Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 215

Chapter 215 A Supersonic Helicopter
Chapter 215: A Supersonic Helicopter!

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At this moment, the flying instructor Li Jr. had a slight misconceptionit seemed like the two students and himself belonged to two different worlds? Both their thoughts seemed to be totally unconventional?!

"Shuhang!" Venerable Whites gaze became sharp as he replied in a serious manner, "It isnt important whether or not he was provoking us! In cultivation, there are a lot of difficulties! Its like a boat going against the current, if you dont improve, youll fall behind! Hence, in ones path to cultivation, we must not lag behind others! Thus, no matter what, we cannot fall behind!

Senior, what you said is right but arent those principles related to cultivation? What have they got to do with the other party racing on a flying sword and overtaking us? Furthermore, the flying instructor Li Jr. is still next to us, is it really alright to discuss problems related to cultivators so openly?

Just as he was thinking about it, Song Shuhang saw instructor Li Jr. glance at Venerable White with a face full of bewilderment and digging his ear from time to time before having his face turn white soon after.

"Uh." Song Shuhang immediately understoodSenior White used a soundproof technique against instructor Li Jr., isolating him from their conversation!

At this moment, the instructor Li Jr. could see Venerable Whites lips moving, but could not hear anything.

No, not just his own voice, he could not even hear the rumbling sound made by the helicopter propellers as they turned.

Whats happening? What exactly is happening?

The instructor Li Jr. panicked. He used all his strength to dig his ears, but he still could not hear any sound.

He slapped his cheeks, but the sound could not be heard.

Im deaf?

Why? I was undoubtedly fine a minute ago, why am I suddenly deaf?

Li Jr. tried as hard as he could to recall what happened earlier on, but he couldnt recall anything.

Dont panic, calm down.

As an outstanding flying instructor, Li Jr. had a strong heart. Could it be that Im dreaming?

He pinched his own thigh hard very painful, I aint having a nightmare!

Li Jr.s face turned white.

After a long time, he sighed thank God, from now on, I will never have to hear the dull rumble of the helicopter propeller ever again because I am completely f*cking deaf!

...If hes deaf, he cant be a flying instructor. He would have to say goodbye to his high-paying job, flying instructor, and go on another career path.

The only thing to be happy about was that before this flight, he received a generous remuneration? But, he was still unable to be too happy about it.

Just when instructor Li Jr. was preoccupied with letting his imagination run wild, Senior White already started to make his move.

At this time, he used one hand to continue operating the aircraft, and used his other hands finger like a pen to draw a very complicated formation that looked a lot more advanced than the one he engraved on the car a couple days back.

The more complicated it got, the more insecure and uneasy Song Shuhang became.

He knew that, at this moment, there was no way to persuade Senior White anymore.

"Senior White, later when you race, please be gentle. Also, please do not ever forget, there is an ordinary human being next to you." Song Shuhang stared at the instructor Li Jr. Instructor, I can only help you so much.

"Dont worry, even if the helicopter falls apart, nothing will happen to this instructor! I can guarantee his safety, I am after all a Seventh Stage Spiritual Venerable." Senior White laughed heartily and did a thumbs up, "After this ends, I will erase his memory, he wont remember anything that happened during this incident! There wouldnt even be any psychological impact, there is absolutely no problem!"

Song Shuhang secretly stroked his chestman, his heart was beating really fast.

But this time, the reason why his heart was beating fast was not because of Senior Whites charm, but because of his words, helicopter falls apart. He couldnt help but replay the scenes of planes going missing on television before his eyes.

This helicopter wouldnt really fall apart, right?

"Haha, done! This is a new formation that I recently came up with after much research. Its combining invisibility, soundproofing, energy isolation, anti-detection into one formation. With this formation, the helicopter would not be seen by ordinary human beings, and would not be detected by radar and such. Hahahaha," said Senior White happily.

How frightening, when did Senior White secretly carried out the research and came up with a new formation?

Subsequently, Senior White engraved a second formation on the helicopter.

As he was engraving it, he took the time to also explain, "And then, this another formation is one that exponentially increases speed. This is an upgraded edition that was created based on altering your Green Breeze Speed Boost. After the changes I made, this formation can allow for up to ten times the speed. Not bad, huh?"

Ten times the speed?

Senior White, what kind of dangerous stuff have you been researching on!

Song Shuhangs secretly calculatedthe speed of the aviation academys private helicopter wasnt that fast, approximately 150 to 170 km/h.

If the speed was ten times faster, it would become about 1500 to 1700 km/h.

And then, if we calculate the speed of sound, it should be about 1224 km/h.

That is to say that if Senior White activated the formation to its maximum ability and increased the speed by ten times, this ordinary helicopter would have broken through the sound barrier and reached a supersonic speedprovided that this poor machine was sturdy enough to withstand it, that is.

Falling apart seemed to be inevitable... unless Senior White added another formation to strengthen the body of the helicopter, making it firm and stable.

However, Senior White did not seem to have any intention to increase its sturdiness. After he finished drawing the formation of the improved version of the Green Breeze Speed Boost, he swung his arm and ended the formation engravement.

"Lets increase the speed!" Thereafter, Senior White accelerated the helicopter, and proficiently increased its speed to the maximum.

The instructor Li Jr. beside him immediately panickedeven though he could not hear anything right now, he was not blind.

Through the speedometer on the helicopter, he could see that its speed was increasing rapidly, and very soon reached 170 km/h.

The helicopters propellers were spinning at lightning speed, and the helicopters body started making creaky sounds, as though saying that it couldnt withstand the speed.

"No, student Song Bai, during the trial, you cannot accelerate to such a high speed, hurry and stop what youre doing! Furthermore, we cannot continue flying ahead hurry and turn back. If you fly mindlessly and we enter a no-fly zone by any chance, we would be done for!" Shouted instructor Li Jr..

Who knows what will happen when we enter a no-fly zone? Perhaps its a free ticket to have a taste of a surface-to-air missile, sending us back to the ressurection point where we reincarnate and rebirth.

"Dont worry, there is no problem!" Venerable White gave the instructor Li Jr. a thumbs up! Because, with him around, nobody would be able to discover this aircraft.

As he was speaking, Venerable White started to channel his spiritual energy into the formation on the helicopter.

The three-in-one invisible formation got activated, and this ordinary helicopter became a high-end invisible helicopter within the blink of an eye.

The naked eye of an ordinary human being was unable to see its true invisible form, ordinary human beings were also unable to hear the sound it made. Regardless of whether it was a radar or an even higher-tech air defense equipment, they were all unable to detect its existence.

Thereafter, Senior White once again channeled his spiritual energy into the Green Breeze Speed Boost Stronger Edition formation.

"Two times faster!"

The helicopter that had originally hit its speed limit actually managed to increase its speed by quite a bit. The creaky sounds made by the chassis got more pronounced.

The instructor Li Jr. could not hear these sounds, but he saw on the meter of the airplane that its speed was already off the charts. Moreover, he could distinctly feel that the speed of the helicopter was still rising.

Whats the matter, what exactly was happening?

He glanced doubtfully at Venerable White, but his face was calm and composed, with a tinge of excitement in his eyes; he was unable to tell if anything unusual was happening by looking at him.

Thereafter, he turned his head to look at Song Shuhang, who was in his spacesuit.

Through the transparent faceplate, he could see Song Shuhang was forcing a smile and shrugging his shoulders at him.

Did something really happen? Did student Song Shuhang wear the spacesuit in preparation for such a situation?

"Student Song Bai, lets return to base and land!" The instructor Li Jr. turned his head back and shouted at Venerable White.

No matter what happened, it is not too late to go back nowin any case, we should land first and return to the aviation academys airfield and talk later.

Venerable White shook his head and rejected his request.

F*ck! Instructor Li Jr. clenched his teeth and prepared to forcefully take control of the helicopter, then land the plane under his control.

At this time, Venerable White gently pointed his finger towards him.

Thereafter, instructor Li Jr.s entire body sat limply back on the chair. It was as though someone pressed his acupointhe couldnt move from the neck down. He could only stare blankly at the meter of the helicopter and the scenery outside the window.

Oh, he could still turn his head to admire Venerable Whites good looks?

Whats happening? What exactly is happening?

Instructor Li Jr.s brain had already started to crash. Even if he had a strong heart, facing such a supernatural technique which only appeared in Wuxia films, it was simply game over for him.

"Too slow. too slow!" Venerable White complained. At this rate, they would be unable to overtake the fella stepping on a flying sword who provoked them earlier. If they got ditched too far behind, it would be an utter embarrassment.

"Shuhang, get ready, lets directly increase the speed to x10!" said Venerable White.

Shuhang immediately grabbed onto the helicopter tightly, his entire body tensed up. At the same time, he carefully observed instructor Li Jr.s condition, hoping that he could be of some help to him at crucial moments.

At this time, Venerable White channeled in huge amounts of spiritual energy into the formation in one breath, and increased the speed to x10.

In an instant, the speed of this ordinary helicopter got forcefully increased to a supersonic speed of 1500 km/h.

And then, a beautiful vapor cone formed in the surroundings of the helicopter.

Such a pretty vapor cone, instructor Li Jr. inwardly expressed his admiration.

No, wait! Vapor cone?

Your mother, is there something wrong with my vision?

Instructor Li Jr. stared blankly at the scene that was only seen in flying videos.

Surpassing the speed of sound and engaging in supersonic flightthis was the dream shared by many pilots craving for speed.

Li Jr. was still young. He definitely had fantasized that, one day, the plane he piloted would surpass the speed of sound and reach supersonic speed.

Today, his wish seemed to have been fulfilled.

But, how was this possible? The flight speed now had to be faster than that of sound!

Its just a helicopter, how could it accomplish a flight at a speed that surpasses that of sound? This doesnt make sense Im sure this is just a hallucination, right?

Furthermore, if an ordinary helicopter indeed surpassed the speed of sound, then terrible problems would follow immediately after.

"Creak clang~~" At this time, the helicopter made sounds that suggested it was falling apart; the part that started breaking apart was the propellers abovethey were entirely broken apart

However, this was just the start of a catastrophe.