling your way into my bed in the middle of the night, this could very easily mislead people.

Whats up? Song Shuhang tried his hardest to calm his demeanor and asked.

Lets go to the Ghost Lamp Temple, Soft Feather replied. Midnight is when its easiest to find ghosts.

What? Ghosts?

Girl, youve traveled thousands of miles to J City just to catch those random ghosts?

What kind of crap is this?

He had thought that Soft Feather wanted to find the Ghost Lamp Temple because of some important thing He had never even imagined that someone could use catching ghosts as an excuse to rush thousands of miles to reach J City.

With this super beauty Soft Feather sitting on top of him, he had long since experienced a reaction. Was this girl unafraid that his predatory instincts would take over him?

Uhmaybe Soft Feather was really not afraid. With her firepower, she was able to massacre five drunkards with a single whip of her leg. If Song Shuhang gave in to his predatory nature, that would surely result in a tragedy.

Using a single palm, Soft Feather leapt off his body with a flawless mid air tumble. She landed lightly beside his bed without making even the slightest sound.

Shuhang sat up helplessly. He changed his clothes in the washroom and wiped his face to freshen up. At any rate, he had already accompanied her to J City. Right now, he might as well sacrifice his life to escort his lord, escort her throughout her insanity.

Shall we ride the bike? Shuhang asked.

Yes. Soft Feather nodded as she pulled her huge suitcase along.

Song Shuhang said, Then, wont bringing such a large suitcase with you be a problem?

With a wave of her dainty hand, Soft Feather raised the suitcase and put it on top of her head as if it was as light as a feather Itll be no problem at all, it doesnt take up any space.

Song Shuhang felt his knees growing rather weak.

Luckily he hadnt given in to his predatory instincts. Otherwise, tomorrow, perhaps the man called Song Shuhang would be nothing but a corpse encased in a horse-skin body bag.

The roars of the bike disturbed the dreams of others in this late night, Song Shuhang resolutely accelerated, speedily leaving the hotel district.

Following the direction Tubos grandpa pointed towards, the pair quickly found that forest. It wasnt hard to find at all, but because this was a tomb, it was also the reason why nobody knew that this was where Ghost Lamp Temple was.

The bike couldnt go on further ahead, and further progress had to be made on foot.

Do you need my help? Shuhang asked.

Please be at ease Senior, a mere spirit ghost cant harm me. I can deal with them very quickly. Senior, you just need to keep a lookout for a while. Soft Feather happily laughed.

While they spoke, the two had arrived where Huang Dagen and family were buried.

The huge chair shaped tomb was a design that was very popular 60 years ago. It was unknown whether Huang Dagen had known his whole family was going to die that year, for the constructed tomb was huge, and just enough to fit in the familys four generations, there were 14 people that were buried here.

As it was late night, the cemetery seemed a little eerie.

Song Shuhang couldnt help but hug onto his coat, and recited in his heart, It cant be that we will really meet ghosts, right?

On the other hand, Soft Feather had already begun taking action.

The huge suitcase of hers opened, and there was a layer of light radiating from it. Song Shuhang could see layers of jade sheets, there was over a hundred of them!

There was also a purplish gold bell, which seemed like copper yet wasnt copper, and seemed like gold yet wasnt gold, but it gave off a feeling, a feeling like it was very expensive!

Phew! Soft Feather lightly released a breath, her head full of black hair swayed without any nearby wind, looking brave and heroic!

Afterwards, Soft Feather began taking out some silver metal rods, one after another, surrounding the entire whole tomb. These silver rods also seemed extremely expensive. Then, she took out a stack of talisman paper that was bound together with a cord, and wrapped them over a whole circle of the silver metal rods.

But she still wasnt done, she took out various types of powder, and liquor and put it by the side of the tomb. It was unknown what the powder actually was, while the liquor had a dull light to it, appearing to be something good.

Song Shuhang found a clean stone to sit on, and watched Soft Feather working by the side of the tomb.

Unwittingly, sleepiness filled him, and he felt his vision turn hazy.

An unknown amount of time later.

When Song Shuhang once again opened his eyes in a daze, he saw Soft Feather gracefully dancing at the tomb Dancing at a tomb late at night, this ladys hobby is truly special!

Huh? Beside the lady, there seemed to be two green lights flickering, like it was accompanying Soft Feather in the dance, it looked very nice. The only pity was that this place wasnt beautiful, the tomb made this aesthetically beautiful scene seem weird.

For such a beautiful scene, it should be recorded and kept!

Shuhang slipped his hand into his pocket to take out his phone. It must be said that Song Shuhang was truly daring, if ordinary people saw this scene, their first reaction should be fright and pee. Yet this guy instead wanted to record this scene.

As he was still in a dazed state, his stiff fingers carelessly let the phone fall out of his pocket, and onto the floor.

The light from his cellphones display vaguely illuminated something strange by his feet!