Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 203

Chapter 203 Haha I Finally Broke The Seal And Emerged
Chapter 203: Haha, I finally broke the seal and emerged!

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Song Shuhang looked at Senior Yellow Mountain silently as the latter suddenly ran to a position three meters away from him. Frustrated and angry, he asked, "Senior Yellow Mountain, why are you suddenly standing so far away from me?"

"" True Monarch Yellow Mountain was speechless.

Song Shuhang continued, "Senior Yellow Mountain, are you thinking of something disrespectful right now?"

True Monarch Yellow Mountain forced a laugh and said, "Its nothing, its just that I accidentally farted, so I feel that keeping a distance would be better."

Senior, who are you trying to lie to? Your power is already at such a realm, how can you be unable to control something like farts?

And even though I have not opened my Nose Aperture, my sense of smell is several times better than that of ordinary human beings. If you accidentally farted, I would have smelled it a long time ago.

The warped understanding senior has towards me must be changed! Song Shuhang was preparing to have a good chat with True Monarch Yellow Mountain

Meanwhile Venerable White went in front of Cold Flame Sword Liu Tianzong.

At this time, Liu Tianzong had not recollected his thoughts. He was in a daze, staring like a fool; it was as though his thoughts reached a dead end, causing his brain to cease functioning completely.

Suddenly, he shook his head really hard and said, "This is impossible, what I saw that time was clearly just an illusion."

That year, when he chanced upon that cultivators immortal cave, he moved the statue out, thinking it was a treasure.

But halfway through the journey, the statue emitted boundless charm, and during the whole time he was carrying it, whenever he opened or closed his eyes, he would always see the image of a handsome man he got really frightened.

Hence, he decided to bury it back in the ground.

Even then, the image of that handsome man was impossible to get rid of. It bugged him for an entire year before he was free of it. It was a traumatic and nightmare of an experience.

He initially thought that there was a curse placed on the statueafter all, he had stolen from several immortal caves and even graves, and had experienced a fair share of curses.

But what was actually happening now? The image that haunted him for so long actually came to life, and was currently standing right in front of him!

"Hello." Venerable White waved his hand at Cold Flame Sword.

"Hello, Senior." Cold Flame Sword pulled himself together and gathered all his spirit, but every pore on his entire body was tense.

"Mm, you dont have to be so serious. I have no intention to harm you. What I wanted to say was that the Meteor Sword in your hand belongs to me. When I was in seclusion, you took it away from me. Now, after it took me much difficulty to come out of secluded meditation, its time I take it back." Venerable White said softly.

"When you were in seclusion?" Cold Flame Sword stiffened as he repeated after Venerable White, and then had an epiphany!

"Yeah, from the looks of it, youve already guessed it. Indeed, because of a secret technique, I transformed into a statue. And then, I still remember you taking me out of my immortal cave and burying me into the ground," said Venerable White calmly.

But Cold Flame Sword, on the other hand, was breaking out in cold sweat like a waterfall, unable to stop.

A moment later, Cold Flame Sword clenched his teeth and raised the Meteor Sword in his hand, giving it to Venerable White slowlywhether this Meteor Sword actually belonged to the senior cultivator in front of him or not, Cold Flame Sword knew that he had to obediently hand it over because the opposite party was a Seventh Stage Venerable.

Furthermore, it seemed like this Meteor Sword really belonged to the other party?

Well, instead of waiting for Liu Tianzong to hand it over, the Meteor Sword was already making cheerful sword sounds before flying to Venerable Whites side, lively and happy just like a fish, dancing in circles around Venerable White.

Magic swords had spirits, and this Meteor Sword had obviously long turned into one such magic sword endowed with sword spirit.

Venerable laughed and lightly stroked the Meteor Sword. It cheerfully shook for a bit before landing on Venerable Whites waist.

This time, Song Shuhang suddenly asked, "Ah, Senior. So this is Meteor Sword, and not Deity Keeper Sword?"

His eyes were very sharpearlier, he saw Meteor Sword engraved on it.

"It has always been Meteor Sword." Venerable turned and smiled, and then continued, "Shuhang, I have already retrieved the sword. Do you still have any business to take care of? If you dont, lets go back!"

Song Shuhang replied, "If youre not in a rush, should we wait for Senior Seven to come here?"

"Alright." Venerable White nodded.

At the same time a confused Cold Flame Sword Liu Tianzong suddenly said, "Senior, can I ask you a question?"

Even though his face looked confused, both his eyes were resolute.

"Ask me?" Senior White was puzzled and turned his head around, before nodding and said, "Ask away."

"Senior, youre a woman dressing as a man, right?" Cold Flame Sword Liu Tianzong had a glimmer of hope in his eyes.

True Monarch Yellow Mountain secretly facepalmedLiu Tianzong was not the first person to ask that question, and he probably wouldnt be the last.

"Well, if it makes you feel better to think that way, then I dont mind telling you that Im a woman dressing as a man. But, do you believe it?" Venerable White said as he scratched his head.

"Sorry for being disrespectful." Cold Flame Sword Liu Tianzong respectfully bowed towards Venerable White. Then he took his leave, laughing like a madman while disappearing on the horizon~

As for the junior of the Penniless Thief Sect, Little Candy, she was unfortunately overlooked by Cold Flame Sword, abandoned at one side, where she had been standing all the while.

Song Shuhang blinked and felt as though he was watching a third-rate melodramatic TV series.

At this time, True Monarch Yellow Mountain quietly tugged at Song Shuhang and said via the secret sound transmission, "Did you see it? If you dont wanna become like him, you have to think more about Su Clans Sixteen or Soft Feather and look more at Fairy Lychees pictures. Also, dont daydreamits impossible for Senior White to be a woman dressing as a man, you can forget about it!"

"Senior," Song Shuhang laughed bitterly. He was unable to send a secret sound transmission so it was impossible for him to explain and defend himself, but when he said that Senior White was good-looking previously, it was purely out of objective admiration! He had never harbored the thought of Senior White dressing as a woman or anything along those lines.

"Try hard!" True Monarch Yellow Mountain gave Song Shuhang a thumbs up. Then, he retreated back to the side, watching the ongoing operation of Daoist Cloudy Mist who was still being sealed by the Five Fingers Mountain Sealing Technique.

In order not to let Daoist Cloudy Mist get affected by the outside world, True Monarch Yellow Mountain previously secretly increased the thick fog around him to create the effect of soundproofing and vision-proofing, making him feel more isolated.

Hence, it was like Daoist Cloudy Mist was in a singleplayer gamehe had not the slightest clue what just happened in the outside world. He was only focusing on breaking True Monarch Yellow Mountains seal.

All there was left was to see how he was gonna break the seal! True Monarch Yellow Mountain had been waiting forever to catch such a good show.

At this time, Senior White waved at Song Shuhang and asked, "Shuhang, was your trip to J-City a good one? How did you bump into a Limitless Demon Sects disciple?"

"If youre talking about it going smoothly, it was pretty successful and smooth," Song Shuhang laughed lightly and started recounting everything that happened.

From meeting the resentful ghost and accidentally killing the ghost general to Senior Brother Three Realms coming over from afar to lend a helping hand and chancing upon a pile of medicinal herbs for refining the qi and blood pill in Altar Masters old headquarters. Lastly, he spoke of facing Branch Leader Jing Mo and Daoist Half Gourds assassination attempt.

At this point, Song Shuhang couldnt help but look at Branch Leader Jing Moinitially, the only regret he had on his trip to J-City was that he did not manage to retrieve the Limitless Demon Sect branchs information on Cultivator Sunflower from the underlings of Altar Master.

But from the looks of it now, with Jing Mo around, whod be afraid of being unable to get that information?

In other words, the blessing written on the ingredients list given to him by Senior White had already ran its course, successfully and perfectly completed!

Just thinking about it felt awesome.

"Hahaha, your luck is indeed not bad. You even managed to get hold of the medicinal herbs used for the qi and blood pill." Venerable White laughed.

True Monarch Yellow Mountain at the side couldnt help but look at Song Shuhang could it be that little friend Shuhang really rubbed off good luck from being by Senior Whites side? His trip to J-City was full of weird fortune, it has the same vibe as Venerable Whites luck about it.

"Shuhang, now that you are already opening the Nose Aperture, although you only need qi and blood pill in order to greatly speed up the process, even at the fastest speed, youll still need more or less a year," Senior White pinched his chin and said, "Actually, if your luck is even better"

Upon listening to his words, Song Shuhang hurriedly jumped in a bid to prevent Senior White from continuing his speech.

He had fully comprehended and experienced the huge killing weapon that was Senior Whites blessings. The blessings written by him on a slip of paper was enough to help him complete his mission smoothly and easily, but at the same time made him face assassination attempts by two Fourth Stage cultivatorswhich almost cost him his life.

When Senior Whites golden mouth opened and directly spoke words of blessings, what would happen?

Unfortunately, when he jumped, the second part of Senior Whites speech was already blurted out, "Yeah, I remember that a few hundred years ago, there was a cultivator who got hold of a piece of strange rock? It should be an item from space, it was very mystical. It possessed a sort of an extraordinary powerit was neither spirit power nor one that could be transferred to cultivators to put to use. But instead, its power was that it can exponentially increase the speed of opening apertures for a First Stage Cultivator. If I remember correctly, that rock did cause quite a bit of a commotion in the cultivator world at that time."

"Yeah, I have an impression of it too." True Monarch Yellow Mountain continued, "Its name was coined by people in the cultivation world, who referred to it as Enlightenment Stone. One merely has to sit beside the rock to comprehend the wonders of the Great Way. When a First Stage cultivator is hovering near that strange rock, he can easily break through the bottleneck of the apertures within his body without much difficulty; the failure rate is almost zero. But what a pity, its location is currently unknown. Nobody knows which powerful figure got hold of it."

"Shuhang, if you get that strange rock, for all you know, four years would be sufficient for you to continuously open three AperturesNose, Ear and Mouth aperturesand directly jump through the dragon gate and promote your cultivation to the Second Stage Realm," said Venerable White.

"Impossible, I aint that lucky." Song Shuhang kept waving his hands dismissivelythat strange rock that Senior White just mentioned didnt seem to be a treasure originating from mother earth, but likely came from the mysterious space instead.

In other words, that thing was very likely to be something like a meteorite that would fall from the sky?

Hopefully, Senior Whites blessing hasnt taken effect this time.

Otherwise, there would come a time in the future where he would constantly be in fear of being struck and crushed by things like meteorites. And if he were to be careless for a moment, he might be really crushed to death?

Just as the three of them were conversing, there was finally a change detectable in Daoist Cloudy Mists seal.

True Monarch Yellow Mountains Five Fingers Mountain Sealing Technique started trembling.

Thereafter, a figure broke the seal and emerged.

"Haha, I finally broke the seal and emerged!" The figure raised both hands to the sky and laughed heartily.

And after that, he even sang, "Freedom gained from breaking the seal, gonna clean up stupid Yellow Mountains house. Ack, no can do, it doesnt rhyme."

True Monarch Yellow Mountains face darkened and he laughed forcefully.