Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 226

Chapter 226 Benefactor Do You Buy Children Here
Chapter 226: Benefactor, do you buy children here?

Translator: GodBrandy Editor: Kurisu
The sun was setting and the color of the sky fading.

In a small mountain village in the outskirts of the Jiangnan area.

Cao Delian was sitting at the entrance of his old house, smoking quietly. After finishing the cigarette, he smoked another, and then another one. After a while, he seemed to have made up his mind.

He returned inside the room and opened a closet, revealing a lot of small Buddha statues and idols.

"All the Gods that are known and unknown. After completing this deal, Ill retire for good. Therefore, I ask you to watch over me, and let me smoothly complete my last deal. After I turn over a new leaf, Ill coat your bodies with gold." Cao Delian lit up some incense and respectfully placed some fruits as offerings.

Then, he carefully closed the closet and deeply exhaled.

Today will be the last deal! Afterward, Ill turn over a new leaf and go live in another city and change my identity. Cao Delian thought to himself.

He slightly straightened his clothes up and turned around, preparing to leave this old house and look for a target for the last deal.

When he turned around, he discovered that a small monk had appeared in front of his gate.

This small monk seemed to be around 8 years old. He had a round face and looked rather lovable. It made one want to pinch and twist his round cheeks ruthlessly.

Moreover, he had a very serious expression. This made him look even more lovable.

If I were to sell this child, Im sure many people would go mad to buy him, right? Cao Delians occupational disease kicked in as he thought this.

As he was thinking, the small monk joined his palms together and greeted him, "Hello, Benefactor. Is Benefactor Cao at home?"

Ah? This small monk knows my name?

Cao Delian was confused. However, he kept his cool and returned the greetings, "Hello, Little Master. Im precisely Cao Delian."

"Thats good then." The small monk heaved a sigh of relief, "This small monk needs Benefactor Caos help with a matter. Right, can we go inside to talk?"

Cao Delian was temporarily at a loss. However, he still nodded and let the small monk enter the house.

Cao Delian asked cautiously, "Why is Little Master looking for me? Did someone send you here to relay a message?"

"No." The small monk made another greeting gesture, "I looked for you because I needed your help. I asked about you everywhere and was finally able to find your address."

He asked everywhere about me? Cao Delian was confused. He asked, "Why was Little Master looking for me?"

"Ill explain then! Ive heard that you buy and sell children here. Is that true?" The small monk revealed an innocent smile and said, "I came here to ask this. Benefactor Cao, do you really buy children?"

After saying these words, the small monk slightly blushed, "If you really buy children, what do you think of me? Although Im already 6 years old, Im still quite lovable, am I not? If youre interested, what about buying me for about 5000 RMB?"

Cao Delian was dumbfounded and had no idea WTF was going on.

Whats going on? Is this a trap? Or is this kid just making fun of me?

After seeing Cao Delians dumbfounded expression, the small monk thought that the price was inappropriate. "Is it too much? 4000 RMB is also fine, but I cant go below that. I need to undergo a surgery to remove hemorrhoids, and I need at least 5000 RMB for that. Right now, I only have around 1000 RMB on me."

Cao Delian was still in a state of dumbfoundedness...

"Is 4000 RMB still too high? But I cant lower it any further. Otherwise, I wont be able to afford the surgery!" The small monk frowned.

He needed 4000 RMB for his hemorrhoids operation and decided to sell himself?

What kind of reasoning is that?!

After a long time, Cao Delian finally asked, "Little Master, stop joking. Where are your family members?"

The small monk thought for a bit and replied, "In a very faraway place. Even by air, it would take you 4-5 hours."

So, it takes 4-5 hours via plane? That is indeed very far.

Cao Delian felt that his stomach had started to ache, "Then, how did you exactly come here?"

"I secretly ran away from the temple. After flying for 4-5 hours in the sky, I finally reached the Jiangnan area. There, I met an acquaintance and spent the night in his house. However, I decided to run away to make some money." The small monk replied honestly since Buddhist monks werent supposed to tell lies.

After hearing all this, Cao Delians eyes lit up.

His stomach ache disappeared, and his heartbeat sped up a little Is this small monk a gift from God to allow me to conclude that one last deal? Will I make a big profit this time?

This small monk seemed to have a good background. His skin was soft and fair, and he would grow handsome. Moreover, he was only six this year. Although his brain had some problems, he could be properly taught if given some time.

After thinking a bit, Cao Delian asked, "Where is that acquaintance you talked about?"

The small monk replied, "I dont know. He left with another senior, and they didnt come back for the whole day. Therefore, I came out alone. Benefactor Cao, why are you asking all these questions? Can you tell me if youre willing to buy me for 4000 RMB or not? If you arent interested, Ill go to another place and ask there."

This is really an opportunity bestowed by the heavens! Cao Delian clenched his fists excitedhe thought of many ways to proceed.

As long as he could successfully sell this small monk, he might even be able to live the latter half of his life without worrying about food. These were the gains of having prayed to those idols day and night.

He had already decided to kidnap and sell this small monk.

Cao Delian was a careful man. After getting out of the house, he carefully looked around. There was no one lying in ambush. It seemed it wasnt a trap.

This small monk had mental problems and had really come here to sell himself.

His luck was too good. He had now decided to bring the small monk to another city in the southeast area and sell him there for a high price! At the time, even if the acquaintance of small monk were to discover that there was something wrong, he would be already gone without a trace.

After thinking all this, Cao Delian returned inside the house and asked, "Do you really want to sell yourself?"

"Yes. I urgently need money to treat my hemorrhoids." The small monk nodded.

Alright. If you want to treat your hemorrhoids, then so be it!

"Good. Come with me then!" Cao Delian said to the small monk.

Then, he casually packed a few things and arrived in front of his old car.

Next, he gently said to the small monk, "Get on the car. Uncle is going to bring you to a nearby city."

"Benefactor Cao, does that mean that youve decided to buy me?" a smile appeared on the monks face.

"Yes. Now follow me and get in the car!" Cao Delian replied. At the same time, he opened the back door and hinted the small monk to get on it.

However, the small monk didnt directly get in the car. He stretched his palm and said, "You have to pay first. Since youve decided to buy me, you need to pay up first. Afterward, Ill get into the car."

As expected, this small monk has mental problems!

Seeing the small monks resolute face, Cao Delian clenched his teeth and took out his wallet as he nodded. Then, he gave him 4000 RMB and said, "Here are your 4000 RMB!"

When I get to the next city and knock out this small monk, wouldnt that money return to me anyway?

The small monk carefully checked and then took the money, satisfied. "Thanks, Benefactor Cao! Im sold to you now! How about going to treat my hemorrhoids first?"

Holy shit, this guy is really a retard. Cao Delian ridiculed in his heart, but he still replied, "Well go to another place to perform the surgery! The medical treatment there is better. Minimally invasive treatment and painless abortion- ugh! I mean, you wont feel any pain when they operate! And there wont be any relapses after the treatment!"

The small monk seemed to have somewhat understood and nodded, "I see. Then, well do as you say and go that place."

Afterward, he cutely crawled up in the back seat of the car.

Cao Delian was excited and quickly started his old car. He pressed on the accelerator and the car dashed forward.

Oh man! One must have faith. Burning that incense for those idols wasnt for nothing! Wahaha!

In Medicine Masters multi-storied building.

Song Shuhang asked, "Doudou, can you find the small monk?"

Doudou squatted down and spat out his tongue, trying to act cute. Then, he crooked his head and said, "Of course, woof! I can easily find him with my sense of smell."

Song Shuhang tried to please him and gave him some chicken-flavored dog food, "Then, help me find and bring back the small monk."

Doudou took the dog food with his front paws and quickly ate it. Afterward, he crooked his head again and said, "What do I gain? Woof!"

If you wanted Doudou to help you, you either had to give him something good in return or ask him when he was in a good mood.

Song Shuhang thought and said, "I can teach you to drive a car! Ill look for a place where there is no one and let you drive there for a while."

Doudou gave him a supercilious look and spat out his tongue. Next, he started rolling on the ground. It seemed that Song Shuhangs terms werent enough to satisfy him.

Song Shuhang clenched his teeth and said, "Once youre good enough, we can engrave the invisible and anti-reconnaissance formations on a car and drive it at fast speed! Its up to you where to go!"

When he heard these words, Doudou got up and said, "Sure, leave it to me! Woof, Ill quickly find the small monk and tell you his whereabouts. Woof!"

With that, Doudou stopped rolling on the ground and directly flew out of the window, a satisfied expression on his face.

Once Doudou was gone, Song Shuhang wished he could slap himself several times. Just now, he had spoken too much and actually told Doudou he would go with him on a high-speed trip. Was he tired of living?

After a few days, he was planning to visit the hospital and get a quick-effect heart helping pill. He felt that it was becoming difficult for his heart to bear all these responsibilities.

"Shuhang, do you have free time?" Senior White, who was checking up materials on the computer, turned his head and asked.

"Im free." Song Shuhang replied. After his evening practice, he was basically free.

"Then, Ill teach you how to refine qi and blood pills in the evening. After all, I said I would teach you once you had collected all the materials." Senior White said.