Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 219

Chapter 219 Senior White Let Me Repair This Huge Hole
Chapter 219: Senior White: Let me repair this huge hole!

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Senior White getting distracted was a very frightening thing, because every time he got distracted, there was an 80% chance that it would trigger the falling on the ground skill.

This skill sure was frighteningeven if it was released in a magic world, it was at the level where it would be second only to forbidden spells!

Whats even scarier is that there was no telling when Senior White would get distractedfor all you know, he can be laughing and chatting with you at one moment, but in the next moment, he would suddenly get distracted and lost in his thoughts.

Just like nowhe was still laughing earlier before he suddenly went into a daze.

"We are gonna crash, Senior White, we are gonna crash, quick, snap out of it and turn back aaaaaah, we cant dodge anymore!" Song Shuhang wanted to cry so badly.

At the same time, he saw the object they were gonna crash into as clear as day.

It was an enormous cylinder-shaped metallic object with a four-sided leaf-shaped electric fan on both its left and right; it looked all kinds of formidable.

A satellite?

No, a satellite wouldnt be as huge as this. That thing in front was at least over fifty meters long and almost a hundred meters wide! It had some sort of science-fiction vibeit was the masterpiece of modern people!

Could it be a space station? A thought flashed in Song Shuhangs mind.

Were finished!

If it was a satellite, even if it got damaged upon impact, at most Senior White could destroy it completely and remove any traces, dumping it further into space.

Perhaps losing one satellite might affect earths weather report or cell phone communication or something of that sort, but the probability of causing casualties wasnt big.

But a space station was different, theres always an astronaut or a few up there guarding their post, doing research, as well as doing daily maintenance. If they damaged it by crashing into it what were they gonna do if there were any scientist in there?

Senior White was still distracted.


The flying sword crashed into the space station hard, creating a huge hole on the right side of the stationwell, the sound was created in Song Shuhangs mind, there is no way for sound to travel in vacuum after all.

In space, all kinds of crashes were fatal. If a fragment of space waste the size of a small pill crashed into a satellite, the damage done would be sufficient to render it nothing but scrap metal.

Right now, the fuselage of the helicopter under his feet had crashed into the space station with full power, at an extremely high speed. It was definitely going to be like a bullet shooting through a soda bottle, causing the whole space station to explode!

Just as Song Shuhang was deeply worried, suddenly, the protective outer layer of the helicopter-style flying sword that Venerable White set up burst open!

This protective shield became the buffer layer between the space station and the helicopter-style flying sword. After the fuselage of the helicopter crashed into the space station, creating a hole, it stopped damaging the space station further.

Thereafter, the flying sword seemed to have used up its force and slowly stopped

It stopped?!

The space station was not completely destroyed!

Song Shuhang couldnt help but heave a sigh of relief.

However, Song Shuhang looked at the enormous hole on the space station again and used all his strength to rub his face What should we do? What can we do after this?

If the space station gets destroyed because of this hole, it would surely become the most costly road accident in history!

On the other side, twenty minutes ago.

Within the space station.

A bald man wearing a thick spacesuit sighed heavily, "Anthony, have we stayed in the space station for too long?"

"Oh, Aguero, both of us have been stuck in this hellhole for five full months! But, we are finally going back today." The other man, who didnt look old but was already full of white hair, replied, "We have already completed nearly sixty experiments here, thats a rather good accomplishment. At last, I finally dont have to look at you and your bald head anymore!"

"Me too, Im also sick of seeing you and your white hair for five months straight." Aguero laughed.

Both of them joked with each other, still wearing their spacesuits.

Then, all they had to do was to wait for a space shuttle to come pick them up to send them back to earth.

Being stuck in a hellhole such as this for a full five months was hard to bear even for a research junkie like Anthony. Luckily, tough times were finally over.

Both of them had already waited in the space station for very long, but the highly-anticipated space shuttle took forever to come.

Suddenly the space station shook violentlyit seemed as though it got hit by something.

"Oh god dammit! What happened?" Anthony shouted.

"Is that the space shuttle thats coming to pick us up? But why was there no notification and no signal?" The bald Aguero raised his voice.

"Did something crash into the space station? Quickly, lets go and have look through the monitors!" Anthony shouted frantically. After all, they were in outer spaceif by any chance there appeared some serious problem, it could very likely spell death for them both!

The violent crash finally made Venerable White snap out of his thoughts.

"Oooh, how did I get distracted?" Senior White embarrassingly hit himself on his forehead, "Yeah, where did our conversation stop? Oh, since we have already entered space, we have to look around and see if there are any small meteorites or anything floating around, that can serve as a landing point for us."

"Theres no need for that, Senior." Song Shuhang forced a smile, "We just crashed into something, and if I did not guess incorrectly, its a space station."

"Ah, we crashed into something? Did it get shattered?" Senior White asked in a daze.

Song Shuhang replied, "No, nothing shattered since its volume is rather huge. Additionally, when we crashed, the protective shield was activated, and it seemed to have dampened our momentum, thus the crash only resulted in a hole."

"Ah, thank God. Luckily, nothing got shattered." Senior White looked relieved.

Indeed, thank God it wasnt shattered. Song Shuhang thought to himself.

At this time Instructor Li Jr. sitting in the co-pilot seat woke up, but he was still in a daze.

When he woke up, he realized that his body was enclosed within a spacesuit. Then... he seemed to have regained his hearing! He could hear the sound of his breathing.

However, his body below his neck still would not budge.

"Where is this?" Li Jr. asked while sobbing, but it seemed like his voice was unable to travel out of his spacesuit. Only he could hear his own voice.

At this time, a voice appeared out of nowhere in his mindwithout going through his earsand spoke in his mind, "Its space."

He was communicating in his mind? Li Jr. got a huge scare; he turned his head to look at his surroundings. And then, he saw a black space with several bright stars

Is this really space?

What exactly happened?

No, let me try recalling.

Li Jr. recalledtoday, he was teaching two special students, and brought them to pilot a helicopter in the sky. It was a very normal day.

Then, the first student, Song Shuhang, smoothly completed his journey in the sky for one round. No mishaps happened, it was worthy of celebration.

Thereafter, the second student, Song Bai, also started operating the helicopter, flying in the sky.

Then for some reason, his beloved helicopter seemed to surpass the speed of sound? The scene of his helicopter breaking through the sound barrier in his mind was clear as day. Thereafter, what did happen?

He went deaf, and then he passed out.

When he woke up again, he found himself in space?

What kind of freaking development was this! Even a third-rate storyline wouldnt have a development such as this, right?

After a long time, Instructor Li Jr. stiffly turned his head around, looked at Venerable White who was next to him, and then cried, begging him, "Mr. Song Bai, can you please let me go back?"

Even though he did not know the specifics of what happened, Song Bai was definitely the one responsible for all of it!

"Yeah, I will bring you back, dont worry!" Venerable White replied.

"Boohoo" Instructor Li Jr. started feeling sorrowful for reasons he did not understand and started crying out loud.

Song Shuhang asked, "Senior White, what should we do next?"

"Yeah, Im gonna settle Instructor Li Jr.s memory first and then leave him in the helicopter. And then Ill think of a way to repair the hole left by us in the space station!" replied Venerable White. Song Shuhang might have misinterpreted it, but there seemed to be a tinge of excitement in Senior Whites voice?

Wait, what did Senior White just say earlierhe wants to repair the space station?

No way, definitely no way!

Senior White already had problems disassembling an air conditioning unit, no it wasnt just an air conditioning unit, all kinds of electronic appliances in the house had already been dismantled by Senior White once, but none of them survived. We can see this point clearly by looking at the revamping of Medicine Masters multistoried building.

Senior White was a small expert at dismantling machines, but assembling them was impossible for him.

Hence, Song Shuhang sincerely suggested, "Senior White, as for repairs, we should leave them for the space stations maintenance staff to settle. I feel that secretly leaving might be better, dont you think?"

"No way, its a hole we created, so we have to fix it." Venerable White was firm in his decision and said, "I know what youre worried about, but you dont have to mull over it anymore.

I am no longer the person I used to be a week agoafter disassembling so many electronics and machinery, my knowledge of modern electronic devices has increased and Im familiar with them now! I can definitely fix a mere hole in the space station!

Even if I cant fully repair it, I still have magic! At most I will use magic to fill the hole made by us!"

Venerable White was full of confidence.

...It was true though, even if it wasnt fully repaired, Senior White could still fill the hole with magic. And then, all that would be left was to wait for the maintenance staff onboard the space station to slowly repair it.

Song Shuhang silently nodded his head. Thinking that way made him feel a lot more at ease.

Thereafter, Senior White started to perform a certain technique on Instructor Li Jr., and began to erase his recent memories.

"Dont kill me, dont kill me." Li Jr. called out, not knowing what was happening.

"Dont make any more noise. If you continue shouting, dont blame me if I erase more of your memories than I should!" Senior White threatened him.

Li Jr.s face turned pale whiteerase my memories?

Immediately, his mind started playing all kinds of scenarios: for example, the protagonist getting captured by aliens, then being put through all kinds of scary experiments. After the experiments are done, the protagonist gets brainwashed, removing all his memories, before being releasing him back to earth to continue his lifebut, because he had gone through all kinds of scary experiments, the protagonist would often subconsciously go out of control and transform into a monster, eating humans

And this pitiful protagonist, he used to be a flying instructor whom his colleagues that he was on close terms with called Li Jr.!