Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 205

Chapter 205 Northern Rivers Loose Cultivator Lost His Memory
Chapter 205: Northern Rivers Loose Cultivator lost his memory?

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At this time, Song Shuhang was lying flat on the layer of light surrounding the flying sword; he didnt look handsome in the least.

The harsh reality had reminded Song Shuhang time and time again of its brutality, continuously destroying his dream of riding a flying sword.

If not for the fact that there was a huge gravitational force on the layer of light, keeping Song Shuhang glued to the sword, he would have long ago fallen due to the excessive speed.

Senior White, even if this technique is used to deliver books, you could have added a wind-proof formation! Im a person, not a book! Song Shuhang was on the verge of tears.

Since the sword had become fast to the point of being incurable, Song Shuhang could only rely on his body to resist the wind.

If not for the fact that he was a cultivator of the First Stage with two opened apertures, this speed and the lack of oxygen would have already killed him.

Aside from the extreme speed, Song Shuhang couldnt find other merits in this method developed by Senior White.

Moreover Song Shuhang felt that aside from acrophobia, he had started to suffer from tachophobia 1 too.

After an unknown amount of timenot much given the speedSong Shuhang arrived at the destination.

Right now, he had a broom-type hairstyle. Luckily, his hair wasnt as long as that of Medicine Master. Otherwise, he would look as though someone had electrocuted him.

The speed of the flying sword started to decrease. It was preparing to land.

Thankfully, it wasnt a bungee jumping sword. Otherwise, Song Shuhangs legs would have gone soft once again.

Inside Tubos grandfathers residence.

Tubo was holding his phone and playing a game. He seemed quite bored, Where has Shuhang gone? He wasnt kidnapped for real, right?

Song Shuhang had never smoked. And now, he went out late at night saying that he had gone to buy cigarettes anyone could understand that there was something wrong.

If Song Shuhangs doesnt come back in the next ten minutes, should I call the police?

Tubos imagination was running wild.

In the small courtyard of the house.

Two petty thieves were hanging around Song Shuhangs Mademoiselle car. They used a flashlight to see what was inside the car, quickly turning it off afterward.

"There is a big box, and also a big package. This is a car model used by women, maybe there is something good inside," said Petty Thief A.

There was a higher chance of finding good stuff in a womans car rather than a mans.

Petty Thief B quietly waved his hand. Then, he lifted a brick and said, "Ill break the car window. You take that box and package as fast as possible."

"Sure. Moreover, I looked up this car on the Internet. Its alarm system is a little backward. Sometimes, the alarm wont ring even if you break the window." Petty Thief A laughed.

Then, Petty Thief B raised the brick and prepared to smash the car window. But at this time, something fell from the sky, coming toward him.

And just like this Petty Thief B was hit and sent flying.

His frail body was sent flying for around five meters, bumping into the wall of a house.

Petty Thief A was staring dumbfounded. His mouth remained wide open for quite a while.

What the f*ck just happened?!

"Oh, did I safely land?" Song Shuhangs voice echoed. He gently lifted the lifeless flying sword with his foot, taking it in his hands.

"Aaaaah~" At this time, Petty Thief B suddenly screamed.

It felt as though he had been hit by an ox. All the bones in his body were in shambles.

Song Shuhang shot a look at them, "Oh, are these thieves?"

Petty Thief A opened his eyes wide. Afterward, he revealed a sinister expression as he took out a knife from his pocket, "Get the hell out here if you dont want to-"

He hadnt finished his speech when he felt the world going black.

Someone had punched him in the face. He pitifully screamed and was sent flying. Just like his companion, he also hit against the wall of Tubo grandfathers house.

The two petty thieves fell on one another, sending out pitiful yells.

"You guys came at the right time!" Song Shuhang secretly noddedTubo was going to ask him where he had run to in the middle of the night. With the appearance of these two thieves, he could uprightly say that he noticed these two suspicious guys hanging around the place and that he went to keep an eye on them!

What a stroke of luck!

"Whats happening?" Said Tubo while squeezing his head out of the window of the upper floor.

"Tubo, its me. I caught two petty thieves." Song Shuhang smiled and waved his hand.

"What? Thieves? Wahaha! We havent encountered petty thieves in Luo Xin Street for a long time," said Tubo excitedly. Then, he shouted, "Grandpa, weve caught some thieves!"

"What? Did someone say thieves?! Jesus, they caught some thieves!!!" Tubos grandfather had yet to reply when someone else started to shout.

Very soon, Tubo, his grandfather, his grandmother, Li Yangde, and a lot of neighbors rushed over.

"Petty thieves? Where are they?!" Tubos grandfather roared.

Many of residents of Luo Xin Street were blood relatives, so when they had to deal with an enemy, they would always come together. Whenever a thief was sighted, the whole village would come out to look for them.

Only a very small number of thieves managed to escape after being discovered.

Therefore, there hadn't been too many thieves that had come here to steal latelybecause not only were they unable to steal in most cases, but they would also end up in a miserable state after being caught.

The last time a thief was caught, he shed tears of joy when the police officer came to arrest him.

"Over there. They are in that corner." Song Shuhang said with a smile.

Then the neighbors went there and started to beat them.

Next, someone shouted, "Who has a rope? Lets tie them up before giving them to the police!"

"Im coming. I have a rope." A man suddenly ran over and took out a long rope.

He seemed pretty experienced. He quickly tied up both their hands and feet. After pondering for a bit, he decided to bind their bodies as well.

Was this man really binding a person? It almost seemed as though he was binding a crab.

"There is no need to tie their feet. We need to drag them to the police station in a while. And why are you binding their bodies too? Youre not going to sell them like your crabs!" Said someone else.

What? He was selling crabs for real?

"..." The man with the rope made a hollow laugh, "Crap, its a habit!"

Once they were done, Tubos grandfather and the other villagers brought the beaten-up petty thieves to the nearby police station.

Luckily for Shuhang, these two petty thieves provided a good excuse for why he had left the house in the middle of the night.

After staying in Tubos grandfathers house for two days, Song Shuhang and Li Yangde decided to leave and set out on the road to Jiangnan College Town. On the other hand, Tubo decided to have fun at this grandfather's place for a few more days.

The Mademoiselle car set out. In the rear, there were two big boxes of strawberries. These were Song Shuhangs spoils of war from the last two days.

Tubos grandfather warmly waved his hand while gazing at the departing Song Shuhang and Li Yangde.

After Song Shuhang had come over, all those strange events in the village suddenly stopped. Even all the elders that had gotten weak had started to recover their strength.

It was truly wonderful.

Jiangnan College Town. After bringing Yangde home, Song Shuhang took his car and drove to Medicine Masters multi-storied building.

"Senior White, Doudou, I have returned." Song Shuhang took the two boxes and the large package with him while moving toward the entrance.

Once he opened the door, he was temporary at a loss.

He looked at the familiar and at the same time unfamiliar house. Then, he quietly closed the door. There is no mistake about it! Its precisely the five-story building bought by Medicine Master!

But the interior of the house had completely changed.

No matter if we were talking about the walls, the ceiling, the lights, the various home appliances, or the digital stuff everything had changed.

Song Shuhangs corners of the mouth twitched. Ive been away only for two days, right?

At this time, Venerable Whites form quickly appeared in Song Shuhangs side.

"Hahaha. Shuhang, what do you think of this renovation?" Senior White had the face of someone that was both anxious and trying to curry favors.

Song Shuhang blinked. After a while, he nodded and squeezed out two words, "Not bad!"

In regards to decorations aloneif we gave one million as a score to the decorations present when Medicine Master bought the house, the actual score would be at least ten million! It was truly magnificent...

Song Shuhang was taken aback, and he could only say not bad in the end.

But why did Senior White completely renovate the house...? Song Shuhang felt that there was no need to ask this question. From Senior Whites anxious + trying to curry favors expression, he had more or less guessed the reason.

Senior White heaved a sigh of relief.

Song Shuhang opened his mouth. He wanted to remind Senior White that this house belonged to Senior Medicine Master. There was no need to please him. However, after seeing Senior White heaving a sigh of relief, he felt that it would be cruel to remind Senior White of this fact.

"Right. Senior, I brought these strawberries from the house of my classmate. Do you want to eat them?" Song Shuhang opened one of the boxes; it was full of strawberries. They looked very tasty.

Senior White ate one and narrowed his eyes, "This flavor is quite good."

"I know, right? We plucked them personally. It was an interesting experience. Next time, we can go to have fun together. Since its summer and I dont have to go to school, I can bring Senior all over the country. If we keep staying in the Jiangnan area, we will miss a lot of interesting places." Song Shuhang said with a smile.

"Fine!" Senior Whites eyes immediately lit up. "Right, in a few days, we have to go and learn how to fly a plane!"

"No problem!" Song Shuhang had a bright smile on his face. However, he thought to himself Before learning how to fly a plane, should I ask Senior Yellow Mountain to prepare a spacesuit?

He feared that Senior White would get too excited and start messing around with their plane, directly sending it into space and start their voyage toward the moon!

Therefore, he had to prepare for all eventualities.

Just as they were speaking, the pekingese Doudou ran out of the room. He pounced toward Song Shuhang and asked, "Shuhang, is that true that you met stupid Yellow Mountain a few days ago?"

Song Shuhang caught Doudou midair and replied, "Yes, Ive met him."

"Did stupid Yellow Mountain say when hes coming over to bring me home?" Asked Doudou with an excited look on his face.

Whenever he had run away, True Monarch Yellow Mountain would immediately start looking for him and bring him home. But this time, it had already been a month, and True Monarch hadnt come yet. Doudou found it difficult to accept.

"Cough, True Monarch said to wait a few more days. He said hed come to get you once he catches and seals that Daoist Priest Cloudy Mist from the Penniless Thief Sect again." Song Shuhang truthfully replied.

"Hell come after catching that stupid Daoist Priest Cloudy Mist?" Doudou clenched his teeth, "Is that stupid Yellow Mountain really planning to ignore me?"

Song Shuhang made a hollow laugh.

"Alright. Lets not talk about stupid Yellow Mountain. You werent online yesterday, right? Something happened in the group." Doudou left Song Shuhangs embrace and said.

"Yes, I was out of battery yesterday. I forgot to bring a charger with me when I went to J-City." Song Shuhang replied, "Was someone looking for me?"

It was quite embarrassing. The seniors in the group even gave him a ten million RMB phone recharge to allow him to be always online. And yet, he forgot to bring the battery charger and ended up being unreachable again.

"Seriously. When Medicine Master returns, ask him to teach you the battery charging technique. Its useful at critical moments. If you could learn the Lightning Palm, you should have no problems learning the battery charging technique." Doudou said.

Battery charging technique? There was even such a mysterious technique?

It seemed that the seniors in the group tried very hard to solve the problem of having their mobile phones and laptops run out of battery when away from home.

While the man and the dog were chatting, Senior White took the big box and started eating the strawberries; he was in a good mood.

Song Shuhang went to the hall upstairs and put in a corner the raw medicinal materials, the three million RMB, and all the things obtained from Branch Leader Jing Mo.

Then, he used his computer and opened the Nine Provinces Number One Group to read the latest news.

The new messages dated back to yesterday afternoon.

The first one belonged to Soft Feather and was sent around 2 PM.

Spirit Butterfly Islands Soft Feather: " @Stressed by a Mountain of Books, Senior Song~ are you there? I was finally able to complete the synchronization with the ghost spirit! Have you already decided where you want to go during summer vacation? If not, we can go to that mysterious island!"

After half a month, she was finally able to complete the synchronization with the ghost spirit. Now, they could share their energies and consciousness.

From now on, whenever she was using this add-on, the true qi inside her body would be purified and her cultivation speed would double. The quantity of true qi inside her body would also double.

Moreover, since she had fulfilled her part of the agreement with her father, she could finally leave the island and go out to play. Therefore, she remembered about the mysterious island and asked Song Shuhang to go there.

Unfortunately, Song Shuhangs phone was out of battery at the time.

However someone inside the group quickly replied to Soft Feather.

Northern Rivers Loose Cultivator: "Oh. You have done well, Soft Feather. Its pretty rare to obtain a ghost spirit, and you already managed to synchronize with it?"

Senior Northern Rivers Loose Cultivator hadnt appeared in a long time. Is he finally back from the mysterious island?

This man was the always online brave warrior of the Nine Provinces Number One Group. He was the first one to reply whenever someone had a question. If this were a forum, he would be that guy that kept refreshing just to write First! under every post.

Since the seniors are happily chatting, it seems that they had safely returned from the mysterious island. I wonder what they discovered in that place Song Shuhang thought to himself.

He quickly scrolled through the chat logs with the mouse.

Next, he saw another message from Northern Rivers Loose Cultivator, "Soft Feather, do you want to go to the mysterious island with us? Thrice Reckless, Ancient Lake Temple, and I are planning to explore it. Do you want to come with us?"

Song Shuhang froze on the spotthere was something wrong here! Senior, you three went to the mysterious island twenty days ago!

But now, you are still planning to explore it?

Did they... lose their memories?