Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 213

Chapter 213 The Space Suit And Senior Whites Misunderstanding
Chapter 213: The space suit and Senior Whites misunderstanding

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"Guoguo. In a while, Senior White and I will have to make a trip outside. You stay here and obediently look after the house. Once Im back, Ill bring you to the hospital, okay?" Song Shuhang squeezed the rest of the bread into his mouth and said.

If these were normal flight lessons, he would have brought Guoguo along. But these were lessons with Senior White . He wasnt so heartless to let an innocent kid suffer.

The small monk patted his chest and said with confidence, "Sure. Nothing will happen to the house under my watch."

Song Shuhang nodded. Then, he shot a glance at Doudou who was watching the news on the computer. He felt a bit relieved.

After breakfast, Song Shuhang started to practice as usual. After a few rounds of the Basic Buddhist Fist Technique, half an hour was already gone.

At this time, someone rang the doorbell.

Is it the agent Senior Yellow Mountain was talking about? Song Shuhang went to open the door. He saw a western woman with blonde hair and blue eyes standing at the entrance.

The blond-haired woman looked at Song Shuhang. Then, she shot a glance at the documents in her hand. After confirming his identity, she raised her head and revealed a very professional smile, "Hello, are you Mr. Song Shuhang?"

Her accent was very good. Were all foreigners so good at speaking Mandarin nowadays? All his fellow countrymen that were unable to make a clear distinction between alveolar and retroflex 1 consonants were put to shame.

"Yes, its me." Song Shuhang replied.

"Hello. Im Caselli from Jiangshuis Civil Aviation Training Center. Weve been requested by Mr. Huang Wenzhong to bring you two gentlemen to the aviation training center. Weve already prepared a theoretical flight lesson and a practical one." Said Caselli with a bright smile. Then, she snapped her fingers.

The two men in suits behind her lifted a big box.

"Mr. Shuhang, this is the spacesuit and the life support system set you required. Please give it a check." Said Caselli with a smile. She was very curious thoughshe couldnt understand why had this man requested a spacesuit while attending flight lessons. They werent boarding a spaceship. After wearing these cumbersome clothes, wouldnt he have trouble piloting?

However, the customers werent ever in the wrong, especially ones with power and status. Therefore, she wasnt planning to go against Song Shuhangs wishes. The man named Huang Wenzhong was so rich that he had bought their entire training center. And, he had bought it for this seemingly common student and that other man named Song Bai.

"Right, is Mr. Song Bai also here with you?" Caselli asked.

"He is inside. Do you want to come in and have a seat?" Said Song Shuhang while moving toward the big box. He opened it and shot a look at the cumbersome spacesuit.

At first sight, it was indeed somewhat bigin science fiction movies, they just need to press a button, and the spacesuit would suddenly reduce in size and change into tight-fitting clothes. When would real-world science achieve this point?

Caselli was still smiling as she said, "There is a certain distance between the training center and this place. Therefore, we are on a tight schedule. So, how about directly coming to the training center with us? This way, we can have a one-hour theoretical lesson and make you board the plane afterward, making you familiar with it. There are several different aircraft at our training center. You can choose the one you like the most."

"You have many different models? Not bad." Song Shuhangs eyes lit up. Maybe he could choose a small helicopter and pilot that? With that, he wont have to fear about Senior White sending it to space.

"Im happy that youre satisfied. Anyway, this is yours and Mr. Song Bais II-type certificate of physical conformity together with your private pilot license (PPL)." Caselli passed the certificate and license to Song Shuhang.

After taking these four documents, Song Shuhang had mixed feelings.

He had never touched a plane, but he was holding a pilot license in his hand he was feeling cool, embarrassed, happy, and guiltyall at the same time.

Caselli asked calmly, "What about Mr. Song Bai? We can set out at any time."

"Ill call him." Song Shuhang received the documents and turned around, waving his hand at the third floor.

After a moment, Senior White came down.

Even if he was trying to keep his composure, he wasnt able to completely hide his excitement.

It seemed that Senior White was more interested in planes rather than cars. When they went around driving, he wasnt this excited.

"Please, get into the car." Caselli opened her pickup.

The two men in suits put the cumbersome spacesuit into the trunk.

Song Shuhang crawled into the backseat and stretched himself.

Senior White also got in the car. When he was entering the car, he saw with the corner of the eye the spacesuit.

Immediately after, he made an Oh, now I understand face.

Senior White thought to himself, Thats a spacesuit! Is little friend Shuhang planning to go to space?

What to do now

For the past few days, Senior White was trying to rectify his mistakes after destroying the brakes with excessive speed and breaking the steering wheel of the car.

When taking flight lessons, he had decided to properly learn the theory first, thoroughly understanding how to pilot a plane.

Moreover, he had decided not to engrave any formation on the plane. And he had even decided to keep in check his urge to dismantle it!

In other words, he didnt want to create any trouble for Song Shuhang this time.

At most, he could have waited till he was adept at piloting and engrave all the formations and runes he wanted when he was by himself to joyfully soar into the skies.

Venerable White had made up his mind in these past few days.

Given Senior Whites strength, if he had made up his mind, he would surely be able to control himself.

But now, he saw a spacesuit in the trunk. Senior White blinked, Little friend Song Shuhang wants to fly in space?

After Senior White got into the car, Caselli started up the pickup, heading toward Jiangshuis Civil Aviation Training Center.

On the road, Song Shuhang was sitting erect, secretly revolving his True Self Meditation Scripture to optimize his condition. Moreover, the spirit-binding ice bead hanging around his neck was helping him keep his mind clear.

He wanted to be in his best condition. With that, let alone getting out of the atmosphere, even if Senior White were to suddenly land their plane on the moon, he wouldnt be surprised.

At this time, Venerable White probed, "That thing in the trunk is a spacesuit, right? Is it yours?"

"Ahaha, yes." Song Shuhang had a smile on his face as he said, "I personally asked Senior Yellow Mountain to prepare it for me. When I was a kid, I really liked astronauts. And since were taking flight lessons, I suddenly remembered it. Therefore, I asked Senior Yellow Mountain to prepare one for me to fulfill my childhood dream."

Song Shuhang had no alternatives but lieafter all, he was a good-hearted person. He couldnt bring himself to say cruel words such as, Senior White, I was afraid that you would send the plane into space and asked for a spacesuit just in case.

"Oh." Senior White secretly nodded It seems that little friend Song Shuhang really likes astronauts! After all, even the vast earth was full of mysteries, let alone the boundless space. It was not strange for people to be curious about it.

"Little Friend Shuhang, do you like space?" Venerable White asked.

"Yes, I think everyone is a little interested in space." Said Song Shuhang after thinking a bit. He was rather interested in black holes, comets, meteorites, moons, and other mysterious things found in space.

"If you had the possibility, would you like to visit space?" Venerable White asked. At the same time, he was starting to get restless and was ready to make trouble!

Song Shuhang was taken aback Wait! There is something wrong with the direction this conversation is taking!

Why does it seem that I want to go to space? This wont do. I must tactfully tell Senior White that Im not interested in going to space for the time being.

After thinking for a bit, Song Shuhang tactfully said, "If there is an opportunity later, I dont mind going to space. However, I cant for the time being. Even if I have a spacesuit, I cant stay there for too long."

"What you said is also reasonable." Senior White nodded.

After seeing Senior Whites reaction, Song Shuhang heaved a sigh of relief. It seemed that Senior White had given up on the idea of going to space.

It seems I just dodged a calamity.

At this time, Caselli, who was sitting on the front seat, heaved a sigh.

Rich men were really different! When others were still thinking of enjoying themselves with planes, those that were truly rich had already set they eyes on space!

One couldnt help but envy them!

As she was thinking this, she secretly shot a look at the man named Song Bai. He was really handsome!

Even if eastern and western people had different concepts of beauty, this man named Song Bai was so handsome that he had broken through this concept.

How wonderful would it be if I could become his girlfriend? Caselli secretly swallowed a mouthful of saliva Ah? Wait! Since when did I change into such a woman? I just met him, and we havent even talked; and yet, Im acting as if I fell in love with him at first sight?

It seems I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.

Caselli forcefully suppressed her weird thoughts. However, she would still shoot a look at Senior White through the rear-view mirror of the car from time to time.

To tell the truth, Caselli was lucky that Senior White had learned to control his charm.

If this were the pre-seclusion Senior White, just by seeing him strolling on the streets, many girls would madly fall in love with him, refusing to marry anyone else!

Even weak-willed female cultivators were unable to resist Senior Whites charm.

The Jiangshuis Civil Aviation Training Center was located in the outskirts of the city. It occupied a vast area.

Caselli brought Song Shuhang and Venerable White into the training center. There were several huge airstrips at the back. This one was only one of the several airstrips that the training center possessed. Six small private helicopters were parked here.

"Ill bring you to the theoretical lesson first and make you try a flight simulator afterward. Once youre familiar with it, you can choose the model you wish to pilot. Well put the runway in order and ready it for your use." Caselli explained with a smile.

Caselli had to spend a lot of time to find a courageous flight instructor willing to teach two complete newbies how to fly a plane!