Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 230

Chapter 230 Benefactor Cao There Is Someone Looking For You
Chapter 230: Benefactor Cao, there is someone looking for you

Translator: GodBrandy Editor: Kurisu
The small monk underwent his surgery without problemshis hemorrhoids werent as serious as he had thought.

The doctor just needed to give him two injections in the place where the hemorrhoids were and insert a treating device inside the small monks butt afterward. Then, he operated the device and started the treatment.

It took less than twenty minutes to complete the treatment.

They didnt even have to use the minimally invasive surgery.

There was no operation and he didnt bleed either. After twenty minutes, the hemorrhoids of the small monk were almost completely cured. But at this time, the small monk was still maintaining a posture with his legs apart, waiting for the effect medicine to be over.

"Alright. Come again tomorrow and the day after for another treatment. Well keep the treatment going for two days. After the third day, your hemorrhoids should be completely gone." The doctor was an auntie with a kind face. After seeing the small monks chubby face, her maternal instinct had kicked in.

"Ah? Three times in total?" the small monk was surprised. After a while, he asked cautiously, "Can I ask how much does it cost?"

The auntie narrowed her eyes into a smile and said, "400 RMB for each time, 1200 in total."

"Eh?" the small monk heaved a sigh of relief, and a happy expression appeared on his face. This treatment was cheaper than what he had thought!

After taking off her gloves, the auntie pinched the small monks cheeks, "Keep the posture and dont move. It will be over after five minutes."

"Thank you, Benefactor!" the small monk joined his palms together and said earnestly.

"Pff!" the auntie laughed and squeezed the small monks buttock. Afterward, she continued with her treatment.

After five minutes, the small monk came out of the operating room. He stretched out his hand and felt his butt Its really much better! It doesnt hurt anymore!

As long as this problem with hemorrhoids was solved, no matter in which place his master would throw him to cultivate, he wouldnt feel any fear!

He had only taken a few steps when three police officers led by the nurse approached the small monk.

"The kid is still here." The nurse pointed at the small monk and said, "I was talking about this small monk. He might have been kidnapped and sold."

The three police officers stopped and seized up the small monk.

The small monk blinked and joined his palms together. Afterward, he greeted the police officers and the young nurse, "Hello, Benefactors. Were you looking for me?"

"Hello, little master." An old police officer arrived at Guoguos side and squatted down. He tried to be as gentle as possible as to avoid scaring the kid, "Earlier, you said that an uncle bought you for 4000 RMB, right?"

"Yes, thats correct." The small monk nodded.

The old police officer continued to ask, "Do you know the name of that uncle? Where is he now?"

"That benefactors name is Delian, and his surname is Cao. Before I got into the operating room, he said he needed to go out for a smoke." The small monk replied in details.

"Cao Delian? Does this name ring a bell?" the old police officer turned around and asked the other two.

The police officer on the left shook his head.

The one on the right took out a device that resembled a mobile phone and started to look up something. Inside that device were stored all the criminal records of the police station. The material was even more detailed in regards to those criminals that were still on the loose.

However, Cao Delians name wasnt present amongst the records.

"Captain, I didnt find anything about Cao Delian." The police officer on the right also shook his head.

"Little master, do you know about that Cao Delians occupation? Do you know where he is right now?" the old police officer asked once again to the small monk.

"Of course I know. He is a human trafficker." The small monk replied honestly.

"Are you sure? Little master, this isnt a joking matter." The old police officer said firmly.

"Yes, Im sure of it. I needed to go through many channels to find him. In the area of Jiangnan, he is a very famous slave trader." The small monk sighed with emotion, "Thats why he bought me for 4000 RMB!"

"Little master, can you bring us to this Cao Delian?" the old police officer asked in grave tone This kid is still small after all. Only after seeing that guy in person can we determine if hes a slave trader or not.

"Unless something unexpected happened, he should be waiting for me outside the hospital." The small monk nodded and said, "Just follow me. By the way, why are you looking for Benefactor Cao? Do you have business with him?"

"Were looking for him because we have to ask him something." The old police officers corner of the mouth twitched.

The police officers felt that this little master had some problems, and in more than one aspect!

At this time, a fist-sized Doudou was hovering over their heads. He was invisible, and none of them could see him.

If Doudou wanted to hide, the small monk had no chance of finding him by relying on his strength.

"This is getting more and more interesting. So, the police officers are now going to meet that Cao Delian? I think it would be very interesting to let them meet face-to-face." Doudou muttered.

Just as he was thinking how to punish that Cao Delian, he had found a good opportunity.

Therefore, Doudou made his move.

He quietly flew over to those three police officers side and swept them with his tail, concealing them.

In the next instant, the forms of the three police officers were hidden.

The three police officers could still see each other, and the small monk could also see them. But if anyone else were to pass by, they would only see the small monk Guoguo and none of the police officers.

Cao Delian was sitting in his old car, waiting for the small monk Guoguo to come out of the hospital.

Just now, he had been continuously paying attention to the front door of the hospital, and he didnt see any police officer enter the placeof course, a hospital had several entrances. So, it was possible that a police officer could have entered from somewhere else.

Therefore, he had to keep a close watch. If there was someone else with the small monk when he came out or if someone was sneakily following him, he would start his car and immediately run away!

"Given the time, the small operation should be over, right?" Cao Delian looked at the watch and muttered.

Just as he was muttering, he saw that the small monk had come out.

After all, that bald head was just too dazzling in the middle of the night. The light of the street lamps was getting reflected after hitting Guoguos bald head.

Cao Delian didnt immediately call him. He shrank in the car and cautiously looked all around the small monk.

There wasnt even a living soul around.

It seemed that the nurse hadnt reported him to the police; he had been worrying too much. However, it was always good to be on guard. Therefore, he didnt regret it.

After confirming that there was no one else around, Cao Delian stretched his hand and used the horn, signaling his position to the small monk.

"There you are!" the small monk noticed him. Afterward, he ran toward him with a smiling face.

After arriving there, he opened the door of the car.

"Benefactor Cao, so you were really waiting outside the hospital." The small monk said with a smile.

"Hehe. I waited for you quite a long time." Cao Delian threw the butt of the cigarette away and said, "Is the operation done? If yes, we should get going."

"Yes, its done. However, I have to come again tomorrow and the day after. The treatment will continue for three days, only then it would be thoroughly healed." The small monk said with a smile.

Cao Delian immediately became stiff F*ck, would I have to repeat this process for the next days to sell this small monk?

"Right, Benefactor Cao. These three benefactors behind me wanted to have a talk with you." The small monk pointed at the three police officers behind him.

"Who?" Cao Delian looked around cautiously. But after looking behind the small monk for a while, he didnt see anyone.

"Im talking about these three benefactors that are standing right in front of you." The small monk pointed toward the place where the three police officers were standing.

Cao Delian was scaredwhat the hell was going on? He couldnt see anyone!

Doudou, who was lying on the car, was very happy.

He gently moved his paw, and then, a key suddenly appeared within it. It was the key of Cao Delians old car.

Next, he gently swept his tail, removing the concealment he had placed on the bodies of the three police officers.

And just like that, three police officers magically appeared in front of Cao Delian.


This was really scary!

"The police!" Cao Delian called out in alarm. He immediately went for the place where the key was supposed to be. He was planning to start the car and run for his life.

But when his hand got there, he discovered that the key was gone...

The three police officers were also confused.

They had been standing in front of Cao Delian for a while, but he hadnt noticed them at all. Afterward, he started to call out in alarm as though he had seen some ghost.

But given his reaction when he saw them, they concluded that there was something fishy with this Cao Delian.

If you didnt have a guilty conscience, you wouldnt be afraid if someone were to knock on your door in the middle of night! But seeing how he had reacted, he certainly had something to hide.

The old police officer said in a grave tone, "Slave trader Cao Delian, youre under arrest! Follow us to the police station!"

After receiving that huge scare, Cao Delian tried to calm himself down. He threw all caution to the wind and risked everything, "Police officers, arent you making a mistake here? Im just your average man. How did I exactly turn into a slave trader? You cant slander a good man without evidence!"

After saying these words, Cao Delian couldnt help but praise his quick-witted mind!

He didnt have previous offenses. Even if the police officers were to drag him to the police station, as long as he vehemently rejected the charges, what could the police do to him?

At this time, the small monk said somewhat confused, "Ah? Benefactor Cao, you arent a slave trader? It doesnt make sense! Didnt you buy me?"

"I was just playing with you at the time!" Cao Delian said with a serious face.

"But you still brought me from the Jiangnan area to Wenzhou City." The small monk Guoguo said.

"..." Cao Delian froze.

At this time, his brain was operating at full speedtrying to find an explanation to this statement! If he couldnt think something up, he was done for!

"Moreover, before I came to you and asked you to buy me, I thoroughly looked at your info. For example, I obtained information about the children you sold from a man named Triple Blade Kill." After finishing his sentence, the small monk took a thick exhibit out of his clothes.

"You shouldnt look down on me! If I wasnt sure that you were a slave trader, why would I go to your place and ask you to buy me?!" the small monk said proudly.

At this time, Cao Delian and the three police officers were all dumbfounded!