Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 208

Chapter 208 The Love Of A Father Is As Big As A Mountain Venerable Spirit Butterfly
Chapter 208: The love of a father is as big as a mountain: Venerable Spirit Butterfly

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"Oh, is he finally online?" Senior Brother Three Realms chuckled. Afterward, he jumped high and did a beautiful 360 spin midair before backhandedly scoring a point.

After this fantastic dunk, all the fellow disciples in the court exploded in cheers.

"Substitution~ substitution~ F*ck, I almost sprained my waist. I should stop showing off like that. Without true qi, one should do only 180 spins. On the other hand, we should tell the master workers to build a more solid basketball court where we can freely use true yuan, spiritual energy, and the like. That would be super cool!" Senior Brother Three Realms massaged his sprained waist and laughed, allowing a junior brother to take his place.

Then, he took out his phone and sent a message to Song Shuhang, "Junior Brother Shuhang, youre finally online! I called you yesterday, but your phone was off. Senior White must be with you now, right?"

Song Shuhang quickly replied to the message, "Hehe. Its truly embarrassing, but my phone was out of battery yesterday. Ive just got home, and yes, Senior White is also here."

"Haha. Then, tell Senior White to determine the coordinates with me. Later, Ill send you the supplementary technique Immovable Body of the Buddha via flying sword." Senior Brother Three Realms said.

He chose to use a flying sword instead of a computer because this information was too important. It absolutely couldnt be disclosed!

Even if sending files online was quick and convenient, there was a risk that information would be leaked. Therefore, it was used only to transmit unimportant stuff or small techniques, like the one to control mental energy. For example, Senior Brother Three Realms sent to Song Shuhang the Brand Induction Technique, Spirit Brand Technique, and Temporary Sword Controlling Technique via computer not too long ago.

However, real cultivation techniques were physically delivered, and even the USB flash drive containing the information had various layers of protection as to avoid others stealing it.

"I see. Ill tell Senior White." Song Shuhang replied. Then, he also asked, "Senior Brother Three Realms, do you happen to have a phone charging technique too?"

Young Monk Three Realms: "The phone charging technique? Oh, it seems there is indeed such a technique. However, before learning that technique, you must first convert the energy inside your body into electricity. Wait till you reach the Second Stage True Master Realm before studying it. Moreover, arent you part of the Nine Provinces Number One Group? That technique was invented by one of the seniors there. You should be able to find it in the group space."

"Thanks!" Song Shuhang replied. Then, he turned his head and looked at Senior White.

Senior White, "Pew pew pew~"

It seemed that Senior White was really enjoying eating those bayberries.

"Senior White, Senior Brother Three Realms wants to send me something with the flying sword. Can you lock coordinates with him?" Song Shuhang asked.

"Three Realms? Are you talking about Profound Principles disciple? That boy has already reached the Fourth Stage and can now control a flying sword, huh! These youngsters are sure growing fast. When I saw him several hundred years ago, he was nothing but a little kid that had just become Profound Principles disciple." Venerable White nodded as he reminisced about the past.

However, Song Shuhang felt that this Venerable White acting as an old man was rather out of place. Was it due to Senior Whites young appearance?

Senior White went to the veranda and pointed his finger at the sky, standing perfectly still.

On the other side, in the Faraway Wandering Temple.

Senior Brother Three Realm had a similar posture, with his finger pointing toward the sky. They mutually locked down coordinates.

"Senior Brother, here is the flying sword to send the documents." A little monk ran over, dripping with sweat. He was holding a sword made of black iron.

It was the same sword used by Great Master Profound Principle and Medicine Master to exchange materials back then. It seemed that Song Shuhang and this flying sword were bound by fate.

"Its worthily the sword used by the Abbot to send materials. Its very heavy!" The little monk felt that this sword was even heavier than a person!

"This flying sword is made of a very hard material. Therefore, its normal for it to be heavy." Senior Brother Three Realms said with a smile. Then, he put various layers of protection on the USB flash drive. If someone tried to forcefully remove them, the USB flash drive would self-destruct.

Next, he placed it on the flying sword and performed a hand seal, "Sword controlling technique, go!"


The flying sword made of black iron flew from the hands of the little monk and soared toward the sky, disappearing into the clouds.

The nearby disciples looked at Senior Brother Three Realms with admiration; he could control and ride flying swords, and he had reached the Fourth Stage Innate Realm at a very young age. Becoming like Three Realms was the goal of many disciples of the Faraway Wandering Temple.

"Continue playing! In a while, if there is someone who is tired, I can take their place~" Senior Brother Three Realms said with a smile and headed toward the crowd at the edge of the basketball court, preparing to sub-in at any time.

Even if he was Great Master Profound Principles direct disciple, he wasnt arrogant. He had a very good relationship with the other disciples of the temple.

Medicine Masters multi-storied building.

Senior White took his finger back and said, "Done. The flying sword should be here in around four, five hours."

"Thank you, Senior White."

Then, Song Shuhang opened the chat of the Nine Provinces Number One Group on his computer and entered the group space, starting to scroll through the material shared in the group.

Found it!

[Title: Afraid to find your phone out battery while away from home? Afraid that your electronic equipment would stop working while braving dangers outside? The one and only battery charging technique will relieve you from your worries! Fellow daoists, how about giving it a try? Thrice Reckless Mad Saber.]

Ah! As soon as he saw the title, even without reading the name, Song Shuhang knew that this was Senior Thrice Reckless Mad Sabers work.

Since the title was so long, Song Shuhang ignored it every time he scrolled through the documents in the group space. He didnt expect it to contain such a practical and useful technique.

Anyway, I didnt expect Senior Thrice Reckless Mad Saber to be the creator of this technique. Its too different from his usual self. After all, Senior Thrice Reckless main occupation should be to seek death, and it doesnt have any relations with developing new techniques!

Song Shuhang opened the file and carefully looked at the principles behind the battery charging technique.

After a while he raised his head which was about to explode.

This battery charging technique should have been only a minor technique, but when describing the technique, Thrice Reckless Mad Saber had used many cultivation-related theories. And even when describing its usage, he had used many technical terms. Song Shuhang understood almost nothing.

That document about mental energy sent by Scholar Drunken Moon was rather easy to understand. Song Shuhang had comprehended everything after reading it only once.

On the other hand, this technique developed by Senior Thrice Reckless wasnt really suitable for beginners.

Luckily, Senior White is around!

Song Shuhang turned his head and looked at Senior White.

Their eyes met, and then, "Pew pew pew~"

Aye. Senior White really liked those bayberries. He had already finished a big box of them.

"Senior, there is this battery charging technique, but I dont understand how to use it." Song Shuhang pointed at the contents of the battery charging technique on the screen.

"Let me take a look." Venerable White came closer and used his finger to follow the words on the screen as he read them.

After a few seconds.

"Aye. I more or less understood the principle behind it. Ill try it out in a while. Then, Ill teach it to you." Senior White said.

"Thank you, Senior!" Song Shuhang clenched his fist and made a cool pose, "Im lucky to have Senior White to help me!"

"Aye, its nothing," Venerable White said calmly. "Right, I remembered something. That agent hired by Yellow Mountain called yesterday. He said that all the cars booked by Yellow Mountain would be delivered tomorrow or the day after. Once were free, we should go over and check the merchandise."

"Sure, no problem." Song Shuhang nodded.

He thought that it was time to visit home after settling this matter.

After all, he was in the middle of summer vacation. He too should make a trip back home. Otherwise, Mama Song will start to worry.

Moreover, he really wanted to let his parents and close friends try the Spirit Green Tea to improve their health.

Two hours later.

Inside the Nine Provinces Number One Group.

Spirit Butterfly Islands Soft Feather got online, and after sending a cute smiling emoji (), she replied to Shuhang, " @Stressed by a Mountain of Books, Senior Song, Im of the same mind. This mysterious island seems way too dangerous. In addition, I found another good location! Heehee. This morning, I discovered a treasure map amongst fathers notes. It seemed rather interesting. Senior Song, lets go treasure-hunting together!"

"A treasure map? It seems interesting! Its good for youngsters to go out and gain some experience. Good luck, Soft Feather." Northern Rivers Loose Cultivator was the first one to reply.

However, he thought to himself: Its not easy to be a father! Venerable Spirit Butterfly must have carefully planned all of this.

Since he feared that his daughter would decide to go to the mysterious island on a whim, Venerable Spirit Butterfly quickly prepared a treasure map to keep her occupied. This way, she would be able to satisfy her desire to explore unknown places. He was very careful and didnt let her discover anything unusual.

It was likely that even this place where the treasure was buried had been meticulously prepared by Venerable Spirit Butterfly...

This was the love of a parent!

Stressed by a Mountain of Books: "Sure! Im free for these two months. Just send me a message when you want to go."

"Aye, aye. I need to settle some small matters first. Once Im done dealing with them, Ill pack the necessary equipment for the journey!" Said Soft Feather happily. Then, she added, "Right. Senior Song, the Spirit Green Tea leaves I personally picked have entered the final refining stage. Once theyre ready, Ill send them to you. At the time, remember to give me an address."

"Sure. Thank you, Soft Feather " Song Shuhang said.

Speaking of which, I have received many things from Soft Feather. When I have the chance, I should try to repay the favor!

At this time, another ID popped out in the Nine Provinces Number One Group.

King Doudou: "Yellow Mountain, Yellow Mountain! When are you coming to get me?"

In the past few days, when Shuhang wasnt home, Doudou had requested to enter the Nine Provinces Number One Group.

True Monarch Yellow Mountain quickly replied, "Soon."

"Ill give you half a month. If you arent here by then, Ill bite your Jade Palace Heaven-Piercing Shuttle and fill it with holes." Doudou threatened.

"..." True Monarch Yellow Mountain broke out in cold sweat. The Jade Palace Heaven-Piercing Shuttle was his little darling. It was an immortal boat, which could be considered the same as a luxury car for cultivators, and it would let you gain a lot of face whenever you were out with it.

Doudou meant what he said. If he said he was going to bite it, then he would bite it!

"In addition, I want to get a car license!" Doudou added.

True Monarch Yellow Mountain: "Stop causing trouble. Why do you even need a car license?"