Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 207

Chapter 207 Using Cultivation Techniques While Playing Basketball Is A Very Shameful Behavior
Chapter 207: Using cultivation techniques while playing basketball is a very shameful behavior!

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Northern Rivers Loose Cultivator and Thrice Reckless Mad Saber were the best players on the flooding team. And now that they had returned, the Nine Provinces Number One Group had started to get lively.

Today, early in the morning. Thrice Reckless Mad Saber and Northern Rivers Loose Cultivator had already flooded the group. The topic of their conversation was obviously the mysterious island.

Since their memories had been sealed, the three of them werent planning to leave it at that.

Thrice Reckless Mad Saber wrote in the group, "Northern River, you should have a company under your name that is helping China develop space probes to investigate Mars, right? Can you get a hold of one of those probes? If we mess with it a bit, we can modify it and make sure that its signal is not stopped by the protective barrier of the mysterious island! Then, after finding that mysterious island again, we can explore it with the probe."

True Monarch Ancient Lake Temple also approved, "Its a good idea. If we go with our main bodies, well end up having our memories sealed. But if we use a probe that can be controlled from long range, we might be able to uncover some of the secrets of the mysterious island. I refuse to believe that that powerful being on the island can seal our memories even at such a distance."

"Its exactly what I was thinking," Northern Rivers Loose Cultivator said. "My original plan was to develop various probes and send them in the proximity of celestial bodies nearby with my flying sword once I had reached the Sixth Stage True Monarch Realm. I wanted to search for natural resources that would be useful for cultivation. However, building probes capable of exploring Mars isnt an easy feat. It will take time."

"Its fine! No need to rush. We can wait." Thrice Reckless Mad Saber said.

After seeing these messages, Song Shuhangs heart was in turmoil. The seniors in the group were already investing money in the aviation industry. Were they planning to conquer space?

In the following messages, the seniors were discussing how to modify those probes; they all seemed very happy.

Afterward, Northern River started to flood the chat with another topic, "Ive read on the Daily Cultivator that Immortal Fairy Bie Xues Immortal Feast has already reached the preparatory stage. Who has an extra invitation? As soon as I thought of the Immortal Feast, my mouth started watering."

"An extra invitation? You might try to ask Seven. Their Spirit River Su Clan might have a few invitations. True Monarch Yellow Mountain should also have one. I dont know about the others," True Monarch Ancient Lake Temple softly said. "This year, I got only one invitation. I dont have an extra one."

Northern Rivers Loose Cultivator said excitedly, " @Su Clans Seven , Seven, do you have an extra invitation?"

"I dont. I already gave it to someone else as a gift." Seven appeared and replied.

At this very moment, he was tormenting Branch Leader Jing Mo in the HQ of the Su Clan. He was hoping to obtain reliable information about the branches of the Limitless Demon Sect.

"..." Northern Rivers Loose Cultivator was depressed. Then, he said to True Monarch Yellow Mountain, "True Monarch, do you have an extra invitation?"

"I dont. This year, my quota was halved. Ill be able to bring only Doudou with me," True Monarch Yellow Mountain replied. "I think others dont have extra invitations either. For some unknown reason, Immortal Fairy Bie Xue reduced the number of invitations this year. If you used to get two, three invitations before, this year youll get only one."

"Nooo! I too want to see Immortal Fairy Bie Xue. What kind of rare ingredients will she need for this years Immortal Feast? In the worst case, Ill go look for those rare ingredients on the list and get the invite that way!" Northern Rivers Loose Cultivator said depressed.

Every year, Immortal Fairy Bie Xue would hand out a few invitations for the Immortal Feast to powerful sects and families.

In exchange, these powerful sects and families would provide Bie Xue with a lot of cultivation resources and rare ingredients.

The more ingredients and cultivation resources one provided, the larger would be the number of invitations one would get. And, aside from the Immortal Feast, Bie Xue would also occasionally hold banquets for these top contributors.

However, there would be some ingredients that even powerful families and sects were unable to provide. Therefore, Immortal Fairy Bie Xue would compile a list of ingredients.

If there were anyone that could provide twenty of the ingredients on the list, they would be able to get an invite to the Immortal Feast.

"Its too early for the list. Those families and sects have just started to provide ingredients. Once theyre done, and if there are still missing ingredients, Immortal Fairy will compile the list. You better prepare carefully " True Monarch Yellow Mountain said.

Thrice Reckless Mad Saber also sent a smiling emoji, "Northern River, you better prepare carefully. If Immortal Fairy Bie Xue isnt interested in your ingredients, you can hand them over to me at a low price~ "

"Scram!" Said Northern Rivers Loose Cultivator angrily. How can the ingredients demanded by Bie Xue for her Immortal Feast be ordinary? Low price your sister!

Song Shuhang saw the messages and held his chin, "This Immortal Feast seems really special."

Even a senior like Northern Rivers Loose Cultivator is doing everything he can to participate. I wonder what type of person this Immortal Fairy Bie Xue is that she can stir up the entire world of cultivators...

"The Immortal Feast isnt half bad. After eating the food there, not only your cultivation, but also your lifespan, body, and latent talent will get a boost. It has a lot of benefits, and its also very delicious." Venerable White nodded and said.

"Senior White, are you also participating?" Song Shuhang asked.

Venerable White shook his head, "I participated, but it was four hundred years ago. However, after I refused her marriage proposal, Bie Xue didnt invite me to the Immortal Feast ever again."

"..." Song Shuhang blinked. He suddenly got the feeling that things wont go too smoothly for him at the Immortal Feast.

After he finished reading old chat logs, Song Shuhang wrote in the group.

Stressed by a Mountain of Books: " @Spirit Butterfly Islands Soft Feather, Soft Feather, I wasnt online yesterday. If you really want to look for a place to explore, can we change it? Everything except the mysterious island is fine. Im free for two months during this summer vacation."

However, Soft Feather wasnt online. Therefore, she didnt reply.

Next, Song Shuhang wrote, " @Su Clans Seven, Senior Seven, how is Sixteens injury? Last time, you left so quickly that I didnt even have time to ask."

Now that he thought about it, Seven really f*cked him over last time. Senior Whites person delivering technique taught him the true meaning of Fast & Furious. After that experience, he decided never to try it a second time.

The first one to reply was Northern Rivers Loose Cultivator, "Little Friend Shuhang, what happened to Sixteen?"

Northern Rivers Loose Cultivator was worried about Sixteen. However, he entered the mysterious island around twenty days ago. Therefore, he knew nothing about the affair between Seven, the Immortal Farming Sect, the Moon Saber Sect, and Song Shuhang.

Song Shuhang had yet to reply when Seven wrote, "Haha. Im sorry for letting little friend Shuhang and brother Northern River worry. Sixteen received some wounds from the heavenly tribulation, but she is much better right now."

"Can I help in any way?" Northern Rivers Loose Cultivator said.

"There is one way." Seven said, "If there is someone that has the skeletal dragons withered vine, please contact me. With this medicinal herb, Sixteens wounds will recover at a faster pace."

"Skeletal dragons withered vine this thing is pretty rare." Northern Rivers Loose Cultivator heaved a sigh.

The skeletal dragons withered vine was a rare spiritual herb growing on the skeleton of dead dragons, and that dead dragon didnt refer to dinosaurs, but real dragons.

However, dragons had their own tombs, and very few died in the external world. Moreover, the corpse of a dragon would take millennia to decompose. It was not easy to find one that was already a skeleton.

"Haha. Its not actually this troublesome. The skeletal dragons withered vine growing on the corpse of a flood dragon will also do " Seven sent a smiling emoji.

"In that case, there might be a chance of obtaining it. Ill go and ask some of my friends. Maybe they have it in their collection " Northern Rivers Loose Cultivator said.

Song Shuhang typed on the keyboard, but he didnt send his message.

He was only a small cultivator of the First Stage. He didnt even know what the skeletal dragons withered vine looked like, let alone where to search it.

At this moment, he realized how insignificant he was.

If he were a powerful cultivator like Northern Rivers Loose Cultivator, he too would have been able to lend a hand.

"Dont worry about it. Everyone has to start from zero and will gradually get stronger. Dont enter a dead alley. Otherwise, youll strengthen your Inner Demon." At this time, Venerable White suddenly appeared at his side and patted his shoulder.

Song Shuhang silently nodded.

"If you have time, you should take a look at daoist scriptures, buddhist ones are also good. If you dont like either of them, you can read western religious texts. Anyway, these texts have the power to weaken your Inner Demon and calm your heart and mind," said Venerable White with a laugh.

"I understand. If I just have to read books, its not a problem. After all, I like them quite a bit." Song Shuhang chuckled. No matter what type of book it was, as long as it was something he hadn't already read, he would have no problem reading it for a whole afternoon without getting bored.

It seemed that he would have to go to freeload books at the store of the pretty shop owner soon.

China. In a small temple named Faraway Wandering Temple.

This temple was very small, but there were a lot of visitors. Many of them were lighting up incense. Therefore, this temple was shrouded in incense smoke all year long, to the point that one couldnt clearly see what its interior looked like.

Concealed under the smoke was a big pagoda.

After passing through the entrance of the pagoda, one could see that inside the temple was a real fairyland.

Tall mountains, running water, and countless buddhist relics were the core of the real Faraway Wandering Temple.

The Faraway Wandering Temple was situated in a place that was in the middle of our world and another dimension, concealed and at the same time visible.

Inside the temple was a huge empty ground it was a basketball court. It was at least ten times bigger than an ordinary basketball court.

On the edge of this basketball court were many plates dripping with blood.

"Using true qi and spiritual energy while playing basketball is a shameful behavior. We only use our bodies! Abbott Profound Principle."

"While playing basketball in the Faraway Wandering Temple, using cultivation techniques is a crime worthy of death! Religious Discipline Courtyards Wondrous Principle."

"Whoever uses magical treasures to cheat while playing basketball will be sentenced to cleaning cooking pots for ten years! Janitor Courtyards Oceanic Principle."

There were other similar writings, and the characters were all dripping with blood.

However, even if qi and blood, true qi, spiritual energy, and cultivation techniques were banned, it seemed as though demons were dancing on the basketball court.

At this time, a senior monk on the court jumped. This jump was over 30 meters high! Then, he used an incredible tomahawk dunk to score a point, making the entire court explode with cheers!

Then, another senior monk relied on the speed of his powerful body and an exquisite footwork to leave behind several afterimages. After getting past three people that were trying to obstruct him, he used a three-step layup to successfully score a point. The only problem was that these steps were a bit larger. A single step covered a distance of two meters.

At this time, one of the disciples that were spectating the match said to Young Monk Three Realms who was on the court, "Senior Brother Three Realms, that Stressed by a Mountain of Books you told me to pay attention to is now online."