Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 229

Chapter 229 Daoist Priest Cloudy Mist Is Having A Sense Of Crisis
Chapter 229: Daoist Priest Cloudy Mist is having a sense of crisis!

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The small monk also added, "And he just spent 4000 RMB to buy me!"


The pen in the hand of the nurse froze. Then, she shot a frightening gaze at Cao Delian, "Are you one of those bastards that sell children? Or are you a slave trader?"

She particularly hated slave traders because they would often kidnap and sell newborn babies in hospitals.

When the young nurse finished her sentence, all the surrounding people fixed their gazes on Cao Delian. Some young and vigorous men revealed fiendish grins and started to warm up their fists.

Cao Delians face became white.

"A misunderstanding! Its a misunderstanding!" Cao Delian immediately waved his handhe subconsciously thought of lying and saying that he was the monks father.

But just as he was about to speak, an intense pain transmitted from his buttocks! He broke in cold sweat and swallowed the words he was about to say.

Goddammitif he were to lie, this brat would spank him in front of everyone, making him lose all face!

"The kid was just joking. Do you really think that a slave trader would bring a child to a hospital to treat his hemorrhoids?" Cao Delian vigorously weaved his hand and said.

The young nurse was taken aback, "Thats also true. A slave trader wouldnt bring a child to a hospital and have the doctors check up on him. Especially if it was something like hemorrhoids that are not life-threatening."

A bitter expression appeared on Cao Delians facea very bitter one.

He, Cao Delian, was a slave trader that had been forced to bring this brat to the hospital and let him undergo a surgery!

After paying the registration fee, Cao Delian grabbed the small monk and immediately went to see the doctor. He was unwilling to stay amongst this crowd more than necessary...

After he was gone, the cute expression on the nurses face disappeared. She coldly smiled and took the phone; she was planning to call the police.

"Just now, that small monk said that the man bought him for 4000 RMB. Even if that man wasnt a slave trader, he might still be a bastard that kidnaps and sells children. Whether that kid was joking or not, its still better to report it to the police."

The surrounding people immediately approved of the actions of the nurse.

On another side, Cao Delian was bringing the small monk to see the doctor specialized in treating hemorrhoids.

After walking a little, he stopped and said, "Little master, the doctor is right ahead. You can go and have him examine your hemorrhoids; he will make arrangements for your operation. My addiction kicked in, and I need to go out and smoke a little first."

The small monk was confused, "Benefactor Cao, arent you coming with me?"

"Ill wait for you outside. After smoking, when the time of the surgery is decided, Ill look for you." Cao Delian said with a bitter smile.

"I see. You dont have to worry, Benefactor Cao. Im already six; I can take care of myself. Ill come look for you as soon as the operation is completed." The small monk joined his palms together and saluted. Then, he excitedly ran towards the doctor with the registration ticket in his hand.

When the small monk was gone, Cao Delian quickly turned around and escaped through the back door.

He felt that there was something wrong with the gaze of the nurse from before. Maybe she already called the police.

First, he would get out of here. He was planning to take his old car and stop outside the hospital. He would carefully observe the situation, and if the police were to come, he would immediately run away.

If they didnt come, then he would wait for the small monk to finish his surgery before picking him up again.

For the past few years, medical technology had become much better. If the hemorrhoids werent too serious, an injection was enough to cure them. If it were serious, then you would need a small operation that would take 20-30 minutes. It was possible to make arrangements for the operation within one hour; it was rather convenient and quick.

Therefore, he could afford to wait since it wasnt too much anyway.

Im just too f*cking clever! Cao Delian praised himself.

However, he hadnt noticed that there was a pekingese on the top of his head; the pekingese snorted with contempt.

"This guy actually brought the small monk till Wenzhou City! You made me run a long way. Tsk." Doudou was in a bad mood. He was thinking how to punish Cao Delian.

However, he decided to call Song Shuhang first and report to him that he had successfully found the small monk Guoguo.

Doudou pulled out an iPhone from his fur.

He bought this online. As for the money he obviously used True Monarch Yellow Mountains credit card.

As for being able to receive the merchandise despite being a pekingese, he had some tricks up his sleeve.

Meanwhile inside Medicine Masters multi-storied building, Senior White was still teaching Song Shuhang the fire-controlling art.

Song Shuhang quickly made a hand seal and released his mental energy and qi and blood power from the Heart and Eye Apertures, changing it into a burst of energy capable of controlling fire.

"Rise!" Song Shuhang lightly shouted.

The flame under furnace faintly moved and became slightly brighter...

Song Shuhang asked excited, "Senior, did the flame become stronger?"

"Aye, it increased, about the size of the tip of a fingernail." Senior White bitterly laughed.

Song Shuhang hanged his head in dejection. This fire-controlling art was hundreds of times more difficult to master than the Lightning Palm!

"Senior, maybe I dont have talent for pill refining? Is this the reason I cant master this fire-controlling art?" Song Shuhang asked.

"No, dont lose heart! The fire-controlling art is just very difficult to master, even more so for a First Stage cultivator like yourself. Even some people that have reached the Third Stage Acquired Battle King Realm cant properly use this technique." Senior White comforted him. After thinking a bit, he also added, "When I learned the fire-controlling art, it also took me much longer than the Lightning Palm!"

"Is that true?" after hearing these words, Song Shuhangs confidence rose a little.

Senior White nodded, quite satisfiedat the time, it took him only a glance to learn the Lightning Palm. However, he had to earnestly look at the fire-controlling art and then simulate its function inside his mind once before properly learning it. It had indeed taken him much longer.

Song Shuhang kept practicing for two more rounds. Maybe it was thanks to Senior Whites encouragement, but this time, the flame suddenly increased by one half!

"Success!" Song Shuhang said excitedly. Then, he sat on the ground.

He had consumed a lot of mental energy and qi and blood. Even the stockpile of qi and blood from the ghost spirit was depleted.

"After resting a bit, eat some qi and blood pills. Well start practicing again in a while. Once youve grasped the fire-controlling art, Ill teach you how to refine qi and blood pills." Senior White said with a smile.

"Sure, I think Ill be able to learn this technique in 2-3 days at most!" Song Shuhang said with confidence.

Senior White nodded and received the Three Stars Fire Controlling Fan, "Ill take this fan and try to have it repaired."

"Alright." Shuhang replied.

But at this time, the phone in his pocket rang.

He looked at the phone and saw an unfamiliar number from the Jiangnan area.

Who is calling me this late at night? Song Shuhang thought to himself.

He answered the phone.

"Woof! Shuhang, I found the small monk Guoguo." Doudous voice transmitted from the other side.

So, it was Doudous number wait, since when does Doudou have a phone?

Right, you can buy a phone online, but what about the SIM card? Dont you need to show your ID to get one?

Wait, Im getting distracted, did Doudou just say that he found the small monk?

"Where is that brat now?" Song Shuhang evilly smiled. As soon as he got a hold of that brat, he would spank him till making him shit all over the place!

"He ran very far. Hes in Wenzhou City right now, trying to have his hemorrhoids treated in a hospital." Doudou said with a laugh.

"Wenzhou City? How the hell did he go that far?" Song Shuhang was dumbfounded.

"So, what now? Do you want me to help you catch him? Im in a good mood right now. As long as youre willing to accompany me to pilot a plane, Ill help you catch this small monk." Doudou proposed his terms on the phone.

"No need. You just need to keep an eye on him. I was planning to go to Wenzhou City anyway." Song Shuhang replied.

"You were planning to go to Wenzhou City?" Doudou was confused.

"Of course! It has been summer vacation for quite some time; I need to go home." Song Shuhang said with a smile.

His parents lived in Wenzhou City.

Since it was summer vacation, it was also time to make a trip back home. After all, he hadnt seen Papa Song and Mama Song for an entire semester.

In addition, he had prepared some Spirit Green Tea to give to his parents and help them get better.

Right, I should give some to Zhao Yaya too...

And if there were time, he would go to see his grandparents and the distant relatives that lived in other cities.

After recalling this, Song Shuhang turned his head and said to Senior White, "Senior, do you want to come with me to Wenzhou City? We have some famous snacks, and there is more variety compared to Jiangnan College Towns Luo Xin street area. Moreover, those snacks are delicious."

"Are there bayberries there?" Senior White suddenly asked.

"Ah yes. Although they are not a local specialty, we still have a lot of bayberries." Song Shuhang replied Senior, arent you tired of them after eating all those bayberries for the past few days?

"Alright. Well go after Instructor Li Jr. returns." Senior White said, beaming with joy.

In an unknown location in China.

A person was riding a flying sword and strolling about in the sky.

Recently, Daoist Priest Cloudy Mist was very free.

It had been three days since he had come out of True Monarch Yellow Mountains Five Fingers Mountain Sealing Technique, but Yellow Mountain had yet to look for him to catch him again!

"Ahaha, is that stupid Yellow Mountain still unaware that I got out of the seal?" Daoist Priest Cloudy Mist said, self-satisfied.

For the past few days, he had had so much fun.

After being sealed for two hundred years, he had discovered that the outside world had become incredible!

In these three days, he had tasted hundreds of different types of food and played a lot of games.

Moreover, he had also posted many selfies on his personal blog in the chat.

As always, his pictures were the object of admiration of hundreds of people inside the group.

Its a wonderful feeling. Daoist Priest Cloudy Mist sighed with emotion.

The only problem was that he was feeling a sense of impending crisis lately. However, he didnt know about the origin of this crisis