Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 231

Chapter 231 Ill Spank You Till You Shit All Over The Place
Chapter 231: Ill spank you till you shit all over the place!

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The old police officer took the exhibit from the small monks hands and started to look through it. The more he read of the contents, the more his eyes were becoming bright!

He immediately stretched his hand and pointed at Cao Delian, roaring, "Arrest him! Well bring him with us to the police station!"

Thanks to the information in this exhibit, not only could they prove that Cao Delian was a slave trader, they could also follow the traces and catch the whole bunch! If they were lucky, they could inflict great damage to this big group of human traffickers.

And this Cao Delian was the key to solve this case; they couldnt let him escape no matter what!

The two police officers in the back surrounded him like ferocious animals.

"Dammit!" Cao Delian pushed the door of the car open and quickly ran away.

As soon as the small monk took out the exhibit, he had already decided to run awayhe didnt expect that after doing this job for all his life, he would fail and get busted right at the last deal!

But, he wouldnt get caught so easily. Although his body wasnt too strong, he was still a slave trader. Therefore, he had already made preparations if he had to flee from the police one day.

And to avoid getting caught by the police, he had spent a long period of time mastering parkour.

Yep, Cao Delian was an incredible traceur, and he had even put many incredible videos online under the name Masked Stranger.

As soon as they saw Cao Delian dash ahead, the two police officers were dumbfounded.

They saw him accelerate and stretch his hands toward the car ahead. Afterward, he used the car as a support and beautifully turned his body midair, leaping over it. Then, he kept running forward, aiming at the three meters tall platform ahead.

Cao Delian kept accelerating. He relied on inertia to step on the wall and used the intersection between the walls to climb on the platform like a monkey.

At this time, the two police officers had just bypassed the car!

"F*ck!" the two police officers angrily cursed. They too trained quite often; however, they werent part of the armed police. If they were to run in a straight line, maybe they werent inferior to Cao Delian. But, the opposite party was as agile as a monkey, and they had no hopes of catching him in this environment.

At this time, the small monk blinked. He turned his head and said to the old police officer, "Eh? Benefactors, do you want to catch Benefactor Cao?"

"We wont be able to catch him." The old police officer heaved a sigh. After seeing Cao Delians quick movements, he knew that it was impossible to capture him.

The best they could do was to put him on the wanted list.

"Oh. Do you need me to help?" the small monk Guoguo joined his palms together and asked.

"Ah?" the old police officer looked at the small monk, somewhat confused.

"After having my hemorrhoids cured, I was planning to forcibly drag Benefactor Cao to a Buddhist temple deep in the mountains and have his head shaved. Afterward, I was planning to have him live there in seclusion and not let him leave the temple until he had repented for all the sins he had committed. But now, I think that leaving him to you guys wouldnt be a bad idea either." The small monk said earnestly.

In the next instant, the old police officer saw the small monk jump. Then, his two short legs started to lightly step on the ground, giving the onlookers an illusory feeling. After a breath, the small monk had already left behind the two police officers.

When facing that three meters tall platform, the small monk also stepped on the wall and used the intersection of the walls as support to get on the platform.

"What the hell?!" the two police officers called out in alarm once again.

Cao Delian being a traceur was already out of their expectations.

However, this small monk surprised them even more! One had to remember that the small monk only looked around 7-8 years old, but that platform was three meters high!

...This had already surpassed the field of parkour. Was this Chinese Kungfu?

"Boss?" the two young police officers turned their heads and looked at their leader, "What do we do now?"

The old police officer scratched his head and said, "Lets wait!"

On the car, Doudou shrank his tail. Wait, what did that small monk just say? He wanted to bring that guy deep in the mountains and have him live his entire life as a monk? Where did this kid learn this stuff? Hes only six years old, and his heart is already this black.

After thinking a while, he concluded that cultivators like Stupid Yellow Mountain were the best.

Human beings tended to ignore the wrongdoings of those close to them. On the other hand, he could always impartially see the wrongdoings of others.

Actually, dogs werent any differentDoudou had unexpectedly forgotten about True Monarch Yellow Mountain creating hundreds of accounts to fool around with Daoist Priest Cloudy Mist.

Around two minutes later.

The small monk leapt down from the three meters tall platform while dragging a person along.

The cigarette in the old police officers mouth immediately fell on the ground.

The one the small monk was dragging along was the slave trader Cao Delian!

Martial arts master!

These words appeared in the mind of the old police officer like an announcement and wouldnt go away no matter what.

"As promised, Ill leave him to you guys." The small monk Guoguo casually threw Cao Delian in front of the three police officers.

The three police officers looked at the fainted Cao Delian, who still had a panic-stricken expression, and swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

The old police officer was the first one to regain his senses.

"Arrest this guy and bring him to the police station!"

The two young police officers went ahead and handcuffed Cao Delian.

"Little Master, what is your honorable name?" the old police officer went to Guoguos side and asked with the tone of someone that was trying to curry favors.

"My name is Guoguo, and I dont have a dharma name yet. The abbot said that Im not old enough to have one." The small monk joined his palms together and replied honestly, his face solemn.

The old police officer kept asking, "Little Master, in which temple did you train?"

This question made the small monk frown. He was in a dilemma now.

The abbot told him that he couldnt casually leak information about the Faraway Wandering Temple to strangers.

However, Buddhist monks werent supposed to lie either.

How should he reply then?

At this time, Doudou, who was still sitting on top of the car, coldly snorted.

Then, an oppressive voice directly echoed in the old police officers mind, "There are some questions that you shouldnt ask! Woof!"

The old police officer was taken aback. He looked around, but he couldnt see anyone.

However, he immediately came to his senses and said apologetically to the small monk, "Im sorry, Little Master. I was rude."

Just now, was it the senior of this small monk that warned me?

However what did that final woof mean? Or maybe it wasnt a woof, but just a strange way to finish the sentence?

The old police officer said goodbye to the small monk and left with his colleagues and Cao Delian.

Actually, he really wanted to stay here and chat with this small monk. Even if he could only pick up random bits of the monks knowledge, it was all good.

That was Chinese Kungfu! Real Chinese Kungfu!

Unfortunately, a senior was watching over the small monk. Therefore, he had no way to fulfill his wish.

Now that he thought of it, it was only natural. If such a small child left the temple, it was a given that an elder would follow him and protect him, right?

The small monk Guoguo looked confused at the departing old police officer; he touched his bald and dazzling head.

"Im not sure why he apologized, but I had just thought of an answer with great difficulty." Said the small monk Guoguo with regret.

It took him quite a while to think of this answer Im sorry, but the abbot forbade me from telling the name of the temple to others.

He felt that it was an excellent reply.

Unfortunately, the old police officer suddenly apologized and took his leave. He didnt even have time to say these words.

"Cough, woof!" at this time, Doudou gently barked, revealing his presence.

"Ah?" the small monk turned his head and looked toward the car.

Then, he saw a pekingese lying on the roof of the car with one paw propping up his head and the other holding a bunch of keys. He was lying down exactly like a human being. This pose was pretty cool.

"Doudou!" the small monk happily called out after seeing Doudou.

But soon after, he lowered his head with shame. He asked cautiously, "Doudou, how come youre here?"

"Tsk, if I werent here, how would Shuhang feel at ease?" Doudou whistled.

The small monk joined his palms together and apologized, "Im sorry for troubling you."

"You dont have to apologize to me, but you better apologize to Shuhang when you meet him! Woof!" after thinking a bit, Doudou took out a phone from his fur, "Come, Ill show you something interesting."

"?" the small monk tilted his head and looked at the phone, somewhat dubious.

Doudou showed him a short video that he had secretly recorded.

On the screen, Song Shuhang was holding a fist, towering with rage, "Bastard! Youre purposely trying to anger me, arent you?! I told you to behave and stay at home, but you actually ran away! Do my words count for nothing?! And that PS... PS your sister! Hemorrhoids or not, wait till I catch you. Ill spank you till you shit all over the place!

Ill spank you till you shit all over the place!

...shit all over the place!

...the place!

The small monk Guoguo stood there like an idiot. Then, he carefully touched his butt, and his solemn expression changed into a sour one.

"Tsk, do you want to look at it again?" Doudou pressed with his paw on the screen, and the video started once again...

Ill spank you till you shit all over the place!

Ill spank you till you shit all over the place!

The small monk wanted to cry.

"Tsk, Ill tell you another piece of newsWenzhou City is Song Shuhangs native place, and hes planning to come here in two days." Doudou was really enjoying looking at the small monks panic-stricken face.

Guoguos whole body was stiff.

"Doudou, what should I do?" Guoguo asked in a sobbing tone.

"You should have thought twice before running away! Because running away from home is an awful thing! Do you know how much your family would be worried?!" Doudou was sincerely scolding the small monkat this time, he had forgotten that he himself was known as the monster dog that kept running away from home all year round.

"Im sorry." The small monks eyes were wet.

Doudou patted his shoulders, "Cheer up. There is still some time left before Song Shuhang comes to Wenzhou City. In the meantime, you should think of how to apologize to him and make his anger subside."

The small monk made an effort to nod.

"First, lets search for a hotel to settle down." Doudou leapt down the car, "Come, get into the car!"

"The car? But, I dont know how to drive!" the small monk was dumbfounded.

"Leave that to me!" Doudou said heroically!

He had already decided to give it a try and now, he finally had the chance. He even had the key in his paws, wouldnt he deeply wrong himself if he were to let this opportunity go?