Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 217

Chapter 217 Shuhang Should I Teach You The Turtle Breathing Technique
Chapter 217: Shuhang, should I teach you the Turtle Breathing Technique?

Translator: GodBrandy Editor: Kurisu
Wait what? Whats happening?

The grand three-time champion of the riding sword competition, Hurricane Sword Yang Yuxiang, waited till he and the helicopter were side-by-side. Afterward, he pushed the flying sword forward with all his strength, starting the second round with this weird helicopter!

But, just as they were side by side, that weird helicopter accelerated once again, putting a distance of seven hundred meters between them. And, in an instant, the distance increased to several kilometers!

This scene was somewhat familiar. It was identical to the scene where Hurricane Sword Yang Yuxiang had shaken off Venerable Whites helicopter.

Yang Yuxiang could faintly make out the silhouette of the handsome man, waving at him self-satisfied.

"Not bad, not bad!" Yang Yuxiang wasnt angry, but started to laugh instead, "Thats it! Surpassing your previous speed could only be considered as a warm-up. But against your current speed, I need to get a little serious."

As he finished speaking, he made a hand seal and activated a sword art. The layer of light under his feet coiled up, changing into a small hurricane. He was called Hurricane Sword because he excelled at wind-type techniques.

Lightning- and wind-based techniques granted you the highest speed while using a flying sword.

The strong point of lightning-type techniques was their sudden explosive power, while wind-type ones showcased greater endurance, capable of sustaining high speed for longer periods of time.

A hurricane appeared on the sword, and Yang Yuxiang assumed a surfing posture. The sword light flashed through the sky, and he started pursuing Venerable White as fast as the wind.

The cold atmospheric wind was blowing against his face and scattering his hair in all directions, making him look even more handsome.

In only five breaths, he had caught up with the helicopter.

Song Shuhang, who was sitting in the helicopter, looked at the faraway Yang Yuxiang. He was enviousthis was how you were supposed to ride a flying sword!

A cultivator that was stepping on the flying sword must either have his hands clasped behind his back, giving off the image of a powerful expert, or surf the sword with a cool and overbearing posture. Having the wind caress his face, with long hair dancing in the air and clothes faintly fluttering, was also fine.

So beautiful!

This was the way Song Shuhang wanted to ride a flying sword. However, whenever he was able to ride a flying sword, his style would always be horrible.

In particular, when Senior White used his person-delivering flying sword and he was lying on the sword face-down. Even if the cultivator was handsome, he wouldnt look cool if he were to lie like a dead frog on the sword. Instead, it would be a stain on their reputation.

Just as he was thinking, Hurricane Sword Yang Yuxiang caught up to them.

"Haha. You have some skill after all." Senior White praised and nodded However, youre still too inexperienced!

Senior White stretched his hand and made a hand seal. Then, he casually activated a sword art, "Heavenly Pengs Flying Technique!"

The Heavenly Pengs Flying Technique was a very common sword technique in the world of cultivators, to the point that almost every cultivator owned a volume of this technique.

But even if it was widespread, it wasnt a technique that could be taken lightly.

In the ancient times, the Heavenly Pengs Flying Technique was hailed as one of the Nine Miraculous Flying Techniques of the Divine Beasts. Even if the technique that spread in the outer world was not the complete version, at least amongst Fourth Stage techniques, there was hardly one that could surpass it.

The only shortcoming was that it was too difficult to learn even if everyone in the world of cultivators had a volume each, the number of people that had perfectly mastered it was less than a hundred.

When the Heavenly Pengs Flying Technique was activated, two golden wings appeared on both sides of the helicopters fuselage. Then, the wings of the Heavenly Peng gently flapped...

The speed of the helicopter increased once more. After several whizz sounds, it left Hurricane Sword Yang Yuxiang in the dust again.

"F*ck, was that the Heavenly Pengs Flying Technique?" Yang Yuxiang was scared by the sudden display of the technique. Afterward, he thought of another issue, "The Heavenly Pengs Flying Technique is a sword technique. Then, that helicopter is actually a flying sword?"

This is destroying my view of the world. How can a flying sword change into that appearance?

"Whatever, since it has come to this, you have gained the qualifications to see my real strength!" Hurricane Sword Yang Yuxiangs blood was seething with excitement.

If he were to surpass the Heavenly Pengs Flying Technique, only he alone would be worthy of winning the next session of the riding sword competition.

"I feel all the blood in my body seething with excitement! Ooooh~" Yang Yuxiang raised his hands high and released all the true yuan in his body, "Get a taste of my Moonlights Flying Technique!"

The Moonlights Flying technique was one of the best flying techniques of the Moonset Sword School.

Wherever the moonlight shines, our flying sword will gothis was the essence of the Moonlights Flying Technique. Unfortunately, it was daytime now. If it were night and the moon was high in the sky, the speed of this technique would have been even faster.

Yang Yuxiang laughed, self-satisfied. After using the technique, two crescent moons appeared near the hurricane on the flying sword. These crescent moons resembled small wings.

Then, he dashed forward, as fast as lightning.

This time, it took him a little longer. After fifteen breaths, he was able to catch up to Senior Whites helicopter!

"Senior, that guy is catching up with us." Song Shuhang turned his head and looked behind. The speed of that cultivator riding the flying sword was getting faster and faster. The size of his figure had changed from that of a small black dot to a fist.

"Hehe. That kid isnt bad." Senior White couldnt help but gasp with admiration. To make this race fair, he had limited the speed of the Heavenly Pengs Flying Technique to the Fourth Stage.

However, his opponent was still able to catch up this quickly. This speed had already reached that of a Fifth Stage Spiritual Emperor.

"Swish, swish, swish!"

Hurricane Sword Yang Yuxiang caught up once again and was now flying side by side with Venerable White.

Then, somewhat self-satisfied, he said to Venerable White, "Fellow Daoist, I can increase my speed even further. How about you? Dont tell me that this is your limit."

Venerable White shook his head and said, "No, I was just waiting for you."

"Hahaha, interesting. Do you want to say that you can go even faster? Then, bring it on! Lets see who is faster!" Yang Yuxiang said full of confidence.

Since he had caught up to the Heavenly Pengs Flying Technique, he was now full of confidence.

"Aye. Amongst the youngsters I met recently, you are the one that can fly at the fastest speed. Therefore, Ill give you a reward. Ill let you experience the true speed of a flying sword firsthand." Venerable White said with a smile.

That smile seemed to contain all the beautiful things of the world. Hurricane Sword Yang Yuxiang couldnt help but stare blankly.

And then...

He saw the strange helicopter move once again!

Its speed was incredibly fast!

So fast that it couldnt be described with mere words!

If he could be considered as fast as lightning at full speed, this strange helicopter had literally broken through space, teleporting away!

After an instant, he could barely see it.

And after another instant, he couldnt see it anymore it had probably gone so far away that it was impossible for him to catch up to it anymore.

This speed was so incredible that it almost made him feel despair. The difference between him and his opponent was the same as the one between heaven and earth.

"The true speed of a flying sword?" Hurricane Sword Yang Yuxiang stood absentmindedly on his flying sword and didnt move for a long time.

Then, after ten or so minutes, he sighed and said, "That senior was incredible."

The speed that he was so proud of was like that of a snail in front of the other party.

However, Yang Yuxiang wasnt discouraged.

On the contrary, a fire started to burn in his heart.

"Senior, one day, Ill also reach that speed!" He shouted with all his strength to the empty sky.

Then, he decided to return home. It was time to close up and reach the Fifth Stage Spiritual Emperor!

He had already stayed in the Fourth Stage Realm for a long time. He had intentionally suppressed his realm for the past few years to become the champion of the riding sword competition a fourth time.

But after today, he decided to no longer slow down the speed of his cultivation.

Becoming the champion of the competition for the fourth time had lost its appeal. He had a greater objective right now, and also a broader view.

As for this new objective, it was to reach the same speed as that fearful senior from before. And, if there was an opportunity, he would like to have a race with him again.

Ah last but not least.

That seniors smile was really beautiful. All the junior and senior sisters Ive seen arent match for that senior.

F*ck, what the hell was I just thinking? Hurricane Sword Yang Yuxiang fiercely shook his head, trying to get that stupid idea out of his head.

"Lets get back and cultivate. Afterward, Ill learn a stronger flying technique. To catch up to that senior, I need to completely dominate the Fifth Stage Flying Sword Competition!" Yang Yuxiang declared his objective.

At the same time, in the disposable flying sword helicopter edition.

"Aaaaaaah~" A long ear-splitting scream echoed in the helicopter.

However, it wasnt Song Shuhangs.

Although he had a little acrophobia and had recently developed tachophobia too, there was still the fuselage of the helicopter acting as protection; he wasnt too scared.

The one that was screaming was Instructor Li Jr.

While he was unconscious, Li Jr. suddenly felt a zero gravity sensation that caused him to wake up. Then, he saw that the scenery outside was changing at an incredible speed.

That zero gravity feeling was due to the excessive speed of the helicopter.

But this was only one of the reasons. The other reason was that the helicopter was flying upward. This was the real reason for the zero gravity feeling felt by Instructor Li Jr.

Senior White frowned, dissatisfied. Then, he used his hand to hit Instructor Li Jr. and made him pass out again.

"Senior, should we go back home?" Song Shuhang quickly asked. They had already left that cultivator behind, and there was no way he would be able to catch up.

"Aye." Senior White nodded.

Song Shuhang said happily, "Then, we must look for a place to land."

Senior White didnt immediately reply, but asked a question of his own, "I suddenly thought of teaching you a small technique. Do you want to learn it?"

"Which technique?" Although he was confused as to why Senior White would suddenly want to teach him a new technique, if he had the opportunity to learn one, he would definitely accept.

"Its the Turtle Breathing Technique." Senior White said calmly.

"..." Song Shuhang

As soon as he heard the name of the technique, Song Shuhang had an awful premonition!