Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 206

Chapter 206 Seniors Loots And A Worried Shuhang
Chapter 206: Seniors loots and a worried Shuhang!

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"???" Spirit Butterfly Islands Soft Feather sent a row of question marks. Didnt the three seniors just get back from the mysterious island?

Subsequently, Thrice Reckless Mad Saber sprung out and said happily, "Soft Feather, do you wanna go with us? You are most welcome to do so! Also, you can tell Venerable Spirit Butterfly that the three of us would be there and would certainly take good care of you, you can tell Venerable not to worry at all!"

Then, the next message was from True Monarch Ancient Lake Temple.

True Monarch Ancient Lake Temple: "Soft Feather, if you wanna go together, we should decide on a place to meet at. For this trip to the mysterious island, the three of us have prepared a lot of thingsbe it magic techniques, magical treasures, or modern equipment. We will prepare a set of equipment for you, so you dont have to worry about losing your memories after entering the mysterious island. Even if you really lost your memories, as long as the effects of the magic as well as the modern equipment have not been nullified, we would be able to locate some clue to start from."

After True Monarch Ancient Lake Temples words, the remaining seniors in the group started making their appearances.

True Monarch Yellow Mountain quickly said, "Thrice Reckless, dont look at the date, tell me what day and month is it today?

"Its June 17th, the date we all agreed on to set out." Thrice Reckless Mad Saber quickly replied.

Upon seeing that, True Monarch Ancient Lake Temple hurriedly looked at the timing at the bottom of the computer screen, "Crap, isnt it July 8th, 2019?"

At the same time, Northern Rivers Loose Cultivator responded, "July 8th, 2019? Could it be that theres a problem with all three of our memories?"

"Theres a problem." Dharma King Creation.

"Theres a problem + 2." Cave Lord Snow wolf said, as he was rejoicing in others misfortune.

"+ 3 ," sent Immortal Master Copper Trigram.

"Additionally, it is a huge problem." Palace Master Seven Lives Talisman appeared, and continued, "Your memory loss is worse than that of Medicine Masters two Daoist friendsat least they could still remember entering the mysterious island, just that they couldnt recall anything that happened in there. When they woke up, they were just clueless about how they got to a deserted beach. As for the three of you, your memories got cut off at the period before setting out.

Medicine Master added on, "Furthermore, when you guys came out of the island, you didnt appear on any beaches. Instead, you guys split up and went home? What I wanna know is, after you guys lost your memories, did all three of you sleepwalk back to your respective immortal caves?"

One could imagine that after they came out of the mysterious island, they didnt have a single memory of it.

And after returning to their immortal caves and switching on their computers, they probably muddle-headedly thought that they had not set out yet. After that, they decided when to meet again to prepare to set out to the mysterious island once again.

Hypotheticallyif after their return, nobody reminded Northern Rivers Loose Cultivator, Thrice Reckless Mad Saber, and True Monarch Ancient Lake Temple that they had lost their memories perhaps the below might happen:

Northern Rivers Loose Cultivator: "Three Reckless, Daoist Ancient Lake Temple. Lets go on an adventure to the mysterious island, what do you say?"

Thrice Reckless Mad Saber: "Lets go, lets go!"

True Monarch Ancient Lake Temple, "Lets go, lets go. Let me prepare some equipment."

And then, they once again attempt The mysterious island and lose their memories again.

More than twenty days later.

The three of them return from the mysterious island again and in a confused state of mind, they contact each other once again.

Northern Rivers Loose Cultivator: "The three of us should go on an adventure to the mysterious island, what do you say?"

Thrice Reckless Mad Saber: "Lets go, lets go!"

True Monarch Ancient Lake Temple, "Lets go together. Let me prepare some equipment. Eh, why does this sound so familiar?"

Subsequently, the three of them attempt exploring the mysterious island, and lose their memories all over again.

Just like that, in a loop, repeating again and again?

Of course, the chances of such things happening are rather low, unless the three of them dont look at date!

"" Spirit Butterfly Islands Soft Feather was at a loss for words. She secretly touched her big chestshe got a little frightened. Even the three powerful and formidable seniors in the group lost their memories when they went to the mysterious island. If she went there, was there a possibility that she might lose all her memories and return to the mental state of a newborn? Father, would it be better for me to continue cooping myself up at home?

At this time, Senior Scholar Drunken Moon said calmly, "Didnt the three of you take all kinds of preventive measures against memory loss? You should take out and inspect the magic, magical treasures, and modern equipment and find out what exactly you experienced on the mysterious island."

Northern Rivers Loose Cultivator: "I am already looking at it, but all kinds of magic we used had lost its effects."

Thrice Reckless Mad Saber continued, "The investigative magical treasures, those that were used for recon purposes, that we carried with us also lost their effectiveness. The images stored within them are gone, all thats left is nothing but a black screen."

True Monarch Ancient Lake Temple said, "Well, the pinhole camera still has a few images though."

Thereafter, True Monarch Ancient Lake Temple sent the images that the pinhole camera took to the chat group.

Firstly it was Northern River and Thrice Reckless Mad Sabers faces. It should be taken on June 19ththe image taken when the three of them found the mysterious island and prepared to enter it.

After that, the next few images were fuzzy and indistinctthey were images of the island. There was a lake and a forest, but they were very ordinary images. It wasnt possible to attain any useful information from just those alone.

Lastly, it was Northern Rivers Loose Cultivators dazed face and Thrice Reckless Mad Sabers face, which looked as if he had pulled an all-nighter.

It should be the image taken when they had left the mysterious island, before going their separate ways back to their respective homes. Those were the only images, and none of them could remember any of those.

After the images were sent, Venerable White appeared and commented in the group, "Interesting."

"Eh, Senior Whites interested in the mysterious island?" Song Shuhang turned his head and asked.

Thereafter, he saw something interesting. At this moment, Senior White stuffed seven or eight bayberries into his mouth; both of his cheeks were bulging.

"Pew pew pew pew." Senior White spat the seeds one by one into the trash can; one by one, they flew like bullets.

"I am indeed pretty interested in the mysterious island, but I cant find it," Senior White replied. "A very, very long time ago, I heard some news regarding the mysterious island, and I had also tried looking for it several times. However, every time I make my way there, I would get lost. No matter what I did, I just couldnt find the mysterious island. I made three or four attemptsafter that, I was too lazy to continue searching."

Senior White couldnt find the island? Could it be attributed to the interference of his good luck?

For if Senior White finds the small island, he would lose his memories. Hence, his innate good luck prevented him from entering the mysterious island?

From the looks of it, the mysterious island is bad news. Song Shuhang thought, in a while, Ill try to convince Soft Feather to forget about the idea of going to the mysterious island!

As he was thinking, he continued to turn his head back to the chat log, scrolling to the next page.

True Monarch Yellow Mountain: "So you dont have any other leads?"

Northern Rivers Loose Cultivator: "I only have a pinhole camera with fuzzy indistinct images and clips on my side, basically pretty much the same as what Ancient Lake Temple has, except that instead of being shot from his point of view, it was shot from mine."

Thrice Reckless Mad Saber: "Same as Northern River we are f*cked, we didnt even have a single inkling of what happened. Additionally, I personally could not sense anything amiss."

True Monarch Ancient Lake Temple: " @Medicine Master , Brother Medicine Master, have you looked into the reason behind the memory loss of your two Daoist friends and their juniors?"

Medicine Master: "Yeah, I had somewhat looked into it, the two Daoist friends and their children took the initiative to sign something like a contract with someone with much superior power. Thereafter, they sealed their own memories! If nothing unexpected happened, the situation for the three of you shouldnt be too different. When the three of you have the time, come over. I will help inspect it for all of you."

True Monarch Ancient Lake Temple, "Brother Medicine Master, do you have any methods to undo the seal on our memories now?"

"I dont have any way to break that contract, you need to fulfill a clause. But nobody knows what kind of contract you guys made with the powerful being on the mysterious island. As for the clause, apart from you guys, nobody else would know what it was. If we forcefully remove the seal, it could possibly destroy your memories, and make you lose your memories forever," Medicine Master replied at a very fast speed. Obviously, it was typed by Riverly Purple Mist on his behalf.

True Monarch Yellow Mountain was silent for a moment and said, "As for the memory loss, Medicine Master, could you help us research a little more with regards to any solutions for that? Besides, as for the memory seal made by the contract, it will not have too much of an impact on your cultivation. Right now, the three of you should check what harvest you gained from this trip."

Exactly, even though they might have lost their memories upon entering the mysterious island, they couldnt possibly have nothing to show for it, right?

Northern Rivers Loose Cultivator: "I have already checked mine long agoI only found two blades of spirit grass. Honestly, couldnt have made a bigger loss."

True Monarch Ancient Lake Temple: "Still better than me. I only had a few chunks of cold iron with me and they are those that can be found anywhere. Not only did I lose my memory, I wasted so much time. In the end, all I had gotten were two chunks of cold iron. My heart aches!!! Brother Thrice Reckless, what about you?

Thrice Reckless Mad Saber: ""

"Thrice Reckless, dont tell me you had nothing at all?" Immortal Master Copper Trigram asked out of curiosity. "Initially, before you entered the mysterious island, I helped you tell your fortune. That day, I calculated that your luck was not bad, you should have gotten pretty good rewards from this trip?

"" Thrice Reckless Mad Saber stayed silent for a long time before asking, "Immortal Master, where are you?"

"In West China, setting up my stall to tell fortune," replied Immortal Master Copper Trigram.

"I got it Im coming to find you immediately! " Thrice Reckless replied.

Very obviously, from Immortal Master Copper Trigrams calculations, Thrice Reckless Mad Saber did not get a single thing, not even a strand of fur. If he at least had a piece of cold iron, he wouldnt be this mad.

"" Immortal Master Copper Trigram.

"Hahahaha, you black trigram fortune teller. Wait for your impending death." Northern Rivers Loose Cultivator laughed out loud.

Immortal Master Copper Trigram said coldly, "Hmph, a month and a half later, after the battle on the summit of the forbidden city, I hope you can still laugh by then."

"This is exactly what I wanna say to you. This Northern River is the one who gets the last laugh." Northern Rivers Loose Cultivator said happily, as if victory was already in his hands.

Next, the seniors within the chat group started to update Northern Rivers Loose Cultivator, Thrice Reckless Mad Saber, and True Monarch Ancient Lake Temple on the major events and news that happened in the past twenty days.

After reading till there, Shuhang silently nodded his head and said in a low voice, "I have decided, I definitely will not meddle with the mysterious island!"

"Eh? On the other hand, I was hoping you would find the mysterious island. For all you know, you might leave the place with part of your memories intact and tell me what exactly is in the mysterious island. I am very curious!" Senior White casually said.

Song Shuhangs body stiffened upthis was something Senior White said casually; it shouldnt be considered as Senior Whites blessing, right?

Even so, he was still uneasy. He subconsciously pulled out the chat log and took a second look at the pictures of the mountains and lakes of the mysterious island sent by Senior Ancient Lake Temple.