Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 216

Chapter 216 You Think You Can Reach Space With A Helicopter Laughable
Chapter 216: You think you can reach space with a helicopter? Laughable!

Translator: GodBrandy Editor: Kurisu
I want to fly at supersonic speed one day! I would be able to die without regrets at that point!

This was Instructor Li Jr.s dream.

Today, God seemed to have been in a good mood and decided to fulfill both of his wishes. The first wish was to fly at supersonic speed while flying an aircraft. The second one was to die without regrets. The first one was already fulfilled, as for the secondit would be fulfilled soon!

Li Jr. was about to cry.

He could see that the propeller of the helicopter was already gone, and the windshield also broke due to pressure when they surpassed the speed of sound. The fuselage had also started to peel off, quickly flying away.

And this was only what Li Jr. could see. If he could turn his head and look behind, he would notice that there was a scene from one of those movie scenes where the helicopter was about to explode going on. The tail was in pieces, sparks were flying everywhere, and smoke was rising.

At this time, the helicopter had the shape of a semicircle, with a great part of its fuselage already in shambles.

Since it had sustained too much damage, the helicopter started to lose momentum. For instance, its speed wasnt supersonic anymore.

Earlier, the helicopter had been so fast that all the pieces that had fallen off had long disappeared.

Instructor Li Jr. painfully closed his eyes. Before boarding the aircraft, he had signed a contract that would allow his family to receive a large sum of money if something were to happen to him.

And, before getting on the helicopter, he had already made up his mind and was ready to give up his life for this task.

But now that he was at deaths door, Instructor Li Jr. was scared sh*tless!

He discovered that his resolution wasnt that strong after all. Even if he was prepared to face death, in his heart, he thought that the real chance of something happening was rather low.

And now that he was going to die for real, all his courage from before had disappeared.

Instructor Li Jr. started to cry bitterly, "Mom, I dont want to die! Uwaaah Im still young, I dont want to die like this!"

Even if a man cries, he wont let others see it.

But the helicopter is about to crash, who cares about face at this point! Let me cry to my hearts content!

Therefore, Instructor Li Jr. started to weep copiously.

"Tsk aircraft are frailer than what I thought," said Senior White, somewhat disgruntled. Then, invisible sword qi suddenly erupted from his body.

The sword qi directly melted the broken windshield. Yep, it wasnt smashed into pieces but melted instead. It disappeared without trace.

Afterward, the sword qi spread in all directions.

Song Shuhang and Instructor Li Jr. couldnt see it, but all the parts of the helicopter that had fallen off, such as the propeller, tail, and some pieces of the fuselage, were hit by the invisible sword qi and destroyed.

With that, these pieces of the helicopter wouldnt bring harm to the people on the ground.

At the same time, a protective barrier spread from Senior Whites body and covered the remaining parts of the helicopter, acting both as windshield and fuselage.

In the meantime, Song Shuhang took off the helmet of his spacesuit and gave it to the pitiful Instructor Li Jr.. He also gave him his Portable Life Support System so as to prevent him from dying due to lack of oxygen.

Instructor Li Jr. raised his head with great difficulty and shot a grateful glance at Song Shuhangbut he still heaved a sigh. What was the point of giving him the helmet? The helicopter was just too damaged, and they would soon crash to the ground.

"Its over! Let us meet in heaven!" After squeezing out these last few words, Instructor Li Jr. inclined his head... and fainted.

Song Shuhang didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

"Well, thats also fine. When he wakes up, he can just consider it a nightmare," Song Shuhang muttered.

Then, he looked at the ruined helicopter and heaved a sigh of reliefwith the aircraft in this condition, they wouldnt be able to keep flying. As a result, the race between Senior White and that other guy could only be put on hold, right?

Song Shuhang advised, "Senior, we cant keep flying without the propeller. We should evacuate from the helicopter."

"..." Senior White didnt reply. He wasnt willing to give up.

Song Shuhang pushed his persuasive abilities to the limit and kept trying to convince him, "The fault lies with the helicopter, not with us. Therefore, we didnt lose any face even if we were left behind. If we had better aircraft, we could have surpassed him with ease!"

"Aye, this helicopter was too frail. Had I known earlier, I would have chosen a fighter jet." Senior White sighed with emotion.

"Its alright. We can learn to fly a fighter jet the next time. So, how about giving up this time and evacuating from the helicopter?" Song Shuhang secretly clenched his fists. It seemed that he had almost managed to convince Senior White!

"You're right, but we shouldn't give up until its really over!" Senior Whites tone suddenly changed and became fervent.

Song Shuhang quickly tried to stop him, "Senior, thats not it. Sometimes, giving up is also a sign of great courage!"

"No, we havent lost yet." Senior White got up from the pilot seat. Afterward, he squatted down and started to draw several formations on the chassis of the helicopter.

He drew them very quickly. It seemed he had used them quite a lot in the past.

Song Shuhang also felt they were familiar.

As the formation was being completed, Song Shuhang recognized it Didnt Senior White use these runes to create his beloved disposable flying sword 004? Previously, Senior White had casually engraved a formation on a tree branch, and after pouring his spiritual energy inside, it had magically turned into a flying sword.

Senior White is planning to turn the remnants of this helicopter into a disposable flying sword 004?

Isnt this too exaggerated?

I mean, is something like this even possible?

Changing a wooden branch into a disposable flying sword is already something unthinkable, but changing this huge helicopter into a disposable flying sword should be imposs- f*ck, it really changed!

Yes. It changed, just like that.

After Senior White drew the last rune, he clapped his hands, satisfied, and poured his spiritual energy inside the formation, completing the disposable flying sword 004.

Afterward, the fuselage of the helicopter emitted a gentle buzzing sound, similar to the cry of a sword.

"Just as I thought, it wasnt difficult." Senior White clapped his hands satisfied, "Shuhang, sit tight. Were ready for a second round!"

Song Shuhang quickly sat down and grabbed onto his seat.

Venerable White activated a sword art and gently shouted, "Go!"


The helicopter shot forward.

Even if it had lost its propeller and various other parts, this magically changed supersonic helicopter dashed forward.

Moreover, it was so fast that words werent enough to describe it.

"Ahahaha! Excellent!" Venerable White was immensely pleased. Then, he poured his spiritual energy into the improved Green Breeze Speed Boost formation, "10x acceleration!"

The speed of the disposable flying sword aircraft edition increased once again. It quickly broke through the sound barrier with a boom.

Song Shuhang secretly heaved sigh. I wont say anything else. Ill just let Senior White have fun!

Hurricane Sword Yang Yuxiang gradually slowed down. Even if he had managed to surpass the helicopter, he wasnt too happy. It had been just too slow for him.

It was rather disappointing. In the end, a helicopter can only reach 150 km/h at best!

However, those guys inside the aircraft were rather interesting, especially the one wearing a spacesuit.

Does he think he can go to space with a helicopter? Ahaha, that dude was just too funny!

"Forget it. I should go and look for an air force base. That race with the supersonic fighter from the last time was the best!" Hurricane Sword Yang Yuxiang stretched himself. He was planning to leave and look for someone to challenge.

But at this time, he noticed that something was approaching from behind.

He quickly turned his head and saw a scene that he would never forget for the rest of his life.

It was an aircraft, a helicopter to be precise. And it was coming toward him!

Lets not talk about its speed for now. Lets examine its condition first!

This aircraft had no propeller and no tail. Its fuselage was in ruins. It had no windshield, and there was still smoke coming from the place where the tail was supposed to be!

How could this thing even keep flying? Moreover, it was flying very fast! Its speed was close to Mach 2!

At this time, Hurricane Sword Yang Yuxiang wanted to shout at the helicopter: On which physical law are you relying to fly in these conditions?!

The helicopter quickly approached! When it came closer, Yang Yuxiang could finally see the people inside.

A handsome man was sitting in the front, piloting the aircraftactually, there was nothing to pilot. The helicopter was in shambles, and most of its parts werent even working.

For some reason, there was also a man who fainted in the copilot seat.

On the back seat, there was that guy in a spacesuit that had left a deep impression on him.

Hurricane Sword Yang Yuxiang and the handsome man looked at each other. Then, the handsome man laughed and crossed his hands. It was a hand seal used by cultivators.

Yang Yuxiang was very familiar with this hand seal, because he had used it a lot himself.

Explanation: This hand seal is used when two cultivators are racing with car- flying swords. It doesnt any have any particular profound meaning. It roughly means: You weak sh*t. If you have the courage, come and have a race with daddy!

In other words, it was a provocative hand seal.

The man in the spacesuit on the back looked at Yang Yuxiang and shrugged his shoulders. Afterward, he awkwardly laughed.

"@#%$!! You think you can surpass me? Bring it on!" Yang Yuxiang coldly smiled, "Im the three-time champion of the riding sword competition, Hurricane Sword Yang Yuxiang!"

Yang Yuxiang prepared himself and waited for that strange helicopter to come closer.

Then, once it was closer and they were on the same starting line, he shouted out loud and used all his strength to push the flying sword forward!

Ill show you the power of the three-time champion of the riding sword competition! Youll soon understand the difference in speed between the two of us!

Wait... what?