Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 232

Chapter 232 A Criminal Wearing A Pekingese Mask Racing On The Streets
Chapter 232: A criminal wearing a pekingese mask racing on the streets!

Translator: GodBrandy Editor: Kurisu
"Doudou, you actually know to drive?" the small monk opened his eyes wide and sighed with emotion.

"Hpmh. I even know how to fly an aircraft. How can a car stop me? Today, I boarded a helicopter and flew in the sky for a while." Doudou said self-satisfied.

Immediately, the small monk looked at Doudou with admiration. His trust in Doudou increased even more, and he got in the backseat of the car without hesitation.

Doudou laughed and slightly increased the size of his body, allowing his hind legs to reach the pedals while in a sitting position.

Then, he looked at the instrument panel and buttons.

Although it was old, the car had an automatic transmission.

"Tsk, its unexpectedly a car with an automatic transmission. It requires no skills at all to drive." Doudou said with disdain.

Experts should use cars with a manual transmission! Just like in those movies where you would accelerate, change the gear, drift, change the gear, and accelerate again! It was just too cool!

If the car had an automatic transmission then so be it. He might as well enjoy himself.

After sighing with emotion, Doudou inserted the key and started the car.

As expected, driving with the body of a pekingese isnt too comfortable. This seat isnt made for dogs after all. Tsk.

Due to his body structure, whenever he was grabbing the steering wheel with his paws, his hind legs would stick upward, making it difficult to reach the pedals.

Moreover, there was that additional sense of shame. From this viewpoint, he could constantly see his Little Doudou through the gaps in the steering wheel, making his dog face become red with shame.

Of course, he could endure all this if he wanted to. After all, he was the monster dog Doudou! His will wasnt so weak!

Then, just like this Doudou pressed on the accelerator.

The engine of the car roared but the car didnt move forward.

Whats happening?

"Oh? I forgot to put the right gear." Doudou stretched his right paw and put the car into driving mode.

Then, he pressed on the accelerator once again!

The engine of the car still roared but it didnt move forward as before.

Just whats happening?

Doudou looked around and made a hollow laugh, "Haha, I forgot that the handbrake was still on."

Then, he stretched his paw and released the handbrake.

A layer of sweat started to form on the forehead of the small monk sitting in the backseat.

Even if he was six and a little slow-witted, he could clearly see that Doudou had no idea how to drive a car!

Speaking of which... Doudou didnt say that he knew how to drive a car. He only said that he piloted an aircraft and that a car couldnt possibly stop him! I was too naive; Ive been fooled by Doudous words!

What should I do now? What if we get into a car accident? The small monk was very worried. He had only 5000 RMB with him. Would that be enough to compensate for the damage?

What if its not enough? Should I sell myself again?

While the small monk was letting his imagination run wild, Doudou released the handbrake and pressed on the accelerator once again.

The car finally moved forward.

"Woooof! So goddamn easy! As long as Im serious, there is nothing that can stop me. Guoguo, sit tight. Im gonna accelerate!" Doudou said self-satisfied.

In the backseat, the heartbeat of the small monk couldnt help but speed up...

On the other side of the globe, in the United States.

In a strictly guarded prison, Instructor Li Jr. was being hung up and beaten.

"Tell us, where did you hide Anthony?!" a fierce-looking tall black man roared.

"I dont know I really dont know" Instructor Li Jr. replied in a sobbing voice. He continued with his stuttering English, "Dont beat me if I knew something, I would have already told you! I really dont know anything"

"Tsk, this guys mouth is really tight." The black guy clenched his teeth. They had used various types of torture, but they werent able to open this Asian guys mouth.

Instructor Li Jr. body and mind were both broken Tight your a*ss! I really dont know anything!

The white officer standing near the black guy smiled evilly, "Well, it doesnt matter. Leave him to me. Ill lock him inside the jail I manage, and I guarantee that hell spill everything. I think the guys in that prison will surely like his fair and smooth skin, right? Hehehe."

After hearing these words, Instructor Li Jr. mustered his strength and howled, "No! I really dont know anything! I dont even know who the hell this Anthony is; Im just an ordinary flight instructor!"

From the words of the white police officer, he had understood that his chastity was at stake if were to be thrown inside that prison. He didnt want to go there no matter what!

The fierce-looking black man ruthlessly struck with the whip and said in Chinese, "You dont know? Like hell you dont know! If it wasnt you who took away Anthony, why would you appear on the spacecraft?!"

"I dont know! I dont have any memory of it! Just the day before yesterday, I was teaching some students how to fly a helicopter. You can go to China to check; I never went to space!" Instructor Li Jr. howled.

"It seems youre one of those types that dont lose heart till they reach the Yellow River! Then, throw him in that jail!" the black man sneered and continued to speak in Mandarin, "I want to see if his a*ss is as tight as his mouth!"

The white police officer also evilly smiled, "Dont worry. Im sure both of them will loosen up!"

Instructor Li Jr.s face immediately became white.

Should I bite my tongue and commit suicide to save my chastity?

But how much of my tongue should I bite? Do I need to bite it till the root? And will I still die if its not completely severed?

What should I do?

Can someone save me?

At this time, the door of the interrogation room opened.

The man that entered the room was wearing a loose Chinese-style gown and had a warm smile. Holy light seemed to cover his face. Whenever someone was looking at him, all their evil thoughts would instantly disappear.

And behind this man with a bright face was a western man with gray hair.

"Anthony!" the fierce-looking black man called out in alarm after seeing the western man.

"Yes, its me." Anthony gently noddedhe felt that he had had a terrible nightmare, but after waking up, he didnt remember anything about it. Instead, he was now inside a prison?

Then, the man with a bright face passed some files to the two police officers. These files probably contained information about his identity.

After reading these files, the fierce-looking black mans expression changed into one of respect. He handed the files back.

"Release this Asian man. He really knows nothing about this matter." The man with a bright face said with a smile.

The black man didnt hesitate and released Instructor Li Jr.

Instructor Li Jr.s whole body was soft; he weakly sat on the ground Did someone save me?

"Child, you suffered many hardships!" the man with a bright face went forward and gave Instructor Li Jr. a light hug.

"Uwaaah!" Instructor Li Jr. felt that he had been treated unjustly. His tears erupted like a volcano and just wouldnt stop. He tightly hugged the man with a bright face and bitterly cried.

He was truly heartbroken...

The man with a bright face gently patted on his back, knocking him out.

Then, he nodded at the two police officers and took Instructor Li Jr. away.

The next day, July 10th. Early morning.

After getting up, Song Shuhang fed the ghost spirit a soul bead. He had recovered these soul beads from Altar Masters base with Senior Brother Three Realms help.

These soul beads were completely useless to normal cultivators; only ghost cultivators could make use of them. However, they were also a very good tonic for the ghost spirit in Song Shuhangs Heart Aperture.

Next, Song Shuhang practiced as usual. Recently, he felt that his third aperture, the Nose Aperture, was almost full of qi and blood.

It had only been a month since he had contracted the ghost spirit and opened his Eye Aperture.

If an ordinary cultivator were to rely on practice alone, they would need around three years to open the Nose Aperture.

But Song Shuhang had had many fortuitous encounters lately. Not only had he found a batch of qi and blood pills, he had also contracted a ghost spirit and found a bamboo shoot to clear his nose and enhance his sense of smell while accompanying Senior White for a drive. Moreover, he also had the ancient bronze ring to continuously condense the spiritual qi of the world and strengthen his body.

In addition, he had practiced every day without slacking off.

Other than using cheats, he was also diligent. And now, he was unknowingly on the verge of opening his Nose Aperture.

He stretched himself and went downstairs. Unexpectedly, Senior White hadnt gotten up today.

Song Shuhang went to his room and knocked. However, there was no reply.

The door was on the latch. Song Shuhang opened the door and shot a look inside.

Senior White was sitting cross-legged on the bed. A cloud of spiritual qi was revolving on top of his headhe was in the middle of practice.

Venerable White was known as a cultivation madman. Recently, he hadnt practiced that much because there were too many modern things that had piqued his interest.

Song Shuhang didnt want to disturb him. He cautiously closed the door and left.

After going downstairs, he boiled some noodles and turned the TV on to see if anything interesting was going on.

He casually switched channels till he arrived at the Wenzhou Channel.

The channel was broadcasting news related to Wenzhou City.

The host was a man with a straight face. He was using standard Mandarin to describe the contents of the news, "A car accident happened last night at 11 PM on Fenghuang Street.

A Dongfeng 1 was rushing on the street at more than 100 km/h. At last, it crashed into a villa on the street and even bumped into a Ferrari parked in the courtyard.

According to the description of the owner of the house, a huge pekingese was driving the car when the accident happened. The police guessed that the driver was wearing an animal mask. This behavior is extremely wicked. The police said that theyd look further into this accident and find the ones responsible!"

"Pfff!" Song Shuhang spurted out the noodles he was eating. Some of them even came out of his nose...