Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 209

Chapter 209 Ah That Familiar Scream
Chapter 209: Ah~ That familiar scream!

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King Doudou: "Do I need a reason? The people around me, Senior Venerable White and Song Shuhang, have already learned driving and even gotten their drivers license. Im the only one who doesnt have itwouldnt it make me seem very out of the loop? I dont care, I just dont care, in any case, you have to make a drivers license for me too. I still want to learn how to drive in the car, I wanna drive! Stupid Yellow Mountain, do you hear me?"

True Monarch Yellow Mountain: ""

[System Notification: King Doudou was muted by the founder of the group, True Monarch Yellow Mountain, for 1 day.]

Doudou snorted, "You think muting me is good enough?"

He used his paw and proficiently scrolled to the private message page, "Stupid Yellow Mountain, Stupid Mountain"

Even if I cant chat on the chat group, I still have private message function!

And then Doudou continued, "I wanna drive, can you agree please? I beg you!"

"Quit fooling around, youre a pekingese, how are you gonna learn how to drive?" True Monarch Yellow Mountain replied.

"How mean, stupid Yellow Mountain, you bully dogs!" Doudou, who was mad and resentful, said, "So what if Im a pekingese? I have paws that can hold onto the steering wheel, I can become bigger and my legs would be able to reach the brake and gas pedals! I have been reading about the theory behind driving for the past few days and I have already memorized all the traffic knowledge, I can do it!"

Song Shuhang turned his head and stared at Doudous computer screen. Ever since he had opened his Eye Aperture, his eyesight became very good. He could see all of Doudous exchange with True Monarch Yellow Mountain.

Upon reading what Doudou said, an image of a pekingese-like person sitting in the car with both hands on the steering wheel and driving earnestly appeared in his mind. His two dog legs could even step on the clutch, gas, and brake pedals

That image was simply way too perfect

Dont talk about the rest, just him driving on the road alone is enough to scare ordinary people to death.

Traffic police wouldnt even dare to stop himwould you dare to risk your life to stop a driving dog? Would you want to throw your life away? What if you get run over and die? Whos gonna compensate you?

"In any case, no means no. Wait till you have condensed a monster core and are able to transform into human form, then we shall talk about driving lessons. Otherwise, theres no need for further discussion!" True Monarch Yellow Mountain said resolutely.

"Stupid Yellow Mountain! Stupid Yellow Mountain! Stupid Yellow Mountain!" x 23

Doudou flooded his screen out of discontentment.

True Monarch Yellow Mountain sent a and said, "Stop throwing tantrums or Ill kick you out from the Nine Provinces Number One chat group. And ban your user account forever under the group settings!"

"" Doudous scrolling paw paused.

After a long time, he lifted his head 45 degreeshis entire dog face was filled with sadness and loneliness

Song Shuhang thought that Doudou admitted defeat.

Instead, he saw Doudou sigh and say, "Stupid Yellow Mountain, you have really forced me into using my big move!"

Thereafter, Song Shuhang saw that Doudou took a screenshot of his conversation with Monarch Yellow Mountain and proficiently selected a member from his friends list.

It was Fairy Lychee, that fairy who was very beautiful and loved taking selfies.

And then, Doudou sent a private message to Fairy Lychee, "Big Sister Lychee!"

He even sent a .

"Oh, its Little Doudou. How come you suddenly thought of private-messaging me today?" Fairy Lychee added a behindshe had to be really fond of Doudou.

"Mm Im here to lodge a complaint, True Monarch Yellow Mountain bullied me, I feel wronged!" Doudou added a , and sent the screenshot he had taken of their conversation to Fairy Lychee.

Doudous screenshot was as such:

King Doudou: "I wanna drive, can you agree please? I beg you!" Eh, a pretty mild tone?

True Monarch Yellow Mountain: "Quit fooling around, youre a pekingese, how are you gonna learn how to drive?"

King Doudou: "So what if Im a pekingese? I have paws that can hold onto the steering wheel, I can become bigger and my legs would be able to reach the brake and gas pedals! I have been reading about the theory behind driving for the past few days and I have already memorized the all the traffic knowledge, I can do it!"

True Monarch Yellow Mountain: "No means no!"

True Monarch Yellow Mountain: "Stop throwing tantrums or Ill kick you out from the Nine Provinces Number One chat group. "

Then, the screenshot ended.

Indeed Doudou deleted the content of his scoldings directed at True Monarch Yellow Mountain, leaving behind only True Monarch Yellow Mountains cold words and emoticons.

Fairy Lychee quickly sent a emoticon.

After that, she replied, "How could this True Monarch Yellow Mountain treat you like this, Doudou, hold on, I will administer justice for you!"

After speaking, Fairy Lychee went offline!

Doudou continued to hold his head 45 degrees towards the sky, his face filled with sadness; however, at the same time, he was also obviously pleased with himself. "Sigh, if revenge breeds revenge, will there be an end to it? Why do it in the first place?"

When Song Shuhang saw this, he felt as though his eyes really went blind!

Doudou had broadened Song Shuhang's mind once again, establishing a new low for the words 'cute pet'.

In the future, I will never, ever keep monster pets whatsoever! Song Shuhang swore in his heart.

At this time, on the 69th Peak of the Limitless Demon Sect, the Mahoraga Peak.

Young Master Hai sat quietly next to the sea of clouds, resting his chin on his hand.

Within the sea of clouds, Zheng Neng was dripping with sweat. He practiced the basic swordplay over and over again, training his body.

The sea of clouds rolled, and Demon Monarch Anzhis actual body emerged from within the clouds.

"That fella Jing Mo got captured," said Demon Monarch Anzhi right after he showed himself.

Upon hearing this news, Young Master Hais face couldnt help but stiffen, "I do remember master giving Jing Mo a talisman treasure with the Blood Evasion Technique for this mission."

That was a top-notch escaping technique that was known to allow one to elude from Sixth Stage True Monarchs hands. Branch Leader Jing Mo was actually unable to escape?

What kind of enemy did he face?

An old Sixth Stage, who had already reached the peak of True Monarch stage? Or a scary and formidable Seventh Stage Spiritual Venerable?

Zheng Neng stopped his sword practice and shook off the sweat on his face. He rode on his sword and approached Demon Monarch Anzhi saying, "Was it because Jing Mo was too careless and didnt have an opportunity to use the Blood Evasion Technique talisman treasure? Or was he captured alive by force?"

"This time, Jing Mo was not careless. He even brought his only friend, Daoist Half Gourd, along with him for this operation against Stressed by a Mountain of Books. At that time, Stressed by a Mountain of Books was alone, he did not have any senior cultivator following him. It was the best opportunity to deal with him." Demon monarch Anzhi sighed with emotion.

"Daoist Half Gourd? Is it that famous loose cultivator? He has a bottle gourd in his possession, hes pretty difficult to deal with," Zheng Neng furrowed his brows. When he was in the Immortal Farming Sect, he had heard of the name of this Daoist Half Gourd. His power and capability were mediocre, but because of the bottle gourd, he was able to become one of the top few within Fourth Stage cultivators.

"However, that Stressed by a Mountain of Books was able to get rid of Daoist Half Gourd, who would be a pain even to us if we were to want to get rid of him, by using just a magical treasure to pierce him to death and then send his corpse to somewhere unknown." Upon thinking back on what his clone saw, Demon Monarch Anzhi still felt the lingering fear.

His clone couldnt even tell exactly what magical treasure Stressed by a Mountain of Books used, he could only see a ray of light, which went at an extremely fast speed! Thereafter, Daoist Half Gourd was dead.

Demon Monarch Anzhi thoughtif he were Daoist Half Gourd, he also wouldnt have much confidence in depending solely on that one magical treasure to defend himself from that magical treasure.

Young Master Hai squinted his eyes and guessed, "I think that that magical treasure should be usable only once? If not, Jing Mo would have used the Blood Evasion Technique to escape as soon as he could.

"Yes, after Stressed by a Mountain of Books used the magical treasure, he did not have as much strength to resist. He took two consecutive strikes from Jing Mos sword, and almost got slashed to death. But Jing Mo never expected that Stressed by a Mountain of Books actually had another mystical escaping technique and that its speed would be that fast. Even Jing Mo had to use his maximum strength and speed in order to keep up with that escaping technique. The speed of my clone could not keep up with them, however, and it could only watch them get further and further away." Demon Monarch Anzhi sighed heavily.

Zheng Neng nodded and said, "That Stressed by a Mountain of Books got to know so many senior cultivators, its not surprising for him to be equipped with one or two escaping techniques. Jing Mos brain ultimately was not bright enough, he didnt take any precautions."

"As for what happened later on, I am not sure. But not long later I received definite news stating that Su Clans Seven captured Branch Leader Jing Mo alive and brought him back to the headquarters of the Spirit River Su Clan." The corner of Demon Monarch Anzhis mouth twitched a little.

The Spirit River Su Clan was a rather enormous aristocratic family that was not weaker than the Limitless Demon Sect. Additionally, they had a lot of strategies and tricks. Once Branch Leader Jing Mo got brought back there, he might leak out a lot of information pertaining to the Limitless Demon Sect.

Young Master Hais fingers lightly tapped on his thigh as he answered, "No harm, the things that Jing Mo is aware of aint much. The Spirit River Su Clan wouldnt be able to get much information from him Additionally, I will contact the branch members that were originally under Jing Mo and tell them to retreat ASAP to avoid getting taken revenge on by the Spirit River Su Clan. Brother Sevens power and capability can be rated as top-notch amongst Fifth Stage cultivators. None of the branches would be able to withstand his fury."

"If you had known earlier, you wouldnt have angered Su Clans Seven." Demon Monarch Anzhi replied as he smiled.

"No I am instead lucky that I chose Brother Seven as my target. He is my biggest encouragement and motivation on my path to cultivationbetween the two of us, only one can live. With such pressure present, I will grow even faster!" Young Master Hai smiled. He got up and leapt into the sea of clouds, going in the direction of the formation used by Limitless Demon Sect to contact the outside world.

"Lunatic." Demon Monarch Anzhi muttered.

Another two hours went by.

Venerable White, "Pew pew pew pew"

Next to him were three huge boxes of bayberries the box that Song Shuhang brought back had been finished a long time ago. After that, Senior White rode the flying sword till the Luo Xin street area near Jiangnan College Town and brought back four boxes of bayberries in one go.

Venerable White stood up and said to Song Shuhang, "The flying sword is gonna be here soon, come with me to receive it."

"Ok!" Song Shuhang leapt up.

Basic Buddhist Fist Techniques supplementary techniquethe Immovable Body of the Buddha.

Just by listening to its name, it seemed like a rather fierce technique. But, this was a supplementary technique that would bring him one step closer to strengthening his body and speeding up the process of opening his First Stage Apertures. It was a technique that he urgently needed.

Venerable White pointed at the skythere was a faint, white light flickering in the distance.

Very soon, a black sword appeared in the sky, speeding towards Venerable White.


Song Shuhang heard a scream.

This frequency of the scream... he was all too familiar with it.

These "aaah~ aaaaah~" screams... every two screams, an intermittent pause... that was exactly like that time when he was being sent to Tubos grandfathers house in J-City by Senior Whites person delivering flying sword when Venerable White was in a foul mood...