Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 204

Chapter 204 This Speed Is Fast To The Point Of Being Incurable
Chapter 204: This speed is fast to the point of being incurable!

Translator: GodBrandy Editor: Kurisu
On the screen relaying the image from the surveillance camera, Daoist Priest Cloudy Mist seemed to be in the mood for composing poems. Song Shuhang couldnt help but shoot a look at True Monarch Yellow Mountain.

Stupid Yellow Mountain was something that Doudou kept repeating every day. However, Doudou was True Monarch Yellow Mountains cute little pet. Even if he kept repeating this sentence, True Monarch wouldn't get angry and would only find him silly and lovable.

But the Daoist Priest Cloudy Mist in front of their eyes was a middle-aged man and not in the least someone cute. After hearing him repeat stupid Yellow Mountain over and over again, wouldnt True Monarch get the urge to punch him to death?

"Hehehe. It seems Ill need to let him have a taste of my improved Five Fingers Mountain Sealing Technique. This time, Ill seal him till he dies of old age!" True Monarch Yellow Mountain got angry and sneered.

Song Shuhang observed three seconds of silence for Daoist Priest Cloudy Mist...

On the screen, he saw that Daoist Priest Cloudy Mist was frozen in place. He raised his head and looked all around. He seemed anxious and was often looking around.

However, since True Monarch Yellow Mountain had increased the amount of fog in the area, Daoist Priest Cloudy Mist couldn't actually see through this cloudy mist. He was looking all around, unable to understand where he was.

"Why do I have a bad premonition after coming out? Did that Yellow Mountain fellow prepare a trap to welcome me?" Daoist Priest Cloudy Mist talked to himself.

But it doesnt matter anymore. This Daoist has already broken through the seal. From now on, Im a free man!

"Sword, come!" Daoist Priest Cloudy Mist lightly shouted. A sword orb came out of his tattered sleeve, changing into a sword of light. Then, he stepped on the light and flew toward the sky.

"I wish to ride the wind and return home~ and travel a thousand miles with the sword light~ taking enemy heads like chicken heads~"

From this nonsensical poem, one could understand that Daoist Priest Cloudy Mist was fond of ancient poetry and songs but had no talent whatsoever in composing such. In addition, he had been sealed for a long time, and his clothes were in tatters. He didnt resemble a scholarly man at all.

Looking at Daoist Priest Cloudy Mist who was getting further and further away, Song Shuhang quickly asked, "True Monarch, arent you planning to catch him to seal him again?"

"There is no rush." True Monarch Yellow Mountain smiled evilly and continued, "If I were to catch him right now and seal him, wouldnt I be too merciful? Im planning to let him free for a few days, letting him have a taste of this beautiful modern world. And once he falls in love with this modern world, Ill catch and seal him. Hell be even more grieved after knowing how beautiful the outside world is!"

To explain this with an examplelets assume there is a man that has never had contact with the Internet. The man has only read novels and watched the TV; hes quite happy with this type of life.

But then, he comes in contact with the Internet and falls in love with it. If hes deprived of it even for a day, hell start to feel uncomfortable. But one day, his Internet connection or the computer breaks. If its only for one or two days, he can cope with it, but if it goes on any longer, he might turn insane.

"Moreover, I placed a device on Cloudy Mists body. He wont be able to escape from my grasp." True Monarch Yellow Mountain said confidently.

Song Shuhang swallowed a mouthful of saliva I better not offend True Monarch Yellow Mountain. Otherwise, I wont end up well.

Then, True Monarch Yellow Mountain, Venerable White, and Song Shuhang watched as Daoist Priest Cloudy Mist was getting further and further away.

However, Penniless Thief Sects Little Candy was staring at Venerable White. Her head filled with the tales of the love-hate relationship between a disciple of the Penniless Thief Sect and an incredibly handsome senior cultivator.

It seemed that Daoist Priest Cloudy Mists matter had temporarily come to an end.

Would Daoist Priest Cloudy Mist finally find happiness?

Not long after Daoist Priest Cloudy Mist left, a sword light flashed through the sky and quickly approached.

Soon after, Sevens tall and big silhouette descended from the sky.

"Little Friend Shuhang!" He looked at Song Shuhang and smiled brightly. But when he saw that True Monarch Yellow Mountain and Venerable White were also there, his face twitched a little.

However, he still kept his smiling face and greeted them.

"Senior Seven, you were fast. This is the disciple of the Limitless Demon Sect I was talking about. Senior White and Senior Yellow Mountain already took care of him," said Song Shuhang while pointing at Branch Leader Jing Mo who was lying on a side.

"This time I really have to thank you, Little Friend Shuhang!" Seven moved forward with large strides and arrived in front of Branch Leader Jing Mo. Then, he searched his body. He retrieved a few small and big bottles, a jet-black flying sword, and a ball of mist.

He pressed against these things with his palm, temporarily sealing them. Next, he threw them at Song Shuhang and said, "Little Friend Song Shuhang, take these. After a month or two, once Im done dealing with this guy and his branch, youll be able to use them. At the time, theyll change into ownerless items, and youll be able to use them without worries."

Flying swords and other magical treasures usually carried a brand. If the owner of the treasure wasnt dead, you wouldnt be able to use it.

Deleting the brand of the original owner was rather troublesome. Therefore, Seven decided to use the simpler method, a seal. After a few days, when he was done dealing with Branch Leader Jing Mo, the brand would disappear, and Song Shuhang would be able to use them.

"Little Friend Song Shuhang, Ill bid you farewell now! Wait for Immortal Fairy Bie Xues Immortal Feast. Ill come look for you at the time!" With that, Su Clans Seven got a hold of Branch Leader Jing Mo and prepared to leave.

After bidding farewell to True Monarch Yellow Mountain and Venerable White, he left with a "whiz" sound, quickly disappearing at the horizon.

Once he was a certain distance away, Seven murmured, "I had forgotten that Little Friend Shuhang was together with Senior White these days. I almost shat myself. Thank god I managed to escape quickly."

"Senior Yellow Mountain, well go our way then!" Song Shuhang said while taking his leave.

True Monarch Yellow Mountain said with a smile, "Then, Ill trouble you to look after Doudou for a few more days. Once I catch and seal Daoist Priest Cloudy Mist again, Ill come and take him back!"

"I understand. Ill relay that to Doudou." said Song Shuhang as he waved his hand.

Then, Venerable White used his flying sword and brought him back to Medicine Masters multi-storied building.

After a while, True Monarch Yellow Mountain also rode his flying sword, leaving the forbidden area.

"Ah? Where has everyone gone?" When Penniless Thief Sects Little Candy regained her senses, there was no one around. She was the only one left there.


Does it mean that Im free now? But why do I feel so uncomfortable?

Little Candy felt uncomfortable for being disregarded like that.

Then, she clenched her teeth and fists and looked at the direction where Song Shuhang and Venerable White had flown in, saying, "Ill be back!"

Song Shuhang was sitting above Venerable Whites sword light, but for some reason, he felt that his legs had become soft. Was this the aftermath of that bungee jumping session?

This was a bitter lesson. Next time, he would make sure to control his mouth properly and not blabber random nonsense!

While he was thinking, his phone rang.

Song Shuhang took a look and saw that it was Tubo. It was already late at night. Why did Tubo call him at this hour? Shouldnt he be sleeping?

Song Shuhang answered.

"Shuhang, where are you? I just went to look in your room, but you werent there." Tubos anxious voice echoed since he couldnt sleep, he went to look for Shuhang. If he wasnt sleeping either, they could chat a bit.

But when he went to his room, he didnt find anyone. And since the key of the car was also on the table, he got worried and called him.

"Cough, I just went out to buy cigarettes. Im on my way back, no need to worry." Song Shuhang quickly replied.

"When did you start smoking? Wait" Tubo said in a low voice, "You werent kidnapped, right? Do I need to call the police?"

"Your imagination is sure running wild. There is nothing of the sort. Ill come back soon." Song Shuhang said with a smile.

"Oh, then come back quickly. Ill wait for you." Tubo replied.

Song Shuhang laughed and hung up.

"Senior White, can you deliver me to J-City first?"

"Sure." Senior White nodded and said, "Ill use another flying sword to send you over there. Ill go to Medicine Masters multi-storied building and wait for your return."

"Youll use another flying sword to send me over there?" Song Shuhang was confused. Did that mean that Senior White could send him to a certain place even if he wasnt directly controlling the flying sword?

Venerable White said, "Yeah, its pretty simple. The concept is similar to when you use the flying sword to deliver a book."

"When you use the flying sword to deliver a book? But Senior, dont you need another cultivator to coordinate on the other side to lock the position?" Song Shuhang asked. When Medicine Master and Great Master Profound Principle used a flying sword to send books, they locked the correct position through a special synchronization technique. Only then did they use the flying sword to send the book over.

"There is no need for that. Just tell me the address of the place, Ill use the phone and search for the coordinates on the map. Ill lock down the position from there and send you over. I thought of it just recently, but Im still a Seventh Stage Venerable, you have to believe in me." Venerable White explained.

"Cough. Senior White, why dont you come to J-City with me to have some fun?" Song Shuhang cautiously asked.

He felt that Senior Whites method of using Baidu Maps was a bit unreliable. If he could convince Senior White to come personally, it would be better!

"Im not in the mood right now," Senior White heaved a sigh. "Even if I managed to restrain my aura, Su Clans Seven still felt uncomfortable around me and avoided me. He said only a bunch of words and immediately left. This ruined my mood a bit, and I dont feel like accompanying you to J-City. Come, Ill use the flying sword to send you over there. Stop being a scaredy-cat!"

Senior Seven? Song Shuhang felt like crying. Its Senior Sevens fault. Why am I suffering the consequences?

Then, Venerable White took out that blue short sword that belonged to the loose cultivator Li Tiansu and pressed on it with his finger. The sword changed into a layer of light and started floating in the air. Afterward, Senior White moved Song Shuhang onto the layer of light.

"Whats the address?" Venerable White asked.

"J-City, Luo Xin Street Area N 54. Senior White, I wont die, right?" Song Shuhang put on a long face and asked.

"Be at ease. Nothing will happen to you." Senior White messed with the phone a bit and said, "Good, I found the coordinates."

Then, he activated a sword art and said to the sword beneath Song Shuhang, "Go!"

The blue short-sword dashed forward with a "whiz" sound. The speed was extremely fast. What type of fast? The incurable type of fast.

It was that type of fast where Song Shuhang would start yelling as soon as the sword dashed forward, "Aaaaaaaah~"

Song Shuhang only just started calling out in a high-pitched voice, but if a normal person were standing in Venerable Whites position, they would already see only a small black dot insteadSong Shuhang had already flown very far...