Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 227

Chapter 227 Did The Sleeping Gas Lose Its Effectiveness
Chapter 227: Did the sleeping gas lose its effectiveness?

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After hearing Senior Whites words, Song Shuhang was in high spirits and said, "Please wait, Senior, I will go retrieve the herbs for refining the qi and blood pill!"

After waiting for him to retrieve the herbs, he and Venerable White went to Medicine Masters pill refining room.

Inside the room, there were a few herbs that have not been used by Medicine Master, fuel required for refining pills, and a furnace for the pills.

The pill furnace was divided into two, lying on the groundfrom what he remembered, the last time when they were eating on the rooftop, Venerable White disassembled the pill furnace, and the lower half portion was for Penniless Thief Sects Candy to use for cooking. Afterwards, he didnt assemble them back together and just tossed them in the pill refining room.

"Haha, I will reassemble them immediately." Venerable White smiled bashfully and hurried in front to piece them together.

This model of the pill refining furnace was originally a separable one, hence there was no need to worry about Senior White ruining the pill furnace.

"Oh right, Shuhang, do you know the fire-controlling art?" asked Venerable White.

"I dont." Song Shuhang shook his headinitially Medicine Master said that after he had completed the Foundation Establishment, he would teach him the fire-controlling art as well as how to use the pill furnace before teaching him a few methods to refine liquefied medicine.

Once Song Shuhang learned how to make some liquefied medicine, Medicine Master would show him the way to gain mortal money.

But after Senior Medicine Master went to help his good friend with his illness, he had not returned ever since and hence, he had no time to teach Song Shuhang the fire-controlling art.

"Eh? I heard the people within the chat group mention it before, werent you helping Medicine Master perfect the new version of the body tempering liquid? And yet you dont know the fire-controlling art?" Senior White was puzzled.

Song Shuhang laughed embarrassingly and said, "Senior White, you didnt know? I did not use the pill furnace to refine the body tempering liquid."

That is to say, ever since he met Venerable White till now, he had never refined the body tempering liquid in front of him before!

Venerable White said out of curiosity, "Then, in that case, how did you refine the body tempering liquid?"

Song Shuhang pointed at the hot pot and electric furnace in the corner of the pill refining room and said, "I just used that set of equipment to refine it, hehe."

"Arent those for cooking?" there was a look of curiosity in Venerable Whites eyes and he said, "Interesting. After we had finished refining the qi and blood pill, if we still have time, you should show me how you refined the body tempering liquid using the electric furnace once."

"No problem."

"However its rather inconvenient if you havent grasped the fire-controlling art. The fire-controlling art and the Lightning Palm are differentit isnt as easy to grasp that technique," Venerable White said, furrowing his brows.

"Senior, we have a fire-controlling magical treasure here." Song Shuhang took out the rechargeable Three Stars Fire Controlling Fan from his pocket.

"Fire-controlling magical treasure? Eh, Ive never seen such a thing before." Senior White reached his hand out, took Song Shuhangs fire-controlling magical treasure and started scrutinizing it. "How do you use it?"

Song Shuhang pointed at the fan and did a brief introduction for Venerable White, "Its very convenient. When you press the red button, you can control the increase in intensity of the flameyou can increase it six times in total. The blue button, on the other hand, is for lowering the temperature. The button in the middle is the power switch; at the same time, you can see the reserve energy of the Three Stars Fire Controlling Fan according to the shade of the color (whether its dark or light)."

"Reserve energy, this thing doesnt need to use a spirit stone as a power source?" Senior White asked out of curiosity.

Song Shuhang said, "It doesnt use spirit stones, it uses electricity. It can be recharged. It is said that Senior Medicine Master researched and developed it with someone. Because spirit stone was an energy source that cannot be regenerated, they decided to research a method to use electricity to replace spirit stones."

"I see let me give it a try." Senior White chuckled and pointed at the lower portion of the pill furnace.

There was some black substance in the lower portion of the furnace, it wasnt coal, but something unknown. In any case, it was a form of fuel used by Medicine Master to refine pills.

A flame appeared in the air above Senior Whites finger and lit up that piece of black substance.

Thereafter, he opened the Three Stars Fire Controlling Fan, pressed the red button and lightly fanned.

Immediately, the size of the flame got a lot bigger.

The more he fanned, the fiercer the flame became.

After continuing this for six consecutive times, the color of the flame underneath the pill furnace became closer to white gold, reaching to a temperature of approximately 1400 degrees Celsius.

Thereafter, Senior White pressed the blue button and waved six times again. The color of the flame rapidly decreased and quickly went back to an ordinary dark red color.

"Very convenient, so Medicine Master had already been putting in a lot of effort in order to successfully combine cultivators items with modern technology."

Indeed, Senior Medicine Master was rather avant-garde.

Yeah, just that this magical treasure still requires rechargingthat feels kinda backward. Song Shuhang thought to himself.

"Senior White, lets refine the qi and blood pill, shall we huh?" when Song Shuhang looked at Venerable White, his whole body stiffened.

All he saw was Senior White disassembling the Three Stars Fire Controlling Fan... God knew when he even started.

During the time span of one sentence, the Three Stars Fire Controlling Fan had already been disassembled by Senior White into several sections.

"I see, this is the idea of a genius. The magical treasure and technology were perfectly combined, I really gotta compliment little Medicine Master," mumbled Senior White.

Thereafter, he seemed to have heard Song Shuhangs yell and blankly raised his head to look at Song Shuhang.

"Aiya, hahaha. I disassembled it out of habit" Venerable White said, wearing an innocent look on his face.

Song Shuhang silently looked at the Three Stars Fire Controlling Fan that had been disassembled into separate components.

"Fear not, I will assemble it back to its former glory. Things like that are different from pure electrical applianceswith magical composition, putting this back together can be done in a couple of minutes! Theres definitely no problem at all," said Senior White with a face full of confidence.

A minute later.

Senior White happily showed a completely assembled Three Stars Fire Controlling Fan to Song Shuhang and said, "How does it look, its been fully restored! I told you before, theres definitely no problem at all!"

"Youre awesome, senior!" Song Shuhang sucked up to him a little, "Why dont you try to test if it still functions well?"

"Of course!" Senior White pressed the red button and lightly fanned facing the pill refining furnace.

As he fanned, the color of the flame rose and became pink.

After fanning six times consecutively, the flame eventually became white gold.

What, could it be that an item that was fixed by Senior White actually works and did not fail!?

"Nicely done, Senior!" Song Shuhang gave him a thumbs up. From the looks of it, if electrical appliances have magic elements, Senior White would be able to fix it perfectly!

"Hahaha, of course." Senior White pressed the blue button once again and fanned while facing the pill furnace in a bid to bring down the temperature of the flame.

He fanned once!

The flame was still as fierce.

The white gold flame was rather dazzling.

"Huh?" Senior White pressed the blue button once again and fanned with all his might

The flame was still swaying elegantly.

The white gold flame was indeed very beautiful.

Senior White fanned as hard as he couldthe flame did not change a single bit.

"Haha, haha." Senior White scratched his head in embarrassment, "I seem to have broken the function to weaken the flame."

"" Song Shuhang.

"Its ok, I will definitely fix this fan. If it cant be fixed, I will wait for little Medicine Master to return and get him to fix it! Also, I will teach you the fire-controlling artits much more useful compared to the fire-controlling magical treasure. The flames will get bigger and smaller according to your will with just a thought." As Senior White spoke, both his hands performed a magical seal.

The flame beneath the pill furnace immediately weakened, and eventually returned to the usual dark red.

Senior White was pleased with himself and said, "How was it, dont you think fire-controlling art is more practical? Magic treasures are after all mere worldly possessions!"

"Youre right, Senior." Song Shuhang replied.

Even though the fire-controlling magic treasure was good, the fire-controlling formula was more appealing to himcomparing them was akin to comparing a handgun and fireball technique.

"Then, let me teach you the fire-controlling art!" Senior Whites eyes lit up.

Time flew quickly.

In the blink of an eye, it was already in the wee hours of the night.

Human trafficker Cao Delian finally arrived at his destination, Wenzhou Cityno less than 400 km away from the area of Jiangnan.

Muahaha, after reaching here, even if the small monks friends have all sorts of means and ways, they can forget about finding him and taking him back. Cao Delian was very pleased with himself.

It didnt matter why this small monk would sell himself to him in the first place. After that, he just gotta sell him off and receive a huge sum of money, then he would completely stop human trafficking for good.

As the car continued moving, from the rearview mirror, Cao Delian noticed the small monks palms were put together; he seemed to be chanting scriptures, or he might be simply sleeping.

"Eh, Benefactor Cao, have we arrived?" the small monk Guoguo opened his eyes and looked at Cao Delian.

"Were about to arrive, hehehe." Cao Delian made a weird laugh.

Then, he wound up the windows in the car and set the air conditioner to internal circulation.

Finally, he switched on the air conditioner.

Warm air blew from the air conditioner but it was not just warm air, there was also some special gas with only a faint strange smell to it.

That was the result of Cao Delian modifying the air conditionerwhat was released was a form of sleeping gas. He got an acquaintance to help him with the gas; it was extremely effective.

When the gas got released, Cao Delian secretly used his cuff to cover his nose. He had already experimented beforeeven for a fully grown man, it would only require ten seconds or so for him to pass out.

One, two, three five, six nine, ten! Cao Delian chanted in his heart, at the same time turning his head to look at the small monk.

The small monks head was drooping, with both palms put together. He seemed as though he had fallen asleep.

Done . Cao Delian thought to himself.

He still used his cuff to cover his nosethere was a secret compartment in his cuff, containing an antidote that counteracted the sleeping gas.

Approximately five minutes later, Cao Delian drove to an underground parking lot with not a single soul in sight, and parked the car.

Thereafter, he secretly switched off the air conditioner and opened the windows.

"Its going very smoothly." Cao Delian mumbled to himself.

After those five minutes, the small monk was already sleeping like a log.

Oh right, I should retrieve the money from the small monks bodyits 4000 RMB after all.

He went next to the small monk and put his hand into the small monks pocket.

Previously, he saw the small monk putting some money into that pocket.


At this time, a young and tender hand reached out and hit Cao Delians hand.

"Benefactor Cao, what are you doing?" the small monk opened his bright eyes.

Cao Delian got a huge shock F*ck, whats happening, why is the small monk still awake?

Could it be that theres a problem with my sleeping gas?

At this time, Cao Delians first thought was to switch on the air conditioner again and smell to see if the gas had already expired