Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 201

Chapter 201 Fear Not I Have The Blood Evasion Technique
Chapter 201: Fear not, I have the Blood Evasion Technique!

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If a person was driving and lost control of their car, and at the same time, if there was also another person standing absentmindedly right in front of the car, a terrible tragedy would have unfolded.

The man with a cold expression and holding a sword suddenly felt as though his lower back was hit by something, after which, he flew and got propelled forward.

Huh? What happened? The man with a cold expression snapped out of his thoughts and calmly turned his head around. Thereafter, he saw a young man with a bitter smile on his face and his body entwined with light from the escaping technique. His head was leaning against his lower back. As they were flying, his head continued to push against it while spinning continuously

The cold and indifferent man was a Fifth Stage Golden Core Spiritual Emperorthe strength and toughness of his body were beyond imagination. Even with the young man spinning and pushing against his back, he could only feel a little limp and numb.

Even though it wasnt painful, having a full-grown man pushing against his lower back with his head made his whole body feel uneasy. This easily triggered a memory of more than a hundred years olda dark history that he could never forget.

Hence, the cold and indifferent mans mouth twitched and asked, "Young man, what are you doing?"

"Boo hoo~" Song Shuhang cried out in misery; he wanted to reply but the words wouldnt come out of his mouth.

He didnt want to continue spinning either, but the Ten Thousand Mile Flying Escape Technique made him act like a prick, and when flying at great speed and hitting upon another object, it forced his body to become like a drill bit, drilling frenziedly as though it wanted his body to drill through the object obstructing his way.

He had already been rotated till he was completely dizzy and unable to speak coherently.

At this time, Branch Leader Jing Mos figure behind him caught up at maximum speed, while at the same time yelling, "Little rascal, where are you escaping to, take a blow from my sword!

The sword light beneath his feet flashedthe black sword transformed into lightning rays, swinging towards Song Shuhang who incidentally dragged the cold and indifferent man into the whole affair.

"" The cold and indifferent man was rendered speechless.

Was it because he did not tell his own fortune today? Why was he having so much bad luck today?

He raised the sword in his hand slightly without unsheathing it, similar to the act of chasing away a housefly.


That lightning ray got shattered, returning to the form of a black sword and sent right back to Branch Leader Jing Mo, beneath his body.

"Young man, before you swing your sword, you have to aim for your target properlydidnt your elders teach you before? Aim properly the next time, if you drag me into your conflict once again, dont blame me for taking action!" The cold and indifferent man said coldly while glaring at Branch Leader Jing Mo.

His words carried a domineering air of an expertthat is if you ignore Song Shuhang who was continuously spinning while pushing against his lower back, causing him to fly forward

Branch Leader Jing Mo snorted coldly, silently accumulating true yuan.

From the words of the cold and indifferent man, he could tell that this man and that rascal Stressed by a Mountain of Books were not comrades. But for some reason unknown to him, the cold and indifferent man was stuck together with Stressed by a Mountain of Books.

But it didnt matteras long as that cold and indifferent man wasnt Stressed by a Mountain of Books reinforcements, he just gotta wait for the escape technique to end, and after he has parted from that cold and indifferent man, he would use his sword to kill him.

As he was thinking, the escape techniques light rays on Song Shuhangs body got weaker and weaker, its speed got slower as well.

"Your escape technique is finally ending?" Branch Leader Jing Mo sneered.

Finally arriving at Senior Whites? Song Shuhang thought to himself in his dizzy state. His sight got blocked by the cold and indifferent man, so he could not locate Senior Whites position.

"" The cold and indifferent mans face was full of shock. He saw a figure of someone who, in the ordinary course of events, would never exist on earth, but only in the figment of his imagination.

In the forbidden area of the Five Fingers Mountain Sealing Technique.

True Monarch Yellow Mountain, Venerable White, and Penniless Thief Sects Little Candy stood in a corner of the forbidden area.

They wouldnt be seen by Daoist Cloudy Mist in this placethe three of them were silently waiting and observing to see when Daoist Cloudy Mist would break the seal and emerge from inside.

True Monarch Yellow Mountain was very curious as for how Daoist Cloudy Mist would take revenge on him after he came out.

Daoist Cloudy Mist was working very hard to break his Five Fingers Mountain Sealing Technique, but in the past 200 years, Yellow Mountains accomplishments with regards to sealing techniques increased steadily. His Five Fingers Mountain Sealing Technique had evolved and arrived at the 017 edition. If Daoist Cloudy Mist still harbored the thoughts of stealing his things, True Monarch Yellow Mountain would certainly not mind sealing him for another ten or twenty years.

Meanwhile, Senior White was having a shuteye while waiting for Cold Flaming Sword of the Penniless Thief Sect, who took his Meteor Sword away, to arrive in order for him to retrieve his possession.

As for Penniless Thief Sects Little Candy next to Senior White, she was acting a little weird. She grabbed the corners of her clothes tightly with both hands while secretly looking at Venerable White from time to time.

Just earlier, when Senior White was demonstrating how he could control his own charm to True Monarch Yellow Mountain, it greatly attracted her attention.

"Very very dazzling." Little Candy mumbled. She almost seemed in love?

[When Penniless Thief Sects female disciple made a mistake in her mission, she was caught and held captive by a dashing senior. But as time went by, sparks started flying between the female disciple of the Penniless Thief Sect and this dashing but overbearing senior] Such a love story had already been popular amongst the female disciples in Penniless Thief Sect a few hundred years ago, and its popularity still had not dwindled.

Little Candy felt that at this moment, she was living out the story of the Penniless Thief Sects female disciple and the overbearing and handsome senior.

Suddenly, Venerable White opened his eyes and gazed towards the sky.

In the next moment, True Monarch Yellow Mountain had the same feeling and stared at the sky.

The fog engulfing the forbidden area of the Five Fingers Mountain Sealing Technique could not block the vision of those two. In reality, the fog would only block vision of cultivators of the Fourth Stage and lower. It would have no effect on a cultivator who had already condensed their Golden Core.

"There are three figures approaching this area." True Monarch Yellow Mountain said, and at the same time secretly furrowed his browsthis was the crucial moment of Daoist Cloudy Mist breaking the seal. He sure did not want other people coming to disturb and ruin his fun.

"Its little friend Shuhang," Senior White said, laughing. He pointed his index finger at what was behind the body of the cold and indifferent man in the airthe flying figure pressing against the lower back of the cold and indifferent man.

"Oh, thats little friend Shuhang?" Likewise, True Monarch Yellow Mountain looked at the spinning young man.

Song Shuhang and him have been friends in spirit (without meeting in person) for a long time. He always felt that little friend Shuhang has been living while being in hot water, facing danger every day. He had to care for Venerable White, as well as take care of Doudou on his behalf.

The gift he had already intended to give Song Shuhang got bigger and bigger.

"His current state seems a bit off?" True Mountain Yellow Mountain asked. Could it be that he saw wrong, or was little friend Song indeed foaming at the mouth? His face seemed to look as though he was in misery and pain.

"Yeah, previously I left him a Ten Thousand Mile Flying Escape Technique so that he can use it to flee to my side when his life was threatened. From the looks of it, he must be in danger," Venerable Whites gaze shifted to the last of the three figures in the sky.

His face was full of malevolence, and his hair was white; he had lightning in his eyes, which remained fixed on Song Shuhanghis killing intent was sky-high.

"But from the looks of it, little friend Shuhang seems to have knocked into someone while using the Ten Thousand Mile Flying Escape Technique? Lets save him first, then continue talking." Venerable White said peacefully while smiling slightly.

In the sky, the cold and indifferent man who was being pushed by Song Shuhang was of a Fifth Stage Spiritual Emperor Realm; the person chasing behind was even more inferior, merely in a Fourth Stage Realm.

...They could easily be destroyed by Venerable White.

Venerable White reached out his hand and beckoned, and the Ten Thousand Mile Flying Escape Technique on Song Shuhangs body was lifted.

Because he had been spinning for a long time, Song Shuhang was very dizzy, to the extent that he wanted to puke. When he finally stopped spinning, he was being pulled over via Venerable Whites power, and slowly descended in his direction.

At the same time, that cold and indifferent man who flew all the way here thanks to Song Shuhang also got grabbed along via Venerable Whites power. Venerable White smiled at the two of them, and at last, his eyes stopped at the treasured sword that still remained in the hands of the cold and indifferent man.

It was his Meteor Sword.

That is to say, this cold and indifferent man was Penniless Thief Sects Cold Flame Sword Liu Tianzong. He actually got sent right before his eyes by little friend Shuhang.

"Yeah, my luck is pretty good," Venerable White nodded his head discreetly.

True Monarch Yellow Mountains hair stood on end for a moment, and he scrutinized his surroundingsevery time Venerable White got lucky, wouldnt the people around him become unlucky?

But for now, it seemed like nothing unlucky was gonna happen?

Just as True Monarch Yellow Mountain was deep in thought, Branch Leader Jing Mo was already nearing the forbidden area of Five Fingers Mountain Sealing Technique. Based on his cultivation level, he wouldnt be able to see through the dense fog over the forbidden area.

Hence, it was natural for him to be unable to see both Venerable White and True Monarch Yellow Mountain within the dense fog.

"Little rascal, do you think escaping into this dense fog will allow you to slip through my fingers?!" Branch Leader Jing Mo bellowed in anger, yet he did not enter the fog.

Who knew what kind of things lay within the dense fog? It was better to play it safe.

Hence, he raised his flying sword towards the sky and chanted a magic spell. Thereafter, the flying sword swung hard"Nine Night Lightning Attracting Technique!"

"Boom boom boom"

In the sky, a lightning dragon was drawn over by the flying sword, and descended.

The lightning dragon bore its fangs and brandished its claws; it was very realistic. It landed heavily in the direction of the fog, with the desire to destroy everything within it.

"Tsk, Limitless Demon Sects thunder attracting technique?" True Monarch Yellow Mountain snorted. Thereafter, without seeing him made any movement, he suddenly appeared underneath the lightning dragon.

"Hooo!" True Monarch Yellow Mountain blew a mouthful of air towards the lightning dragon

That domineering and threatening lightning dragon got blown and vanished into thin air just like that.

Upon seeing this, Branch Leader Jing Mo got a huge scare.

Walking on air without using any magical treasure could only be done by a Fifth Stage Golden Core Spiritual Emperor.

But to easily destroy his Nine Night Thunder Lightning Attracting Technique by lightly blowing, only a True Monarch could do it.

Sixth Stage True Monarch!

"I am Limitless Demon Sects Branch Leader Jing Mo, may I know how you are related to Stressed by a Mountain of Books?" Branch Leader Jing Mo secretly held the talisman treasure of the Blood Evasion Technique tightly as his confidence level secretly rose a little.

With this treasure, even a Sixth Stage True Monarch wouldnt be able to touch him!

"Yeah, we are friends." True Monarch Yellow Mountain replied.

F*ck, Jing Mo activated the Blood Evasion Technique without hesitation. His entire body split apart, transforming into a cloud of blood mist, scattered in all directions.

There was more than meets the eye to this Blood Evasion Technique. The blood fog was split into many sections, scattering in all directions to escape. However, ultimately, they would reunite in one location and fuse to form a living Jing Mo.

If some of the blood fog got destroyed along the way, it would only give him minor injuries. He just had to rest for a few days to entirely recover from such injuries.